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👩‍🎓 | Corona vaccine to start vaccination for 5-11 years old ... Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare approves special case

Photo Kominati intramuscular injection for 5-11 years old

Corona vaccine to start vaccination for 5-11 years old ... Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare approves special case

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Pfizer R & D; President Taro Ishibashi, who has obtained special approval, said, "I am pleased that the pediatric product" Cominati intramuscular injection for 5 to 11 years old "was approved in Japan.

On January 2022, 1, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare announced a new coronavirus disease made by Pfizer that can be inoculated to children aged 21 to 5 years. → Continue reading


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Pharmaceutical approvalWhat is (Yakuji Shonin)?Act on ensuring the quality, effectiveness and safety of pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, etc.Based on Article 14MedicineAbout etc.Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA : Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency), after reviewing efficacy and safetyMinistry of Health, Labor and Welfare Pharmaceutical Affairs and Food Sanitation CouncilAfter going through the report ofMinister of Health, Labour and WelfareIs to approve.

For epoch-making new drugs that meet certain requirements, we will prioritize approval examination from the early stage of development to promptly put them into practical use.Pioneering examination designation systemHowever, it is a drug for diseases for which there is no effective treatment, and the number of patients is small.Clinical trialFor those that are difficult to perform or that take a long time to collect clinical trial dataEarly approval system with drug conditionsHowever, if it is urgent and there is no other suitable method, it is possible to approve drugs, etc. that have been approved for manufacture and sale in advance in a country that has the same level of approval system as Japan, using a simpler procedure than usual.Special approval systemIs stipulated.

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