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👶 | "My husband's work from home / closed ..." A child-rearing mom who developed depressive symptoms due to corona-ka "Hives / sleep disorder may be a sign"

Photo A story that broke down due to the Korona-ka and became a mess of mind and body (provided by Mr. Wopoko @wopocco)

"My husband's work from home / closed ..." A child-rearing mom who developed depressive symptoms due to corona-ka "Hives / sleep disorder may be a sign"

If you write the contents roughly
It's self-neglect to leave yourself broken when you're broken.

The child-rearing environment changed completely due to self-restraint life in Korona-ka, home-based childcare, and husband's work from home, and depressive symptoms due to adjustment disorder developed ... → Continue reading

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Self neglect

Self neglect(British: self-neglect, OrSelf-reliance) Occurs for the individual's own basic needsneglectIt is an act, which includes improper hygiene, clothing, diet, medical conditions, etc.[1]..In a broader sense, personal health, hygiene, living environment, etc.Self careRefers to the situation where there is a shortage.In severe casesDiogenes SyndromeIt is called[2].


In general, according to the definition set by the National Center on Elder Abuse (NCEA) in the United States, "the ability of an elderly person to do or do not do what he or she should do in life as a normal person. The definition of "being in a state where one's physical and mental safety and health are threatened" is often used.[2].

Et al. Summarize self-neglect into the following six factors[2]..In self-neglect, which requires external support, multiple of these factors often apply.

Dirty and stinking body
The intention to go to the bathroom is weak
Unsanitary living environment
Do not throw away trash, do not exterminate rats and pests (Compulsive hoarding)
Life-threatening treatment and neglect of care
Discontinue or refuse treatment or medication for medical disorders
Living conditions that look strange
A state that looks strange from the viewpoint of surrounding values, such as going out wearing torn clothes
Inappropriate money / property management
A state where you cannot properly manage your property, such as daily shopping and settlement of utility bills and rent.
Isolation in the area
Refusing to interact with neighbors, staying home, etc.Social isolation

In addition, he is mentally healthy and has his ownSelf-determinationThose who intentionally put themselves in the same situation as self-neglect are basically excluded from the category of self-neglect.[2]..However, from an objective point of view, there is no difference between intentional self-neglect and unintentional self-neglect, so the line is often the subject of debate in clinical practice.


Kishi is a risk factor for self-neglectMental disorder,Personality disorderPsychological problems such as, personal loss due to life events and natural disasters, complicated welfare services, reluctance to take care of others, physical disability and financial difficulties, avoidance of human relationships, etc. Is listed[2].

Self-neglect is ...dementia,Mental illnessCan also occur as a result of[3] ..Proposed by ANG Clarke et al. Of EnglandDiogenes・ Syndrome is characterized by excessive self-neglect such as poor physical and environmental hygiene and threatening accumulation, and decreased consciousness such as lethargy and lack of shame.[2].

This lack of motivationPsychiatric medicineCan also occur as a side effect of[1][4].


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