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👶 | I can't pull it! Impressed by the work "Unpullable Set" as the name of the XNUMX-year-old son's work! | Mipapa Child-rearing Manga


I can't pull it for sure! Impressed by the work "Unpullable Set" as the name of the XNUMX-year-old son's work! | Mipapa Child-rearing Manga

If you write the contents roughly
I was impressed by the fact that the title of the work and the work match, and praised them (parent idiot).

Miikunpapa (@ miikunpapa0920) who publishes a child-rearing picture diary on Twitter.This time the eldest son ... → Continue reading

 Mama Square

"Mama Square" is filled with daily thoughts such as troubles, worries, fun, relaxed feelings, and things that we solved in this way.
I would be happy if it could be a clue to solving troubles to everyone reading it, empathy and hints for childcare

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Child trouble

Child troubleWhat is (Kobonno)?Parenting,EducationAtchildrenA person who is very fond of.In addition, I pointed to the situationword.popularTypicallyParent idiot(OrGrandchildForGrandson idiot) Is also expressed.


These are their ownchildrenIt is said that there is a tendency to be influenced or act to "excessively" attach and work on the person, but what is appropriate and what is excessive.ambiguousOnly (Subjectivity(Involved in), it is clearStandardThere is no.When it comes to parent idiots, I usuallyIntelligentPeople are their ownChildWhen you come in contact with or tell others about your child, you can't control your dear feelings.StateRepresents.

Howevercommon senseIn the category of, I want to be annoyed or dislike the person, or "Shaken Child SyndromeWithout awareness as seen inChild abuseIt is a problem if it has evolved into.In addition, with child troubleNuanceIs different, but delusionally trying to defend the child otherwiseCriticism,denialBad likemeaningIf you have reached a "stupid parent" inSocialNa (Human resourcesAs)valueTends to be reduced, furtherproblemMay develop into.

Just a lotParent-childChild is important indescendantsAnd even parentsParentingYako'sgrowthWe often find joy in our lives, and such times tend to be common to many parents and children.Therefore, even if it is a little annoying, it can be overlooked or as a smiley scene.VotesThere is also a tendency to be done.In any case, it can be said that it is a matter of degree.

"Child trouble" is mainlyfather,grandfatherOr generalMaleEtc., gentle to childrenattitudeI take theMaleUsed for (in the case of grandfather, "GrandchildIt is said to be "distress").However,ロ リ コ ン,ShotaconSuch asSexual orientation,loveUnlike tasteAdultIt refers to the appearance of caring for a child.

Traditionally, the image of a father (male image) toward a child has generally taken a strict attitude toward the child (FatherhoodAlsoreference).But in recent years家庭EnvironmentFrom changes etc.母性There are also men who take appropriate measures, which is different from the traditional male image.existBecause I caught it like thiswordIs thought to have been born.

many,FemaleFrom the perspective of parentsParenting,EducationIt is a word used to mean "favorable" and "smiling", such as referring to a male guardian who is supportive.However, when female parents also take a maternal attitude, "children have less patience and normative consciousness,DependenceStrong heartSelf-indulgenceThere is also a view that it may grow up to be a child. "

Behavior example of child trouble

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