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🛋 | Did you have that hand?Old toothbrushes, sponges ... How to reuse "house waste" that is useful for general cleaning

Photo Introducing the tricks of cleaning using "unused items in the house" such as used brushes, sponges, and clothes that are no longer worn.

Did you have that hand?Old toothbrushes, sponges ... How to reuse "house waste" that is useful for general cleaning

If you write the contents roughly
5. If you take the time to fix it with a safety pin, you can wipe it without worrying about the fleece coming off.

Worn-out brushes, sponges, clothes that you no longer wear, etc. can be transformed into cleaning goods with some ingenuity! "Unused items at home ... → Continue reading

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Safety pin

Safety pin(Anzen pin,British: safety pin) Is multiple sheetsclothUsed to stop金属Equipment.It is used to fasten cloths to each other and to fasten badges to clothes.

Unlike the straight-shaped clasp, the safety pin is designed by hooking the sharp tip of the needle into the metal fitting to prevent it from being inadvertently stabbed in the body or fingers.The safety pin consists of a part with a sharp pin and a part with a clasp to store the tip of the pin, which is at the root.SpringAllows the unclasped pins to return to their open state.


The prototype of the safety pin is14th century BC OfMycenae civilizationIt goes back to.at that time,"Fibula(Fibulae, singular is fibula)bronzeThere was a metal clasp such as, and it was used for the same purpose as the current pin.14th century BC and13th century BCThe early Fibula, which appears to be, looks much like the current safety pins.this isAncient romeUsed until the times, it not only fastens clothes but also treats enamel, coral, jewels, etc.Trinkets-broochSome are used as[1].

The safety pin was then forgotten,1849/In 7 monthThe United States of AmericaInventor ofWalter huntWas reinvented by.It was discovered when Hunt was in debt and was trying to invent something with metal fittings, and the patent was sold for $ 400 to repay the debt.[2]..This safety pin differs from the ancient safety pin (fibula) in the presence of a spring for returning the needle to the open state.

Punk fashion

Safety pins are used as common daily necessities for fastening cloth and clothes, as well asPunk fashionThen it may be used for ornaments.1970 eraAfter the middleUnited KingdomSo the safety pin was used to indicate the rebellious will of working-class youth.Originally an American singer-songwriter / writerRichard HellWas dressed with sharpened hair and a safety pin on the torn crevice.Malcolm McLarenIn EnglandSex pistolsThe safety pin was incorporated into punk fashion because it was based on Richard Hell's fashion and attitude when selling.

Manifestation of solidarity

2016 years,United KingdomThen,ReferendumでBrexitFor immigrants after the decisionHate climbIs said to have increased.A movement to attach safety pins to clothing has begun to show solidarity with migrants exposed to the attack.This movement, which started in England, was launched in the United States.Donald Trump OfPresidential electionAfter the victory was announced, it is spreading in the United States[3].


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