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👶 | Responding to "the best children's lessons" revealed by Tomoaki Makino It is the basis of everything ...


Responding to "the best children's lessons" revealed by Tomoaki Makino The basis of everything ...

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Tomoaki Makino

Tomoaki Makino(Makino Tomoaki,1987/May 5 -) isHiroshimaHiroshima cityNishi-wardBackground[2] Ofsoccer player.. ExRepresentation from Japan.. Position isDefender,forward.VISSEL KOBEBelongs.


Before entering professional

Father who was a soccer fan and was actually playing soccer[3] And two older brothers who had already started playing soccer[Note 1]I started playing soccer from the first grade of elementary school due to the influence of[4].. localKusatsuKusatsu Elementary School's soccer boy group could only join from the 4th grade, so the neighboring townIguchiJoined the soccer club of Iguchi Myojin Elementary School[4], As a FW in the sixth grade of elementary schoolFuji BreadHe won the 3rd place at the Cup Hiroshima Prefectural Tournament.

In 2000Sanfrecce Hiroshima Junior YouthJoined.For synchronizationMorishige Masato,Shimpei SayamaAnd so on.Initially played in the FW position, MorishigeRyuichi TairaHowever, after going through various positions such as under the top, side, and voluntary, he became a coach in the third year of junior high school.Toshiaki TsukiokaConverted to center back by[4].

Promoted to youth team in 2003.For synchronization from the youth era,Kihara Masakazu,Naoyoshi FukumotoThere are. From the second year, he became a regular center back and advanced to the finals in all three major tournaments at the youth level, contributing to the achievement of the double crown.One grade higherDaisuke FujiiThe center back teamed up with was praised by director Yoshiro Moriyama as "never defeated by the same generation." In the third year, Hiroshima Youth andOkayama National Athletic MeetServed as captain of Hiroshima prefecture selection in Japan.Convened by representatives of each age group, he also served as captain and played an active role as a core player.[4][5].

Sanfrecce Hiroshima era

2006 years,Yuya Hashiuchi,Jo Woo JinTogether withSanfrecce HiroshimaPromoted to the top team.

January 2007Dario DabacandGohei MoritaWas selected as a starting member because he was injured.After that, it became established as a regular[6].. Former Japan national team FW when J2 demotion was decidedHisato SatoAnd announce that Hiroshima will remain.

In 2008, which moved fluidly, former Japan national team SBYuichi KomanoWith the number 5 vacant due to the transfer, he will participate in all games except one suspended game.As a result, he contributed to the long-sought promotion of J1.

In 2009, he continued to play as a regular in J1 for the first time for a year, and scored eight goals in the center back, the most in the league.

In 2010, he participated in all 34 league games, of which 33 were full-time, the firstJ League Best ElevenElected to.In addition, he won the Fair Play Individual Award without any warning or exit while participating in all games.

Cologne era

2010 year 12 month,GermanyI went to.Aiming for the European challengeBorussia DortmundとHoffenheimParticipated in the practice.However, German magazineKickerThe answer is, "There is a one-to-one weakness, right.Side backAcquisition is not realistic as a direction. "At the European level, it was not evaluated as a centre-back.After all, the formal contract was not reached, and MakinoJapanへReturn homeTo do.On December 12, the same year, he was the sports director of Cologne at that time.Volker FinkeAt the invitation ofBundesliga, Germany Of1. FC CologneComplete transfer to[7][8]..The contract period is until June 2013, 6.Former agentMakoto Hasebe,Shinji KagawaSame asThomas KrothMet.

August 2011, 1,FC St. PauliBundesliga debut in the battle.Cologne lost, but made a full appearance as a center back.After that, he was not blessed with the opportunity to participate, and he played only five games in the first year of the transfer.The following 1-5 season will only be played in 2011 games,Legal LigaHe also participated in the Cologne II game.

Urawa Reds era

January 2012, 1, aiming for a revival,Mikhail PetrovichBecame the directorUrawa Reds1 year loan transfer to[9][Note 2]..After joining Urawa, he led the team as Petrovic's beloved disciple. Scored 6 goals and the team since 2008ACLContribute to participation.In addition, the distance between the team and the supporters will be shortened with their own bright characters, such as "We are Diamonds", which Urawa supporters sing as a triumphant triumph, will be sung with the supporters only in the home games. Implemented the measures. On December 12, the full transfer to Urawa was announced from the 4 season.[12]..He also changed his uniform number to 5, and participated in all 34 league games this year.

August 2015, 9,Saudi ArabiaPart 1 powerhouseAl NasrReceived an offer to earn an annual salary of about 5 million yen, but refused and remained in Urawa[13].

In 2016, he contributed to the team's number one annual points with three goals in 29 games. December 3rdKashima AntlersWithChampionship2 minutes in the second half of the second round, own teamPenalty areaAt the innerYuma SuzukiAgainstFoulAnd thenPKWas decided[14].. December 12, China's first division powerhouseGuangzhou constantReceived an exceptional offer of asking price for the annual salary, but refused to aim for the long-sought title in the league and ACL as a member of Urawa[15].

April 2017, 3, J19 Section 1Gamba OsakaHe played 1 J250 games in total.

April 2018, 8, J19 Section 1Shimizu S-PulsePlayed 100 J1 games in total, the 300th player in history[16]..This year, he recorded the second warning / exit 2010 since 2.

August 2019, 11,ASelected as a candidate for the Player of the Year Award[17].

April 2020, 10, J10 Section 1Sagan TosuHe played 400 J-League games in total (1 games in J359 and 2 games in J41).After the end of the season, several clubs in Japan and overseas moved to acquire Makino, but agreed to an extension offer for Urawa.[18].

In November 2021, the club announced that it would leave Urawa Reds after the end of the season.[19].. Aug. 12,National StadiumIn the Emperor's Cup final held in Japan, he scored a dramatic final goal in the second half AT and led Urawa to the eighth victory, contributing to the ACL participation next season.[20].

Vissel Kobe era

August 2021, 12,VISSEL KOBEDecided to transfer completely to[21].. On February 2022, 2, he participated in the starting lineup in the opening round and played 19 J1 games in total.[22].

Representation from Japan

Held in October 2006AFC Youth Championship 2006And the following held in July 20072007 FIFA U-20 World CupThen.Yohei FukumotoHe formed a combination with the center back and played an active part as a key point of defense and also as a mood maker.At the U-20 World Cup finals in Canada, he dyed his hair red, which was his teammate in Hiroshima at the time.Kazuyuki Toda OfFIFA World Cup/Japan-Korea TournamentIt imitates the hair style in.Locally, "JapaneseBeckhamIt was described and attracted attention. I have the same hairstyle when I was first called to the A representative in 2009[23][24].

In October 2009Giraffe cupand2010 FIFA World Cup Asian QualifyingFaceRepresentation from JapanAlthough he was convened for the first time in the training camp, he did not participate.

In January 2010, a young man was appointed after deciding to break through the qualifying round.Asian Cup Final Qualifying OfYemenHe made his first appearance in the game and was also the game captain.[25].. Announced in MayFIFA World Cup South Africa TournamentAlthough he was rejected from the Japanese national team members of this tournament, he was selected as a pre-registered player.At the end of the same yearAFC Asian Cup 2011Although he was elected to the Japan national team, he left the tournament just before the tournament due to an injury.

2012 year 2 month 24 dayGiraffe challenge cup-アイス ランドThe national team scored the first score in the battle.

November 2017, 11, International Friendly MatchBrazilScored in the battle.In addition, it was decided at the 2006 Germany World Cup that the Japanese national team scored against the Brazilian national team.Keiji TamadaIt's been 11 years since then, and he became the first player to score in DF.[26].

2018 year 6 month,Russian World CupElected as a member. From the latter half of 2017, it was thought that he would play as a starting lineup in the World Cup, such as participating in all games as a regular on the European expedition, but in the first game against Colombia, he played an active part in the last game of the test match of the pre-camp.Masako GenLost the regular position and lost the starting lineup at the Russian World Cup[27].. However,veteranAsKeisuke HondaSupporting the Japanese national team behind the scenes as a reserve player[28], Made their first appearance in the World Cup in Round 3 against Poland[29]..The Japanese national team, which had a low reputation before, broke through the GL and made it to the final 16 for the first time in two tournaments.

Play style

Yoshiro Moriyama"In a word, a fighter," he says.[30],Mikhail PetrovichAccording to "DF like DF".He has excellent coaching, high physical ability and fighting spirit, and has a reputation for strength in one-on-one situations.[5][6]

Another feature is that they are very motivated to score.[Note 3]..In Hiroshima, he was one of the three backs, but during the match, he not only played set pieces, but also freely climbed to the front line in the flow and often shot from a forcible dribble breakthrough, and his position was changed to " DFW (also plays the role of FW while being a DF) "[6]..He also serves as a place kicker for free kicks and penalty kicks, and FK in particular has high accuracy. In PK, a unique kicking method is performed in which the player reverses from the backward state and shoots a kick.


I have a big heart and can get along with anyone.For Japanese people, it is a mood maker with a positive and fearless personality.It also has numerous episodes[6]..He has a wide range of friendships other than those involved in soccer, but Makino says.Hisato SatoIt is said that he learned the importance of "contacting people of various occupations" from[31].

Favorite wordsTakahiro KimuraFormer Sanfrecce coach said,Arsenal FC"Big heart" that players belonging to the subordinate organization of the are taught, and the director of Hiroshima YouthYoshiro Moriyama"Feelings have an attraction," he said in an interview.[32].

On March 2011, 3, a major entertainment production companyHoriproAnd management contract[33].SKY PerfecTV!In charge of MC for the corner "Makino's Room-Our Holiday-" in the "URAWA Channel".

Soccer game released in September 2016 "FIFA 17It became a Japanese version of the package.

I met at a dinner party with a common acquaintance in June 2016actress OfTakanashi RinAfter a dating period of about 1 year and 6 months, he proposed on December 2017, 12, and officially announced his marriage to Takanashi on January 17, 2018.[34]..Submitted a marriage registration on February 2, the same year[35].

From around 2013 to around 2018, the "Makino style" of wearing spikes asymmetrically attracted attention.According to him, "In order to increase the number of people who like soccer, if you play badly, you will be noticed, so you are putting pressure on it so that it will not happen."For spikes, I used Predator, Nitro Charge, Adidas Zero, Ace, X, and Nemesis.

Also, the final round of the 2021 J-League,Nagoya GrampusHe had announced his retirement in the warNobutsugu MurakamiThere was also a scene where he wrote a message of gratitude to him on his undershirt, showed Murakami the flower road made by both team players, and received a yellow card from Murakami.This yellow card is not listed in the official record.Murakami himself said, "I gave Makino a yellow card, but I asked him not to put it in the official record."[36].

Born May 5th, as of 11, his teammates have Andres Iniesta and Mitsuyoshi Hidaka on the same birthday.On his birthday in 35, when Makino was XNUMX years old, the three of them were blessed with cream on their faces.[37].


He has performed various performances on and off the pitch with the idea that he wants the audience to enjoy soccer in terms other than playing.

Trick PK is later judged to be an offense[38], The referee stopped the goal performance because it was a delayed act[39] And its flashy performance is sometimes controversial.Makino commented on his opinion about performance, saying, "I want people other than soccer fans and children who are going to like soccer to like soccer more."[40].

March 2011, 3, Bundesliga Section 11Hannover 96After the end of the war, I took off my uniform and showed off an undershirt with the words "Ganbare to all the victims !! May I save as many lives as possible !!" and woke up in Japan on the same day.Tohoku-Pacific Ocean EarthquakeSent a message to the victims of[41].

Affiliation club

Individual grade

Domestic competition individual performance
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberleagueLeague matchLeague cupOpen cupTotal period
JapanLeague matchLeague cupEmperor's cupTotal period
GermanyLeague matchLeague cupDFB PokalTotal period
2010-11Cologne43Bundes Part 150--50
JapanLeague matchLeague cupEmperor's cupTotal period
GermanyBundes Part 180-0080
Other official games
International competition individual results FIFA
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberParticipationscoreParticipationscore
AACLClub world cup
Other international official games

Participation history


ク ラ ブ

Sanfrecce Hiroshima Youth
Sanfrecce Hiroshima
Urawa Reds


Representation from Japan


Representative history

Participation meet

Number of matches

  • International A Match 38 games 4 points (2009-2019)

Representation from JapanInternational A Match


No.DatesHost cityStadiumOpponentResultdirected byConvention
1.2010/1/5Yemen flagSanaaYemen flag Yemen○ 3-2Takeshi OkadaAFC Asian Cup 2011 Qualifying
2.2010/4/7Japanese flagOsakaOsaka Nagai StadiumSerbian flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu● 0-3Takeshi OkadaKirin Challenge Cup 2010
3.2010/9/4Japanese flagYokohamaNissan StadiumParaguay flag パラグアイ○ 1-0Hiromi HaraKirin Challenge Cup 2010
4.2010/9/7Japanese flagOsakaOsaka Nagai StadiumGuatemala flag Guatemala○ 2-1Hiromi HaraKirin Challenge Cup 2010
5.2011/6/7Japanese flagYokohamaYokohama International StadiumCzech flag Czech Republic△ 0-0ZaccheroniGiraffe cup football 2011
6.2011/8/10Japanese flagSapporoSapporo DomeRepublic of Korea flag South Korea○ 3-0ZaccheroniKirin Challenge Cup 2011
7.2011/9/6Uzbekistan flagTashkentPakhtakor Markajii StadiumUzbekistan flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu△ 1-1Zaccheroni2014 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 3 Qualifying
8.2011/10/7Japanese flagKobeHolmes Stadium KobeVietnam flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 1-0ZaccheroniKirin Challenge Cup 2011
9.2012/2/24Japanese flagOsakaOsaka Nagai StadiumIceland flag アイス ランド○ 3-1ZaccheroniKirin Challenge Cup 2012
10.2012/5/23Japanese flagFukuroiEcopa StadiumAzerbaijan flag アゼルバイジャン○ 2-0ZaccheroniKirin Challenge Cup 2012
11.2012/8/15Japanese flagSapporoSapporo DomeVenezuelan flag ベネズエラ△ 1-1ZaccheroniKirin Challenge Cup 2012
12.2013/7/21Republic of Korea flagSeoulSeoul World Cup StadiumFlag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku△ 3-3ZaccheroniEAFF East Asian Cup 2013
13.2013/7/28Republic of Korea flagSeoulSilkworm stadiumRepublic of Korea flag South Korea○ 2-1ZaccheroniEAFF East Asian Cup 2013
14.2013/9/10Japanese flagYokohamaYokohama International StadiumGhana flag ガーナ○ 3-1ZaccheroniKirin Challenge Cup 2013
15.2015/3/27Japanese flagOitaOita Sports Park General StadiumTunisia flag チュニジア○ 2-0Halil hodzicKirin Challenge Cup 2015
16.2015/6/11Japanese flagYokohamaNissan StadiumIraqi flag (I.e.○ 4-0Halil hodzicKirin Challenge Cup 2015
17.2015/6/16Japanese flagSaitamaSaitama Stadium 2002Singapore flag Singapore△ 0-0Halil hodzic2018 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 2 QualifyingandAFC Asian Cup UAE Qualifying
18.2015/8/2Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaWuhanWuhan Sports CenterDemocratic People's Republic of Korea flag DPR Korea● 1-2Halil hodzicEAFF East Asian Cup 2015
19.2015/8/5Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaWuhanWuhan Sports CenterRepublic of Korea flag South Korea△ 1-1Halil hodzicEAFF East Asian Cup 2015
20.2015/8/9Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaWuhanWuhan Sports CenterFlag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku△ 1-1Halil hodzicEAFF East Asian Cup 2015
21.2015/10/8Oman FlagMuscatSeeb stadiumSyrian flag (I.e.○ 3-0Halil hodzic2018 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 2 QualifyingandAFC Asian Cup UAE Qualifying
22.2015/11/17Cambodia flagPhnom PenhPhnom Penh National StadiumCambodia flag Cambodia○ 2-0Halil hodzic2018 FIFA World Cup Asia Round 2 QualifyingandAFC Asian Cup UAE Qualifying
23.2016/6/7Japanese flagOsakaSuita City Soccer StadiumBosnia and Herzegovina Flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu● 1-2Halil hodzicGiraffe cup football 2016
24.2016/10/11Australian flagMelbourneDocklands StadiumAustralian flag Australia△ 1-1Halil hodzic2018 FIFA World Cup Asia Final Qualifying
25.2017/10/6Japanese flagToyotaEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euNew Zealand flag New Zealand○ 2-1Halil hodzicKirin Challenge Cup 2017
26.2017/10/10Japanese flagYokohamaNissan StadiumHaiti flag ハイチ△ 3-3Halil hodzicKirin Challenge Cup 2017
27.2017/11/10Belgian flagreelStade Pierre MauroisBrazilian flag Brazil● 1-3Halil hodzicInternational friendly match
28.2017/11/14Belgian flagBrugesJan Braidell StadionBelgian flag Belgium● 0-1Halil hodzicInternational friendly match
29.2018/3/23Belgian flagLiegeStade Maurice DufrasRepublic of Mali flag (I.e.△ 1-1Halil hodzicInternational friendly match
30.2018/3/27Belgian flagLiegeStade Maurice DufrasUkrainian flag ウクライナ● 1-2Halil hodzicKirin Challenge Cup 2018
31.2018/5/30Japanese flagYokohamaNissan StadiumGhana flag ガーナ● 0-2Akira NishinoKirin Challenge Cup 2018
32.2018/6/8Swiss flagLuganoSwiss flagSwitzerland● 0-2Akira NishinoInternational friendly match
33.2018/6/28Russian flagVolgogradVolgograd ArenaPolish flag Poland● 0-1Akira Nishino2018 FIFA World Cup
34.2018/9/11Japanese flagOsakaPanasonic Stadium SuitaCosta Rica flag Costa Rica○ 3-0MoriichiKirin Challenge Cup 2018
35.2018/10/12Japanese flagNiigataDenka Big Swan StadiumPanama flag パナマ○ 3-0MoriichiKirin Challenge Cup 2018
36.2018/11/20Japanese flagToyotaEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euKyrgyz flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 4-0MoriichiKirin Challenge Cup 2018
37.2019/1/9United Arab Emirates flagDubaiAl Nahyan StadiumTurkmenistan flag トルクメニスタン○ 3-2MoriichiAFC Asian Cup 2019
38.2019/1/17United Arab Emirates flagAl AinKhalifa International StadiumUzbekistan flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 2-1MoriichiAFC Asian Cup 2019


#Date heldvenueOpponentVictoryMatch outline
1.2012/2/24Japan,OsakaIceland flag アイス ランド○ 3-1Giraffe challenge cup2012
2.2015/6/11Japan,YokohamaIraqi flag (I.e.○ 4-0Kirin Challenge Cup 2015
3.2017/11/10France,reelBrazilian flag Brazil● 1-3International friendly match
4.2018/3/27Belgium,LiegeUkrainian flag ウクライナ● 1-2Kirin Challenge Cup 2018 in EUROPE

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Television Animation



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  • Urawa Reds Tomoaki Makino Makista-Whenever I do my best, now! (NACK5, October 2021)
  • GOGO! VISSEL KOBE (Radio kansai, April 2022, 4-) * Appeared in the first week of every month
  • Career share service shabell presents Tomoaki Makino's dream talk! (Kiss FM KOBE, April 2022, 4 -)


  • AS Advancement Seminar (2010, Hiroshima Limited)
  • "Let's protect Hiroshima" Hiroshima Prefecture Consumer Affairs Consultation Counter Publicity Campaign (2010-2011, Hiroshima only)
  • SIXPAD(2016 -)
  • Quality First (QUALITY 1st) All-in-one sheet mask (2017)
  • DAZN(2018)
  • Meiji Yasuda Life"J League 2018 Season" (February 2018th-March 2th, 24)
  • Alpine Sports Depot Try-on Festival "Holiday Coordination" (April 2018)



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