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👩‍🎓 | What is the number one place in the city ranking that makes it easy to work and raise children for two consecutive years?

Photo Ranking of cities that are easy to work together and raise children 2021

What is the number one place in the city ranking that makes it easy to raise children for two consecutive years?

If you write the contents roughly
Matsudo City, which won first place in the overall edition following last year, is "Yasa City, Matsudo.

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Matsudo-shi(Matsudo) isChibaLocated in the northwest ofCity.

populationIs about 50 people.In Chiba prefectureChiba,FunabashiIt is the third largest population after[1].. OldHigashi Katsushika.


Across the EdogawaTokyoTouching,Tokyo metropolitan area(Tokyo Ward)ofBed townHas a strong character.Tokyo WardCommuting rate to 37.3% (2010)Census), So-called "Chiba citizen"There are many.Population ranking of Japanese citiesIn nonGovernment-designated city・NonCore cityHas the largest population.Healthy City UnionMember city.

Edo PeriodToMito Highway OfPost town-Matsudo shukuFlourish asTokugawa ShogunateIt has a history as a place related to it.For this reasonEdo,MitoDeeply related toMatsudo Shrine TheTokugawa Mitsukuni(Mito Komon) And the edge,Former Tokugawa Family Residence Matsudo TojoIs the originalMito lord OfTokugawa Akitake MeijiIt is a mansion that lived in the times.General Tokugawa is in MatsudoFalconryThere is also a record that I often visited to do.EdogawaHas been around for a long timeWater transportationIs thriving and the bottom of the ship is shallowTakase boatIs full of vegetables, on the banks of rural areas and in EdoNihonbashi OfGreeneryI was going back and forth along the riverbank.A riverbank was also placed in Matsudo, and it was crowded as a distribution center for agricultural products.In the Meiji eraSteam shipAppearedDomestic transportation(Nippon ExpressThe predecessor of) started from Nipponbashi,Furukawa(Ibaraki) And(I.e.(Tochigi) Was opened. "Passing YagiriIs also famous.

The reason why residential land has progressedPacific WarLater, in recent yearsUeno Tokyo LineDue to the influence of the opening ofCentral TokyoAccess to (Tokyo StationIt takes about 24 minutes at the shortest[2]) GoodnessUrban redevelopmentHas progressed, and has become the number one city in Japan where it is easy to work and raise children.system-FacilityIs supported mainly by families as a city full of[3]..It has a strong connection with Tokyo, but on the contrary, it is in Chiba prefecture.Prefectural office locationIsChibaRail access is not good[4].


Located in the northwestern part of Chiba prefecture, the prefectural capitalChibaIt is about 20-30 kilometers from.Tokyo(Japanese capital)ofCity centerIt is within 10-20 kilometers from.

Flowing north and southEdogawaIs the western end.The plainsKanto PlainThe western area on the left bank of the Edo River is included inAbove sea levelAround 4 metersAlluvial plainEven now, the waterways run vertically and horizontally, and the land has become more residential.Paddy field,fieldThe ground can be seen everywhere.

The eastern regionShimosa PlateauIt is located at the western end (20-30 meters above sea level), and although the residential area is now generally widespread,1960 eraPreviously, forests and果樹 園, Many fields were seen.Altitude is located almost in the center of the city areaTokiwadaira StationThe surrounding area is the highest, and the rivers in the city head west from here.Tokyo BayEdogawa water system flowing to and heading eastThe Pacific OceanPour into the eastTeganuma-Tone RiverIt is divided into water systems.In addition, it flows through the citySakagawaIt is,Kita Chiba waterwayIt flows into the Edo River as part of.

Mito HighwayJR to run in parallel withJoban LineFrom the Midwest to the north and south of the cityShin Matsudo Station(JR East) At JRMusashino LineCrosses with.Matsudo Station(JR East ・Shin-Keisei Electric RailwayFrom)Shin-Keisei Electric Railway Shin-Keisei LineBranched off, almost in the center of the cityYabashira StationJR Musashino Line passes at (Shin-Keisei Electric Railway)New Yabashira StationIt crosses the central part of the city so as to intersect (JR East).Also in the southHokuso RailwayHokuso LineRuns east and west,Higashimatsudo Station(JR East / Hokuso Railway) is in contact with the JR Musashino Line.


The maximum altitude is 32.4 meters (21st Century ForestThe minimum altitude is 1.1 meters (Sakaemachi XNUMX-chome).

City limits Kobo: 11.4 kilometers east-west 11.6 kilometers north-south


River : Edogawa(First-class river),Kita Chiba waterway(River for adjusting flow conditions),Sakagawa,Yanagihara Mizuka

Adjacent municipalities

(Source of this section: [5])


Ancient (prehistory)

A map that overlays the range of Koganemaki (Nakano Maki) on a modern map around the city
On a modern map around the cityKoganemakiMap that overlaps the range of (Maki Nakano)

People have lived in the Matsudo city area for a long time,Jomon PeriodIn addition to the many ruins found inKawarazuka TombThere are also ancient burial mounds such as.Ancient timesからThe early modern periodUntilShimosaKatsushikaBelongs to, ShimosaKokufu(CurrentIchikawa CityKounodai), But there are few records of the Matsudo city area before the Middle Ages.

Heian periodWritten inSarashina diary"With the country of Shimosa"MusashiOigawa and Ifu are on the border with Kamise,Migration with MatsusatoThe description "Stop at Notsu" is the first appearance of a place name that seems to be Matsudo.MatsudoTaihi RiverIn (currently Edogawa), people and shallow water(I.e.Umatsu, which means "horse port"[6],Ferry OfVillageIt seems that he was born as.

The city area of ​​the Edo periodHeaven,Daimyo territory,Flag bookThe Shimosa plateau is a rural area in the suburbs where the territory is complicated.Koganemaki(Maki Nakano)grazingIt was a land (also serving as a grassland for the surrounding villages).


Matsudo, Kogane and Mabashi in the cityMito Highway OfPost townIt was.MitoBecause it exists between Edo and EdoTokugawa ShogunateandMito Tokugawa familyStrongly connected with, the shogun is often in KoganemakiFalconryEnjoyed.At Matsudo ShrineMito DomainWas the second feudal lord ofTokugawa Mitsukuni(Mito Komon) RelatedginkgoThere is a tree in Matsudo, the last lord of the Mito domain (11th generation)Tokugawa AkitakeBuilt byFormer Tokugawa Family Residence Matsudo Tojo(Former Mito feudal lord's villa, laterMatsudo Tokugawa familyThere is a main residence).

Mito Highway

After abandoned clan

Abandoned DomainLater in 1878,Higashi KatsushikaThe government officeMatsudo Station(Railway stationnotYado Station) Was placed.There are national and prefectural local agencies in the Matsudo area, and it is administrativelyBase cityHas a personality.1896/ToJapan RailwayBy the currentJoban Line(Tokyo·Tabata Station - Mito StationOpen)

1943/Higashi Katsushika-gunMatsudocho-Takamura-Mabashi VillageWas newly established and merged, and Matsudo City was established. Old in 1954XiaojinIncorporated most of the town.

Origin of city name

There are various theories, but as a powerful theory

  1. Later in the Matsudo areaKoganemakiIs installed, etc.(I.e.Breeding was thriving.Therefore, it is said that "Masato" changed from "Umasato" to "Masato" and changed to "Matsudo".
  2. Matsudo ShrineIn folklore,Yamato TakeruIt is said that the shrine was enshrined at the place where he met his servant in this area, which led to the name "Waiting Village"-> "Matsudo"-> "Matsudo".
  3. Matsudo is a post town on the banks of the Tainichi River (currently Edogawa), and it is thought that the ferry was changed from a "waiting village" to a "matsudo".
  4. There is also an interpretation that the etymology is Umatsu, which allows you to cross the Tainichi River with a horse.[6].

Changes in administrative areas


Looking at the population increase / decrease from the previous census from the 2020 census, the population increased by 3.06% to 498,293, and the rate of increase / decrease was 54th out of 10 municipalities in Chiba prefecture and 60th out of 11 administrative districts.Although the only main line to Tokyo is the Joban Line, the number of increases and the rate of increase are higher than in Kashiwa City, which has two lines, the Joban Line and TX.

Population distribution of Matsudo, Chiba, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Matsudo City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Matsudo City (2005)
■Purple-Matsudo City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Matsudo City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan



Successive mayors

代NameInaugurationRetirement ageRemarks
First generationMonrokuro1943/1946/
2 feeUnosuke Kawai1946/1947/
3 feeAkira Onda1947/1951/
4 feeRinnosuke Sakamaki1951/1953/
5-8 generationsIshibashi Yoichi1953/1969/
9-10 generationsMatsumoto Kiyoshi1969/1973/Died during his tenure.MatsumotokiyoshiFounder of.Established Japan's first immediate response department, "Immediately Doing Section".
11-16 generationsMitsuo Miyama1973/1994/Died during his tenure.
17-20 generationsToshihisa Kawai1994/2010/
21-23 generationsKenji Hongoya2010/Incumbent

Administrative organization

As of April 2018, 4, the number of city employees was 1, of which 4,123 were assigned to the hospital business.The number of staff has decreased by 1075 from the previous year, and the number of staff is decreasing year by year.[9].

The city organization is roughly as follows.

  • Mayor
    • Accounting manager
      • Accounts Division
    • vice-mayor
      • General Affairs Department, General Policy DepartmentSection to do immediately, Finance Department, Citizens Department, Economic Promotion Department, Environment Department, Health and Welfare Department, Welfare and Longevity Department, Children's Department, Town Planning Department, Construction Department
      • Fire department
    • Water business manager
    • Representative Audit Committee
    • Hospital business manager
    • Superintendent of schools
From April 2013, the Matsudo City General Policy Council was established by the mayor, deputy mayor, superintendent of education, general affairs department manager, general policy department manager, finance department manager, etc., and usually twice a month, the city administration policy and important measures are deliberated. There is.
Regarding the vaccination of the new coronavirus, the vaccination tickets for 2021 years old and over have been shipped by the end of June 6, and the vaccination of the younger generation is progressing.

Police and fire departments

eveningTo become andDisaster prevention radioBroadcast to encourage children to go home.The song used is "".

Wide area administration

With our cityNoda-shi,Kashiwa,Nagareyama,Abiko,Kamagaya cityAt the Tokatsu Wide Area Administrative Liaison Council, which is composed of 6 cities2006/(18)5ToOrdinance-designated city problem study groupWas launched. Over the two years of 2006 (Heisei 18) and 2007 (Heisei 19), the futureGovernment-designated cityIn addition to collecting and analyzing basic data of the six constituent cities and organizing wide-area issues, we also conducted research on government-designated city systems and surveys and research on simulations in the Tokatsu region. ..

2007May 4,Ichikawa City,Funabashi, Our city, Kamagaya city is one of the future options in this area,mergerConduct joint research on the transition to ordinance-designated citiesHigashi Katsushika / Katsushika area 4 city government-designated city study group(2008 cities as of September 9, 1Estimated population1,649,569 people) was established.

2008May 7, Matsudo City and Kashiwa City to verify the effects, impacts, significance, etc. of the transition to an ordinance-designated cityMatsudo CityEstablished Kashiwa City Ordinance-designated City Study Group.

National agency


City council

  • Constant number: 44 people
  • Term: June 2018, 30-June 11, 27 (Reiwa 2022 years)[10]
  • Chair: Eisaku Yamaguchi (Citizen's Club)
  • Vice Chairman: Yoshihiro Sugiyama (Matsudo)LDP)
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsMember name (◎ is secretary general)
Komeito10◎ Masami Kidokoro, Yumi Morozumi, Tetsuya Shinoda, Tomoaki Suzuki, Takashi Matsuo, Mari Iwase, Nobuyuki Takahashi, Eiichi Ito, Kimiaki Iihoshi, Masayuki Orihara
Matsudo Liberal Democratic Party8◎ Mineko Kimura, Shigenori Otani, Kenji Otsuka, Daisuke Suzuki, Isamu Ishii, Yoshihiro Sugiyama, Teruyasu Tai, Akemi Ozawa
Policy Implementation Forum8◎ Tsuyoshi Nikaido, Jiro Sekine, Ryota Narishima, Yuko Okamoto, Tomoko Tohari,DELI, Kaoru Masuda, Yuji Hara
Civic club7◎ Hiroto Suematsu, Keiichi Ichikawa, Tsuyoshi Shibuya, Kenji Iwahori, Eisaku Yamaguchi, Noichi Fukayama, Hidetaka Nakagawa
Japan Communist Party4◎ Fumiyuki Utsuno, Kiyomi Hirata, Kazue Mir, Masako Yamaguchi
Mirai Club4◎ Shuzo Sakurai, Hiroshi Ohashi, Satoshi Karino, Shinya Minowa
Independent3Kasumi Nakanishi, Noriko Nakamura, Keiji Yamanaka

Prefectural assembly

  • Constituency: Matsudo City Constituency
  • Constant number: 7 people
  • Term: April 2019, 31 (Heisei 4)-April 30, 2023 (4 years of Reiwa)
NameParliamentary nameNumber of wins
Shigeru KawakamiLDPChiba Prefectural Assembly7
Junko AndoConstitutional Democratic PartyChiba Prefectural Assembly2
Yumi MiwaJapan Communist PartyChiba Prefectural Assembly5
Takamasa Matsudo千葉民主Meeting3
Takashi AkibayashiKomeitoChiba Prefectural Assembly4
Hiroyuki FujiiKomeito Chiba Prefectural Assembly5
Tomonori KawaiIndependent2

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Chiba Prefecture 6st Ward(Part of Matsudo City,Ichikawa CityPart of)Hiromichi WatanabeLDP8Constituency
Kenta FujimakiJapan Restoration Party1Proportional revival
Chiba Prefecture 7st Ward(Part of Matsudo City,Noda-shi,Nagareyama)Ken SaitoLDP5Constituency



Primary industry (including food distribution)

Private public wholesale marketMatsudo City Integrated Wholesale MarketThe main commercial areas are Tokyo, the eastern part of Saitama prefecture, and the western part of Chiba prefecture, which are kitchens for about 500 million people.VegetablesIt consists of about 4 stores in 60 departments: building, fisheries building, related food building, and cafeteria building, and handles most food-related products from fruits and vegetables, fresh fish, meat, fresh flowers, related foods to packaging materials.

Agricultural cooperative

Secondary industry

Kitamatsudo Industrial Park

Minoridai Industrial Park

Matsuhidai Industrial Park


Tertiary industry

Matsudo StationThe old post station located at the west exit of Matsudo City has been busy as a commercial base for a long time, and is still the best station in the city center and city as a station with the ability to attract customers.DowntownForming aloneTrade areaIt is a city, and along the Joban Line in Chiba PrefectureSakai StationBoasts the second largest scale after downtown[11][12].1960 eraFrom large scaleResidential estateWas built in various parts of the city, and as housing development progressed, the area around the railway station on the Joban Line and Shin-Keisei Line developed as an urban area where commercial facilities and other facilities gathered.In addition, due to the maintenance and widening of trunk roads,Roadside storeIs located along the railway lineXiaojin,MabashiFrom old timesShopping districtIs also left.

Main commercial facilities

Company with head office / head office

Sister cities/partner cities

Outside Japan Australian flag Whitehorse City (Australian Commonwealth Victoria) <Sister cities>

Japan Flag of Kurayoshi, Tottori.svg Kurayoshi(Tottori) <Partner city>

  • 2004/May 7We have formed a tie-up as an exchange city, and exchanges are taking place."Nijisseiki Pear", which was introduced from Matsudo City and became a special product of Kurayoshi City, and the originalYokozunaKotozakuraIn this Matsudo citySadogatake RoomIt started when I made it.

Aichi prefecture flag Komaki City(Aichi)

  • 2012/(24)May 2 Concluded a disaster support agreement



Residential estate

  • Tokiwadaira housing complex(Former Japan Housing Corporation), Suburban housing complex, 1959-Japan's first (at the time of planning) large scalePublic housingHousing complex.
  • Tokiwadaira StationFormer housing complex (formerly Japan Housing Corporation), urban housing 1963
  • Koganehara housing complex(Former Japan Housing Corporation), Suburban housing complex, 1969
  • (Former Japan Housing Corporation), Suburban housing complex, 1975
  • Nogikuno housing complex (formerly Japan Housing Corporation), suburban housing complex, 1975
  • Rikodai housing complex (formerly Japan Housing Corporation), suburban housing complex, 1975
  • Koganehara Keyaki Dori housing complex (formerly Japan Housing Corporation), suburban housing complex, 1985
Characteristics of each district
Honmachi / Matsudo
The center of the city.Matsudo StationThe area around the west exit and along the old Mito Kaido has been a commercial area for a long time.The city hall and Matsudo police station were also located in this area. Made in the 1970sLand readjustment projectWill be almost in its current form.
Kamishiki / Higashi Matsudo
"Kamishiki,Higashimatsudo StationSee also.Higashimatsudo StationThe surrounding area is under development as a commercial area and a residential area.
Akiyama / Takatsuka / Yagiri
Hokuso RailwayNarita Sky Access LineAkiyama stationYagiri StationThe southern part of the city centered on the Rikodai housing complex.
Kita-Matsudo / Kamihongo
"Kitamatsudo Station,Kamihongo Station,Matsudo Shinden StationSee also.newSakagawaThere is Kitamatsudo Industrial Park along the line, and manufacturing factories of major companies are lined up.Near Kitamatsudo StationMatsudo Bicycle RacetrackThere is.The Kogasaki / Kamihongo area away from the station is a residential area.
Kitakogane StationFrom the south exitNational Route 6Point to between.Commercial areas are lined up in front of the station, centered on Aeon Kitakogane.If you go out of the station, it becomes a residential area.
Tokiwadaira housing complexThe second mammoth housing complex afterKoganehara housing complexThere is. It says "small money"Kitakogane StationFar from.There are some excursions of Kogane in Koganehara 7-chome, Kurigasawa, and Negiuchi.In the vicinityShimosa PlateauThere are many undulations, and residential areas, fields, and pear gardens coexist.
Shin Matsudo
"Shin Matsudo Station,Shin MatsudoSee also.The original place name is "KoyaHowever, when the JNR station was opened, there was a history of arguing whether the station name should be "Kitamabashi" or "Minami Kogane" and decided to "Shinmatsudo" as a compromise of the residents."Shinmatsudo" as a place name is the area on the west side of Shinmatsudo Station,Kitakogane StationAround the north exit NagareyamaCity border andMabashi StationA part of the north side of the west exit may be included in Shinmatsudo.Currently, it is a residential area centered on large-scale apartments, and commercial facilities are located in front of the station.Official land priceAccording to the report, the land price is the highest in the residential area in Matsudo city.
There are many forests, fields, and pear gardens, and there is relatively green in Matsudo City.The eastern half of the area21st Century Forest and SquareSpreads and is crowded with parents and children on holidays.Matsudo City General HospitalWas opened.
"TokiwadairaSee also.Large-scale UR rental housingTokiwadaira housing complexArea in the vicinity.The area around the housing complex is a quiet residential area,Top 100 Roads in JapanWas chosenTokiwadaira Sakura StreetThere is.Tokiwadaira Station,Goka StationA commercial area is located in front of it.
"Mabashi StationSee also.The area around Mabashi Station is a commercial area, and outside Mabashi Station is a residential area.Residential areas, fields, forests, and pear gardens coexist in the nearby Hachigasaki, Futatsugi, and Mikoze districts.
Minoridai StationThe commercial area spreads around Minoridai Station (Minoridai Station is located in Matsudo Shinden).Minoridai Industrial Park is located in the southwestern part. JRMusashino LineNew Yabashira StationUntil the opening ofYabashira StationThis one was more crowded.The neighborhood is a residential area centered on single-family homes and low-rise apartments.
"Yagiri,Yagiri StationSee also.Residential area and agricultural land coexist, and it is a green area adjacent to Tokyo.LeekIs a specialty, and there are many sightseeing spots such as "Yagiri no Watari".2018/(30)May 6ToTokyo Outer Ring Road OfMatsudo ICWas opened.
New Yabashira StationとYabashira StationArea centered on.In Matsudo city, the number of passengers is the second largest after Matsudo station.Commercial facilities are concentrated around the station, and while it is bustling, it maintains a quiet environment a short distance away.The neighborhood is a suburban residential area where single-family homes and apartments coexist, and the population is on the rise.The station name is oldYahashira VillageDerived from (currently around Higashi Matsudo Station).Currently, there is no place named Yabashira in Matsudo City, but there are many facilities around Yabashira Station and New Yabashira Station that bear the names of "Yabashira" and "New Yabashira".To the southTokyo Metropolitan Yahashira CemeteryThere,Cluster amaryllisThe area around the station is very crowded.
Mutsumi / Mutsumi
Tobu Noda Line(Nicknamed "Tobu Urban Park Line")Rokumi StationAn area adjacent to Kashiwa City and Kamagaya City.There is a small shopping street around the station, and a quiet residential area spreads out.The vicinity is a suburban residential area where single-family homes and condominiums coexist.This neighborhood is oldTakamuraThere are many place names derived from.
Goko / Matsuhidai
Goka StationとMatsuhidai StationThe area around Goko Station is near Tokiwadaira XNUMX-chome, and the area around Matsuhidai Station is Kamishiki No. XNUMX, which connects each other with the Shin-Keisei bus.Matsuhidai Industrial Park,Tokyo Metropolitan Yahashira CemeteryAfter that, a quiet residential area is spreading.During the warMinistry of CommunicationsThere is jurisdiction, and after the war, most of the site became an urban area, but a part of it is left as the Ground Self-Defense Force Matsudo station.



puppet show,Picture-story showThere was a foundation "Story Caravan" by experts who performed such things.It circulated around the city and entertained the children, but in our cityAdministrative reformAlong withvolunteerThe policy was set out to be the bearer of2009/Disbanded in March[13].

post office
  • Matsudo Post Office(05016)
  • Japan Post (05070)
  • Matsudo Mutsumi Post Office (05203)
  • Matsudo Higurashi Post Office (05281)
  • Matsudo Nemoto Post Office (05292)
  • Tokiwadaira Post Office (05330)
  • Matsudo Yagiri Post Office (05348)
  • Matsudo East Exit Post Office (05371)
  • Matsudo Nakai Post Office (05394)
  • Japan Post Post Office (05397)
  • Matsudo Minoridai Post Office (05398)
  • Matsudo Kamihongo Post Office (05419)
  • Akiyama station square post office (05423)
  • Matsudo Koganehara Post Office (05434)
  • Matsudo Sakae Post Office (05452)
  • Matsudo Kita Post Office(Japan Post Bank Matsudo Branch) (05458)
  • Matsudo Matsuhidai Post Office (05469)
  • Matsudo Rikadai Post Office (05483)
  • Matsudo Motoyama Post Office (05494)
  • Matsudo Nogikuno Post Office (05510)
  • Post office in Makinohara housing complex (05511)
  • Matsudo Nakawagura Post Office (05514)
  • Matsudo Oganedaira Post Office (05515)
  • Matsudo Mabashi West Post Office (05518)
  • Matsudo 05519th Century Gaoka Post Office (XNUMX)
  • Matsudo Nishikubo Post Office (05539)
  • Shinmatsudo Post Office (05559)
  • Shinmatsudominami Post Office (05571)
  • Matsudo Rokkodai Post Office (05574)
  • Matsudo Korokudai Post Office (05575)
  • Shinmatsudo North Post Office (05583)
  • Matsudo New Post Office (05595)
  • Shinmatsudo Station Post Office (05643)
  • Matsudo Hachigasaki Post Office (05656)
  • Matsudo Station West Exit Post Office (05663)
  • Tokiwadaira station square post office (05667)
  • Matsudo Minami Post Office(05678)
  • Yabashira Station Post Office (05688)
  • Matsudo Kawarazuka Post Office (05694)

The postal code corresponds to the following. 3 The collection and delivery station is in charge of collection and delivery.

Forest land

Matsudo cityOrdinanceDesignates a conservation forest area and a special conservation forest area for the purpose of preserving the forest area.

The area is about 20HaTo reach.Designated is the slope forest of Kuriyama and Yagiri,Chiba UniversityAbout 3 hectares of forest land, which is about one-third of the site of the Faculty of Horticulture (Matsudo Campus), and the forest land of Kazahaya Shrine,Seki's forest,Asama Shrine OfClimax forest, There are forests of Koya Kannon.In addition, some of them are designated as special green space conservation areas by national law.


secondaryMedical areaThe (secondary health care area) is the northern Tokatsu medical area (jurisdiction: Tokatsu area excluding Kamagaya city).[14].. The tertiary medical area is the Chiba medical area (jurisdiction: the entire area of ​​Chiba prefecture).

Medical facilitiesList only those with high special mention[14].

Medical corporation corporation

Founding Society


All public since 2004primary school,Junior high school OfSchool selection systemHas been introduced.RegularPTAIs not organized in some public schoolsGuardianThere is a problem in the formation of intentions.

School specifies to attend public junior high schoolGym clothes-JerseyChange into.In recent years, "line-to-line physical education" (during breaks) was performed during the time when management education was popular.marathonEtc.physical educationActivities to perform all at once.There are elementary schools that are reviving (in fact, lessons are held continuously because there is no break time) (About the history of education in the Tokatsu area (formerly northern part of Katsushika district)Management educationSee also).

The history of education in Matsudo City is such that the number of children and students exceeds 1970 due to the rapid increase in the population in the 1980s and 1000s.Mammoth schoolIncreasedProvisionalClasses in the school building and new schools were established one after another.ImmatureLocal communityIn a large junior high schoolSchool styleIs rough,School violenceHas also occurred.After that, intimidating management education and intimidating management education for school normalizationExtracurricular activitiesSchool management has been continued for many years.


Vocational school

high school

Junior high school

Municipal junior high school (20 schools)

* Shinmatsudokita Junior High School2009/, Integrated with Kogane Junior High School.

Private middle school

primary school

Municipal elementary school (45 schools)

* Rikadai and Kanfudai elementary schools are the first five-story elementary schools in Japan.

Private elementary school

Special school

Club activity reform
Traditionally, club activities are prominently active, and most elementary and junior high schools start early in the morning, and most junior high schools practice club activities even on holidays.[16],Sports disorderPrevention, participation in community activities, refreshment of mind and body,Teacher OfWork way reformIn January 2019, the "Matsudo City Athletic Club Activity Guidance Guideline" was created in response to social demands such as[17].
The guidelines apply to all elementary and junior high schools in the city,ConventionParticipation with studentsAdviserTo avoid overburdening staffPrincipalResponsibility for scrutiny byThe main contents are as follows.
  • Junior high school
    • Rest days: (weekdays) 1 day or more per week, (Saturdays and Sundays) 1 day or more per week, (annual) 100 days or more
    • Activity time: (Weekdays) about 2 hours, (Saturdays and Sundays) about 3 hours
  • primary school
    • Holidays: (Weekdays) 1 day or more a week (Saturdays, Sundays, winter holidays, etc.)
    • Activity time: (weekdays) about 2 hours

Matsudo City Public Facility Reorganization and Maintenance Basic Plan

In January 2019, the "Matsudo City Public Facility Reorganization and Maintenance Basic Plan (Draft)" was released, in which "Consideration of Consolidation" and "Consideration of Relocation" for all public elementary schools and junior high schools in Matsudo City. Has been proposed[18].

In addition, the study of the "Eastern School" concept, which consolidates the municipal eastern elementary school and the fifth junior high school to make it a nine-year integrated elementary and junior high school, has also been announced.[19]..However, the school districts of both schools are also areas where population growth is expected due to residential land development, etc., and according to the materials issued to the Public Facility Reorganization and Maintenance Promotion Council,2030/It is estimated that the number of children in the eastern elementary school will increase to 738 (25 classes) and the number of students in the fifth middle will increase to 1,315 (44 classes).[20]..The number of students after the integrated elementary and junior high school is expected to be about 2,000 (70 classes) (with the addition of special support classes), and there are many issues such as the possibility of becoming the largest mammoth school in Japan.[Annotation 2](School Education Law Enforcement RegulationsThe standard number of classes in elementary and junior high school (9-year compulsory education school) is 1-18 classes per school, which greatly exceeds this).


Matsudo City Nanakusa Marathon TournamentMatsudo Sports ParkIt is held every year at the beginning of the new year.

Sports Facilities

baseball Based in our cityJapan Baseball FederationBelongs toAdult baseball

Sumo Based in Matsudo CityJapan Sumo AssociationBelongs toSumo room


  • Japan League
    • Shinmatsudo Yamaki(Japan's highest team competitionTennis japanese leagueThere are many players who have participated in the game and professional tennis players who are ranked 30th in Japan.Yamaki is the first Japanese league team in Chiba prefecture. )

サ ッ カ ー

  • J League
  • Kashiwa Reysol(The home town is next to Kashiwa City,Tokatsu-Inba areaAbiko, Inzai, Kamagaya, Shiroi, Nagareyama, Noda,MatsudoWe plan soccer schools and citizen invitation days in each city, and hold autograph sessions at citizen festivals held in each city.)


Area code

The area code of Matsudo City is04739(Ichikawa MA), but1964/(Showa39 years)May 7Than,0473(City code is62)change to.1997/(9)May 1Due to the shortage of the city code of 0473 area including Matsudo city,047Was changed to.

The following two buildings correspond to the accommodation station, and the city code is as follows.

  • Matsudo station
    • 303 (2000, 4000 series)
    • 308 (0000-8000 series)
    • 312 (2000-5000 series)
    • 330 (0000-3000 series)
    • 331
    • 360 - 368
    • 369 (0000-5000 series)
    • 394 (8000-9000 series)
    • 703 (0000-1000, 3000-6000 series)
  • Goka Bureau
    • 311 (0000-3000, 5000-9000 series)
    • 330 (6000-7000 series)
    • 383 (0000-8000 series)
    • 384 - 389
    • 394 (0000-1000
    • 5000-7000 series)
    • 704 (4000-6000 series)
    • 710 (1000 series)
  • Matsudo Kogane Bureau
    • 312 (0000-1000 series)
    • 330 (4000-5000 series)
    • 340 (0000-6000 series)
    • 341 - 348
    • 349 (0000-7000 series)
    • 394 (2000-3000 series)
  • Matsudo Takatsuka Bureau
    • 312 (7000-9000 series)
    • 330 (8000-9000 series)
    • 391
    • 392


Railway line

There are 6 passenger rail lines operated by 8 operators and 20 in the city.Railway stationThere is.

  • Central station
    • Western Central Station (City Central Station)… Matsudo Station
    • Northern Central Station ... Shin-Matsudo Station
    • Central Central Station ... Yabashira Station
    • South Central Station ... Higashi Matsudo Station
    • Eastern Central Station ... Goko Station

* Since each station on the Joban Line runs directly to the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line, local residents and real estate agents say "(JR)".Chiyoda LineIt may also be called.

Planning/concept stage

Subway line 11 (Hanzomon Line) Matsudo extension is positioned as "a route that is appropriate to be developed and started by 2015".[22]("Tokyo direct train"reference)

Bus route

Community bus 2017/(29) From December 12th, demonstration operation started for the purpose of securing transportation to the Nakawagura area, which was a blank area for buses.

  • Matsudo City General Hospital --Nakawagura Shopping Street --Mabashi Station Entrance --Kita Matsudo Station --Matsudo Back Gate --Matsudo City General Medical Center (counterclockwise route, reverse right route, outsourced to Matsudo Shin-Keisei Bus)



General national road
Bicycle path
Selected road

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Sights and historic sites





Castle ruins and Jinya ruins

Historic site

* In the past, there were many famous theaters such as the following.

nature Park


Festivals and events

  • Matsudo Shuku Sakagawa Lantern Festival
  • Matsudo-juku Sakagawa Kawazu Cherry Blossom Festival
  • Koganejuku Festival
  • Eastern district, Higashi Matsudo Festival
  • Matsudo Festival
  • Cosmos Festival
  • Matsudo Fireworks Festival

Cultural property

Country / prefecture designation and countryRegistered cultural propertyList[23].

numberDesignation / registrationCADNameAddressOwner or administratorDesignated dateRemarks
1Country designationImportant cultural property (building)Former Tokugawa family Matsudo Tojo-tei (front / middle / back / detached room building, entrance / kitchen building, hot spring, built-in)Tojogaoka Historical ParkMatsudo-shiHeisei 18/7/58 Building
2Important cultural property (sculpture)woodenKongo wrestlerStatue2547 Mabashi, Matsudo CityManman TempleTaisho5/8/172 body
3Important cultural property (crafts)Bell bell(KenjiXNUMX years inscription)63 Hiraga, Matsudo CityHondoji TempleShowa 52/6/111 port
4Important Cultural Property (Old Document)University SaburoBook (NichirenBrush / July XNUMXnd)63 Hiraga, Matsudo CityHondoji TempleShowa 43/4/25Volume 1
5Reply from various people (Nichiren brush / XNUMXst day of March, XNUMXst year of Koan)63 Hiraga, Matsudo CityHondoji TempleShowa 43/4/25Volume 1
6Important Cultural Property (Archaeological Material)Items excavated from Kode Kaizuka, Chiba PrefectureMatsudo Municipal MuseumMatsudo-shiHeisei 6/6/28Lump
7Monument (scenic spot)Former Tokugawa Akitake Matsudo Bettei (Tojo-tei) GardenTojogaoka Historical ParkMatsudo-shiHeisei 27/3/10
8Prefecture designationTangible cultural property (crafts)Copper transparent carved basket63 Hiraga, Matsudo CityHondoji TempleShowa 63/3/3012
9Tangible cultural property (old document)Reply from Tomijo63 Hiraga, Matsudo CityHondoji TempleShowa 52/3/81 width
10Hondoji TemplePast book(TenshoBook) ・ Hondoji Past Book (Book)TomorrowBook)63 Hiraga, Matsudo CityHondoji TempleShowa 62/2/273 tatami mats
11Intangible folk cultural propertyMatsudo Mansaku DanceSendabori, Higurashi, Kamihongo, Matsudo CityMansaku Odori Matsudo Preservation SocietyShowa 45/4/17
12Monument (natural monument)Climax forest of Asama Shrine664-1 Koyama, Matsudo CityAsama ShrineShowa 41/12/2
13Country registrationRegistered tangible cultural property (building)Former Saito family house owner588 Kamishiki, Matsudo CityMatsudo-shiHeisei 29/6/281 of
14Chiba Prefectural Waterworks Bureau KuriyamaWater tower198 Kuriyama, Matsudo CityChibaHeisei 29/10/271 of

A person who is related to

Person from

Political / economic

Person with connection

Works set in Matsudo City

Works and songs set in our city
Works that were filmed in our city


注 釈

  1. ^ After that, also on the Joban LineToride station(IbarakiToride city) Also developed "Box Hill".
  2. ^ There is no 1,500-year compulsory education school (elementary and junior high school) nationwide that accommodates more than 9 children.[21].


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