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🎁 | Start in 2022 at the earliest What is the "Green Life Point System"?


What is the "Green Life Point System" that will start in 2022 at the earliest?

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Regarding the green life point system, caster Yonan Tanaka said that it was a "good initiative".

TOKYO MX (terrestrial 9ch) morning news and information live program "Horijun Morning FLAG" (every Monday to Friday 7:00 ... → Continue reading


Media site "TOKYO MX+ (plus)" that TOKYO MX sends. Original information about TOKYO MX such as the latest information on TOKYO MX, the latest entertainment information, program information, cast and guest information will be distributed daily.

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Yonan Tanaka

Yonan Tanaka(Hina Tanaka,1996/May 7 -) isTokyo Metropolitan Television(TOKYO MX)announcerandReporter.


Born in Osaka.Height 160 cm[1].Sophia UniversityGraduated from the Department of Japanese Literature, Faculty of Letters. Selected as a semi-grand prix at the 2016 Miss Sophia Contest 2016[2].TV Asahi AskFrom[3].

In 2019TOKYO MXJoined the company.He belongs to the news department of the news bureau (then "news information bureau") and works as an announcer and reporter.

My dream has been to become an announcer since I was in elementary school.Great East Japan EarthquakeWhen he saw the news when it happened, he thought that the job of an announcer was an important job.The longed-for announcerFuji Television Network, Inc OfYoko Ikuno[2].

Current appearance program

Past appearance programs

Student caster era
  • Za TOKYO Look! This is Tokyo in the world! (January 2020, 1) --Caster for coverage[4]
  • TOKYO MX NEWS(April 2019-May 10, 2020)
    • Weekday 20:56 News (October 2019-March 10, 2020) * Irregular
    • Mon-Thursday 20:56 News (April 2020, 4-September 1, 2020) * Irregular
    • Friday 09:59 ・ 14:58 News (April 2020, 4-May 3)
    • Friday 11:55 ・ 13:58 News (April 2020, 4-May 3)
  • TOKYO MX NEWS High School Baseball Highlights(2020) --Monday-Thursday Caster
  • news TOKYO FLAG(December 2020, 4-February 1, 2021)
    • Fieldcaster (April 2020, 4-September 1, 9)
    • Caster (October 2020, 10-March 1, 2021)[Note 1]


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