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🎁 | Dotor Excelsior holds a cup of coffee gift campaign using transportation electronic money

Photo Dotor Excelsior presents a cup of coffee using transportation electronic money

Dotor Excelsior holds a cup of coffee gift campaign using transportation electronic money

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During the period, one receipt coupon or ticket will be distributed when you use transportation electronic money for 1 yen or more per account at Doutor Coffee Shops and Excelsior Cafes nationwide except for some stores.

Mutual use of transportation electronic money (IC card) such as Doutor coffee and watermelon February 2022, 2 (Tuesday ...) → Continue reading

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Doutor Coffee Shop

Doutor Coffee Shop(DOUTOR COFFEE SHOP) IsDoutor Coffee Co., Ltd.Deploys in JapanselfOf expressioncoffeeShopschain.

As of October 2011, there are 10 franchise stores and 973 directly managed stores, the largest number of stores in the industry in Japan.

Abbreviations are generallyDoutor..また、業界ではAlso in the industryDCS(Doutor Coffee ShopOften referred to as an acronym for).Below, "Doutor Coffee Shop" is referred to as "DCSIs omitted.


Coffee orsandwich, Serve cake etc.selfCeremony coffee shop.1980/(Showa 55),Tokyo metropolitan area OfHarajuku StationpreviousOmotesando The first chain store opens in Japan.同業種の日本におけるIn Japan of the same industryPioneerBeing a target.Initially, the European style of standing drinking was adopted, but now all stores have seats.Each store has an unpretentious and casual atmosphere.キャッチコピーは「ドトール、のち、はれやかThe catch phrase is "Doutor, later, swelling.It is.

longShimane Only the store was not opened[1], April 2015, 10ShamineWith the opening of the Matsue storeTully's coffee-Starbucks CoffeeFollowing that, the number of stores opened in all prefectures was achieved.

oilFormer sellerExxon mobil(CurrentJXTG energy), Self-servicegas stationThere is also a store attached toHighwayIt came to be installed mainly along the road.together,2004/(16) TokyoChiyodaKasumigasekiIn the government office district ofJapan Post(CurrentJapan Post) Headquarters, Central Government Building No. 2 and No. 5 also opened.郊外部においては大型Large in the suburbsShopping mall Offood courtThere are many stores in.There are also examples of opening stores in large general hospitals.

The clerk's grade is subdivided for the smooth progress of business.Basically, from top to bottom, PAMANAGER → PALEADER → 2nd grade partner (2 stars) → 1st grade partner (1 star) → beginner partner (Wakaba mark).

At some storesFLET'S SPOT,docomo Wi-Fi such asPublic wireless LANHas been introduced.

DCS oath

At DCS, we always practice "Providing delicious coffee and vitality," "Thorough service," "Pursuing attractive stores," and "Providing fresh coffee beans and creating friendly shops." (Singing of prosperity) ”.


"Oath of DCS" (Singing of Prosperity)

First, we always provide our customers with delicious coffee and vitality.

First, we always devote ourselves to a bright smile and a lively service.

First, we always pursue the creation of a clean, brilliant and tasteful store.

First, we always provide fresh coffee beans and create fun and easy-to-select shops.



The main products are blended coffee, American coffee, and iced coffee, each of which is offered in S size for 224 yen (220 yen for takeout).その他に多種多様なA wide variety of otherside menuThere is.

Regular drink

Drip coffee is beansSteamedBecause of the importance of this process, we use a unique coffee maker developed by Doutor Coffee.

Regular food

  • Milan sandwich (ham-based A, seafood-based B, chicken-based C, seasonal or premium)
    • Milan sandwiches are 50 yen off with drinks.
  • Hot dog[2](German dock, lettuce dock)
  • Toast (toast, cheese toast,Clock monsieur)
  • Calzone(2 types * May change depending on the season)
  • Hot sandwich tuna cheddar cheese
  • cake
    • There are always 6 types of cakes (7 types depending on the period), but among them, "Milk rapeIs a standard product.It is also one of the other popular products.
    • Each cake is handmade by a pastry chef.ケーキ類は関連会社のCakes are from affiliated companiesD & N ConfectioneryManufactures.

There are also three types of morning sets that are sold from the opening to 10:3 am (takeout from 390 yen, eat-in from 398 yen), and one food item and one drink item are included in the set.

We also sell sandwiches, Danish pastries, baked goods and nuts (excluding some stores).


Coffee beans

Coffee beans are sold in the store.StarbucksWe do not sell beans by weight, but instead sell 200g packed beans.Coffee beans can be ground not only at the time of purchase but also at a later date.

Open fire roast

Low-cost hot air roasting is the mainstream for roasting coffee beans, but Doutor coffee, which originally started as a coffee bean wholesaler, dares to bring out the original richness and aroma of beans by open flame. It uses direct fire roasting, which is inferior in terms of efficiency.The direct fire roasting machine was also originally developed.

Fresh rotation

As stated in the DCS oath, we have adopted a system called "fresh rotation" to practice the provision of fresh coffee beans.This is because the factory has introduced a "complete build-to-order manufacturing system" to prevent the beans from being stored, and the "mild blend", "Italian espresso", and "ice coffee", which are the main products in the stores and are also used in the food and beverage department, are left unsold. Even if there is, it is a system that replaces it with a new one three times a week and sells only the new one.

The DCS regulations stipulate that "the period during which you can enjoy more delicious coffee is one month" (the expiration date is six months), so you must not sell anything other than the three main types that are more than one month old. It is supposed to be.Unsold beans are used in the food and beverage department within a month of manufacture, so old unsold coffee beans do not always accumulate and only new beans are in the store.


The order isShallow roast(In each roast, in no particular order).TaiziIs the main product.

  • Medium roast
    • mocha
    • Kilimanjaro
    • コロンビア
    • Brazil
    • Mandelin
    • Golden Mocha Blend
    • Blue mountain
    • Blue Mountain No. 1 --The finest coffee beans sold by DCS.Only sold in cans.
  • High roast
    • Mild blend ――The taste that is the standard for DCS in signboard products.It is also used in "blended coffee" and "American coffee" that are offered in the store and takeout for 220 yen (S).
    • Royal Crystal Blend-commonly known asRoikuri..It is a popular product along with mild blends.
    • Royal aroma blend
    • Blue Mountain Blend
    • Premium Mild Blend-A classic product that has been on sale every winter since 2003.CubaWith beansBrazilIt is set to be a little deeper than the usual mild blend, mainly beans.
  • City roast
    • Cafe European
  • Full city roast
  • French roast
    • Mauka Meadows Blend
    • Italian espresso ――It is also used for "espresso" in the food and beverage department and drinks that use espresso.
  • Italian roast
    • iced coffee ――It is also used for "ice coffee", "ice cafe latte", "ice honey cafe au lait", and "ice soy milk latte" in the food and beverage department.
    • Charcoal coffee

Thanks Day

It will be a nationwide unified system, and there is a sale called "Thank you day" where the last week of every month, Friday and Saturday (or the week before Saturday if it straddles the next month), will be 10% off.Target products are peripheral products such as coffee beans, drip cafes, liquid products, powder products, and coffee makers (gift products are not applicable).

Store image

Point Card

  • Doutor Value Card- Electronic moneyA point card that doubles as.100 point will be added for every 1 yen when purchasing a product. From July 2015, 7, black cards and white cards will be introduced in sequence. As of May 16, new black card subscriptions have ended.
cardRankAnnual purchase amount
[• 1]
Grant rate
[• 2]
Value cardsilverN/A05%
gold20,000 yen or more07%
platinum50,000 yen or more10%
Value Black CardMany years10%
  1. ^ The purchase price is applicable from September 9th to September 16th of the following year, and is applied from October 9st of the following year.
  2. ^ Points given with a charge of 2,000 yen or more.
  • d point --Starting from June 2019, 6.
  • Past
    • T point --From November 2009, 11, T points will be available except for some stores.Since it is a common point with other companies, T card holders issued by other companies can use it as it is.It can be issued at Doutor stores, but if you do not register as a member on the Internet, functions such as using points will be restricted.Doutor will end the T point service on April 25, 2019.
    • DCS point card-A point card that has been used before the introduction of T points.Initially, it was available for food and drink, but after that it was available only for shop products.

Brand rejuvenation

From September 2010, the design of coffee beans / drip cafe packages, take-out cups, ceramic cups / saucers, trays, bags, sugar and other potions, and straws will be changed in sequence to create a simple design. It became.The design of beans was different between coffee beans and drip cafe, but due to the design change, it became a common design and it is easier to understand which type at a glance.With this change, the notation of "GOURMET COFFEE" was omitted, the line breaks between "DOU" and "TOR" were simply changed to one line, and the saucer and tray had a picture of beans drawn in a circle. Was changed to the "DOUTOR" mark.


"Cheburashka" campaign

From November 2009 (Heisei 21)RussiaCharacter,CheburashkaCollaborative goods with were sold or presented.実施は2009年11月、2010年10月、2011年6月、2011年11月で、チェブラーシカのデザインはいずれもIt was implemented in November XNUMX, October XNUMX, June XNUMX, and November XNUMX, and all of the Chebrasika designs were designed.Turin OlympicIt was the "white Cheburashka" that appeared as the mascot of the Russian team and became a hot topic.By eating and drinking, you could get postcards and clear files, sell mugs, beans designed with Cheburashka, and Christmas-only whole cake boxes.

"DOUTOR It's My Time" Campaign

The campaign started in the fall of 2010, and the fall and winter are "white."Cheburashka(Commonly known as White Cheburashka) ”Goods were sold and presented, autumn and winter gifts were sold, and free papers were distributed.フリーペーパーではIn free paperEvery Little Thing OfKaori MochidaInterviews such as were posted. 2011年(平成23年)春夏のキャンペーンではIn the XNUMX Spring / Summer campaignSinger-songwriter OfSuga ShikaoEtc. were interviewed, and Suga Shikao's music was playing for a limited time in the in-store BGM.Since then, free papers have been issued irregularly.


  • In the past, Doutor Coffee had a policy of limiting the development of the DCS brand to metropolitan areas,AomoriHachinohe City OfFranchisee-AsakuraBegged for Doutor Coffee and opened the Hachinohe Mikkamachi store in 1994, and since it succeeded, it has expanded to local cities.Even now, the popularity of DCS in Aomori Prefecture is deep-rooted, and its popularity has not declined even after Starbucks entered the market, as of December 6.Excelsior CafeThere are also 17 stores in total.


The price changes of Blend Coffee S and Ice Coffee S are as follows.[3].

  • 150 yen-from the time of establishment to 1991
  • 180 yen --1991-
  • 200 yen --March 2008, 3-
  • 220 yen --March 2014, 4-


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