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It is a site "PHILE WEB" (file web) that delivers daily news, reviews, bargain information, etc. on AV / audio / gadgets. First published in 1999.

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2022/ 5(Satsuki
365 days
Each month 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

5/22(Nichigogatsu ni)Gregorian calendarAnd the 142th day from the beginning of the year (leap yearThen on the 143th day), there are 223 days until the end of the year.


* 2006/ - Isesaki Auto Race GroundRecorded the highest trifecta of 12 yen in the 5th race with a combination of trifecta and 8-1-15,721,720.


Death day

Anniversary/Annual event

  • Republic Day (Sri Lanka flag Sri Lanka
    1972/To commemorate the transition of Ceylon to the republic on this day and the name change of the country to the Republic of Sri Lanka.
  • National Unification Day (Yemen flag Yemen
    1990/This daySouth YemenNorthern YemenTo commemorate the establishment of the Republic of Yemen.

The event of fiction

Birthday (fiction)


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