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👩‍🎓 | What if my child fails to contraceptive?After-pill and abortion real | SEX, contraception ...


What if my child fails to contraceptive?After-pill and abortion real | SEX, contraception ...

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As "Obstetrician and Gynecologist You Tuber", we are distributing videos on various themes related to sex such as menstruation, contraception, and the mechanism of pregnancy.

How can parents support their children when they face "sexual" problems? The story of "sex" is viewed as taboo ... → Continue reading

 My Navi Woman Parenting

A trouble-solving information site for working moms operated by My Navi Co., Ltd. We deliver articles with the concept of "solving mom's worries." We provide reliable information that has been supervised by doctors, focusing on infertility, pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare, which are often worried. In addition, we also publish seasonal articles such as money, human relations, fashion, recipes, etc. in a wide variety.

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YouTuber(YouTube) is a video sharing siteYouTubeIndividuals who continuously publish their own video works above and組織Is[1], In English-speaking countriesYouTubeCreator""YouTube personality""youtube star[2]""YouTube Celebrity[3]Is also called.

YouTuber2007/It is said that around May, YouTube invited users with a large number of views to participate in the "YouTube Partner Program".Initially recommended only to commercial content providers[4]. LatervideoIt will be possible for users to make a profit on the condition that the advertisement is placed on the side next to the screen.2011/In April, the partner program will be open to general users.With more users available, some people are making money from YouTube ads[5].. In addition,2017/From April, participation in the partner program will not be accepted unless the total number of views is 4 or more.2018/From February, the total playing time for the past 2 months has been raised to more than 12 hours, and the number of subscribers has been raised to more than 4,000, which is a stricter condition.In addition to the community(English edition,ス パ ムMonitoring such as is strengthened,policyThe evaluation of compliance with has become stricter[6][7].

Channel monetization status

Germany OfOffenburg UniversityAccording to a survey by Professor Matthias Bartle, "96.5% of YouTubers who plan to make a living from advertising revenue are on average.AmericaYou can only earn income below the poverty line.The top 3% of popular YouTubers have more than 1 million views per month, but still average an annual salary of $ 140, barely above the US poverty line revenue of $ 1. "[8].University of North CarolinaAlice Marwick said, "Cable TVIt's a good earner if you get a regular appearance job, but it doesn't happen if you appear on YouTube. Even if you could have 50 subscribers on YouTube, you would have to work at Starbucks Coffee, etc. "[8]..1000 subscribers and total hours of video viewed by viewers (4000 hours) You can't monetize unless you meet this requirement.

YouTuber's most basic means of revenue is so-called advertising revenue, but YouTuber's advertising revenuealgorithmIs constantly changing and details have not been released.Professor Bartle estimates that it's about $ 1,000 per 1 views, but according to influencer marketing research firm Hugo of Agency Harry Hugo, income isn't constant, 1,000 cents per 35 views. Or, it can be $ 5.

As a means of revenue other than advertising revenue (advertising revenue), "channel membership"[9]""Super chat[10]"Super sticker[10]"Super Thanks[11]There are four types of digital items such as ".These are not limited to the number of views for displaying advertisements, but also support the realization of a free and creative private profit environment by forming a more niche and core fan community.

  1. Channel Membership-Membership Video, Early Viewing, Membership Livestreaming, Membership Live Chat, Live Chat Privileges, Community Tab Privileges, Membership Digital Content, Goods Shop Can provide discount codes etc.[9].
  2. Super Chat --Started in January 2017.Donation function with comments posted on live stream chat[10].
  3. Super Stickers-Started in November 2019.Donation function with a dedicated animation image in live streaming chat[10]..Become a live mood maker and foster sympathy with distributors.
  4. Super Thanks --Started in July 2021.Donation function with applause for public videos[11]..More reasonable profitability is expected.

Channel viewing tendency

At the beginning of YouTube2006/In 3, the top 63% of popular YouTubers accounted for 2016% of all views, but increased to 90% in 2016, and 85% of new YouTubers who started their activities after 1. The market is popular with YouTubers, with a maximum of 485 views per month.oligopolyIt is said that the conversion is progressing further[8]..In other words, the YouTuber market is a world where the most popular YouTubers in the old stock are competing with each other (the structure is advantageous to the old YouTubers who entered more than 10 years ago), and the latecomer YouTuber enters. Even if it is difficult to promote, it is an oligopolistic state (Oligopoly market)[8].. Many of those who started out as YouTubers, like those who aspire to be Hollywood actors, succeed only in a handful, and most people are half-customized to disperse without wish.[8].

June 2019, 6, analysis company Pex, a video and music analysis platform on the Internet[Need explanation]Analyzed the published YouTube content and found that only about 10% of videos were played more than 0.64 times, which accounted for 81.6% of YouTube's total views.[12].. Pex also has music content for the majority of videos that have been played over 10 billion times on YouTube, with music content accounting for only about 5% of all YouTube content, but 20% of all views. Also showed that it occupies[12].

One condition for YouTube monetization is 1,000 or more subscribers.[13], According to "Trends of word-of-mouth site influencer marketing" released by Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting on September 2018, 9, YouTube channel with more than 19 subscribers in Japan from 2015 to 2017 Increased by more than 1% every year and reached 150 in 2017[14]..Of these, 100 channels have more than 63 million subscribers.[14]..Also, according to YouTube public relations, the ratio of creators with more than 2017 subscribers increased by 2018% in 10 compared to 40.[8].

Category: Categorized according to the tendency of the content of the post, it is called XX YouTuber.

〇〇 series / contents / main registration examples ・ Couple series / couples post their daily love-loving lives to give healing to viewers and post topics related to romance. / Nako Nako Channel, Emurena Channel, Yoru no Hitowari / Martial Arts / Mixed Martial Arts, etc. Active or retired martial arts post their daily life. / Mikuru Asakura, KAI CHANNEL / Kai Asakura, Tenshin Nasukawa Channel, Masakari Channel / Kintaro / Cooking / Cooking / Eating and shooting.Recipes are introduced from simple dishes to full-scale dishes. / Kimagure Cook ・ Makeup fashion / Makeup method and introduction of cosmetics are posted.Popular for young women. / KawanishiMiki Miki Kawanishi, YoshidaAkari, sasakiasahi ・ Business system / Disseminate knowledge and skills that are useful in work such as knowledge and experience that you have. / Mentalist Daigo, Takafumi Horie Horiemon, Atsuhiko Nakata's YouTube University / Game commentary system / The situation of playing the game is commentary.Popular regardless of age. / Hikakin Games / Fuuhaya / Kiyo. , Pocky, brother and brother / gambling / pachinko, horse racing, boat racing, etc.Or explain know-how. / Grated horse racing radish, Wahsan [waasan], BOATERSI Boaters / Gluttony / Posted how to eat your own dishes and gluttonous menus at restaurants. // Taniyan Takato Tanizaki, Russian Sato "Azuki Moeno MONSTER!", Azuki Moeno / Variety / A genre full of literally variety such as stunning videos, talk videos, and videos I tried. / Hajime Syacho, Tokai OnAir, Fischer's / Clipping system / Long-time videos, videos edited by cutting out other people's works, etc. are posted as works.Since only the important and interesting parts are cut and posted, people who want to watch long videos in a short time are watching. / Hiroyuki's room [Hiroyuki, hiroyuki] Cutout, Hiroyuki's mind [#Hiroyuki #hiroyuki] "Cutout", Hiroyuki's Yudori [Hiroyuki] ・ Product introduction review system / ・ Radio system / ・ Vlog system / ・ How-to system / ・Fitness system

Multi-channel network (MCN)

Companies ask popular YouTuber to produce promotional videos for their productsTie-upThe number of cases is also increasing.There is also a multi-channel network that handles such video production mediation services.[15]..In partnership with multiple YouTube channels, we support services, program creation, funding, mutual promotion, partner management, digital rights management, revenue receiving / sales, and viewer acquisition.

Youtube creator award

On YouTube, awards are given to channels that have a certain number of subscribers and meet distribution standards without fraud and violation warnings.[16]..Since it is an award for the channel, some YouTubers receive multiple awards.When the award criteria are reached, YouTube will send a notification to the "Creator Studio" used by the nominee, and by submitting the nominee's address, a commemorative gift will be given.in JapanKids line,Sen, Momo & Aishi-Ch,HIKAKIN TV,Hajimeshacho,JunyaA total of 5 channels have won the "Diamond Creator Award" (as of October 2022).

Creator privilege level (Creator Benefit Levels
  • Graphite (100 subscribers-1000 subscribers) -Eligible to set the channel URL name.And get the community function.
  • Opal (1000-1) -Minimum requirements for eligibility to use the YouTube Partner Program (Monetization).
  • Bronze (1-10) -Around the worldYouTube spaceQualify for use.
Creator Award Milestone (The Creator Award Milestones
  • Silver (10-100 million)-A silver shield imitating a play button will be given.A partner manager is attached.
  • Gold (100 million-1000 million) -A gold shield will be given.
  • Diamonds (1000 million-5000 million) -A diamond shield will be presented. (Several Japanese people)
  • YouTube Ruby Play Button 2.svg Ruby (5000 million-1 million) -also a custom award.A custom-made trophy exclusively for the distributor will be presented. (No Japanese applicable)
  • Red Diamond (1 million people-)-A red diamond shield will be presented (2021 people worldwide as of July 7. No Japanese applicable)

YouTube space

Exterior of YouTube Space Kings Cross.jpg

YouTube Space is a creative space facility open to YouTubers who have bronze or higher privilege qualifications.Centered around a production studio equipped with various shooting equipment and production stages, there are event rooms where events by famous YouTubers are held regularly, workshop rooms where creator workshops and study sessions are held, YouTubers gathered from all over the country. There is an open co-working room, distribution studio, screening screen room, make-up room, training gym, sophisticated cafe and lounge, etc. so that you can interact with each other and work hard.It can be used free of charge as a privilege for the award-winning YouTuber.

YouTube spaces are open to big cities around the world. Starting with London in July 2012 and Los Angeles in November, it opened in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo on February 7, 11.[17]..After that, it was opened in 7 cities, New York, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin, Paris, Mumbai, and Dubai, making a total of 10 spaces.In addition to these permanent spaces, there is also a pop-up space for a limited time.Pop-up spaces have been opened in three cities so far: Bangkok, Madrid and Mexico City.[18][19]..The YouTube space in Tokyo is scheduled to move from Roppongi Hills to the vicinity of Shibuya Station in 2020.[19].

Virtual YouTuber (VTuber)

From around 2017CGA video has been posted that expresses the character as if it were acting as YouTuber by applying voice and movement to the character created using[20]..The posters of these videosVirtual youtuberIs called.

To create a CG character, click "Live2DSoftware such as "is used.Although it is necessary to create characters, by utilizing the motions preset in Live2D, it is possible to create characters for basic chat purposes without having to create the motions yourself.

List of famous YouTubers

Basically, see the link below.

You can browse the list of English versions by pressing the English version button.

Impact on young people

Japan Financial Planners AssociationAccording to Japan, in the "Top 10 Rankings of Elementary School Students' Occupations I Want to Become in the Future'"2016/(HeiseiIt was out of the ranking until 28),2017/(29) and2018/It is ranked 30th in (6)[21][22], It is becoming more popular as a profession aimed at by children (again out of rank after 2019).Rikkyo University OfDepartment of Physical ImagingSo most of them have jobs related to YouTuber,Broadcasting industryThere is also a phenomenon that only one person has advanced to[23].

Even in the UK, one in three children has become a longing profession.[8]..South KoreaMinistry of EducationThe announcement also ranked third in the profession that elementary school students want to be, and a survey of the employment information site "Salam Inn (사람인)" shows that 3% of adults intend to challenge YouTuber.[24].

Mass mediaThose who have an annual income of hundreds of millions to billions of yen, or independentlyHandshake meetingSome people hold events such as, but only a few[25].

The government also considers it effective as a means of disseminating information to young people.BUZZ MAFFYouTuber by civil servants like this has also appeared.

Increased YouTuber activity of entertainers

Traditionally, YouTuber posted videos on YouTube from the beginning, not as a talent to appear on TV, and it quickly attracted attention, and as the number of views increased, it was monetized and became a close-up. rice field.But a laughing combinationキ ン グ コ ン グ OfYuta KajiwaraStarted activities under the name of "Kajisak", and there are more cases where not only comedians but also actors and actresses, regardless of genre, create accounts on YouTube and open channels to monetize them. ..

Especially after 2020New coronavirusThe global epidemic of infection has had a major impact on social life, and economic activities have stopped, resulting in bankruptcies and unemployment.Large-scale events such as stage performances, concerts, and live performances were forced to be canceled, which spread to the entertainment world.First time in JapanEmergency declarationAt the time of the announcement, many entertainers had their jobs drastically reduced due to the encouragement to refrain from going out on a large scale.During that period of self-restraint, there were cases where a YouTube account was created, a channel was opened, and a service to viewers was also used to show off dishes and songs that were part of one's hobbies to earn profits.Some people open it as a side business,Emiko Uenuma,Tetsuko Kuroyanagi,Takaaki Ishibashi(Tunnels), Etc. In the entertainment world, there are cases where talents who are in the category of major figures have opened.[26].

Hiroyuki Miyasako(at that time·After the rain) Was discovered in June 2019Dark business problemI was forced to refrain from activities byYoshimoto Creative AgencyThe activity as YouTuber started from the end of January 2020 when the contract was canceled from.Since the start of this activity, he has not appeared on TV at all and has become a YouTuber-only activity.Toru HotaruharaDisbanded the duo that had been formed for over 30 years.However, it was Hotohara who was distrustful of Miyasako's secret return to YouTuber.

Furthermore,新 日本 プ ロ レ ス-AmuseThen, in February 2020, the main corpsG ・ B ・ H OfMakabeAnd in MarchLos Ingobernables de Hapon OfHiromu TakahashiAnd in MarchCHAOS OfYano DoriAnd the originalFMW Of大仁 田 厚Also started YouTube, and at Legend Wrestler,Beast God Thunder Liger,ア ン ト ニ オ 猪 木,Choshu power,Masahiro ChonoAlso started YouTube.And two years later, as a game YouTuber focusing on game distribution,鈴木 軍DANGEROUS TEKKERSTaichiDebuted on YouTuber.



Annoying YouTuber

Since the 2010s, the number of YouTubers called "nuisance" who run into annoying and criminal acts for video shooting has increased, and its existence has increased.社会 問題Was transformed[27][28].. In 2020, false damage reports will be reported in JapanMissingIt is reported that YouTuber's intensification has progressed, such as the news of the person, leading to criminal cases one after another.[29].

IT journalistYuka OkadaBecause there is a possibility that a large number of viewers can be gathered if the method of annoying YouTuber is "burned" in response to the criticism of the person who watched the video of the annoying or illegal act.Burning business methodIt can be said that it is a kind of[30].

Criminal psychologist OfMasayuki KiriuAnalyzes YouTuber's nuisance cases leading to criminal cases: "Even being arrested may be a way to get viewers' attention and increase video views."[29].

JournalistToshihisa Sasaki"The platform has not clarified the criteria for what kind of actions are allowed and where they are not allowed," he points out a problem on the YouTube side.In addition, in response to the police's crackdown on the annoying YouTuber, "I think we are aiming for one punishment, but we have to autonomously prevent excessive power intervention. Don't do it. "[31].

Related works

  • (English edition --The main character is a man who should be called the ultimate annoying YouTuberThrillerKey work[28].
  • Kamen Rider Revise --A character that seems to be the original story of annoying YouTuber appeared at the time broadcast on October 2021, 10[32].

Mysterious video

YouTuber earns advertising revenue according to the number of views on YouTube and the number of subscribers, so in order to increase the number of views, it posts instinct videos and videos with radical content, and the number of subscribers Those who request a contractor who arranges or inflates the number of views, irrelevant to the content of the videoTagSome people use社会 問題It is also.

There are cases where YouTube has canceled the alliance with these radical and unscrupulous videos.[33].. In April 2018Logan PaulBut,Japan OfYamanashi OfAokigahara JukaiHe found a body that seems to have committed suicide in Japan, and published on his YouTube channel how he made a joke while being shocked.[33]..Not only was this act criticized around the world, YouTube now excluded Paul's channel, which was the subject of "Google Preferred" (a sales slot that allows you to place ads on popular YouTube channels).[33]..Later Paul released an apology video[33].

In Japan, 2020 (Reiwa2 years) April 2,Hajimeshacho All Nippon Airways Shizukuishi collision accident"Forest of Memorial" in memory of the victims of the forest (currently: Forest Drop Park,IwateShizukuishi Town) To "Spirit spotPost a video to introduce as. A series of criticisms from viewers such as "Excuse me for the dead" have made the video private and apologized.[34].

When an actor arrested in September 2020 was released on bail, like YouTuber who was taken to a police officer to give a PET bottle to the actor, "nuisance YouTuber" that does an act that can not be overlooked to increase the number of accesses The existence is also pointed out[35]..For example, you can identify the home of a famous YouTuber with many registrants by calling it "convex", post a video that shoots without appointments or makes a forcible collaboration request, eat supermarket products before payment, and later There are cases of being arrested on suspicion of theft.[36].

High social interest事件-ACCIDENT-IntelligenceFor gatherings of the public, such as when there wasPiggybackThe problem is "unscrupulous YouTuber," which attracts attention by disguising the emotions of the parties and pretending to be related parties.Videos with titles that insult the deceased person are called "contrarian" and "unscrupulous", and there are many contributors who specialize in them.[37][38].

Yarase video

Rip-offYouTuber, who has released a lot of "exposing the darkness of society" videos such as store infiltration coverage, from other YouTubersYaraseI was exposed and confessed that all the videos I released were done, and YouTuber who has been active as a "gluttony" is reflected in spitting out food due to an editing mistake.BurningOr[39],Stealth marketingThere are also cases where the discovery of this has affected entertainment activities other than YouTuber.[40].

In addition, it is said that they are abandoned or are in a dangerous environment.Animal-Pet"Animal rescue videos" that rescue and protect the animals, shoot the situation and publish the videos on YouTube have increased rapidly since the beginning of 2021.[41], Due to the grassroots accusation campaign of some YouTubers and YouTube viewers who watched those videos and wondered if it was a "do it"[42], Leaded to revision of YouTube video posting policy (terms)[43]..As a result of this revision, it is said that popular YouTuber, which is also in Japan, received a policy violation "judgment".[41].

Video of content with a lot of repetition

Use text and artificial voice in YouTuber, and use news sites and summary sites without permissionCopySome people are monetizing the videos they have made, and consider them to be content with many repetitions.From April to May 2019[Source required]Although it was excluded, some YouTubers created using artificial voice such as original content were invalidated for monetization.[44][45].

Side business of civil servants

Since an active firefighter was doing Youtuber as a side job, there have been cases where a one-tenth reduction in salary and a one-month disciplinary action have been taken for violating the Local Civil Service Law.[46].


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