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💼 | When you think about changing jobs, is your family the first person to talk to?boss?Introducing the results of a survey on consultants for changing jobs! ...


When you think about changing jobs, is your family the first person to talk to?boss?Introducing the results of a survey on consultants for changing jobs! ...

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People who do not want to be known to people close to them often consult with job change agents and Hello Work.

Career Bible (Operating company: NEXER Co., Ltd.) conducted a questionnaire about the consultants for changing jobs and gave the results ... → Continue reading


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Job placement business

Job placement business(Job, Employment Agent Service),Employment agency businessIsLabor marketInemploymentThere are public and privately operated businesses.Operated by a public institutionPublic employment security organization(Public employment service), which is required by International Labor Convention No. 88 to be provided free of charge.

Employment agency projects conducted by the private sector are classified as follows.[1].

  • Service to connect job offers and job seekers
  • Worker dispatch business
  • Job-seeking services established by an authorized institution in consultation with the most representative labor-management organizations

In JapanEmployment Security ActIs the basis.I want to change jobsJob huntingWithWorkerWe aim to realize a job change that fulfills the requirements of both parties by mediating with a company (recruiter) seekingServicesI will provide a.Sometimes called a career change agent.

In particular, the ones that connect the recruitment of executive positions in companiesExecutive searchCalled.

International Labor Treaty

For private employment agency establishments,International Labor TreatyNo. 181 requires that this be classified into three categories and that a permit / authorization system be adopted.Japan has ratified this.

Article 1 For the purposes of this Convention, a "private employment agency" means a natural person or legal entity independent of a public institution that provides one or more of the following services in the labor market: ..

 (a) Services for linking job offers to job seekers that the private employment agency does not become a party to the resulting employment relationship.
 (b) Employ workers for the purpose of allocating work to workers and making them available to third parties (hereinafter referred to as "user companies") who are natural persons or corporations who supervise the performance of the work. Service consisting of
 (c) Other services related to job-seeking, such as the provision of information, which are not intended to link a specific job-seeking and job-seeking, and are the most representative employers'and workers' groups of competent institutions. What to decide after consultation with

Article 3

  1. The legal status of a private employment agency will be determined in accordance with national law and practice and in consultation with the most representative employers and workers' organizations.
  2. Member States determine the conditions governing the operation of private employment agency establishments through a permit or authorization system.However, this shall not apply if such conditions are separately regulated or determined by appropriate national law and practice.

Article XNUMX

  1. Private employment agency establishments shall not directly or indirectly collect all or part of any fees or expenses from workers.
  2. The competent authority, in consultation with the most representative employers' and workers' organizations, for the benefit of the workers concerned, the specific types of workers and the specific employment agency services provided by the private employment agency. An exception to the provision of XNUMX can be allowed for a type of service.
  3. A Member State that has granted an exception under Article XNUMX of the International Labor Organization shall provide information about the exception and give the reason in a report under Article XNUMX of the International Labor Organization Charter.
—  1997 Private Employment Brokers Convention (No. 181)

This treaty requires that "attention to the provisions of Convention No. 88" be taken into consideration, and in countries that carry out private employment agency business, the national government conducts business.Public employment security organizationIt is assumed that there is (so-called Public Employment Security Office, Hello Work).


The basis law in Japan isEmployment Security ActIs.Article 4 of the law defines that "employment introduction means receiving an application for a job offer and a job search and mediating the establishment of an employment relationship between the job seeker and the job seeker."

Permitted private businesses are given a permit number such as 13-Yu-30 ** 45.The first two digits are the prefecture code, starting with 2 in Tokyo.Next is "Yu" for paid businesses and "Mu" for free.The 13-digit number after that is the number unique to the business operator.2004 May 3Subsequent permits are serial numbers starting from 300001.

Paid business by the private sector

Those who provide services in the private sector and receive compensation are subject to the law.Paid employment placement businessIs generally called "Recruitment, Etc.

In terms of arranging the human resources that companies want,Worker dispatch businessAlthough there are similarities with, the employment placement business is just a business that brings together client companies and workers,Unlike the case of the worker dispatching business, the employment placement agency does not enter into an employment contract with the worker.(However, after the dispatch period, in the case of an introduction-scheduled dispatch that is premised on employment at the destination, the dispatching company will need a permit for both the worker dispatching business and the employment placement business).

In general, job seekers can register for employment placement business and use information free of charge. The employer (recruiter) accepts the introduced job applicant and employs it, and even after a certain period of time (a few months to half a year) has passed after the hiring, the employer (job applicant) is the recruiting company. If you are still enrolled in[Source required]In addition, pay the referral business. The rate of compensation is 1 to 3% of the annual income of job seekers who hire. Especially in the case of white collar introduction, the market rate is about 25-35% of the annual income.[3].

Depending on the contractor, personnel reorganization due to business reorganization (so-calledRestructuringThere are also cases where we are undertaking support for job placement (outplacement) to other companies.[4].

Although it has existed as a business format since the late 1960s, new entrants have been increasing since around 2000, when the fields that can be handled by paid employment placement businesses expanded due to deregulation. As of 2007, employment placement business is possible in almost all fields except port transportation and construction. For international referrals, special permission is required after satisfying the conditions such as having a business partner in the local country.

The size of the market varies depending on the definition, but Yano Research Institute sets the market size of white-collar recruitment at 2009 billion yen in 670.[5].


Mainly various technical systemsEngineer・ResearchersmanagementGeneral,Legal affairs,FinanceEtc.managementIt is used for occupations such as (there is also an example of a president who entrusts all company business), and these have been handled in the employment placement business by the private sector from the beginning. When we refer to "human resources bank" or "job change agent", we often refer to employment placement business in this field.Since the agent fee for recruitment is as high as about 3% of the annual salary, many businesses have taken measures such as returning the fee in the case of early turnover (for example, within half a year).

In the occupations other than the above technical and business management types, the occupations handled in the private placement business are nurses, mannequins,EntertainmentThere is a relationship.nurseWhat was limited to "Nurse Bank" was sometimes called "Nurse Bank", but now it is mostly operated by the Japanese Nursing Association.Nurse centerRefers to the thing.PrivateNurse recruitment siteThe number of human resources introduction companies that operate the company has increased sharply since the 2010s and reached its peak, but it is expected that it will converge in the future.

In addition,Housewife"Housekeeper referral office" specialized inmannequin"Mannequin introduction place" specialized inDistributorThere is a "disciplinary agency" (or service creator) specialized in.Entertainment productionInモデルIt is a paid employment placement office, but only in a department or in a place with that department,entertainer(An actor,talent,singer,Voice actor), etc.Sole proprietorEven in the Labor Standards ActWorkerIt does not fall under the category of scholarship and does not receive many protections under the labor legislation such as working hours regulations. But if the entertainer is a minor,Child Welfare ActSubject to the protection legislation of.

Even in the technical field,Medical occupationFor the introduction,Medical Information OfficerExcept for the above, there are few companies that deal with the fact that the license has not been granted until deregulation.

In addition, the so-called business/skill systemBlue collarAs for medical occupations, deregulation was slow, as with medical care, so there are very few companies that deal with them.

Employment placement business is often targeted at job-changers rather than new graduates whose market value is unknown, but in recent years,Second newbie,New graduateThe number of companies dealing with young people is increasing.In addition, although it has been customary to introduce employment with job offers, we will introduce employment with job seekers.Job huntingA employment placement business called is also appearing.

According to Article 33-12 of the Employment Security Act, port transportation services (Harbor Labor LawBusiness of port transportation prescribed in Article 2 item 2 or work equivalent to the business performed in ports other than the port prescribed in item 1 of the same article, which is defined by Ordinance of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare), construction work (civil engineering) , Construction, modification, preservation, repair, change, destruction or dismantling of construction or other works or work related to the preparation of these works) is prohibited from being introduced. The same article also prohibits "professions specified by the Ordinance of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as having the possibility that conducting other services in paid employment placement business may hinder the protection of workers in the profession." As of January 2020, is not stipulated by the Ministerial Ordinance.

Footnote column

  1. ^ International Labor Convention No. 181
  2. ^ Employment Security Law Article 33-2
  3. ^ The upper limit of the commission rate for job seekers has been abolished on the assumption that notification will be submitted in advance as a notification fee.
  4. ^ In this case, it is customary that the human resource discharge company bears the compensation to the introduction business operator (outplacement business operator).
  5. ^ Yano Research Institute “Current status and outlook for human resources business 2010”by.

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