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๐Ÿ‘ถ ๏ฝœ Completely fitted ... A cold gaze directed at me who was made a bad guy by the lie of my mom friend "I was hubbed by my mom friend ...


I was completely fitted ... A cold gaze directed at me who was made a bad guy by the lie of my mom friend "I was hubbed by my mom friend ...

If you write the contents roughly
In fact, there may be a mom friend near you who is trying to make someone a "housewife" ...

I should have been able to make good friends with my mom, but one day I suddenly lost my friends ...!Misako Mitani's book "Ma ...ใ€€โ†’ Continue reading

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Mommy friend

Mommy friendWhat is (with mom)friendOne of the forms of dating. It means [friends who have a relationship with moms].

Youngchildren OfmotherThey are friends in the form of mothers, who are made in common with each other.mainlypark,Kindergarten,NurseryI often get to know each other[1]..Various among mom friendsTroubleAre occurring, and they are called Mom Friend Mounting, Mom Friend Pyramid, etc.Even among mom friendshusbandWhatOccupationAnd how muchincomeThere is a disparity among mom friends depending on whether they are or what kind of home environment they are in.Mama caste) Has occurred.

Mama-tomo socializing, "Mama-tomo lunch" and "Mama-tomo tea party" are held regularly, and we will report on the latest situation.

Especially the central person is "bossIt is called "Mama" and is feared.Also among mom friendsTrouble,BullyingOften occur and to prevent themmanualIs on the market a lot[2][3][4].

A new word that is not listed in similar dictionaries is "dog friend (a friend who gets acquainted through a dog in a park while walking a dog)".In the conventional synonym, for example, "drinking friend" has an original human relationship and goes to drink, but the trigger is "dog" or "mama", and a human relationship is connected with a person who was unknown until then. It means being a friend.


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