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💼 | [Alexandros] Yoohei Kawakami "It's been a secret for about a year since I made my debut."


[Alexandros] Yoohei Kawakami "It's been a secret for about a year since I made my debut."

If you write the contents roughly
Kawakami: People who say, "Please be kind," are back numbers ... (laughs).

Yoohei Kawakami and Weitake Riad of [Alexandros] will broadcast TOKYO FM "S ..." on February 2th (Wednesday). → Continue reading


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back number

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request : back numberOf all the members ofImage providedplease.(April 2022)

back number(Back number) isJapan OfThree-piecerock band[4][5].2004Formation[5].. BelongsEntertainment office TheId Entertainment.. BelongsRecord company TheUniversal Musicso,Label TheUniversal sigma.. The official fan club is "one room"[6].


NamepartDate of BirthBirth Place
Shimizu(Shimmering)Iyori Shimizu(Iyori)vocal
(1984-07-09) 19847/9(38 years old)GunmaOta City
(1984-05-16) 19845/16(38 years old)GunmaIsesaki City
(I.e.(Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu)Longevity(eaves)Drums (1985-07-24) 19857/24(37 years old)Gunma Prefecture Isesaki City

Former member

NamepartBirth PlaceEnrollment periodRemarks
Makio SaitoGuitar
Gunma Prefecture Isesaki City2006 - 2007He used to belong to the same band as Kurihara and joined in May 2006. Withdrawal on March 5, 2007.

Support member

Person's namepart
Murata AkiraKeyboard
Sota YazawaGuitar
Akira FujitaGuitar
Hideyoshi KakizawaGuitar


Before debut

  • 2004
    • GunmaFormed around Shimizu[5].. The band name was "The woman I was dating was taken by Bandman. For her, I was shaken because I was a back number.[7]It was attached by Shimizu in the sense of ".
    • In November, the first live will be held at Isesaki DUST BOWL.
  • 2005
    • In October, Kojima, who was a support member at the time, officially joined.
    • On November 2005, 11, the first independent project "SAMMY COLOR HEA KEAL BEER 27" was held. At the same time, the 2005st demo CD "GIFT x LIFE" was released.
  • 2006
    • Kurihara joined in May.
    • On November 11th, a voluntary project "Eh? Is this three for 26 yen ?!" At the same time, the 3nd demo CD "distance knock tender" was released.
  • 2007
    • On March 3st, we held a voluntary project, "Go home for those who have a pain in their feet 31". Become the current member system.
    • January,FM GunmaReceived the semi-best rockers from more than 2007 bands at the sponsored "ROCKERS 100"[8].
    • On November 11th, the first one-man "Hitori dekirumon '24" was held at Maebashi DYVER. The venue was packed with thanks and the curtain closed with great success. At the same time, the 07rd demo CD "then fish" was released.
  • 2008
    • January,FM TAROAtCrown program"Back number pizza small world !!" starts broadcasting[8](Broadcast ended in March 2014).
    • In June, at the "Shonan Otosai Opening Act Audition" held at audioleef, we won the right to participate from 6 groups of applications, and the large outdoor festival "Shonan Otosai Vol.2”[8].

Indie debut

Major debut ~ Currently

  • 2011
    • July 4, single "HanabiraMajor debut[8].
    • On October 10th, the 26nd album "Superstar" was released.
  • 2012
    • On November 11, the 21rd album "blues" was released.
  • 2013
    • January 9, the firstNippon BudokanHeld a one-man live "back number live at Nippon Budokan -stay with us-" at. Same day SOLD OUT.
  • 2014
    • On March 3th, the 26th album "Love Story" was released.
    • From April,Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc."All Night NipponSelected as a regular personality on Tuesday[9](Until September 2017).
    • XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Yokohama ArenaHeld the first arena performance "love stories tour 2014 ~ Yokohama Love Stories 2 ~" at. Same day SOLD OUT.
  • 2015
    • July 12th, 15th album “chandelier』Won the first Oricon chart No. 1.
  • 2016
    • On December 12th, his first all-time best album "EncoreWas released.
  • 2017
    • From February 2th, a national arena tour "All Our Yesterdays Tour 25" will be held with the album "Encore".[10][11].
  • 2018
    • From July 7th, the band will hold the first three solo dome tours "dome tour 29" stay with you "" in Nagoya, Tokyo and Osaka. Same day SOLD OUT.
  • 2019
    • July 3th, 27th album “MAGIC] Released.
    • From April 4th, the national arena tour "NO MAGIC TOUR 20" will be held.
    • August 12th, 21th single "Christmas song』Music video has exceeded 1 million views on YouTube.
  • 2020
    • On August 8th, a completely unreleased new song "Horizon" was announced by guerrillas.New coronavirus (COVID-19)It was produced in the wake of a letter from a high school student who was in charge of running the Inter-High (National High School Championships), which was canceled due to the influence of[12].. Official video site on the same day according to the dateYouTubeInMusic videoHas been published.
  • 2021
    • October 10th A live performance of 4 songs over 90 minutes by a single artist, the largest in the history of Japanese terrestrial broadcasting, on TBS CDTV.
  • 2022
    • From April 4nd, the national arena tour "SCENT OF HUMOR TOUR 2" will be held.
    • On June 6th, the new song "Velvet Poetry" was released on August 17th in the movie "Akira and AkiraIt was announced that it was decided as the theme song of.A notice was released on Toho's official YouTube channel on the day of the announcement.In the video, you can hear a part of the theme song "Velvet Poetry".[13]
    • On August 8th, the new song "I love you (back number song)is the NHK serial TV novel "Soar!It was announced that it will be used as the theme song for[14].



Major (Universal sigma)
 Release datetitlespecificationStandard product numberHighest rankFirst recording album
1st20114/6HanabiraCDUMCK-531945 bitSuper star
2nd20116/22花束UMCK-533118 bit
3rd201110/5Until the day I can't rememberUMCK-534624 bit
6th20127/18cotton candyUMCK-539214 bit
7th201211/7Blue SpringUMCK-5412
8th20136/26Hanako TakahataCD + DVDUMCK-9623(Limited Edition)11 bitLove story
CDUMCK-5434(Normal Edition)
9th20142/5fishCD + DVDUMCK-9656(Limited Edition)4 bit
CDUMCK-5458(Normal Edition)
10th20143/19From the tied handsCD + DVDUMCK-9660(Limited Edition)9 bit
CDUMCK-5461(Normal Edition)
11th20151/21heroineCD + DVDUMCK-9718(Limited Edition)6 bitchandelier
CDUMCK-5556(Normal Edition)
12th20155/27SISTERCD + DVDUMCK-9738(Limited Edition)9 bit
CDUMCK-5572(Normal Edition)
13th20158/12letterCD + DVDUMCK-9763(Full production limited edition)4 bit
14th201511/18Christmas songUMCK-9775(Limited Edition)2 bit
CDUMCK-5585(Normal Edition)
15th20165/25My nameCD + DVDUMCK-9837(Limited Edition)6 bitEncore
CDUMCK-5599(Normal Edition)
16th201611/16Happy endCD + DVDUMCK-9878(Limited Edition)3 bit
CDUMCK-5616(Normal Edition)
17th201712/20BlinkCD + DVDUMCK-9928(Limited Edition)5 bitMAGIC
CDUMCK-5643(Normal Edition)
18th20188/22Great incorrect answerCD + DVDUMCK-9959(Limited Edition)3 bit
CDUMCK-5656(Normal Edition)
19th201811/21Old fashionCD + DVDUMCK-9977(Limited Edition)4 bit
CDUMCK-5664(Normal Edition)
20th20192/27HAPPY BIRTHDAYCD + DVDUMCK-9989(Limited Edition)
CDUMCK-5668(Normal Edition)
21st20219/29黄色CD + DVDUMCK-7138(Limited Edition)3 bit
CD+Blu-rayUMCK-7137(Limited Edition)
CDUMCK-5705(Normal Edition)
CD + 2DVDPDCS-5933 (Fan club limited edition)
CD + 2 Blu-rayPDCS-5932 (Fan club limited edition)

Delivery single

Major (Universal sigma)
 Delivery start datetitleBillboard japanHighest rankCertification(RIAJ)Recording albumRemarks
1st20168/1Black cat song12 bit3 bit---Encore
Advance delivery201811/9Old fashion1 bit1 bit71 bitplatinumsilverMAGIC
Advance delivery20192/19HAPPY BIRTHDAY2 bit1 bit57 bitDouble platinumgold
2nd202010/12エ メ ラ ル ド7 bit2 bit23 bitgoldgoldUnpublished
3rd20215/24A thief3 bit1 bit2 bitgoldgold
4th20218/13Horizon2 bit1 bit1 bitgoldplatinumXNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X Day
YouTubeThe MV was released at.
Advance delivery20219/27黄色2 bit2 bit9 bit--
5th20228/26Velvet poetry13 bit2 bit15 bit--

FC limited work

Release datetitlespecificationStandard product numberRemarks
20218/18Queen monkeyCD + original T-shirt + sticker sheet (Digipack specification)PDCS-5004It was released as his first fan club limited work.

Original album

 Release datetitlespecificationStandard product numberHighest rankRemarks
Indies (idOLSMITH recordings)
mini20092/18Missed fishCDIDSM-001132 bit
1st20106/2After the festivalCDIDSM-00555 bit
Major (Universal sigma)
2nd201110/26Super starCDUMCK-14054 bit
201811/32 piecesLPUMJK-9085 / 6
3rd201211/21bluesCD + DVDUMCK-9565(Limited Edition)7 bit
CDUMCK-1434(Normal Edition)
April 2018, 112-disc LPUMJK-9087 / 8
4th20143/26Love storyCD + DVDUMCK-9661(First Press Limited Edition A)2 bitJanuary 2015Reprint reservation onlySold only.
UMCK-9662(First Press Limited Edition B)
CDUMCK-1475(Normal Edition)
April 2018, 112-disc LPUMJK-9089 / 90
5th201512/9chandelierCD + DVDUMCK-9785(First Press Limited Edition A)1 bit
UMCK-9786(First Press Limited Edition B)
CDUMCK-1528(Normal Edition)
April 2018, 112-disc LPUMJK-9091 / 2
6th20193/27MAGICCD + 2 DVD + live photo bookUMCK-9990(First Press Limited Edition A)1 bit
CD + BD + live photo bookUMCK-9991(First Press Limited Edition A)
CD + DVD + London PhotobookUMCK-9992(First Press Limited Edition B)
CD + BD + London PhotobookUMCK-9993(First Press Limited Edition B)
CDUMCK-1616(Normal Edition)

Best album

Major (Universal sigma)
 Release datetitlespecificationStandard product numberHighest rankRemarks
1st201612/28Encore2CD + BD + live photo bookUMCK-9885(First Press Limited Edition A)2 bitFirst all-time best album
2CD + 2DVD + live photo bookUMCK-9886(First Press Limited Edition A)
2CD + BDUMCK-9887(First Press Limited Edition B)
2CD + DVDUMCK-9888(First Press Limited Edition B)
2CDUMCK-1560(Normal Edition)

Video work

Major (Universal sigma)
 Release datetitlespecificationStandard product numberHighest rank
1st20152/25“Love stories tour 2014 ~ Yokohama love stories 2 ~”2DVDUMBK-9287(Limited Edition)3 bit
DVDUMBK-1218(Normal Edition)
2nd201711/15All Our Yesterdays Tour 2017 at SAITAMA SUPER ARENA2DVD + PHOTO BOOKUMBK-9298(Limited Edition)1 bit
2Blu-ray + PHOTO BOOKUMXK-9017(Limited Edition)
DVDUMBK-1255(Normal Edition)
Blu-rayUMXK-1051(Normal Edition)
3rd20203/25NO MAGIC TOUR 2019 at Osaka Castle Hall2Blu-ray + PHOTO BOOKUMXK-9023(Limited Edition)5 bit
2DVD + PHOTO BOOKUMBK-9308(Limited Edition)
Blu-rayUMXK-1080(Normal Edition)
DVDUMBK-1290(Normal Edition)

Participating works

Release datetitleParticipating songsStandard product number
April 2008, 1Kichijoji ROCK RUSHslowCJR-001
April 2009, 2MelodizmthenEFMD-0001
April 2010, 1April 2010, 1
Nishifuji Park (acoustic live ver.)
Overlap (band live ver.)
April 2011, 12Eye song 4花束UICZ-8094
April 2012, 12Eye song 5Until the day I can't rememberUICZ-8106
April 2013, 2Spring Has ComeSpring Has Come[Annotation 1]
April 2014, 4Shimada Mark-Masanori ShimadaWorks Hit Collection-花束BVCL-588
April 2014, 7Unforgettable musicUnforgettable musicLimited distribution
April 2017, 4YUZU 20th Anniversary ALL TIME BEST ALBUM Yuzu Iroha 1997-2017Goodbye Bus (Yuzu x back number)SNCC-86931
April 2017, 10PAUSE ~ STRAIGHTENER Tribute Album ~SeagrassTYCT-69121 (First Press Limited Edition)
TYCT-60109 (Regular Edition)
April 2018, 4Takeshi Kobayashi meets Very Special Music BloodsreunionUMCK-1595

Music video

release dateSong titledirected byRemarks
2009Nishifuji Park
Make spring a songAppearance:Kikka
2010stay with meSatojiro KamagayaCast: Nana Matsuyuki
20114/6HanabiraTaitaro NakaiAppearance:Mai Tsujimoto
6/22花束Taitaro NakaiAppearance:Aoi
10/5Until the day I can't remember直Appearance:Yuiko Kan
20123/7love直Cast: Yuna Kawaguchi
5/30Sunday直Appearance:Risako Ishikawa
7/18cotton candy直Appearance:Yamamoto Mizuki
11/7Blue Spring直
11/21ending直Appearance:Chiaki Asakawa
20136/26Hanako TakahataDaisuke ShimadaAppearance:Miyu Kotani
20142/5fishDaisuke ShimadaAppearance:Hideo Ishiguro, Li Momoka
3/19From the tied hands直Appearance:Nanase Iwai
5/27SISTERDaisuke ShimadaAppearance:Aoi Morikawa
8/12letterTakahiro MikiAppearance:Moriya Kanna,入 江 甚 儀
11/18Christmas songDaisuke Shimada
12/9サ イ レ ンHidenobu Tanabe
20165/25My nameShuichi BambaAppearance:
8/1Black cat songYuki Wakisaka
11/16Happy endDaisuke ShimadaAppearance:Erika Karata
201712/20BlinkDaisuke Shimada
12/20ARTISTShuichi Bamba
20188/22Great incorrect answerShuichi Tan
11/21Old fashionDaisuke ShimadaAppearance:Kota Yamato
20192/27HAPPY BIRTHDAYShuichi BambaAppearance:Kana Nakagawa
11/6エ メ ラ ル ドShuichi Bamba
20215/24A thiefShuichi BambaAppearance:Yuka Suzuki
9/27黄色Yuki YamatoAppearance:Lotus komai,Apparently love
20228/26Velvet poetryDaisuke Shimada


Song titleTie-up
HanabiraTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.system"JAPAN COUNTDOWN] Ending theme for February 2011
花束TBSsystem"COUNT DOWN TV] Ending theme for February 2011
Until the day I can't rememberTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.system"JAPAN COUNTDOWN] Ending theme for February 2011
loveTV Asahisystem"Music TV] Ending theme for February 2012
Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.system"JAPAN COUNTDOWN』August 2012 opening theme
Weekday bluesMe ~ Tele"Dodesca!』2012 program theme song
SundayHBC・ TBS drama "Soup Curry] Theme song
cotton candyTBS series "COUNT DOWN TV" July 2012 opening theme
Blue SpringFuji Television Network, IncsystemSoil dora"High school entrance examination] Theme song
52 timesNobeoka West Japan Marathon Theme song
Smilemovies"Fall in love today"Theme song
From the tied handsJTB"JTB Premium" CM song
From the train windowOta City10th anniversary movie "Ultramarine blue path] Song in the play
heroineJR East"JR SKISKI] CM song
Kirin Beer"Kirin Green Label"GREEN JUKEBOX Snow Edition" CM song
Bubbles and sheepSun star"Tonic shampoo campaign" campaign song
SISTEROtsuka Pharmaceutical"Pocari SweatIon Water "CM Song[15]
letterNTT DoCoMo"iPhone-iPad "Mother's Yukata" CM Song
Christmas songFuji TV drama9"5 → 9 ~ A monk who fell in love with me ~] Theme song
LINE"LINE Xmas 2018" campaign song
My namemovies"Wolf Girl and the black Prince] Theme song
Black cat songmovies"Rudolph and Ippai Athena] Theme song[16]
Happy endmovies"I will date with you yesterday tomorrow] Theme song[17]
Blinkmovies"A bride who has been living for eight years A true story of a miracle] Theme song[18]
Great incorrect answermovies"Gintama 2 The law is to break] Theme song[19]
Old fashionTBSsystemFriday drama"Great love-with you who forget me] Theme song[20]
HAPPY BIRTHDAYTBS systemTuesday drama"The story to read on the day you first fell in love] Theme song[21]
Akarui YoruniKirin Beer "Kirin Green Label" CM Song
Hanako TakahataKirin Beer "Kirin Green Label" GREEN JUKEBOX Summer CM Song
HorizonReiwa 2nd year national high school general physical education meet(Inter-High) Support song
エ メ ラ ル ドTBS systemSunday Theater"Dangerous venus] Theme song[22]
A thiefNippon TVsystemWednesday drama"Love is deep] Theme song[23]
黄色Abema TV"Don't be fooled by rainbows and wolves] Theme song
Velvet poetrymovies"Akira and Akira] Theme song
i love youNHK Continuous tv novel"Soar!] Theme song

Live tour

Live tour

One-man performances in all locations, additional performances in bold

ScheduletitlePerformance venue
2011 year 12 month 6 day to 12 month 22 daySuper Tour 2011
2012 year 3 month 16 day to 4 month 30 dayLove is a blind tour 2012
2013 year 1 month 14 day to 3 month 30 dayback to the blues tour 2013
2014 year 5 month 14 day to 9 month 23 daylove stories tour 2014
2015 year 3 month 25 day to 6 month 7 dayUrban Live Tour 2015
2016 year 1 month 24 day to 7 month 24 dayback number tour 2016 "Mirror ball and chandelier"
2017 year 2 month 25 day to 6 month 11 dayback number "All Our Yesterdays Tour 2017"
2018 year 7 month 29 day to 10 month 28 dayback number dome tour 2018 "stay with you"
2019 year 4 month 20 day to 9 month 21 dayback number NO MAGIC TOUR 2019
2020 year 7 month 25 day to 26 dayback number NO MAGIC TOUR (R)
2022 year 4 month 2 day to 7 month 21 dayback number SCENT OF HUMOR TOUR 2022

Fan club tour

ScheduletitlePerformance venue
2013 year 10 month 4 day to 10 dayone room party vol.1
2014 year 12 month 5 day to 14 dayone room party vol.2
2016 year 9 month 29 day to 10 month 28 dayone room party vol.3
2018 year 1 month 27 day to 3 month 30 dayone room party vol.4
March 2020-April 1, 29,5/3 to 8/4one room party vol.5
2021 year 2 month 26 day to 7 month 1 dayone room party vol.6

Delivery live

April 2020, 9back number live film 2020
Fan club limited performance
Acoustic formation
April 2020, 10back number live film 2020
Normal band formation




Short film "Setagaya Love Story"

"Love storyFrom the lyrics and melody of the song "Setagaya Love Story"Isao YukisadaProduced the script and released it on YouTube on January 2015, 1.[24]

Short movie "Departure x Awato Hitsuji"

"Back number x SUNSTAR TONIC collaboration campaign" tie-up song "Bubbles and sheepFrom the lyrics and melody ofYuichi FukudaWrote the script and published it on YouTube on March 2015, 3.[26].

Short film "Hanataba feat. LITHIUM FEMME"

The Lady's line "LITHIUM FEMME" of the fashion brand "LITHIUM HOMME" collaborated to commemorate the brand's 2015th anniversary in the fall and winter of 10.
"花束From the lyrics and melody ofTsuyoshi HiramatsuProduced the script,Yasuyuki YamaguchiWas directed and published on YouTube on April 2015, 4.[27].


  • ROCKERS2007 / Semi-Best Rockers (2007)
  • 4th CD Shop Grand Prize・ Prize "Superstar" (2012)
  • The 5th CD Shop Awards / Prize "blues" (2013)
  • The 7th CD Shop Awards / Prize "Love Story" (2015)
  • 87 timesDrama Academy Award"Christmas Song" (2016)
  • 58th Japan Record Award・ Excellent Album Award "Chandelier" (2016)
  • DAM Annual Karaoke Request Ranking No. 1 (2016)


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