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💼 | We are looking for a part-time job to support the "warriors of the end" at the event of the movie "KAPPEI Kappei"!


At the event of the movie "KAPPEI Kappei", we are looking for a part-time job to support the "warriors of the end"!

If you write the contents roughly
) ・ Only those who can approve that the part-time job will be distributed on the media such as the "Baitoru" website.

DIP Corporation is a new project of "Dream Byte" with the concept of "that experience leads to dreams" ... → Continue reading


Web version of the free magazine "Rooftop" published by Livehouse LOFT. Pop culture information presented by the Rock Hall of Fame, where Southern All Stars, BOOWY, and Tatsuro Yamashita also stood on the stage. Artist exclusive interviews and various reviews.

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    Dip (company)

    DIP Corporation(dip) Is,Japan OfWeb serviceCompanies.


    March 1997, 3, President and Representative DirectorHideki TomitaWas established. Based on the corporate philosophy of "We dip will improve society with dreams, ideas and passion", with the vision of "Labor force solution company", as a "comprehensive labor force trading company", we will work as a human resources service business. Providing AI / RPA business. Sales for the fiscal year ending February 2020 are 2 billion yen. In December 464, it was listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.


    Part-time job,Dispatch, Employee recruiting servicesnurseWe develop human resources services such as temporary staffing (Human labor force) and AI / RPA services (Digital lebor force).

    • Baitoru (part-time job information site)
    • Bytle NEXT (Permanent / Contract Employee Job Information Site)
    • Baitoru PRO (Comprehensive recruiting media for professionals)
    • Working net(Comprehensive recruitment site for employees, dispatch, and part-time workers)
    • Cod roe in a nurse (nurse personnel introduction service)
    • Cobot (FAST RPA with the concept that "anyone, easily, and immediately" can be introduced)
    • AINOW (Japan's largest AI specialized media)

    In the past, job listingsSearch engine"Job engine" is a similar job information search engine "indeedFrom 5 to 2004, which is more than five years ahead of Japan's expansion[1]It was unfolding.


    • 1997/3 month - AichiNagoya cityEstablished in.
    • October 2000-Launch of "Hatarako Net", the first portal site in the job advertisement industry
    • December 2000-Launched "Hatarako Net" on Loppi and mobile terminals at 12 Lawson stores nationwide
    • 2001/February --Started providing part-time job and contract information following dispatched labor
    • October 2002-"Baitoru" becomes independent from "Hatarako Net" and starts providing information as a new site
    • 2003/July-HeadquartersMinato-kuMoved to Roppongi
    • September 2003-"Baitoru" i-mode official website opened
    • October 2003-"Hatarako Net" i-mode official website opened
    • 2004/5 month - Tokyo Stock ExchangeMothers marketInitial public offering
    • October 2004-"Job Engine" service started
    • 2006/ --First TV commercial started
    • September 2009-Launched "Nurse cod roe", a career change information site specializing in nurses
    • 2010-Equipped with "Video Information Service" and "Application Barometer"
    • May 2013-"Raise the Salary Campaign" started
    • July 2013-Officially certified by the Japan Anniversary Association as "Baitoru Day" on August 7th every year
    • December 2013-Market change to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
    • September 2014-Launch of "Hatarako index", a job information site for women
    • March 2015-"Nurse cod roe" is certified as the first phase of employment agency excellent business operator
    • May 2016 --Changed "Baitoru Employee" to "Baitoru NEXT"
    • June 2016 --Started operation of AI specialized media "AINOW"
    • December 2016-"Basic knowledge of modern terms" selection "Sacred place pilgrimage" won the top ten at the U-Can New Words and Popular Words Awards 12
    • March 2017-3th anniversary of establishment / Headquarters office moved to Roppongi Grand Tower
    • April 2017 --Started "AI.Accelerator", an AI / artificial intelligence venture support system
    • June 2017-Start of "LIMEX" business
    • November 2017 --Acquired shares of Jolly Good Co., Ltd. and made it an equity-method affiliate
    • November 2017 --Acquired shares of GAUSS Co., Ltd. and made it an equity-method affiliate
    • March 2018-"Work experience / workplace tour" released
    • July 2018-"i Scout" released
    • May 2018-Established US subsidiary DIP America, Inc.
    • August 2018 --Acquired shares of hachidori Co., Ltd. and made it an equity-method affiliate
    • September 2018-Selected as "Asia's 9 Best Under A Billion" published by Forbes magazine for 200 consecutive years
    • January 2019 --Acquired shares of Marketing-Robotics Co., Ltd. and made it an equity-method affiliate
    • March 2019 --Acquired shares of TRUNK Co., Ltd. and made it an equity-method affiliate
    • March 2019-Selected as a constituent of the "Nikkei Stock Average"
    • March 2019 --Starting new business in AI / RPA area
    • May 2019 --Acquired shares of appArray Co., Ltd. and made it an equity-method affiliate
    • August 2019-Selected as a constituent of the "JPX Nikkei Index 8" for the fourth consecutive year, and first selected as a constituent of the "JPX Nikkei Small and Medium-sized Stock Index"
    • September 2019 --FAST RPA "Cobot" is now available
    • October 2019-Renewed corporate logo
    • February 2020-Opened new office "Dijireba" in Shibuya, Tokyo
    • March 2020-Started financial support for fixed-term employees during holidays due to new coronavirus infection
    • May 2021 --Started "Baitoru PRO", a comprehensive recruiting media for professionals

    Image character

    Offer program

    Fuji TV

    TV Tokyo

    Fuji TV


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    2. ^ From the "Ganbare, Baitoru's Baito-san Appearance" edition, the shooting location is also the placeMeiji Jingu Stadiumnot.By the way, it was Nogizaka46 midsummer national tour live,Yomiuri GiantsIs the home ofTokyo DomeAre using.
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    • Manga"Working man(Appointed as an image character for "Hatarako Net" in 2006)
    • Saitama Seibu Lions(Since the 2008 season, a "Baitoru" advertising sticker has been affixed to the batter's helmet)
    • Celebrity and Poor Taro(The leading sponsor of the serial drama broadcast from October 2008. In addition to cooperating with the program, we are developing a collaboration project with "Baitoru")
    • Tokyo Yakult Swallows(Since the 2009 season, a "Baitoru" advertising sticker has been affixed to the batter's helmet)

    外部 リンク


    Website(British: website) IsWorld Wide Web Located on (WWW) (World Wide Web) and generally specificDomain nameUnder the multipleWeb pageA group of people.サイトSometimes called.A site built by an organization such as a company to introduce itself is called the official site of the organization.

    Home PageSometimes called, but this usage is sometimes misused. Further, only the top page of a website may be called a home page.


    the 1990s OfWWWWas in the era of experimental operation. In this era,WWWStatic, with comprehensive information about the organization, with reference to centralized ideas prior to the proposalcontentLaunched a website by and managed manuallyPortal siteThere were many cases of requesting registration from. However, since the 2000s robot typeSearch engineMoved to automatic website registration by the organization, acquired multiple domains and separated the site by service, etc.WWWIs the original thought ofDistributedI went to the system of.

    United Kingdom Of(English editionAccording to a survey by1995/In August, there were about 8 sites on the Internet.2006/As of November 11, the number of sites exceeded 2 million.[1].. In addition, in the real-time statistics of Internet Live Stats on the Internet statistics site,2014/On September 9, the number of sites in the world exceeded 16 billion. Be considered a WWW thinkerTim BernersleyIt is,Mini blog OftwitterI'm happy about this[2].

    Website configuration example

    hereMuseumThe official website of is illustrated.

    • Home Page, Main page, front page,Top PageOr index page: the "face" part of the website
    • Outline: Introduction of painters, entrance fees and opening hours, history of the museum, etc.
    • Facility information:FacilityA plan view ofTransportationAccessetc.
    • Event Information: Announcement of planned exhibitions, etc.
    • Work introduction:DatabaseMay have been published.
    • Electronic bulletin board: Sometimes people browse websites to write their impressions.
    • Links: Links to related external organizations.

    Treating a website that has lost its admin

    Websites created by individuals,BlogHowever, there is a problem of how to manage and save the person after his death. This problemSpace of interestIn “”, I registered it as a keyword of “Internet Gravekeeper”. Such as personal grave markers on the Internet,Memorial serviceIt's different from things like recollections. To the end, this is to leave the form in which an individual was active in life.

    Currently in Japan, there is no commercialized service such as a service to directly maintain a personal website after the person died.Intractable diseaseDoctor of the website of an individual who died in a fighting illness, orvolunteerThere are some things that are managed and maintained while respecting the intentions of the deceased.

    In this movement, for exampleHiroo YamagataAdministrators themselves, such as "wills" on the site ofsudden deathTherefore, activities to express the intention of the post-death policy on the site are also carried out.[3][4].Social networking services(SNS)mixiInformation is also exchanged within the Web wills community within the company[5].

    Social interest in this issue is gradually increasing,Nihon Keizai ShimbunAlso featured in the evening edition of "A Homepage Forever" on April 2006, 4.[6].

    However, before the administrator died, the administrator got tired of managing and operating his website, and[7]Cases that are left on the way, orserverThe management company changes the access method to the management system[Note 1]However, there are many cases where management became impossible because the administrator did not support switching.South KoreaThen in 2006Korea Ministry of Information and CommunicationAnd Korea Information Security Agency (KISA) (current:Korea Internet Agency) Protects sites that have not been updated for a long time in order to prevent misuse of abandoned sites.clean up[Note 2]Was done.


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    注 釈

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    2. ^ Urge managers to shut downHostingA campaign to bring the vendor into a recoverable closed state.


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