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From boys'magazine serialized works such as "Dr. Slump (Big Volume Version)", "Ranma 1/2 (New Edition)" and "Touch (Completely Reprinted Edition)" to girls' magazine serialized works such as "Yukan Club" and "Tokimeki Tonight", " A wide lineup of works serialized in youth magazines such as "Parasites" and "I'll arrest you (new edition)".

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Tokimeki Tonight

"Tokimeki TonightIsKoi IkenobyJapan OfComicThe work and its themeTelevision Animation.. 『Ribon』(ShueishaIt was serialized from the June 1982 issue to the May 7 issue.

"Cookie(Shueisha), a new series "Tokimeki Tonight ThenHas been serialized since the July 2021 issue.[1].


Ranze Eto, Narumi Ichihashi, Aira MakabeheroIt is composed of three parts by three people, and is published in 3 volumes (3 volumes in the main volume and "Whereabouts of the Stars" in the final volume) and 31 volumes in the bunko. From November 30, a new edition of 16 volumes (Part 2011 only) was published.At the beginning of the storygagIt was a work with a strong element,Demon Realm OfprinceAt the same time as the mystery of the story gets involved in the story in earnest, the gag element diminishesseriousElements have also increased.About every year and a half after the end of the series, the extra edition of Part 1 is posted (Honeymoon of Mr. and Mrs. Makabe and the return of the Makabe family are Part 1).Also, since 2, the character names and settings have changed significantly.RemakeWork "Tokimeki MidnightWas serialized (completed in 2009, 9 volumes in total, 6 volumes in the library). From 2013E-bookso,デ ジ タ ルColored color version and normal (モ ノ ク ロ) VersionDownloadFor sale[2].. As of January 2021, the cumulative circulation of the series, including the electronic version, has exceeded 3 million.[3].

"Tokimeki Tonight Shun Makabe's Circumstances" on August 2013, 8, "Tokimeki Tonight Eto Nozomi's Run-off" on April 9, 2015, and "Tokimeki Tonight Ranze Eto's Treasure Box" on July 4, 24. Released. "Tokimeki Tonight Shun Makabe's Circumstances"Treasure Island"This manga is amazing!Second place in the 2014 Onna edition.


The main character of Part 1Ranze Eto, The main character of Part 2Narumi Ichihashi, The main character of Part 3Aira Makabe, It is a story woven by three main characters. Each of the three heroines has abilities, and while being swayed by those abilities, they will face various difficulties. "Shun Makabe's Circumstances" is the story behind the first part from his point of view, with Shun as the main character. "Elopement of Eto Nozomi" is an extra story with Ranze's father, Nozomi, as the main character.

Part 1 (Volume 1-16)

Part 1 First Half Akebono Junior High School Edition (Volumes 1-4)

vampireとWolf womanA girl in the demon world who has her parentsRanze EtoIs a classmateShun MakabeI have a crush on you.He tries to approach Shun by using his transformation ability, but Shun's childhood friendYoko KamiyaThe prince of the demon world who fell in love with Ransei at first sightAaronRanze's love is a difficult one when it comes to living.Ransei actively approaches Shun, but Shun doesn't feel that he's not interested in women at the moment, and every day he competes with his rival Yoko.Aaron fell in love with Ranze at first sight and wanted to turn around. Ranze's love is really difficult, such as making him fall in love with Sari and hindering him with his own hands.

Ransei is in love, but his parents are ordered by Ledolf, the great king of the demon world, to "find the prince who should be in the human world."The only clue was a star-shaped bruise on his left arm.

Part 1 Midfield Prince Reincarnation (Volumes 4-7)

The father of a novelist who can not sell while searching for a prince is stuckNozomiThe novel "Super Cloak" won the Kuntake Award and became a best-selling author.The story goes on and on, and "Super Cloak" is made into a movie.Keigo Tsutsui is selected after auditioning for the leading role in the movie with "a boy with a star-shaped bruise on his left arm."Keigo fell in love with Ranze at first sight and approached aggressively, and Yoko was given hoax information that "the romance between Tsutsui and Ranze is in progress" and was chased by an entertainment reporter, but Keigo fell off the stage at the school festival event. , The home of Keigo who was transportedHospitalWhen he is alone with Shun, he confesses to Shun.Around the same time, Ranze's younger brotherRinzeOf his parents' houseHospitalGirl who is hospitalized inNarumi IchihashiI meet.She is heavyHeart diseaseRinze encourages Narumi, although he confesses that he may die because he is suffering from surgery and is refraining from surgery.

Ranze and Shun progress to the point where Shun presents a star-shaped pendant to Ranze on Christmas Eve night.Ransei is happy, but Georges, the god of death, informs him that Shun is on the list of deaths of the god of death on December 1983, 12.However, Shun did not die, but was reborn as a baby.In fact, it turns out that Shun was the prince of the demon world he was looking for, and he will be targeted by the great king as a person who destroys the demon world.Ransei decides to escape while protecting the baby Shun and Shun's mother, Queen Tana.

With the help of Aaron and the Shinigami Georges, Shun grew up little by little as he continued to flee.However, while waiting for Shun's growth, Queen Thana is captured by the Great King.To save Turna, Shun gets into the demon world and challenges the great confrontation directly.In the middle of the battle, Shun returned to the original 16 years old, but at that moment, the sun appeared in the demon world and the witchMeviusThe crystal of was telling a good sign (meaning the new century).The misunderstanding that Shun is a symbol of ominousness is resolved, and Ransei and his friends reconcile with the Great King.

Part 1 Second Half Resurrection of the Meiou (Volumes 8-12)

Shun officially became the prince of the demon world, but returned to the human world and lived in the Eto family, and Shun and Ransei became sympathetic.At Christmas, he tried to kiss Ranze's question, "Tell me what you think of me," but he responded.

As Shun begins to live with him and spends more time with Shun, Ransei comes up with the idea of ​​secretly entering Shun's dream when he sees Shun thinking about a strange dream that he often sees these days.However, in a dream, Ransei is caught by the lord of the voice calling to Shun (later Meiou).When Shun awoke in a dream, Ransei was trapped in a dream alone, and while wondering about the pure white world, he had the same dream as Shun.Dark-CarloI arrive at the dream of the person.Dark was surprisingly similar to Shun.In fact, Dark was a descendant of Jean-Carlo, the prince of the demon world XNUMX years ago, Shun was the reincarnation of Jean, and Ransei was the reincarnation of Jean's lover Lange-Etruscan.

On the other hand, in the demon world, the brave zone that saved the demon world from the war of the twin princes that occurred XNUMX years ago was revived.However, that zone was Meiou Nose, the person who caused the war by inviting one of the twin princes.Ranze and Shun, who learned the truth XNUMX years ago from the memorandum left by Jean, headed to the underworld to save their collaborators Nozomi, Shinigami Georges, Dark and the demon world, and won the battle with the underworld. The price was high, Dark died, and Shun lost his ability as a demon.Shun, who has become like a human being, leaves a letter in his room of the Eto family without knowing that the surviving Meiou is preparing to recapture the demon world, and disappears from the front of Ransei and others.

Shun was expected to look like a dark man, and was in Romania as a substitute for the gangster boss, Dark.Immediately after finding Shun, Ransei was involved in a gangster conspiracy against Carlo, but Shun was saved by the activities of the Eto family and returned to Japan.

Part 1 Second half 5 rings (Volume 12-15)

After defeating the Meiou and regaining a temporary peace, Ransei and his friends enrolled in St. Paulia's High School with Shun, Aaron, Aaron's fiancé Fira, and Yoko who rushed to lead a normal life in the human world. Live a high school life.Shun founded the boxing club as soon as he entered the school, but even though the members were not available, he decided to play an external match at the discretion of the student council president, Yurie Kawai.Shun's right hand was broken before the match due to the plan of the opponent's Kamikaze High School Boxing Club, and Shun couldn't use his right hand.

Shun decides to live as a human and says goodbye to Ransei.After being shocked and fainted, he kissed Ranze farewell and left Ranze.Ransei is depressed, but he pursues Shun and becomes a human being.However, the Meiou had collected five stones that govern the world in order to rule the demon world again. After deciding that Shun has one of the five stones, the water stone, Meiou ambushes and attacks Shun, but Ransei, who senses Shun's crisis, joins in and saves Shun.Shun hugs Ranze and kisses him.

In the battle over the five stones with the Meiou, Shun and Ransei are called to the heavenly world and meet Jean Langer and his wife.There, the god of life gives him a mission to save the world from the ambitions of the Meiou, and he regains his power as a demon.

After a while, Aaron had to drop out of St. Paulia's High School to succeed to the throne and return to the demon world.At the farewell party, Aaron revealed to Shun and his friends that "we must fetch the stone that is the proof of succession to the throne."Aaron was able to take the stone with the help of Shun and his friends.Shun challenges the final battle against Meiou who appears at Aaron's throne certification ceremony. The attack of Meiou, who obtained four stones and attempted to conquer the demon world with overwhelming power, killed even the great demon king Redolph, who was hiding Shun and Ransei.Shun, who gets angry after his father is defeated, challenges Meiou with his younger brother Aaron.

However, at that time, Ransei stood in front of the Meiou, and the Meiou fell by the god of life that appeared.Ranze's free love brought peace to the demon world.

Part 2 (Volume 17-22, Extra Edition)

Volume 17-22

Human girlNarumi IchihashiIs Ranze's younger brotherRinzeI have been lovers since I was little.

Narumi's supernatural powers sprout when she drank the flowers she received at the wedding ceremony of Ranze and Shun as tea.On the other hand, Rinze suddenly falls into an unconscious state.He recovered with the power of the moon's tears, but transformed into a dual personality (and then returned) due to the plot of the moon flower spirit chiple.Meanwhile, a popular idolFutaba AnzaiMoved in and liked Rinze, and the media rushed inside and outside the school.A cameraman who follows Futaba takes a picture of Rinze, but a phenomenon occurs in which a wolf is shown or Rinze is not shown in the picture, and the people at the ESP Research Institute who saw the picture see that Rinze is not a human being, and Rinze. I plan to use my power for the ambition of conquering the world.They hunt down Rinze and others using the media, and finally it becomes known to the media that Rinze and others are not humans.Rinze and his friends erased their memories from humans other than Narumi and returned to the demon world.

Eventually, Suzuyo and his friends, who returned to the human world, had a mission to find a person who could be a clue to "another world" whose existence was known by the incident of the moon flower.The characters are Chiple and Narumi's sister-in-law, Mana, who are found to be the royal family of white fairies in the fairy world.Narumi and the others challenge the black fairies who destroyed the white fairies, but Suzuyo receives the magic of the black fairy king, Dousa, to protect everyone.Rinze loses Narumi's memory.Awakened Suzuyo is said to have the power to be the next king, and is engaged to Princess Coco.However, Rinze's modulation has come to affect not only the human world and the demon world, but the entire earth.With the power of Narumi's love, Suzuyo regains all his memories and challenges the black fairies again.

Extra edition

After the battle, Narumi and his friends went on to high school and were about to finish the first semester.One day lunch break.Futaba revealed to Narumi that he would start shooting the leading movie.The story of the moviealienWas to deal with, but sheUFOI didn't believe in the existence of.In the summer vacation, Futaba decides to shoot a movie.Futaba who entered the location can be motioned by the actor who plays the other role, but the actor in question is notoriousPlayboyAnd the actress who co-starredlipIt was a so-called "kiss demon" that robbed one end of the kiss.One night, Futaba went out for a walk, but suddenly was surrounded by intense light. Futaba was frightened (whether a real alien appeared), but what appeared was an alien girl who looked exactly like herself.Futaba explained the situation to her and told her that her work was "quite hard", but she said she would transform herself into a shoot.

In this way, an alien girl who replaced Futaba and returned to the accommodation in the location.From an actor who does not know the fact of replacementsillaginoidHowever, he resisted and gave a strong punch to his face.From him who was furious, "Crime of injuryI will appeal with!", And she said,"If you do that, you can have a child !!I exploded my anger.On her star, a kissSexual breedingIt was.The shooting staff who had witnessed the whole story panicked.

the next day. It was reported on a TV wide show that "Futaba Anzai assaulted the other party."I happened to be watching TV at home,Kota AoyagiIs surprised.In fact, Kota has always been a hidden fan of Futaba.Kota is surprised twice when he is reportedly injured so much that his face is smashed and his teeth are broken, even though he gets angry at the other party.

The actor dropped out and a new opponent appeared on location.Shooting resumed and I was shooting the highlight scenes of the movie.She keeps an eye on her and defeats the villains one after another.Worried about Futaba, Kota came to the location and instinctively (not the one I know!).A real Futaba appears there, and Kota asks, "Don't you know anything!", And Kota is skeptical because she didn't believe in the existence of the UFO even though she explained the situation.Futaba (whose contents are an alien girl) was called by the director after taking a break.The director asks that the situation is different from usual.At that time.Suddenly attacked by a suspicious man, his arm is cut.A man caught by the staff and stripped of his mask.It was the actor who attacked her.When I rolled my arm to treat the wound, blue blood spilled.

She was taken to the hospital and treated, but her transformation unraveled and she slept.The doctors are also suspicious.Futaba sneaks into the hospital and escapes her.A group of doctors are surprised at the appearance of Futaba in bed.The next day's sports newspaper said, "Alien theory in Futaba AnzaiThere is a big headline.After a while, Futaba's concert was held in conjunction with the release of the movie.The appearance of Narumi and others is there.Futaba singing a song.Suddenly, a big spaceship appeared and took Futaba and Kota.Two people who are surprised by the two aliens who are the same as themselves.Kota confessed his love on a spaceship, and the two kissed.The two returned to Earth, but what was waiting for them was "alien theory again" and "discovery of enthusiasm." [End]

Part 3 (Volume 23-30, Whereabouts of the Stars)

Volume 23-30

Between Ranze and ShunAiraOn the day of his birth, a prophetic flower that blooms only once in a thousand years blooms, saying, "A daughter who will give love to all living things, living things, and save the world."Aira was born with a stone that shines in seven colors.

When Aira went to kindergarten, she began to show the potential that Prophecy Hana had told her.When Aira cried, it rained, and when she laughed, the people around her became cheerful.Eventually, Mimi, who will become a kindergarten in Aira, will be appointed.At first glance, Rinze, who became an elementary school teacher, looked happy, but the name of Narumi, who became a list of the dead of the god of death, was written.The heart disease that I had been suffering from had recurred.Rinze proposes that "two people will definitely live" when he collapses in kindergarten and is hospitalized.The power of Aira and Rinze saves Narumi's life, but in exchange, Rinze becomes a human being.

Aira is a mysterious boy who had the same pendant.Landing on the waterMeet.A few years later, Aira was in the third grade of elementary school.Awakened to a new power, Aira is told by Mevius to become a great witch in the demon world, and will start training under her.At that time, Aira reunited with the imprisoned landing somewhere in her dream.There is a "world of nothingness" that you can never escape once you enter.The landing was trapped there with my father and sister.Therefore, although he was a Makaijin, he hated Makaijin.Aira is Aira's older brother to confirm the truthTableHead to the demon world with.The landing father was actually Aldo, an aide to the royal family, and was branded as a rebel for being involved in the attempted assassination of the prince (Shun's father, former Great King Ledolf), and was imprisoned in a world of nothingness. is.However, Aira, who believes in innocence, opens the door to the past and sees the truth.Although the land-based parents and children have cleared their false charges, they decided to go abroad without returning to the demon world.Aira breaks up with a promise of landing and reunion.

Aira, who became a junior high school student, is a coach of the soccer club at the table.Shinjo TsuyoshiMeet.At first, the two were in conflict, but Aira soon began to be attracted to Akimizu.However, romance was illegal for the witch because she couldn't control her magical power with her emotions.Aira is advised by Mevius, but I wasn't convinced.On the other hand, Coco is worried about the relationship between herself and Taku and comes to the Makabe family to check her feelings, but they cannot be honest with each other.It was a table that finally became obedient in front of Coco who left the house, but Coco collapsed.Taku and Aira, who went into a dream to help Coco, find Coco trapped in ice.Taku desperately tries to melt the ice, but struggles.When I was about to give up because I couldn't find a way to deal with the unmelted ice, the tears shed "if I was obedient" released Coco from the ice.Taku confessed to Coco who woke up.Mobius and Aira, who do not admit romance even if Coco and Akimizu are involved, finally confront each other.In the end, Awakened Aira defeats Mevius.Although he was banned from entering and leaving the demon world, he was allowed to have a romance.

Whereabouts of the stars

Aira, who became a high school student, had a good relationship with Amizu.At one point, Aira is worried about Akimizu's past and goes to the demon world to investigate, but finds out a shocking fact.Amizu was open to the land.The ship on which the water parents and children were aboard capsized, and the landing lost its memory and had time slipped in the past.He was named Amizu at an orphanage and was adopted by the Shinjo family.When Akira returns to the appearance of the landing, which has grown up to be a high school student, Aira feels like she has lost Azumi and is upset.

Around that time, something happened to the human world, and Mevius came to the Makabe family and told them the contents of the prophetic flower.It was indispensable to cooperate with Aira, who was born with a stone that shines in seven colors, and the landing.However, Aira, who cannot accept that Akimizu has opened, jumps out of the Makabe family.Aira sees Akimizu in the action of the landing that chased after Aira who jumped out of the house.Aira finally realized her honest feelings that she was attracted to Amizu because it was the landing, and she cooperated with the landing to save the earth.

Circumstances of Shun Makabe

The story focuses on Shun Makabe, and the first half is an extra edition from childhood to elementary school.From the middle to the second half, the story behind the first part and the later story after the 1th volume are drawn.Exiled from the demon world with a baby and lost his memoryTurnaBegins with awakening in a monastery in the human world.Sister thinks she looks like her deceased sister and nephew, so she names Thana, who can't even remember her name, Hanae and Shun.Hanae, who spent her days being helped by the monastery, decides to go to a nursing school, saying, "I want to help someone."If so, Sister would recommend adoption, and Hanae and Shun would be Makabe's surnames.When Shun was three months old, Hanae was at the hospital and was about to give birth.ShiiraAnd exchange words.Shun started making noise, and the fetal Ransei kicked Shiira's belly many times.

Eto Nozomi's run-off

With Ranze's parents, NozomiShiiraAn extra story about the encounter, marriage, and the birth of Ranze.The eve of Ranze's wedding.Nozomi and Shiira looked back on the time when they met.It goes back decades.The youth vampire Mori Etoul (later Mori Eto) questioned that the vampires and the wolves were friends with dogs and monkeys.One day, Mori witnesses a wolf girl, Sheila Clerry (later Shiira Eto), about to be violent by her peers.Since Mori helped Sheila, they knew that they were floating from each other's race and hit it off.The two meet in this way and come to meet secretly in a hideout on the outskirts of the village.After spending calm days, Sheila reveals the circumstances of the wolf tribe.The wolf tribe says that once a month, he sometimes loses control of himself.Other wolves still have some reason, but Sheila is quarantined because it becomes so ferocious that no one can handle it when that time comes.Mori hugs and encourages Sheila, who cries that she is imperfect and has no right to be happy, but Sheila's brothers sniff her hideout and she is taken back to the Wolf Tribe Village.The ferocious Sheila was imprisoned in the village, but attacked her family and also attacked Mori who appeared to help.When Mori sucked Sheila's blood with the power of a vampire, Sheila, a hairy half-werewolf, broke the curse and turned into a beautiful woman.

Mori and Sheila are attracted to each other, but find out that there is a disability between them due to the fact that Sheila had a fiancé and that the vampires and wolves should not be connected.A long time ago, a wolf man and a vampire woman fell in love, got married despite being opposed by others, and eventually had children.It is said that the child was born in a terrifying appearance and ate his parents.From such a background, it was said that "I do not know what will happen if the blood of the wolf tribe and the vampire tribe are mixed".Mori loves Sheila, but suffers from the unfortunate events of the past.But Sheila said they weren't "wolf men" and "vampire women," and even said they would die if they couldn't be with Mori. The two decide to abandon their family and the demon world, and finally elope.

Of the human worldJapanMori and Sheila have a wedding ceremony.Sand, who serves the royal family, appears there, and the fact that he married a person other than his fiancé and settled in the human world without permission was subject to severe punishment. Is given.However, he said some punishment was necessary, and several relatives, including Mori and Sheila's grandparents, offered to "seal themselves instead of forgiving the two young."Furthermore, instead of allowing him to live in the human world, he is given the role of a "door keeper" that connects the demon world and the human world. The two were given new human names, "Mori Eto" and "Shiira Eto," and began living in a mansion with a door to the demon world.As the days go by, Shiira has a child.I'm worried about the birth of a terrifying child in the world of past legends, but the one born between Nozomi and Shiira was an ordinary girl, Ranze Eto.

Ranze Eto's agony

Ransei was proposed by Shun.Ransei full of happiness.I was surprised that he was proposed to me clearly in front of the Eto family, but after that, I thought of Shun's shy face.Ransei can't stop laughing when he finally remembers being tied to Shun.However, Ransei is worried about how to tell Yoko, who has been thinking about Shun longer than herself.Looking at the face of Yoko who visited the supermarket where she works, (I can't say it!) And deepens my worries.Ransei explains the situation on the phone at night.However, it becomes a big quarrel.Later, Shun apologized by phone.At the same time, Ransei is asked to put on a ring when he is told, "I have a place I want you to go out with."The next day, with ShunNursing homeRansei headed for.He told me, "I have a lifesaver for me and my mother."Two people who apply for a visit at the reception and head to the room.Lifesaver is Tana (Hanae) and she protected her parents and children when she was banished from the demon world and reached the human world.Sister MakabeIt was.Shun introduced Ransei.Sister Makabe tells them to "put out their hands", then holds their hands and stares dazzlingly, "They were married couples in the previous life."Ransei is deeply moved.Ransei's tears never stop even after leaving the nursing home.Then there was Yoko.Yoko is shocked to see the engagement ring on Ranze's left ring finger and runs away.Ranze and Shun chase after listening to the story.When he ran to the park, Shun confirmed that no one was around and cast a spell, transforming Yoko into a dog.Ransei confesses that he caught the dog Yoko and proposed to him while being bitten. One and one started crying at the same time, annoying Shun.When I noticed, Yoko had returned to her original form.Before I knew it, I was returning home, and for some reason Ranze's tears revived, and I couldn't stop crying.Ranze and Shun go home.Shun tells her that she is crying too much and her eyes are swollen, "He will have a real partner in the future."Kazama power) And Shun who said that he might bring back more.Shun turned around and kissed Ransei. They said, "Did you feel like it?" And walked the night road.

Ranyo Eto's treasure chest

Yoko Kamiya's Ranze (Cultural Festival against Ranze)

Circumstances of Shun Makabe +

Honeymoon of Mr. and Mrs. Makabe

The back story of the first two episodes of the 17th volume of the original comic.

Homecoming of the Makabe family

The story behind the beginning of the 19th volume from the end of the 20th volume of the original comic.

The Eto family and Ransei, who were scooped up by the media and chased by the predicament, ended up living in the demon world.


Voice actors are written by stage names at the time of broadcasting.


Ranze Eto[4]
Voice- Eriko Hara
The main character of Part 1. Born July 1968, 7.Leo.O.
A demon girl born and raised in the human world.He is cheerful and cheerful, and he has a strong belief and even a delusional habit.With a personality that embraces others, for better or for worse[5]As a result, it often becomes a trouble maker.I am not good at studying and onions.You can transform into the appearance of the person you bite (whether living or non-living) (unless you say "Kaj!", You cannot transform even if you bite).When you sneeze, it returns to normal.According to her mother, she is a "vampire who sucks herself", and she has learned spells from her father from the middle and has acquired the ability to enter into the dreams of others who are inherited from her mother.The origin of the name means Gentile in French.
I fell in love with Shun Makabe on the first day of entering junior high school in Akebono.It is the same as the previous life of Langer-Etruscan (the wife of Jean-Carlo, the prince of the demon world XNUMX years ago).Graduated from St. Paulia Academy[6]After that,SupermarketでpartWorking[7].
From Shun on his 21st birthdayproposeReceived[8], Married at the age of 22, gave birth to his eldest son, Taku, at the age of 23 and became a mother.In "Then," which will be discussed later in Part 3, the son and his wife, Taku and Koko, will have a granddaughter, Nene, and become a grandmother.Furthermore, in the extra edition "Always Tokimete" after that, the daughter couple Aira and Mr. and Mrs. Mizukami are about to give birth.
Narumi Ichihashi (Narumi Ichihashi)
The main character of the second part.Rinze's girlfriend. Born March 2, 1977.Pisces. O type.
A family of three with a father and grandmother who lost their mother early.Meet Rinze when he has a short life expectancy due to heart disease[9]..It was destined to die during the operation, but Ranze and Rinze asked the god of death Georges to save their lives.A strong soul (Yoko's soul) that will never die even if killed at that time is fused a little.
Originally a normal human being, by eating the flowers of Omigaike (drinking petals on tea), the ability to talk with non-humans, manipulate kissed things, and listen to human thoughts. Obtained.
I'm a childhood friend of Rinze and I love it.Romantic, bright and positive personality.In junior high school, he was in the drama club, and in the first grade he specialized in behind the scenes.Romeo and JulietStarred twice[10]..The picture was also good, and I drew the physiognomy book of the black fairy Dousa (described later) that appeared in the image of the movie.[11].
After becoming an adult, he became a kindergarten teacher, but his heart disease recurred.At one point, he is in danger of life, but with the power of Suzuyo and Aira, he saves his life.After getting married, he became the mother of two sons, and his power returned with "The Whereabouts of the Stars".
Aira Makabe
The main character of Part 3.Ranze and Shun's daughter. Born September 1994, 9.Virgo.. B type.
It is said to be a great witch in the demon world.
A girl who is not good at studying, but is versatile and cheerful in sports.It has the ability to change the weather locally according to emotions (mainly raining, lightning, and clearing when in a good mood) and the ability to return time.
Her straight, reckless and humorous personality resembles her mother, but she is stronger than her.He has a strong will to walk his life on his own.There were times when I couldn't accept my destiny because of my strong core.Opinions disagree with the master Mevius about the rules of the witch, and they confront in the final episode of the original story.At the behest of the Great King Aaron, he was banned from entering and exiting the demon world and suspended the training of the Great Witch, but after the incident of "The Whereabouts of the Stars", he accepted his fate and resumed his training.
In the extra edition "Always Tokimete" commemorating the 30th anniversary of the author's debut, he is about to marry and give birth.


Shun Makabe
Voice- Yu Mizushima
Born on 1968 month.Aries.. B type.
He is a bad boy who has a bad mouth and is blunt, but his mother says that he has a "smart and shy" personality and has a gentle root.Growing up in a single-mother family, he wanted to become a professional boxer in the future and make his mother feel comfortable.
In fact, the prince of the demon world who was once exiled with the queen[12].. Awakened on December 1983, 12, he returned to the baby once and grew up by 25 years every few months, and returned to 1 in the summer of the following year.The star-shaped bruise on the left arm, which was the mark of the prince, had disappeared when he was a human, so the Eto family did not realize that he was a prince until he awakened.Psychokinesis, telepathy (sometimes inadvertently reading Ranze's heart and getting angry with "etch!"), Destructive energy radiation, and the power to heal the injuries and illnesses of others with only magical power, which is rare in the demon world.
Before the reincarnation, he unconsciously gave special attention to Ranze, but after the reincarnation, he became sympathetic with Ranze who continued to protect himself. After the 16th volume, when he returned to 8 years old, he shows his rivalry and monopoly against Aaron and Dark-Carlo who are trying to approach Ransei.
On the other hand, Yoko Kamiya is annoying and has not dealt with her since before her reincarnation (he clearly states that it is "out of the question"), but I cherish it as a friend.
The previous life was Jean-Carlo, the prince of the demon world XNUMX years ago, and he had two melons.
I have never expressed my feelings to Ransei in words in this volume.[13]However, he shows his feelings toward Ransei with his attitude, such as a kiss to close his mouth and a hug of farewell.
In the second partFeatherweightChampion[14]However, he is fighting as a human being, blocking the power of the Makai people.He is the father of the heroine Aira and Taku in the third part, and he also shows one side that he can't stand up to Ransei who once made him cry.
The anime version ends with Shun being the prince of the demon world.She helped her when she was about to be killed because she saw Ranze's transformation.It is also called "Makabe Youth" by Tamasaburo Kamiya.
In "Ranze Eto's Elopement," which was recorded at the same time in "Elopement of Nozomi Eto," she protected her mother and her baby.NunReport to (described later) that he will marry Ranze.
Rinze Eto
Voice- Muroi Miyuki
The younger brother of Ranze, the main character of Part 1.Narumi's childhood friend and lover.Wolf Man. Born December 1976, 12.Capricorn.. A type.
Wolf ManAnd when you run, it transforms (spell ""Coco Hole One OneTo return to the original.I stopped chanting after the second part).A beautiful boy with excellent grades, a clear mind, and a gentle feeling for his sister.Move to St. Paulia Academy Elementary School where girlfriend Narumi attends[15]..On the day, Kota and his classmates invited Narumi to his house and declared that he would get married in the future.
A popular person at school with a clear mind and all-around sports.
In addition to being accused by Futaba Anzai in the second part, with the intervention of Chipple, which will be described later, when you look at the moon, you become a kind of dual personality that transforms into a light personality like a woman, and after the personality integration, it remains the previous honor student attitude. With Narumi abandoned, Ransei is called "Aneki" and Shun is called "Brother-in-law".[16]..In addition, the personality has changed three times in the play, such as being exposed to magical powder by Dousa and transforming into a cold personality that has lost the memory and affection for Narumi while keeping other memories as it is, but as a result. Gain stability with Narumi's efforts.After becoming an adult, he became an elementary school teacher and later became a class teacher for Aira.Married to Narumi as declared when she was a child, and earned Hiu and Chiki.He becomes a human being to save Narumi's life, but his power returns with "The Whereabouts of the Stars", and the children also become werewolves.
The author initially decided that the main character's name was "Linze", but changed it to "Lanze" because the wordplay matches "Etranze", which means Gentile in French.[17].
Landing on the water (Minakami Kairi)
A boy that Aira met in kindergarten.His father, Aldo, is a Makaijin and a former aide to the Makai Prince (Shun and Aaron's father, Redolph).I didn't know that my father had been banished from the demon world as a criminal and fled to the human world, and that I was a demon.Aira's first love person.In fact, the survival of the stallion star (from "The Whereabouts of the Stars").
Shinjo Akimi
A gentle college student who works part-time at a flower shop while being a demon coach of the soccer club to which Taku belongs.Raised in a facility and taken over by the Shinjo family.Treat Aira as a younger sister → become lovers.In fact, it was a landing that lost its memory due to a water accident and slipped back in time six years ago, and at the time of the world crisis, it returned to its original appearance as a landing and regained its memory (from "The Whereabouts of the Stars").

People of the Eto and Makabe families

Mori Eto / Mori Etour
Voice- Yasuhara Yoshito
Ranze and Rinze's father. Born March 1683, 3.Pisces.. A type.
vampireIn addition to manipulating countless bats and transforming himself into a bat and a bat umbrella, he also has the ability to emit ultrasonic waves.Always a vampire, the cross[18] I'm not very good at garlic and garlic, but probably because I've lived in the human world for many years, I can maintain my life without any problems even if I'm exposed to the sun (although I need to wear a lot of clothes) and don't suck blood for a long time.[19]..Although he is a terrifying wife, he has a gentle personality with a childish feeling.Entrance to the demon world "Akazu no Tobira"[20] A novelist who is the guardian of the world and cannot sell in the human world.In addition to his masterpieces "Super Cloak" and "Four World Legends", he published a mystery novel called "Umbrella Murder Case", which included a small manuscript fee.[21]..At the command of the Great King of the Demon World, he searches for another prince in the human world.
Immediately after Shun reconciled with the royal family, the turmoil opened a "university" to teach the background knowledge of the human world for the demons who wish to move to the human world.TerakoyaAfter being downgraded to "Yoko," she was hijacked by Yoko, who misunderstood her as a prep school, and became "Yoko Graduate School."
When his novel "Super Cloak" won a famous award and was made into a movie, he became a person of the moment, but the movie failed.[22] did.
In the latter half of the first part, he created a novelization of the events that happened in Shun and Ransei and their previous lives, and in the second part, it was published under the title of "The Legend of the Four Worlds".Sales are unknown, but Narumi was deeply moved by the bond between Ranze and Shun.In Part 1, my grandchildren (Taku and Aira) recommend it as a reference when they want to know about their parents' romance.
In "Elopement of Nozomi Eto", which is the main character, it is clear that she hates blood and is not good at women even though she is a vampire.In modern terms, "Herbivorous boyIt is heard that it is.
Shiira Eto / Sheila-Clerry
Voice- Noriko Ohara
Ranze and Rinze's mother. Born June 1799, 6.Cancer.. O type.Wolf woman..housewife.It's cheerful, but it's a little hysterical and chewy, and it's pretty scary when you get angry.
At first, he strongly opposes Ranze's love because he and his vampire, Nozomi, elope and marry across races.Because Aaron liked Ranze, he had a quarrel with Nozomi, who dreamed of a ball and planned to form a couple with Aaron and Ranze, and hindered the strategy of using Aaron's aphrodisiac.However, the attitude gradually began to soften, just before the other prince turned out to be Shun.[23] From now on, he will support Ranze and Shun.While he is constantly fighting with his husband (rather, Shiira is unilaterally violent against Nozomi), he is tied up with the same strong affection as when he was newlywed, and he is showing his passion everywhere. ..
Has the ability to manipulate rain (thunderstorms) and the ability to get into the dreams of others (* the spell "Sumasitaiyajiotoiyochi")[24]..On a full moon night, it transforms into a wolf regardless of intention, and when it gets angry, it transforms into a local area with ears and fangs.
In "Elopement of Eto Nozomi", the main character of her husband, Nozomi, she was born as a half-werewolf, so it is clear that she was the only ally of her grandmother, Rara, who met Murahachibu in the wolf tribe.
Makabe Taku
The eldest son of Ranze and Shun. Born February 1991, 2.水瓶座.. O type.It is also said to be the reincarnation of Dark Carlo that appeared in the first part.
Appeared in 20 volumes.I meet my mother before I was born.Hair is inherited from my grandmother.Shun sees his son just after he was born, but the existence of Dark comes to his mind.[25]Name it "table".Even though he is not one year old, he speaks important keywords to Narumi several times.
It ’s like my father that he ’s blunt and has a bad mouth.[26]When I was in elementary school, I belonged to the Little League baseball, but I don't like shaved heads, so I switched from junior high school to the soccer club.Later, she fell in love with Coco, who grew up beautifully, started living together after graduating from high school, and got married when she became pregnant.
Taku and Coco's daughter.Ranze and Shun's grandson. Born in the summer of 2011.
In "Always Tokimete", Ransei is called "Baaba" and Shun is called "Jiji", and he has grown into an innocent girl.
Voice- Akira Taguchi
A parrot in the demon world kept in the Eto family.He is fluent enough to talk with people.Often the target of Ranze's transformation.
In the second part, there is a wife, Cook, but it almost disappears (it appears in extra editions such as "Honeymoon of Mr. and Mrs. Makabe").
A puppy given by Narumi as a present for Aira's 5th birthday.Popo's child has brothers Polka and Punch.Yoko dog's grandson.A good partner of Aira.
In the third part of the main character, "Merry Christmas of Potatoes," the potatoes that awoke on Christmas morning one daySanta ClausIt can be transformed into a human figure for only one day.In a hurry, Potato sneaks out of the house so that he can't see himself as a human being.I have a date with a girl named Maron Harada, who I met by chance on a street corner.
It turns out that this girl is the dog of Yuka Harada, a friend of Aira, and has been transformed into a human figure like potatoes.

Kamiya people

Yoko Kamiya
Voice- Miina Tominaga
Ranze and Shun's classmates. Born November 1968, 11.Scorpion.. B type.
GangsterThe daughter of the group leader.Excellent results.Shun is a childhood friend and (self-proclaimed) fiancée.At first, he tried to fall into Ransei with his cowardly hands, but when Shun approached himself and a woman other than Ransei, friendship gradually grew with Ransei.
He was always competing with Ranze for Shun, but except that he was bitten and KO'd at the time of Ranze's first transformation in Volume 1, he pulled Ranze's hair in Boxing in Volume 3 and fighted in Volume 8 at Yoko Graduate School. , Tightened Ranze's pigtails in Volume 13, and kicked Ranze out at the boxing club farewell party in Volume 15, always overwhelming Ranze.
Carlo was also temporarily fascinated.
Despite being a human, it transforms into a Yoko dog with a spell (not only a magical demon with magical power, but also a human who says the word equivalent to that spell).Since I have no memory while transforming into a Yoko dog, I dropped out of Eishu High School and re-entered St. Paulia Gakuen High School.
Although he has an excellent brain, he is quite insensitive, and despite being involved in troubles related to the demon world many times, he did not notice the existence of the demon world and the demon world and the secrets of Shun and Ransei.[27].
In "Ranze Eto's Agony", he escaped after learning about the engagement between Ranze and Shun.The marriage report is heard in the form of a Yoko dog.
In the extra edition, Kazama, who suddenly appeared, gets married speedily in a few weeks, but divorces speedily due to an accident during her honeymoon.[28]..However, in the second part, she was proposed again by her power and reunited.
In the second part, a school nurse at St. Paulia Academy.Ranze's in episode 2weddingThen, in the bouquet toss, Ichihashi Narumi (mentioned above) and Ichigaike scramble for the bouquet.[29]After fortune-telling with the bouquet I received, I ate the petals and gave birth to a Yoko dog the next morning.
In the extra edition "Always Tokimete" after the final edition, he became a member of the city council and is energetically working to become a member of the Diet.
Tamasaburo Kamiya
Voice- Junpei Takiguchi
Yoko's father.GangsterThe leader of the Kamiya group. O type.On the left armTulip Ofタ ト ゥ ーIs put.
The owner of Kamiya Boxing Gym, where Shun attends.His wife, Sayoko, has died early.I think my daughter is fond of me and Shun is the successor to Kamiya-gumi.On the other hand, I fell in love with Kaeda and collapsed when Shun told me that I had remarried.
Although there is a lot of profession-like blood, he is basically a tear-fragile human being and a good person with strong family love, and he and the Eto family are friends with each other as a whole family.
In the extra edition, he had made a promise to "marry children" with his old friend Kazama, who once had a wife, but he forgot until his son, Riki, visited him about that promise.
Tamasaburo in the anime is called "Chairman" by Shun because he is the chairman of Jim, and is called "President" by his subordinates.
Kazama [Kamiya] power (Kamiya Riki)
Yoko's husband. Born January 1963, 1.Capricorn. A type.The eldest son of Kazama group leader.
In the extra part of Part 1, the arrangement between fathers[30] That said, he likes Yoko, who was 16 years old, and gets married, but divorces immediately after the honeymoon due to his extreme dislike of dogs.Early nightI happened to say the same word as the spell, so Yoko transformed into a dog).
Overcome dog dislike and propose to Yoko again[31]Congratulations on remarriage.Joined Kamiya-gumi.
Kamiya Mumu
Yoko's daughter.Wind and twins. Born September 1994, 9 (one day after Aira).Virgo. AB type.
Characterized by the same eyebrows as the mother.The appearance of chasing his favorite table is inherited from his mother.A noisy and self-centered personality that inherits 120% of the mother's personality.Aira is a good rival and best friend.
Kamiya style
Yoko's son.Dreams are twins. Born September 1994, 9.Virgo. A type.
Characterized by the same eyebrows as the mother.I often notice the details of being mature.I like Aira.Later, he learned that Aira was a demon, but he kept it in his mind.I am aiming to become a lawyer in the future.
Yoko dog
A supernatural dog born from Yoko who ate the flowers of Omigaike.It's not a ferocious personality unlike when Yoko was transformed.I was able to have a conversation with Narumi who lost her ability.Later, the Ichihashi family's male dog, Lun, was greeted by his son-in-law, and three puppies were born.Male Pupu, Pepe and Female Popo.Popo was handed over to the Ichihashi family.When Yoko is attacked by Dousa, she repels Dousa with her husband and children.
He was the dog of the Ichihashi family, but later joined the Yoko dog and joined the Kamiya family.
When Yoko was attacked by Dousa, the whole family repelled Dousa.

Makai Royal Family (Warrencer Family)

Turna-Feria-Warrencer / Hanae Makabe
Voice- Yuri Nashiwa
Shun and Aaron's mother. O type.
Has the ability to teleport.Because he gave birth to twins, he was banished to the human world with the ominous prince (Shun) and dropped into Omoigaike.ConventTo.In the human world, they have lost their previous memories and protected themselves.NunReceived the name of "Hanae Makabe".After thatnurseAs a result, he was raising a young Shun alone.Later, he returned to the demon world and fulfilled his duties as a queen.He is usually calm and kind, but he has a strong core and a clever personality.
It will not appear after attending the wedding ceremony of Shun and Ranze.
Voice- Hirotaka Suzuoki / Omnibus- Keiichi Namba
The prince of the demon world and the twin brother of Shun. Born April 1968, 4[32]..Aries. B type.
Selfish, selfish and refracted, but really a love-hungry lonely man who wants to be pampered by someone.Ransei and other people in need are also conspicuous in their friendly side, and they have a strong sense of duty.[33] There is also.
I fell in love with Ransei at first sight when I met Ransei and others who came to look for the forbidden book.With the status of a prince as a shield, Ransei is forced to marry with that skill, but fails.Eventually, after meeting Fira, she is engaged.[34].
Shun was often in conflict with Ransei, Thana, and the right to succeed to the throne, but later opened his heart and reconciled.[35]..After Shun returned from Romania, he stayed in a separate house on the premises of the Eto family.[36] I was living together.
In the second volume, we have dinner for Ransei who returned home after the closing ceremony of the second semester.[37] It is clear that he is good at cooking because he was making.Even in the case in Romania mentioned above, I was waiting for dinner while I was away from home at the Eto family.
After the death of his father, King Redolf, he succeeds to the king of the demon world.There are more flexible and generous thoughts and copings than the predecessor, and when the details of the case where the landing father Aldo was falsely accused in Part 3 were informed, "There is no bad person in the demon world." In "The Whereabouts of the Stars," many demons were dispatched to engage in disaster relief activities in the event of a crisis in the human world, and they also took this opportunity to formally show their intention to form friendships with the human world. There is.In addition, he approaches Taku, who came to ask for permission to marry in "Then", with a tremendous swordsman asking "Are you prepared to receive my anger?" ) To have a wedding in the demon world, "and simply congratulated Taku and Coco on their marriage.
The face, appearance, and hairstyle are different from the anime version.This is because the author who heard that the prince of the demon world appears in the animation intentionally changed the character.[38].
Redolf ​​Enbaren Warrencer
Voice- Hiroaki Tanabe / Omnibus- Tetsuaki Genda
The great king of the demon world, Shun and Aaron's father. B type.
Because of his position, his stubborn and profound words and thoughts stand out, but he continues to love his exiled wife, Tana, and is a person full of foolish family love for his sons.[39] There is also.
Believing in the legend of the royal family that "the twin princes are ominous," he expelled his wife and son, Shun, to the human world, but later settled.When Meiou tries to take over the demon world, he is brainwashed by Meiou.During the final battle with Meiou, Shun and Ransei are defeated by the attack of Meiou.
The full name was revealed for the first time in the 22nd volume of the comic, and only the third part is used in the work.When Aira slipped back in time, we played together.In the first part, they were called "Great King (general)", "You (Turna)", "Oyaji (Shun)", and "Father (Aron)".
Aaron's fiancée.Later became a wife. Born October 1968, 10.Libra.. A type.
A beautiful woman who is usually graceful, but when she gets angryメ ド ゥ ー サIt transforms into a stone and turns something that stands out into a stone at random.[40]).Jealous, the spearhead goes exclusively to Aaron.I only glared at the woman who approached him, but for some reason I hardly glared at Ransei, and rather I was close to him as a future sister-in-law.When the underworld invaded, he launched a counterattack from the anger that used Aaron and his predecessor Allen, captured many underworld people by petrification, and made a big success to stop Aaron who was manipulated by the underworld and killed Shun.
After attending St. Paulia Academy with Ransei and others, he married Aaron at the same time as his coronation and became a queen.In the extra edition after the final episode of Part 1,Congratulations(The eldest daughter, Coco (described later), was pregnant at this time).On the wedding day of Shun and Ranze, a bouquet of flowers from Omigaike is presented to Ranze.[41].
Coco-Tina-Warrencer / Makabe Coco (Makabe here)
Daughter of Aaron and Fira.Aira and Taku's cousin. Born May 1986, 5.Gemini.. B type.
Selfish princess.Although he is only 5 years old, he has no eyes on a good man, and Rinze is his favorite.I see Narumi as a rival.He is hated in the second part, such as trying to get engaged to Rinze forcibly.
After growing up, I became a reactionary (personal talk) or shy personality of my childhood.Rinze's feelings for Suzuyo are blown away, and he likes the table, but he cannot be honest because of his age difference.
In "The Whereabouts of the Stars", he started living together when he graduated from high school at Taku, and then became pregnant. In "Then", he is married to Taku (the living base is the human world) and gives birth to his eldest daughter, Nene.
Leon Paddock Warrencer
Son of Aaron and Fira.Prince of the demon world.Coco's younger brother, Aira and Taku's cousin. Born August 1991, 8.Leo. AB type.
He has a dual personality and is good at the world.I like Aira.The appearance is similar to that of a mother, but the contents are more than a father.At one point, he was living in the Makabe family.In the extra edition after the final edition, he proposes dreamily through twists and turns. In "Always crushing", I have a good relationship with my dreams.
The prince of the demon world (eldest son) 2 years ago.younger brother·AllenWhile hunting, the daughter of a demon who I met when my horse was searching for a strayLangerGet to know and love each other. O type?
She didn't reveal that she was a prince of the Makai royal family, but she suddenly became known and proposed to Langer who tried to withdraw because of her status difference.When he was opposed by his father, the Great King (at that time), he declared, "If you don't admit, I'll leave (the royal family)."
Immediately after that, his father, the Great King, collapsed and was told that it was not long, and at the same time he was admitted to marriage.Immediately after the weddingCoronationIn the middle of, a witch of the west (at that time) appears, and her crystal ball shows a sign that it is "sinister."[42] However, his younger brother fell in love with her because Hegate (described later) found out and the Meiou, who dressed as a demon, told her that Allen had taken Lange away. Knowing that he was there, it became a dispute.Around the same time, Hegate found the tree that was the source of the sap and magically burned it.
At the same time, the body of the Meiou ignited and burned, chasing the entity of the Meiou who had escaped from the body, and headed for the underworld.After a fierce battle, he freezes the passage to the underworld, freezes and brings back the sealed Meiou entity, and reunites with Lange, but is seriously injured.Although Langer's hard care has healed his injuries, he loses his ability as a demon.He confessed that to Langer and started divorce, but he was told that he would go with me.After a while, Lange and the two of them left the demon world,ルーマニアEmigrated to.Apparently, both the couple died at a young age.
Later it became clear that it was an ancestor of Dark-Carlo.
The Makai Prince (second son) 2 years ago.He was very close to his brother, Jean, but felt angry and uncomfortable that Jean had made a lover in secret, and fell in love with his lover, Lange. Will be aimed at.On the day of the coronation, Lange was abducted in the turmoil.He fought with Jean, but he collapsed at the same time as the Meiou burned and the sap was no longer effective.
After becoming the Great King on behalf of his brother, he concealed and erased the fact of the invasion of the underworld, which was his own stain, and as a result, created a part of the legend of the twin princes of the Makai royal family.On the other hand, he also left behind a book suggesting the existence of a book in which his brother wrote the facts.
Makaijin 2 years ago (race unknown).While arranging hairstyles with magic,PermJean begins to see the accident where his hair is burnt due to the failure of the magic of applying (curl). Type A?
That triggered him to fall in love with Jean, but when he suddenly found out about him and tried to withdraw, he proposed that "I am the only wife."
His father, the Great King, objected to the marriage, but he was admitted to the marriage when he fell ill.He is abducted by Allen during the coronation turmoil immediately after the wedding, but Jean appears to help him and escapes the crisis.
Later, Jean was cut out for divorce because he lost the power of the Makaijin, but he refused to do so and told him that he would share his fate with him.In order to become a human being, when he visited Hegate and revealed that, he said to himself, "I have a childWas told[43]..It is said that even if he becomes a human being, the hungry child will remain a "demon world person", and he decides to give birth to it.With JeanルーマニアEmigrated to.

Other Makaijin

Voice- Hideyuki Tanaka
Makaijin who manipulates the fog.A messenger who connects the demon world and the human world. A type.
A hard-working person who is swayed by the selfishness of Shiira and Aaron.My hobby is to suddenly surprise people (appears as "Bah!").[44]I'm sorry if I'm not surprised.I'm not good at writing.
When Aaron tried to make Ransei his own by using an aphrodisiac, Ransei, who was unconsciously shedding tears, cried at the surprised appearance of Nozomi and told Nozomi about Aaron's strategy.There are six siblings, but his nephew Itch appears only once in Part 6.
George is a friend and talks about the circumstances of the royal family and the Eto family. The names of the two areGeorge SandIt is named from.
In "Elopement of Eto Nozomi", the main character of Nozomi, he came to tell us that the elopement was allowed by the amnesty of the marriage of the Great King and that he was given the job of "the keeper of the door".By the way, I had semi-long hair at that time.
Sari / Sari Yoshioka
Incubus who lives in the demon world.Lulu, a partner of the demon world sheep, eats the script she wrote, shows the dream as it is (it can make the person who is shown think that it is a fact), and manipulates the memory.
As a childhood friend of Shun, he transferred to Ransei's class, but he was ordered by Aaron to forge Shun's memory, make him fall in love with Sari, and let Ransei give up Shun.At one point, it was almost as planned, but the hint given by Nozomi, who knew Aaron's plan in advance, and "Sari was not shown in the group photo of elementary school, and the teacher at that time did not know her. After being told by Yoko, Ransei investigated the identity of Sari and revealed the plan.On the way back to the demon world, I left behind words that seemed to be attracted to Shun.Later became a close friend with Ranze.
In Volume 7, when the Makai people fled to the human world due to the hoax of the destruction of the Makai, they reunited with Ranze at the Eto family. Even when Ransei was trapped in Shun's dream in Volume 8, he was consulted by the Makai royal family.
When Ransei was half-brainwashed by Meiou feeding him a fake soul, he helped by putting Shun in her dream.The ability of the dream script is effective even when copying a language that Sari and Lulu cannot read, so it is very useful in unlocking the secrets of the royal family 2 years ago.
In the third part, he married Georges, the god of death.Pushing yourself during pregnancy, "Phantom Fortress" to prolong the life of Aira and others[45] Helped to go to.
Of the demon worldwitch..He has many talents such as medicine, pharmacy, fortune-telling, and history as well as magic, so he is trusted by the royal family of the demon world.At first glance, it's gloomy, but in fact, it has a very nice and light personality.
Immediately after giving birth to Shun and Aaron, Tana is banished with Shun after erasing his memory.Later, he cooperated with the search for Shun by the Great King.
At the meeting with fellow witches, a warning from the spirit of the predecessor witch Hegate approaches the truth of the legend of "Twin Prince", but the transmission to the royal family is delayed due to the obstruction of the Meiou.
In the third part, Aira's master[46].
I used to be in love with the king of the "world of nothingness".
In "Elopement of Eto Nozomi," in which Nozomi is the main character, the tragedy that happened to the vampires and wolves long ago was conveyed to Nozomi through Sandwich.After that, when she became pregnant and gave birth due to an elopement marriage with Shiira,MidwifeActive as[47].
Live in the demon worldgrim Reaper.. O type.
They come to the human world through the "Grim Reaper Tunnel", which is a different passage from the basement of the Eto family, and capture the souls of dead humans and procure them as a source of nutrition for the demons.It seems that he is in charge of the heartwarming town where Ransei and his friends live.It was supposed to capture Narumi's soul, but Ranze and Rinze cried and helped.[48]..After that, he became the greatest collaborator of Ransei, and when Ransei and Shun were targeted by the royal family of the demon world, he did not intentionally report the reincarnation of Shun (again, he was planning to capture Shun's soul). He helped me by secretly telling the movement of the royal family.The battle with Meiou also accompanies Ranze and Shun.
When Ranze and his friends were brought to their own house in the demon world, the marriage of Nozomi and Shiira led to the birth of Ranze and Rinze, which is a "marriage between different races". I taught that the Eto family is a celebrity in the demon world.
After that, due to personnel changes in the Shinigami business, the demon worldLunchTransferred to the center.I am making a menu using my soul for the Makai people, but there is a scene where I complain to Sand who came to see the situation.
When the Meiou disguised as a hero distributes a fake soul, he investigates the fake soul from the regret that he was robbed of his job and creates a chance to uncover the Meiou's plot.
The only person who got a kiss from Ransei (other than Shun).
In the second part, when Ransei came to ask for information about the moon flowers, he reunited with Narumi who brought him.I remembered those days and secretly felt deeply moved.
In the third part, he married Incubus Sari.Immediately after Narumi returned from the Eto family, she appeared in front of Aira and confessed that her name was on the dead list.At that time, he also looked back on the fact that he saved Narumi's life against the rules of the demon world.
A great witch who was active 2 years ago, he cooperated with Jean to uncover and seal the plot of the Meiou.He died a thousand years ago, but a spirit appeared at their meeting, as described in the section of Mevius, warning that "history repeats itself."
Immediately before heading to the battle with the Meiou, he appeared in front of Shun and others and taught me the way to the underworld.
Like its ancestors 2 years ago, the Witch of the West still follows the Meiou.
Younger than Mevius, rare for witches (Makaijin)scooterRiding around[49].
He was vulnerable to being tickled, so he escaped to Yoko dogs and was tortured by Mevius.He was brainwashed after being captured in the human world.
A painter teacher who visited Makai Castle to present the portraits of the Great King and his wife.that time.At first glance, Ranze and Shun were surprised to see the portraits, and invited them to their atelier to show the portraits of the phantom great couple (Jean and Langer) drawn by their ancestors 2 years ago.
A monster bird in the demon world.Appeared in the shooting scene of "Super Cloak", a movie adaptation of Nozomi's novel.
With a fragile personality, he was evacuated to the Eto family with other Makai people when the Makai was hijacked by Meiou.
A child born to a werewolf father and a vampire mother.Born in a terrifying appearance, he bites his parents to death.After that, he himself died, but he couldn't become a Buddhahood, and he tried to possess Ranze (and the table before his birth), who was born normally in the same circumstances.Eventually it was purified and went up to heaven with the souls of its parents.

Persons involved in the Eto family

Lara / Lara Cléry
Voice- Atsuko Mine
Shiira's grandmother.I usually sleep in the tomb inside the "ancestor's door".This condition is called "retired" in the Eto family.
Ransei is bitten by Shiira with Shun, and he recovers from a coma.[50], The symptoms of the wolf's ears and tail that accompany it cannot be cured by her, and the forbidden book[51] Just give a hint.In the anime, he went to the Makai Library himself and cast the spell he investigated to restore Ransei.After that, he was watching Ranze and Shun at the request of Shiira for a while, but gradually cheering for them while shadowing.Shun's favorite type.Her tendency is inherited by her grandchildren (Shiira) and great-grandchildren (Ransei).
From Touma, "Rara-chan"It is called[52].
In Volume 2, he transforms into a wolf to save Ranze's crisis, but he becomes weak because he is old.
In "Elopement of Eto Nozomi," whose son-in-law, Nozomi, is the main character, he used the magic of stopping time to support the elopement of the two.
Shiira's father / Cléry family head
Shiira's father, the Cléry family[53] The head of the family.An influential person in the Wolf Tribe Village.
We thank Nozomi for healing Shiira's half-wolf and invite him to a feast.After that, he proceeded with the marriage between Shiira and Edward (described later), but when she learned that she ran under Nozomi (runaway), she released a pursuit, but she failed because she used the magic to stop time and ran off. ..
Shiira's fiancée decided by the houses.Shiira says, "My face isn't bad, but I'm just a muscular idiot (that is,Sports Club).
He is delighted with Shiira, who has healed a half-wolf and turned into a beautiful woman, and says, "I can love you."
When Shiira leaves the house and goes to the usual hideout, she finds out that she is about to elope with Nozomi, and goes to the hideout with the pursuit of the Cléry family, but she is stopped by the magic of Ra and escapes.
Thomas-Etour / Touma Eto
Although he is Nozomi's grandfather, he calls himself Nozomi's older brother in the human world.I'm retired, but sometimes it comes out even if I'm not called.Playboy and polygamy.Nozomi says, "I'm smart, but I like flashy things, I want to stand out, and I'm quick for women." "I always make great suggestions and go home with problems." The cause of the blunder in the movie "Super Cloak".As soon as he doesn't like it, he bends his belly button, saying, "I'm going back to the grave."
The day Shun moved (in the form of a baby, with RanzeApartmentI was hiding in. ), When Yoko and Aaron visited the Eto family, "Ransei ElopementIt seems that he did ... ", and the two of them colluded and thrust their heads into the matter, and were blamed by Nozomi and Shiira.
He proposed to use Sari's ability to unlock the secrets of the royal family 2 years ago.
In the main character, "Elopement of Eto Nozomi," Nozomi offered to the Great King, "Instead of admitting the relationship between the two, I want them to be sealed."
Nozomi's high-grandfather, the earliest ancestor to appear (while retired).There is a bust of him at the entrance of the basement of the Eto family (the mechanism is such that you can enter and exit by inserting your finger into the nostril of the bust).
In a strict atmosphere, when Nozomi struggled between his loyalty to the royal family and Ranze's feelings, he advised him to give top priority to the former.Cooperate reluctantly when hiding the awakened Shun.
Nozomi's great-grandfather (while retired).Since he was a family member of a human female, he is tolerant of Ransei's love affair with humans.チ ャ ッ プ リ ンとLloydThere was a triplet brother, but he was deceased (died, not retired) except Keaton.
Nozomi's father and mayor of the Makai Vampire Village.Only the family tree and the scenes manipulated by the underworld appear.
Nozomi's second cousin. Appeared in "Elopement of Nozomi Eto".
Playboy like Touma.Worried about Nozomi, who has been single for a long time,marriage"And leave the descendants", but the important Nozomi tells me "Isn't the Etour family left to you?", But refuses because it is not a direct line.[54].


Ichihashi Mana (Ichihashi Mana)
Narumi's sister-in-law (Narumi's father's remarriage partner's stepchild). Born April 1980, 4.牡牛 座.. O type.
A stubborn personality.Actually, she is a girl in the fairy world and a cousin of Chipple.Narumi is on good terms like a real sister.
When Chipple visited the Ichihashi family, the two feathers, which are proof of a fairy, grew at the same time and surprised my mother.
Even after he was an adult, he kept his promise with Chiple and waited for him all the time.
Moon flower spirit. Born September 1976, 9.Virgo. A type.
When Narumi came to pick up the tears of the moon, he worked on the tears of the moon and made Rinze a double personality.Narumi gives a little trouble and even moves into their class as an international student.In fact, he was a prince of the fairy world, and when he was little, he was escaped to the demon world and raised by the moon flowers.I approached Narumi because I instinctively thought that the moon flower predicted "a girl who would find her hometown."Later became the king of the fairy world.

Ranze Shun's friend

Kaede Kozuka
Voice- Yuko Kobayashi
Ranze's best friend at Akebono Junior High School. A type.
At St. Paulia Gakuen High School, he reunites with Ranze, Shun, and Yoko, who were classmates in Akebono's junior high school. The person is two years older.
Kunihiko Takaba
Voice- Tsubasa Shioya
Ranze's class honor student.Almost never appeared in the original[55] However, it appears frequently in anime.
In the anime, Ransei calls him "Kunihiko-kun", and Shun and Yoko call him "Superior".
I also had a marathon showdown with Shun for a date with Ranze (the result is the lowest).[56].
Keigo Tsutsui
A young man who was selected as the main character in the audition when Nozomi's novel "Super Cloak" was made into a movie.Later became a hot-selling actor. A type.My parents' house is smallHospitalNarumi Ichihashi, who was running a business and was about to undergo heart surgery, was hospitalized.
Ranze's hair is entwined with the chest button of the clothes at the audition of the super cloak.I fell in love with Ransei at first sight, but I was shaken.At the time of shooting the super cloak, he was transformed into Yakushiji Hiromi (* Keigo's opponent's idol), but he robbed Ranze's first kiss.
The horse fits well with Shun because he has a similar background.In fact, he has no blood connection with Director Tsutsui (described later).Ransei encounters while escaping from the pursuit of the demon world, and even though he learns of the existence of the demon world, he will cooperate with her.[57]..Once suspected of being another prince, he was about to be killed[58].
From the second part onward, he has played the role of Choi, such as attending the wedding ceremony of Shun and Ranze and showing off his activities as a DJ.
Yurie Kawai (Yurie Kawai)
The student council president of St. Paulia Academy High School, where Ransei and his friends attend.She is a talented and talented lady, and is feared by her surroundings. AB type.
I'm thinking about my childhood friend Katsu.Later, he became a counselor for Ranze's love.In fact, she is an adopted daughter, and her mother died shortly after her real daughter, the Kawai family, was born.I can't give birthFor that reason, he was taken from an orphanage when he was a baby because he was very similar.
Katsutoshi Hino
A student of St. Paulia Academy High School. B type.
Joined the boxing club that Shun founded early in school.His late mother was a servant of the Kawai family.A problem child at the school who liked Yurie, but withdrew when the world she lived in was different and took a rebellious attitude toward her.Become a good friend of Shun.

Narumi and Rinze's friends

Kota Aoyagi
Narumi and Rinze's childhood friend. Born May 1976, 5.Taurus. AB type.Rinze's best friend.
I've been thinking of Narumi since I was a kid, but I don't think I can match Rinze.
He set up a fight on the day Rinze moved in, but after being lightly treated, he became a friend.When I went to the Eto family, I turned over the skirt of Ranze's uniform and played a big game with Ranze who was angry.
In junior high school, he was a member of the newspaper club and guarded Rinze and others from the media entering the school.Even though Rinze knew that he was a Makaijin, he still understood as a close friend, but his memory was erased later.Futaba's hidden fan.After adulthood, he became a sports newspaper entertainer and married Futaba.
Narumi's classmate and fellow drama club.Wear glasses.
Narumi's classmate.The first half of Part 2 had long hair, but the second half was short.I told the junior girls who were aiming for Suzuyo that "Narumi and Suzuyo are engaged" and drove them away.
Anzai Futaba
The back face is an all-you-can-eat idol. Born August 1976, 8.Leo. A type.
At the beginning of the transfer, he liked Rinze, but later became his best friend.In addition, he is gradually attracted to Kota, who he hated at first.The influence of the flowers of Omigaike, which was secretly given by Chiple, made the approach to Suzuyo more bold, and the Eto family was noticed by the media and created a distant cause that was known as an outsider.In the extra edition where he plays the leading role, during the summer vacationLocationAt the location of the movie that started, she met an alien girl who looked exactly like herself, and she faced the location as a substitute for herself, but it became a riot because of her non-constitution similar to the earthlings.[59],Alien theory in Futaba AnzaiIt will be reported.
After becoming an adult, he became a popular actress and couldn't get married easily, but he held a fake press conference and proposed to Kota.I just got married and retired.
Ichiro Saeki
Narumi's junior.He likes Narumi, but realizes that he is no match for Rinze.I have approached the time when my memory about Rinze was erased.In fact, he is the secret child of Kazama-gumi, and his half-brother of power.My mother told me that my father had died, so I grew up, so I didn't know the blood relationship with power.[60].
Became the successor to Kazama-gumi instead of the son-in-law of Kamiya-gumi.

Aira's friend

Yuka Harada (Yuka Harada)
A friend from Aira's kindergarten.It does not appear in the final edition "The Whereabouts of the Stars".

Other characters

Mr. and Mrs. Tsutsui
Keigo Tsutsui's parents.However, there is no blood connection between the director and Keigo.
Before marrying the director, her mother was dating another man, but at that time she became pregnant with Keigo and insisted that she would definitely give birth to a child, and was frustrated to escape from the other man.However, from that manAirmailI received from him and learned that "I have a serious illness and have no life expectancy" and that Keigo made his debut as an actor in a Japanese magazine I read locally. It was being killed.
As soon as the letter arrived, Keigo returned home.CMWhen I talked about going abroad for shooting, the director gave me a letter and I learned the secret of my birth.
Sister Makabe
Exiled from the demon world and lived by himselfConventProtects Tana (Hanae) and Shun who had fallen to the ground.She was given the name "Hanae" and adopted herself because she had lost her memory.
In "Ranze Eto's Agony", he left the monasteryNursing homeIt is clear that he lives in.Shun reported that he would marry Ranze and expressed his gratitude and congratulations.
Meiou (Nose / Zone)
The king of the underworld who plans to invade the demon world.
It is an amorphous existence reminiscent of a soul, and in addition to living in a physical body called a "container", it can also possess other creatures such as demons (the person possessed by the zone is a symbol of the Meiou. Wearing a pentagonal jewel ring.)The abilities of Makaijin, such as Ranze's bite and Shun's telepathy, do not work.
Two thousand years ago, he appeared under the name "Nose" in front of Allen, who wanted to get both the throne and Lange, and made Allen drink the sap of the tree he brought in and manipulated it to confront Jean. ..Once sealed by Jean-Carlo, he then calls on Aaron to break the seal and revives as a hero "Zone" that exists in false legends, and many demons including the Great King in the form of a beautiful female. Fascinate people.Although it later becomes a male figure, the flower of Omoigaike is a tree with a soul that has the same effect as sap.[61] Is parasitic.At the same time as the tree began to die, his face was half disassembled and the "container" was damaged, so when Shun left the Eto family and started living alone.Plastic surgeryIn response, it looks like a punk rocker.
The witch of the west is placed under his control, and the soul that has the same effect as the sap that was once drunk by Allen is fed to Ransei and the Makai people and manipulated to drive the Makai into a state of destruction.I thought that it was rejected and resealed by the efforts of Shun and Dark, but there are still split pieces, and five pieces made of sacred stone fragments when the human world, the demon world, the underworld, and the heavenly world were once one. Collected rings and attempted to rule the four worlds.
In the final battle that attacked the throne certification ceremony in the final part of Part 1, Ranze's "free love" and life were extinguished by the attack aimed at Ranze and Shun. He lost his power and was banished by the power of the god.
Since Shun was obsessed with something from his relationship with Jean 2000 years ago, Ransei, Shun's soulmate, was the first target to be shown off when he attacked the throne certification ceremony.In the final battle, he confronts Ranze, but the attack is nullified by Ranze's free love, which sheds tears of mercy even to Meiou.
After the final battle, he was reborn as a human named "Sou", joined Kamiya-gumi, and lived in the human world as Yoko's bodyguard.Thoughtful to Yoko (I didn't feel like it when I was a Meiou, but I was misunderstood by her and Tamasaburo for kidnapping Yoko who accidentally swallowed the ring of the demon world).
ルーマニア OfmafiaBoss. Born November 1955, 11.Sagittarius.. A type.
Since he is a direct descendant of Jean, he can use his supernatural powers and looks very similar to Shun except that he has blonde blue eyes.
Trapped in Shun's dream, he fatefully encounters Ransei, who teleported to Carlo's dream, who had the same dream, repeatedly proposed to Ransei, who could not understand the language, and tried to abduct Shun to injure him. , I try to get Ransei with that hand.In addition, he experienced a divorce before he met Ranze.
The owner has a solitary and shadowy appearance, probably because he had few similarities around him.After meeting Nozomi and his friends, he became interested in the Makai people, and while he recognized each other as rivals, he became connected with a strange friendship.Due to the conflict between the mafia, he has passed through the shuraba and iron fire fields, so his courage and personality are extraordinary.[62].
He died in the first battle with the Meiou Zone and was buried in the tombs of the Makai royal family as an honorary death.Even after his death, he is watching over the orchids in the heavenly world.
In "Shun Makabe's Circumstances," he visited Shun as a spiritual body and showed a noisy side to urge him to propose to Ranze.
Carlo'sButlerA middle-aged man who works for.Although weak, it has supernatural powers and seems to be related to the Carlo family.
After Dark's death, Shun was about to leave the Eto family after losing his magical power.Shadow warriorHowever, he was persuaded by Nozomi and his friends who finally came to pick him up and gave up.
When another mafia attacked the Carlo family, Ransei used a magic mirror to spawn a large number of Yoko dog and Ben's alter ego as an interception force, but Ben himself was creepy as well as the enemy in this mass alter ego.
In the extra edition "Honeymoon of Mr. and Mrs. Makabe", he succeeded the trace of darkness and became the boss of the mafia.
Dark's cousin.I had a crush on the darkness of my life.Although he approaches Shun, who has the impression of darkness, he feels that he has not been able to shake off Ranze, and when he sees his hug with Ranze who came to pick him up, he is convinced of his broken heart.
Narumi's father.Yoko and Ogasawara-sensei are colleagues at St. Paulia Gakuen Junior High School.My ex-wife (Narumi's real mother) was a marriage between students, but she got married early and raised Narumi with her mother (Narumi's grandmother).When Narumi was in junior high school, she remarried with Mana's adoptive mother.
Immediately after Narumi became an adult and started working as a teacher at the kindergarten where Aira and his friends attended.Heart diseaseI was shocked to find out that he had recurred.
Ichihashi Narumi's grandmother (Ichihashi Narumi no Sobo)
Narumi's grandmother (Mother of Professor Ichihashi).I have raised Narumi with my son who lost his wife early.
I accidentally drank the tea with the petals of Omoigaike, which Narumi had prepared to regain the ability that she had lost temporarily, and she temporarily rejuvenated her feelings, put on flashy clothes, and dated a man in her first love. I went out and held my son's head.
It has not appeared in Part 3.
Sayoko Ichihashi
Mana's adoptive mother.When I was living with my ex-husband, I found mana in the garden and raised him as a daughter.After bereavement of her ex-husband, Narumi remarried her father when she was in junior high school.
Immediately after Mana transferred to St. Paulia's Elementary School, he was shocked to see the feathered scene where Mana and Chiple were fairy proofs in front of Rinze Eto who visited the Ichihashi family. No matter what happens, you are my daughter! "Hugging Mana with tears.
Ogasawara Sensei
A physical education teacher at St. Paulia Gakuen Junior High School.She fell in love with Yoko's wildness at first sight, but after repeating idle rotation, she reunited with power and ended up with a broken heart.
King of the Black Fairy.Trying to rule the fairy world, the human world, and the demon world.
Turns enemies into mushrooms, kills flowers (the source of vitality for white fairies), and stirs discord in human society[63] Use magic such as.It is said that he used the negative emotions of human beings as energy and organized many wars in the human world in the past.She likes strong women and tries to welcome Yoko and Narumi to her wife.
I hate dogs more than Kazama power (weakness of the whole black fairy)[64]..Eventually, the White Fairy regained the circle of light and lost power and surrendered.
Minakami Aldo / Aldo
A former demon world man who was falsely accused of innocence and fled to the human world.Although he usually lives as a painter, he had no relationship with the residents around him and had a cold attitude toward the Makabe and Eto families.
Later, when his false charge was cleared, he found out about Aira's status (a direct relative of the Makai royal family) and was in a hurry to prostrate.
Marika Minakami (Marika Minakami)
The landing sister-in-law was imprisoned in the world of nothingness.

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New Edition


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Television Animation

Anime isNippon TV系列で1982年10月7日から1983年9月22日に毎週木曜19:00 - 19:30枠にて放送された。全34話。10年3ヶ月に渡って放送されたLiberal Arts Program"Amazing world, non-fiction hour』Started as a program after, butAnimation in this frameIt is,Yomiuri TelevisionOf productionTiger maskIt's been 11 years since 』, and in the production of Nippon Television, the overseas work" broadcasted in May-December 1959 "Betty BoopIt was the first time in 22 years and 10 months since then, and it was the first time in Japan.

"Ninjaman Ippei"When"Ultra grandmother of the one-star family』(Yomiuri TV production) was discontinued after 13 times, this program was broadcast, but during the night game seasonプロ野球中継Often interrupted by[127], April 1983 was broadcast only once, and it was not broadcast even once until August of the same year, and even in 4 and 1 the following year, one after another "Mickey Mouse and Donald DuckWas not broadcast at all in August.

On October 1982, 10, when it started,TBSso"Parinco Academy No.1],Fuji Television Network, Incso"Space cobra],Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.so"Robby the Rascal"When,TV AsahiThese new programs started broadcasting as counterprograms at each station except (this time zone was "Time Shock").

Later of the CS stationNippon Television PlusAnd the BS stationBS AnimaxFor example, the digitally remastered version is being broadcast in a format similar to the rebroadcast.

In July 2009, a DVD-BOX containing all 7 episodes of the TV series and 34 episodes of the omnibus was released.[128].

ス タ ッ フ

Theme song

Opening theme- "Tokimeki Tonight"
TV size uses full size No. 2 lyrics[129].
Ending theme-"Super Love Lotion"
The TV size uses a version with some lyrics omitted.
Both songs are written and composed --- Yoshiaki Furuta / Arrangement- Masao Omura / Song-Harumi Kamo

The EP record containing the above two songs isVictorian music industryReleased by.The above two songs and "Gold lightan''Sengoku Genie Go Shogun''Maicinggu MachikoThe CD "Anime Sound Museum VOL.1" containing the theme songs such as "Anime Sound Museum VOL.1994" was also released by Victor in XNUMX.

Broadcast list

Number of storiesFirst broadcast datesubtitlescriptConteShowAnimation director
May 10
Etranze's SecretToshio OkabeHiroshi SasakawaKazunori TanahashiSonichi Takasawa
2May 10Door to the Demon WorldTsutomu ShibayamaKeiko Yoshimoto
3May 10Bathroom crisisXNUMXth MitsuruKazunori TanahashiMinoru Kiba
4May 10Small friendshipTakao KoyamaAkinori NagaokaSonichi Takasawa
5May 11Go to Ranze Go to MakaiToshio OkabeTsutomu ShibayamaKeiko Yoshimoto
6May 11Foggy night romanceTomomi TsutsuiTeruo KogureRenji KawabataTatsuya Furukawa
7May 11Beware the Cultural FestivalFuyunori GobuIshiguro NoboruKazunori TanahashiNoboru Takano
8May 11Love action cameraNaoko MiyakeTsutomu ShibayamaKeiko Yoshimoto
9May 12Tamasaburo's loveAkiyoshi SakaiIshiguro NoboruKazunori TanahashiMinoru Kiba
10May 12Invisible Girl MieruTsutomu ShibayamaAkinori NagaokaAkio Hosoya
11May 12Full moon birthdayTakao KoyamaAkinori NagaokaRenji KawabataTatsuya Furukawa
12May 12Uhu !? Lanze's requestTomomi TsutsuiTsutomu ShibayamaKeiko Yoshimoto
May 1
White loversFuyunori GobuYasuhiro ImagawaKazunori TanahashiNoboru Takano
14May 1I saw it !! Lanze is TanukiAkiyoshi SakaiSatoshi MochizukiKeiko Yoshimoto
15May 1I'm sorry nakedToshio OkabeAkinori NagaokaAkio Hosoya
16May 1Love of the Young RunnerAkiyoshi SakaiFumio TashiroKazunori TanahashiMinoru Kiba
17May 2Fickle magic teacherTomomi TsutsuiHideo FurusawaKimiharu OgumaKatsutoshi Kobayashi
18May 2Title match of loveNaoko MiyakeSatoshi MochizukiTsutomu ShibayamaKeiko Yoshimoto
19May 2Sentimental giantShoji ImaiTetsuo YasumiAkinori NagaokaAkio Hosoya
20May 2Great mess! Lots of LanzeAkiyoshi Sakai
21May 3Love letter from ETShoji ImaiKatsumi EndoKenjiro YoshidaKatsutoshi Kobayashi
22May 3Pounding! Pajamas gameTomomi TsutsuiTetsuo YasumiAkinori NagaokaAkio Hosoya
23May 3Sand's love storyFuyunori GobuSatoshi MochizukiKeiko Yoshimoto
24May 3Enthusiasm! Makai TaisenToshio OkabeAkinori NagaokaHiroshi Gazuma
25May 3The transformation seen! Kill ShunTsutomu ShibayamaAkio Hosoya
26May 4Execution Battleship! Space WarsTakao Kozai
27May 5Clash / Rocky VS ShunShoji Imai
Ryo Ishikawa
Satoshi MochizukiKeiko Yoshimoto
28May 5Stretching Angel, Love HunterTetsuo YasumiAkinori NagaokaAkio Hosoya
29May 6Shock! Encounter with the futureToshio OkabeTsutomu ShibayamaKeiko Yoshimoto
30May 6Assassination order from the princeNaoko MiyakeYuzo AokiAkinori NagaokaTakao Kozai
31May 6[130]The migratory bird that came backToshio Okabe
Taku Itsuki
Satoshi MochizukiKeiko Yoshimoto
32May 7Adventure! Island of loversShoji Imai
Ryo Ishikawa
Akinori NagaokaAkio Hosoya
33May 7Manga crush old talesFuyunori GobuTakao Kozai
34May 9In love! In love! Love triangleToshio OkabeAkinori NagaokaSatoshi MochizukiKeiko Yoshimoto

Differences from the original

Story differences
  • While the original is a monthly magazine, most of the anime is original because the anime is broadcast once a week. (Episode 1-3, 5, 13-15, 18, 20, 29-30 are anime original stories arranged based on the original settings.)
  • Since the broadcast started in October, the original comic (Volume 10) is a seaside school, but the anime (1 episodes) has been changed to a ski school.
  • In the original story, Ransei himself cast a spell that erases the wolf's ears and tail from Ransei, and in the anime (15 episodes), the settings have been changed drastically.
  • In the anime (Episode 20), Ransei himself made a large number of alter ego appear using a magic mirror in order to drive away Tamasaburo, who relentlessly chases Shun, while the original comic (Volume 2). ) Then, the alter ego[131] Appears more alter ego[132] Let[133]..Sand in the anime and Aaron in the original comic chanted the magic of erasing the alter ego.
  • The 29th episode of the anime is arranged by combining the contents of the original comic volume 3, P21-P44 and P131-P152 into one work (Aron and Rara have not appeared).In the anime, it was changed to Shiira to welcome Ransei who came back from the door of the future.
  • Appearance period in the original work of Rara[134] Is long.Two weeks in anime.
  • There was nothing before the reincarnation, but it has been witnessed to transform into Shun Makabe.
Differences between characters
  • Rinze does not transform into a wolf.
  • Aaron's hairstyle and face are different.
  • The setting of Tamasaburo Kamiya has been changed to the president of a construction company in the anime, while in the original it is the leader of a gangster group.
  • Shun Makabe does not reincarnate as a prince of the demon world.
  • Nozomi's hair (The original is black hair mixed with white hair. The animation is almost gray with white hair.)
  • At the time of the TV broadcast, there was no setting that Shun's mother, Kaeda, was the queen of the demon world, Thana, because it had not progressed to that extent.
  • Original anime characters such as Chusha Cat and Invisible Girl Mieru will appear.
  • Uniform design for junior high school girls.
  • In the original, the depictions other than the Eto family are Japanese style, but in the animation, the cityscape, school, interior of the Makabe family are also Western style.
  • A spell when Nozomi transforms into an umbrella, a bat.
  • The position of the star-shaped bruise is the shoulder of the left arm in the original, but it is around the base of the left armpit in the animation.
  • In the 24th episode of the anime, there is a scene where Ransei notices a mark on his wrist that he grabbed his arm, but there is a similar scene in the original comic volume 8 P100.[135](In the anime, Aaron grabbed his arm in Ranze's dream, in the original comic, Meiou?).
  • Shun and Rara are having a direct conversation.There is no conversation in anime.

Related episodes

  • Was a sponsorTakaraThe main character, Ranze's dress-up doll "Tokimeki Lanze" will be released, but Takara's popular productBarbie(AfterJenny) Was a specification-changed product, so it didn't look like Ranze at all, but as a black-haired Barbie, the price was soaring during the Barbie boom.
  • In the program,Junichi InoueVideo of "Ribon" starringCMWas broadcast.


At the time of this broadcast, the applicable time zone of NTV is full local sales or partially sponsored net (mixed with local sponsors) at some stations.[136]Therefore, there were many affiliated stations that did not broadcast or were delayed in another time zone, and there were cases where the NTV affiliated station was located but was broadcast on another TV station in the same area.

Unless otherwise specified, all are NTV affiliated full-net stations.Broadcast dates and times are as of mid-November 1982-early December 11, except for those whose sources are posted individually.[137][138].

Japanese TV / Broadcast period and time
Net situation Airtime Broadcaster Target area [139] Remarks
Simultaneous net Thursday 19:00-19:30 Nippon TV Kanto wide area Production Bureau
Sapporo TV[140] Hokkaido
Miyagi TV Miyagi
Fukushima Central Television Fukushima
TV Niigata Niigata
TV Shinshu Nagano At the time of broadcastingTV Asahi seriesCross net with
Shizuoka Daiichi Television Shizuoka
Chukyo TV Chukyo wide area
Yomiuri TV Kinki wide area
Hiroshima TV Hiroshima
Kumamoto citizen TV Kumamoto
Yamagata TV Yamagata At the time of broadcastingFuji TV series
The original affiliated stationYamagata Broadcasting CorporationMeasures associated with the fact that was a cross-net with the TV Asahi series at that time
Along with this, "Space cobra] Is supported by a time shift net.
Delay net Wednesday 17:15-17:45 Aomori Broadcasting Aomori At the time of broadcasting, cross-net with TV Asahi series
Broadcast from July 1982, 11[141]
Thursday 17:00-17:30 TV Iwate Iwate
Monday-Friday 5:55-6:25 Akita TV Akita Cross-net with Fuji TV series and TV Asahi series
The original affiliated stationAkita BroadcastingNot broadcast
Broadcast until September 1985, 9 after the end of this broadcast[142]
Wednesday 17:30-18:00 Northern Japan Broadcasting Toyama Started on November 1982, 11, discontinued on April 10, 1983[143]
Monday-Friday 16:55-17:25 Ishikawa TV Ishikawa Broadcast in the spring of 1984[144]
Thursday 17:25-17:55 Minaminihonhoso KagoshimaTBS series
Broadcast from July 1982, 11
The original affiliated stationKagoshima TVMeasures due to the failure to secure a broadcast frame on the cross net


  • From January 2015st to March 1st, 1, the birthplace of the author, Koi Ikeno.IwateAtIwate Winter Tourism Campaign Tokimeki IwateWas held.This campaign is a collaboration project with this work[145], The characters of Part 1 Ranze Eto, Shun Makabe, and Yoko Kamiya have appeared.


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