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🎁 | The "Battle of Moscow" campaign has been implemented on the PS4 version of "ENLISTED"!By Soviet and German troops ...


"Battle of Moscow" campaign implemented on PS4 version "ENLISTED"!By Soviet and German troops ...

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In this campaign, you can enjoy a large-scale offensive and defensive battle between the Soviet and German troops that took place near Moscow, the capital of the Soviet Union, in the early days of World War II.

EXNOA has implemented the "Battle of Moscow" campaign on the PS4 version of "ENLISTED". PS ... → Continue reading


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Soviet Union Army

Soviet Socialist Republic Federal Army(Soviet Shakaishugikyowakokurenpogun,Russian : Воруженные силы Союза Советских Социалистических Республик, Abbreviation:USSR Armed Forces(VSS SSL))Soviet Union(Soviet Union) owned軍隊Is.Usually abbreviatedSoviet Union ArmyNoSoviet armyI said.Latin lettersIt is wrong to write BC CCCP.


Its predecessorRed ArmyIt is,National armynotSoviet Communist PartyWas an army of.In 1946, after the end of World War II, the name was changed from the Red Army to the Soviet Union Army, and both in name and reality became the Soviet Union Army.Cold warToEastern countriesBy stationing in each country政府Continue to exert military pressure onHungarian uprising-Spring in pragueThen by military interventionEastern Europe OfDemocratizationBlocked.However1991 January,Soviet August coupDisbanded byRussian Federation ArmyIt was divided into the armed forces of each country.The troops stationed in the satellite stateCollapse of the Soviet UnionLater withdrew in stages.

Military doctrine

Marx-LeninismThought-based military doctrine underlies the Soviet army. From 1945StalinismIn the age ofSecond World WarWas emphasized, but during the transition period from 1953 to 1958,nuclear weaponsIt began to focus on development and became a combination of nuclear and conventional forces.The Soviet army did not formulate a strategy for each army, navy, and air force, and it was a mechanism to formulate an integrated strategy.


Soviet military organizations are basically ground forces (army),Navy,air force,Air defense,Strategic Missile ForceConsists of the five services ofKGB,Ministry of InteriorAlsoParamilitary organization-Special ForcesWas organized and maintained.The Supreme Commander of the Soviet ArmySoviet Communist Party Secretary GeneralAnd the general secretaryMilitaryだ け で な く,EconomyHad all political authority.The party secretary was also the chairman of the National Security Council.

During the war, the National Security Council became the Central Military Council, commanding and supervising Soviet troops, and in peacetime.Military strategyWas formulated.The Central Military Council consisted of the party secretary, the defense minister, three first defense ministers, ten defense ministers, the director of the military science bureau, the general commanders of the five services, the civil defense secretary, the railway construction secretary, and the rear. It is believed that he was the Secretary, Under Secretary of Defense for Equipment, and General Inspector. (Six people under the Secretary of Civil Defense include speculation)

Under the Central Military Council was the General Staff, and the five services were commanded and supervised by the Minister of Defense through the General Staff.The Soviet General Staff has 5 stationsStrategy, Information, organization / mobilization, military science, communications, geography, equipment,Cipher, Military aid,Warsaw PactWas in charge of each.In line with this, it was composed of the Political Headquarters, the Science and Technology Committee, and the Deputy Director of the Navy.In peacetime, under the command of the Central Military Council and the Minister of Defense, he was responsible for planning operations and coordinating military actions.

The General Staff communicated orders to operational units such as the Fleet, Air Defense Divisions, and Ground Forces Military Districts.The operational unit was operated under the command of the General Staff for operational operations.The Soviet Army has not only the traditional Army, Navy and Air Force, but also the Strategic Rocket Force and the National Land Defense Air Force.missileIt was emphasized because it possessed weapons such as.

5 services

Military administration unit

Soviet troops have 16 military districts (Military district) Was divided.

Battle history

The history of the battle, especially those who participated informally, is "Veteran" Federal Law Appendix "Combat Actions Participated by Russian Federation Citizens"Country,city,territoryAnd the list of implementation periods ”was referred to.

Officially participated

Informal participation

Cold war era, Soviet Union around the worldCommunist regime, Was secretly intervening in the military to support the national movement.AmericaThe side also did not mention it officially to avoid escalation of the war.

The period in parentheses is the period of Soviet intervention and is different from the actual period of war.

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