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🛋 | If you have one piece, you can do something! Real time-saving coordination of 4 children warm mom "4 children work together, rent 60㎡ ...


All you need is a dress! Real time-saving coordination of 4 children warm mom "4 children work together, rent 60㎡ ...

If you write the contents roughly
Recently, I'm using waja, which I learned from Kazuyo Katsuma's book.

This is a must-see for those who think that it is impossible to live a simple and polite life because their homes are cluttered with children!difference… → Continue reading

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Katsuyo Katsuma

Kazuyo Katsuma(Kazuyo Katsuma,(1968/12/14 -) is JapaneseWriter,critic..Degree is Master of Finance (Professional) (Waseda University).Audit and Analysis Co., Ltd. Director (joint partner),Chuo UniversityVisiting professor at the Graduate School of Strategic Management.


TokyoKatsushikabirth.My parents' house is a town factory that manufactures tape recorder head cases by press working. The youngest of four siblings (sister 4 and 11 years older, older brother 10 years older).

Katsushika City Sumiyoshi Elementary School[1],Keio Junior High School[2],Keio Women's High SchoolThroughKeio UniversityFaculty of Commercegraduate.Waseda UniversityGraduate School of Finance Professional Degree CourseCompletionHe has a master's degree in finance (professional).Kazuyuki SudaParticipated in the professor's seminar[Source required].

Since high schoolCPA ExamStarted studying at the age of 23Certified public accountantPassed the third examination that enables registration as.He passed the second exam at the age of 3, and is the youngest record at that time in the old exam system. Because I did not receive training (CPE) in 2Japan Certified Public Accountants AssociationReceived more disciplinary action and submitted a business closure notice to the Accountants Association in early February 2011[3]. Also,SME DiagnosticianPass the exam[Source required].

I gave birth to my first child when I was 21 years old while I was in college. The mother of three women.The eldest daughter is currently living with her father.Experienced two divorces with a man[4], Currently single[5].

He is familiar with information technology, and since he was in junior high school, he used punch cards to create programs on the attached university computer.Nifty ServeHe was also the board leader of the Windows Forum Multimedia Conference Room in Windows.ISDNThere is also an anecdote that he said, "It's the second private house in Katsushika Ward" when I pulled him home.First-class information processing engineerTop of the examAdvanced information processing engineer(Online information processing technicianAlso passed the exam)[6].

2015 year 1 month,MahjongProfessional organization,Saikouisen Japanese Professional Mahjong AssociationPassed the professional exam.Belong to the D1 league from spring[7].

Career history


Cabinet OfficeGender equality conferenceMember[10], The conference "Harmony between work and life (Work life balance) Expert Advisory Committee[11],Yuko ObuchiMinister in charge of declining birthrateMembers of the "Project Team for Countermeasures against the Declining Birthrate from Zero"[12](It is unknown whether it still exists at the time of the LDP Cabinet until August 2009),Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications"ICTGrowth potential round-table conference "[13]member.Business sortingIn the third installment, he received the Prime Minister's power of attorney and acted as a sorter.[14].

Since 2007, when he became independent, he has been active in his writing activities.Kobunsha Publishing Co., Ltd.), Released in December 2007 "New intellectual production technique that increases efficiency by 12 times" (Diamond Company) And 3 works each exceeded 10 copies and became a hot topic. As of the end of 2008, the cumulative number of copies of the three representative works mentioned above is 3, 18, and 40.After that, "Kazuyo Katsuma's seven frameworks to create a business head, the basics and practice of business thinking" (Discover 25) and "Everything that is happening is correct" (Diamond) also exceeded 7 copies. ..Cumulative circulation of books exceeds 21 million[15].

Asahi Shimbun"Katsuma-style" Self-Navi "declaration" in the reprint Saturday edition be,Mainichi NewspapersIn addition to serializing "Kazuyo Katsuma's Crosstalk" in a column,Nikkei Business Associate,Nihon Keizai Shimbun"Kazuyo Katsuma's IT Market Watch"[16]Also has a serialization.

Since May 2008, "Chabo!", A charity book program aimed at supporting the education and independence of refugees and disaster victims around the world.[17]To startHiromi Wada,Kazuyoshi KomiyaWith 9 business writersroyalty20% of the money is donated.

Otsuka HoldingsWas an outside director of[18]Retired on August 2009, 8[19].

Since 2009,Chuo UniversityAs a visiting professor at the Graduate School of Strategic Management, I give a lecture on "Women's Employment Management" once a month.[20].

In 2010Koichi HamadaからBossTaken a private lesson in economics with[21].

Liberal Democratic Party presidential election in September 2012Then, he acted as the founder of the "Civilian Volunteer Association for Prime Minister Shinzo Abe".[22].

Awards etc.

  • Website for working mothers "Wheat fieldIn 2005, from the achievement of the foundingWall Street JournalSelected as one of the "50 Most Notable Women in the World".
  • In 2006,Avon Women's AwardHas been awarded.
  • In June 2009,World Economic Forum(DavosWas elected as one of the Young Global Leaders of the conference).
  • In May 2009, he was elected the third generation bicycle master.
  • When he was at JP Morgan, he was ranked 2006th in the telecommunications sector and 3th in the IT sector in the popular analyst ranking by Nikkei (March 11).[23].


  • He has a personality that makes him crazy about what he likes, and he admits that he has an otaku temperament, and thinks that he may be working during his otaku hobby.[24]
  • Developmental disordersHas announced that it has[25]..From childhood to the presentADHDHe has the symptoms of ADHD and has been diagnosed with mild ADHD.[26].
  • Regularlychannel 2,mixiSearch for your name with (Egosearch) And look for useful comments[27].
  • Regarding the writing of books etc., "I have decided to make an effort to sell books five times as much as writing efforts."[28].
  • 2010 yearsRika KayamaControversy with[29].
  • In May 2010, the economic information program "Dekibiji" (May 5, 2010), which he hosts himself.BS JapanBroadcast on)channel 2Of the caretakerHiroyuki NishimuraWas invited as a guest to have a conversation.However, the discussions did not engage from beginning to end.[30], Nishimura's protest did not immediately change the topic[30]..On May 5th, he apologized for the conversation with Nishimura, saying that he "caused discomfort (to Nishimura and the viewers)" on the same blog.[31][30]..He also apologized again in the same program (broadcast on May 2010, 5).On the other hand, Nishimura explained that the conversation did not proceed smoothly, "(I) get sick if I sleep for a short time."[32]..In this case, Katsuma and Nishimura appeared on another TV program until 5:9 in the morning, and "Dekibiji" was recorded from XNUMX o'clock, and both said that it was due to lack of sleep.[33].
  • May 2018, 5, on my blog, bisexualHiroko MasuharaI came out to be living together with[34][35], The following day, November 2019, 11 (the first year of Reiwa), reported the dissolution of the partnership with Masuhara.[36].
  • Smartphone,Smart watchI like small home appliances (gadgets) such asAndroidI carry around two smartphones and use them habitually, claiming that voice input is fast for character input.[37][38][39].


Social policy

  • About employment and labor issues, in the book "Don't leave your life in the company"lifetime employmentHe said that it is a modern tenant farming and slavery, and that it is a factor that creates "workers who cannot be said to be NO" in terms of the working environment, and that this should be revised (Deregulation of dismissal of regular employees).
  • Social infrastructure is a social system that supports the people, such as education, declining birthrate measures, employment measures, medical reforms, long-term care reforms, and NPO support.[40]Also, medical care and long-term care are the basic infrastructure of society.[41].

Economic policy

Inflation targetNeeds to improve the nominal economic growth rateNaoto KanIn response to this, Suga was the governor of the Bank of Japan at that time.Fumiaki ShirakawaOn February 2012, 2, it set a target of 14% inflation.With the government for inflation targetingBOJIf the accord is valid,ReflationMaking a sect claim[42][43][44].

Electricity policy

Chubu Electric PowerWas appointed as a TV advertisement to promote nuclear power plants, and called for "energy must be stable in both quantity and cost for economic growth."[45]..In response to the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant, he is taking a position to defend the nuclear power plant, saying, "The problem is that radioactive materials are considered to be more scary than they really are."[46][47].

Selective surname by couple

SelectiveFamily name by couplePositive for system introduction.He criticizes "Is the family in a country that adopts a selective surname broken?"[48].

Abolition of capital punishment

Regarding the death penalty system at Kazuyo Katsuma #Dekibiji, who is the moderator himself, "I am a fairly strong (death penalty system) abolitionist. Originally, the cause of the crime is not necessarily only that person. In addition, that person Even if a person is sentenced to death, nothing will be solved. These are the two points. "[49].

Business sorting

In 2010, the Democratic Party wentBusiness sortingAs a sorter, he pursued the hit rate and the number of false alarms of eruption warnings in order to reduce the budget.Katsuma said, "For example, (newly targeted) Akita-Yakeyama. Although there have been about nine small-scale steam eruptions in the last 300 years, large-scale eruptions only occurred thousands of years ago. Why is a 9-hour system necessary?[50]".As a result of sorting, the budget for the volcano observation project was reduced from 22 million yen in 30 to 8500 million yen in 23, about one-fifth."Katsuma's remarks are posted.Asahi ShimbunIn a special article (July 2010, 7), "Even Mt. Mitake, which erupted for the first time in 6 on the border between Nagano and Gifu prefectures and repeated small-scale eruptions in 79 and 91, was observed. It was excluded from the target of strengthening. "2014 Mt. Ontake eruptionThe spread of damage caused by the event has evolved into a bashing between Katsuma.[50].Mt. OntakeThis is because misunderstandings such as being excluded from the target of constant monitoring due to sorting spread.[50]..Mt. OntakeVolcanic eruption prediction liaison meetingHas selected 47 volcanoes and is one of the "volcanoes that require enhanced monitoring and observation systems for volcanic disaster prevention". As of 2014, it is still being monitored 24 hours a day, and 47 of the 30 volcanoes. It is subject to the "eruption alert level" operated in[50].

More informations

  • Explaining the importance of "listening" and "output" when studying qualifications[51].


Single Author

  • Let's go indie! Natural & independent way of life practice guide Discover 21 (in the name of "wheat") 2006
  • 10 times more annual income that can be continued reasonably Study method Discover 21 2007.4 ISBN 4887595441
  • 10 times more annual income that can be continued reasonably Time Investment Law Discover 21 2007
  • Break the code of financial statements! Investment rules to detect bad stocks Random House Kodansha 2007
  • Don't deposit money in a bank Basics and practices of financial literacy Kobunsha Shinsho, 2007
  • New Intellectual Production Techniques That Increase Efficiency 10 Times-How to Google Yourself Diamond 2007
  • Kazuyo Katsuma's Independent Way of Life Practice Guide Discover 21 2008 ISBN 488759626X
  • Katsuma's formula "Equation of profit" ─ Learn business from a powder shop! ─ Toyo Keizai Inc. 2008 ISBN 4492556060
  • Kazuyo Katsuma's Seven Frameworks to Create Business Heads Basics and Practices of Business Thinking Discover 7 21 ISBN 4887596391
  • Let's change Kazuyo Katsuma's Japan lifehacking Japan Mainichi Shimbun 2008
  • Reading evolution ─ Will people change on the web?Did the book lose to the web? Shogakukan 101 Shinsho 2008
  • Everything that is happening is the right Katsuma-style four technologies to strategically grasp luck Diamond Company 2008
  • Seven Laws Calling Kazuyo Katsuma's Success Magazine house 2008
  • Power to refuse Bunshun new book 2008 ISBN 4166606824
  • Don't leave your life to the company Improve risk literacy Kobunsha Shinsho 2008 ISBN 4334034969
  • Kazuyo Katsuma's School of Money Financial literacy that is competitive with subprime mortgages (ed.)Nihon Keizai Shimbun 2009
  • Kazuyo Katsuma / Brain power up 5 minutes a day! Get smarter with "Mobile Puzzle" !! Kodansha 2009.6
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  • Recommendation of work studies August-September 2009 (NHK Knowing Music / Thursday) Japan Broadcast Publishing Association (8/9)
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  • Recommendation of work studies February-March 2010 (NHK Knowing Music / Thursday) Japan Broadcast Publishing Association (2/3)
  • Kazuyo Katsuma's Business Thinking Training Seminar [Basic Training] (Majibiji) (2010/5/20)
  • How to live unhappy (Shueisha Shinsho) (2010/6/17)
  • Kazuyo Katsuma's learning trip "Manabel" (2010/8/5)
  • Independent way of life practice guide that frees life 10 times from "independence" <indy> to "interdependence" <interdi> (2010/12/10)
  • please!Ranking presents Kazuyo Katsuma's Successful Home Appliances (2010/12/14)
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翻 訳

  • The strongest life strategy manual in history Kiko Shobo 2008.9
  • Genius! The Law of Successful People (English edition) Kodansha 2009
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