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🎁 | Points for choosing a renovation company and how to find it ~ Explanation of popular one-stop renovation


Key points for choosing a renovation company and how to find it-Explanation of popular one-stop renovation

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If you want to focus on building a house from property search to completion, it is recommended to consult with a renovation company that handles one-stop renovation.

Compared to new construction, it is a popular renovation because you can easily get an ideal home with a high degree of freedom.Renovation ... → Continue reading

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& Reno is a medium that provides ideas for renovation all over Japan to those who seek their own way of life.
Through renovation, we want you to enjoy your own way of life even more. At & Reno, we will mainly provide practical content for renovation.

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    One-stop renovation

    One-stop renovationWhat is (One Stop Renovations)?RemodelThe name of the service form of.


    There are two patterns of renovation, one is to own a house that you already own and the other is to purchase a house from now on.When purchasing the latter house and renovating it, in Japan, usually three companies, "homebuilder (real estate agent)", "design office (design design)", and "construction shop (construction)" are involved. Become.One-stop renovation is a service form in which consumers themselves request one of these three companies to do all of real estate brokerage, renovation design, and construction at one window in order to save the trouble of requesting each of these three companies. Say that.However, strictly speaking, there are two patterns of one-stop renovation, partial one-stop renovation and all-one-stop renovation, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages.

    Partial one-stop renovation

    In one-stop renovation, there is only one window, but in Japan, the actual situation is that three independent companies, a "homebuilder," a "design office," and a "construction shop," are involved.However, there are cases where there are departments that can design in some homebuilders, and there are departments that can do construction in the design office. There is also a form in which a coordinating company enters and three companies (homebuilder, design office, construction shop) are put together and all four companies do it.Partial One-Stop Renovation can accept many customers because many companies want to cooperate with each other.It may also be possible to choose a design office according to the consumer's design preferences.However, the cost may increase due to the involvement of multiple companies.In addition, time loss and cooperation mistakes are likely to occur, and the quality tends to be unstable.

    All-one-stop renovation

    All-one-stop renovation is a form in which real estate brokerage, design, and construction are all undertaken with one in-house resource. In Japan, one in-house.Residential land building business-Architect office-Construction industryIt is desirable to have three public registrations.In all-one-stop renovation, cooperation within the company is carried out smoothly from house purchase to design and construction, so time loss and cooperation mistakes are less likely to occur, and quality tends to be stable.In addition, since no coordination fee is incurred in terms of cost, the cost is often reduced.However, there is a problem that it is difficult to accept many customers because one company does everything.

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