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"Insects Exhibition Package", a collaboration between NEO and Oekaki Paradise, is now available.

If you write the contents roughly
Take a commemorative photo of your memories at the "stand-in".

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The educational environment, university entrance examination reform, and the environment surrounding children are undergoing major changes. Amid the changes of this era, parents' interest in the education and career of children is only increasing. Risemum will transmit accurate and useful information centered on educational information, as a medium that is close to the hearts of parents. We will promptly deliver information that parents are interested in such as education reform, international education, examinations, educational events, STEM education including programming.

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Face Saddle sign

Face Saddle signWhat is (Kaohame Kanban)?(I.e.Seen inCommemorative photoA signboard-like object for use.Face sign(Kaodashi Kanban),Face panel(Kaodashi panel), or justFace SaddleAnd so on.

EnglishThen it is called "comic foreground".


The face of the board on which the character is drawn is hollowed out, and the person to be photographed stands behind the board and shoots the face out of the hollowed out hole.childrenHowever, there are often stepping stones on the back side so that they can be used.

When taking a portrait of a person, the person being photographed holds a board with a picture of a funny body under his chin with both hands and shoots a combination of face and picture.PatentBut,1874/Of a caricature painterCassius Marcellus CoolridgeTaken by[1]..It seems that there has been a life-sized caricature signboard that looks like a person's face, similar to today's stand-in signboard, but the one patented by Coolridge was very successful. Since then, Coolridge has come to be called the inventor of the face-saddle signboard.[2].

Example in Japan

Commemorative photoExclusively as an item for(I.e.,leisureAlthough it is placed in the facility,EventsIn some cases, it is installed at venues, etc.[3].

The installation location iscityIfMilitary commanderMany of the characters depicted are related to the place, but some of them are hard to say "characters".[4].

novel"Golden yashaIt was the stage ofAtamiAlthough there is a theory that the "Kuniichi / Omiya" signboard installed in Japan is the first in Japan[5], I'm not sure including that time.It used to be created by local sign shops in various tourist spots.[3],in recent yearsPrintThe number of hand-painted items is decreasing due to the advancement of technology.

In addition, since some old face squirrels have the "Fujicolor" logo on them,Fuji Photo FilmBut"It’s a photo shootThere is a theory that it was made for promotional purposes, but this has been denied by the company.[5].

1980/of"Good trip challenge 20,000kmWas hosted during the periodJapan National Railway(CurrentJR) In many cases, "face-saddle signboards" with station staff and station names were installed at the first and last stations on each line.

Examples other than Japan

Taiwan, South Korea,HawaiiInstallation has been confirmed in[4].


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  • Tomoyuki Shioya ed., "Face Saddle Signboard Addiction Road", Jiyu Kokuminsha, August 2015, 8.ISBN 978-4-426-11981-2. 
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    Commemorative photo

    Commemorative photo(Kinenshashin) is something that a person does.CommemorativeThen,photographTo写真.subject ThepersonIs generally.

    English-speaking countriesThen, as a matter of course to take a picture as a memorial, there is no general word that means "commemorative photo", and photo and picture that mean a picture are used.[1]..However, in the case of a formula that emphasizes "commemorative photo" in particular, commemorative photo / picture can also be used (memorial photo / picture is not possible because it will be a funeral photo etc.)[1].


    The peoplebirth,birthAnniversary,Shichigosan,Admission,Entrance ceremony,Graduation ceremony,wedding,Coming-of-age ceremony,KajuSuch,人生At the turning point ofHalleIs a placeceremonyState and家族How you are withカメラTaking a picture with a camera and recording it as a photograph has made the existence of a camera common in society.ModernIs commonly practiced all over the worldCustomIs.A photograph taken on such an occasion.あるいは、旅先やOr a destination(I.e.Photographs taken to record the act or the memorial of visiting the shooting location on occasions other than daily life are also generally called commemorative photos.

    Other,家族,Husband and wife,恋人Photographs taken with some meaning that only they have are sometimes called.これらはThey are他人From this point of view, it is often perceived as an ordinary photograph.中には、夫婦、恋人などが彼らだけのSome of them are couples, lovers, etc.SecretNot supposed to be published as a photo ofNude picturesEtc. can be takenDigital cameraWith the spread of, it is no longer unusual.

    In the early days of photography, most of the photography写真 館,Occupational photographerHowever, in recent years due to the spread of camerasIndividualOften photographed by.

    Standing position rules

    Commemorative photo at an international conference

    The position of the leaders of each country in the commemorative photo after the international conference isChairThe leaders of the country occupy the center,prime ministerthanPresidentIs located inside, and leaders with long tenures are located inside.もっとも議長国が大まかの順番を決めたり、各国首脳間で譲り合うこともあるため厳密さはないHowever, it is not strict because the presidency may decide the rough order or give up between the leaders of each country.[2].



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