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💼 | Correlation with convincing and self-efficacy of job hunting results

Photo Relationship between "self-efficacy" and "job hunting results"

Correlation with convincing and self-efficacy of job hunting results

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He also analyzed that "increasing self-efficacy may contribute to the prevention of declining job offers and the establishment of employees after joining the company."

Link and Motivation research institutes say that people with higher self-efficacy are more convinced of job hunting results ... → Continue reading


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Self-efficacy(Jikoko Ryokukan) orSelf-efficacy(Self-efficacy) means that if you can perform the necessary actions in a certain situation, you can realize your potential.CognitionDoing things[1][2]..CanadianpsychologistAlbert BanduraAdvocated by[3].Self-efficacy[4],Self-possibility[5]It may be translated as.It ’s one of Bandura ’s core concepts.[1], The stronger the self-efficacy, the more likely it is to actually carry out the action.[2].Through self-efficacy, people control their thoughts, feelings, and actions.[Source required].

To a similar term,Self-esteemThere is (self-esteem), but self-esteem is due to believing in yourself or being evaluated as believing in yourself感情Means[2][6]On the other hand, self-efficacy recognizes that one has the ability to achieve a certain goal.[1]Refers to.However, with high self-esteem, even difficult tasks often result in success. [1].


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Result (Achievement of action)
Expected efficacyExpected results

Bandura cites two leading factors in behavioral performance: outcome prediction and efficacy prediction.Outcome Expectation is the speculation that an action produces an outcome.[2]..Efficacy Expectation is the belief that you can successfully perform the actions necessary to produce a result.Self-efficacy refers to the degree of confidence that one can take appropriate actions to produce a result, that is, to recognize how much one has an expectation of efficacy.[3].

Leading factors for self-efficacy

The basis for creating a sense of self-efficacy is said to be as follows.

  1. Achievement experience (the most important factor, the experience of achieving or succeeding in something)[3]
  2. Surrogate experience (observing that others achieve or succeed)[3]
  3. Linguistic persuasion (verbally explaining that you have the ability, linguistic encouragement)[3]
  4. Physiological and emotional uplifting (uplifting about drugs such as alcohol and other factors)[3]
  5. Imaginary experience (imagining the successful experience of oneself and others) -by O. Maddux[6].
  6. Approval (recognized by others)[7]

Type of self-efficacy

  • Self-control self-efficacy: Basic self-efficacy that controls one's behavior[4]
  • Social self-efficacy: self-efficacy in interpersonal relationships[4]
  • Academic self-efficacy: Self-efficacy in school studies, etc.[4]

Impact on people

It is said that the following can be obtained as a result of gaining self-efficacy.[2].

  • Achievement of action.The higher the self-efficacy, the higher the rate of accomplishing a given task.[2].
  • Will make more efforts to achieve[2].
  • If you have a similar experience in the future, you will think that it is achievable and will take similar actions[2].
  • Changes in physiological and psychological reactions[2]..The higher the self-efficacy, the less anxiety, fear and fear, and the more stable the heart rate.[2].

Healthy behavior

smoking,Fitness,dietHealth-affecting choices such as condom use, dental hygiene, seatbelt use, and breast self-examination depend on self-efficacy.[8]..Self-efficacy determines whether changes in health behavior begin, how much effort is spent on it, and how long an effort is continued in the face of disability or failure.Self-efficacy influences how high health goals people set (for example, "I'm going to reduce smoking" or "I'm going to quit smoking altogether").Many studies on health care choices employ self-efficacy to assess their potential for behavioral changes.[9]..As self-efficacy increases, individuals become more confident in their abilities and therefore more likely to engage in healthy behavior.Getting closer to healthy behaviorQOLIt brings good results to the patient's health, such as improvement of the patient.

Be applicable

In medicine

In modern times, the center of medical care is from hospital / patient models.Health PromotionSelf-efficacy is a citizen's healthy behavior and as it is transitioning to andSelf careIt is regarded as a strong influence tool for. According to Luszczynska and Schwarzer[9]Self-efficacy not only influences the uptake, initiation and continuation of healthy behavior, but also plays a role in curbing unhealthy habits.

In the medical field,Patient educationInterventions based on self-efficacy can be performed in.For exampleHealth promotionBy introducing examples of people who are actively working on, we can help patients' self-reform efforts.[10].. For exampleNon smokingな ど[2].


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Unofficial offer

Unofficial offer(Not)

  • The meaning of being decided in secret[1].
  • job huntingInLabor contract with reservation of cancellation rightCommon name for.Details are given in this section.

job huntingInUnofficial offer(Not)Labor contract with reservation of cancellation rightA kind ofLabor contractIs that[2]..Unlike the general meaning, in this case a labor contract is formally established.

In many cases, in generalStudent graduateTo do (new graduate)Attending schoolIt is a labor contract that is concluded inside, starting after graduation.In other words, it is a contract that "work at your company after graduation" and "employ you at our company after graduation".また、いわゆるAlso, so-calledMid-career hiringIn such cases, it is a recruitment notice whose start date has not been decided.労働契約の成立には双方の承諾が必要であるため、一般には採用通知後にそれを受け取ったSince mutual consent is required to conclude a labor contract, it is generally received after the employment notice.WorkerIt is necessary for the side (or the student side) to accept the contract.以下では日本のBelow is JapanBulk recruitment of new graduatesI will describe the situation on the premise of, but the doctrine is the same even in the case of mid-career recruitment.[3].

Legal nature

The process by which a company hires workers is diverse, and there can be various processes when individual labor contracts are concluded.採用内定の法的性質について学説は、一連の手続きを労働契約締結の過程であるとみる説、将来の労働契約締結の予約とする説、労働契約そのものが成立するとみる説とが対立していたRegarding the legal nature of the employment offer, the theory was at odds with the theory that a series of procedures was a process of concluding a labor contract, the theory that a reservation was made to conclude a future labor contract, and the theory that the labor contract itself would be established.[4].Supreme CourtIs a judgment on July 1979, 54 (Showa 7)Dai Nippon PrintingIn the case), with the cancellation right reservedLabor contract is establishedWas shown.That is,Labor contract with reservation of cancellation right"Clarify when to start working,CompanyTo cancel itrightIt is a labor contract that puts a hold on.The Supreme Court understands that in the Dai Nippon Printing case, it is a "labor contract with a start of employment"Denden Public CorporationIn the Kinki Dentsu Bureau case (May 55, 5), it is understood as a "labor contract with a start of effect".The difference between the two is that the rights and obligations as an employee occur even during the informal period with the "start of work", but not with the "start of effect".個々の内定がどちらであるかは事案ごとに判定されるWhich is the individual offer is determined for each case[5].

Cancellation / withdrawal of offer

Students who receive a job offer from a company decline the application to another company or the job offer of another company that they have already obtained in anticipation of joining the company, and abandon the opportunity to get a job at another company.Considering the position of students who are in the process of hiring, it is not permissible for companies to unnecessarily abandon the "reservation of cancellation rights" during the job offer.企業側から採用内定を取消すことができる場合とは、一般的なIt is common for companies to cancel a job offer.DismissalIt is objective to recognize the facts that cannot be known or expected to be known at the time of the hiring offer, and to cancel the hiring offer because of the recognized facts. Only when it is recognized as rational and considered to be appropriate in the conventional wisdom (the above-mentioned Dai Nippon Printing case).

As long as the labor contract is concluded by the offer, the offer will be canceled.InvalidIf so, the prospective employee will confirm the status under the labor contract and after the scheduled start date of employment.wageYou can request retroactive payment.また内定取消しがIn addition, the offer cancellationTortorDefaultAsRestitution for DamagesCan be charged.なおIt should be noted thatCivil servantAs for, the status will not be established until the employment is announced, and even if the employment offer is canceled without a justifiable reason, the status confirmation, etc. cannot be requested (as a case law).Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of ConstructionCase, maximum judgment May 57, 5).

During the regular period of new graduatesCancelOrWithdrawWhen you want to extend the offer period,Public Employment Security OfficeLongHuman Resources Development OfficerNotify that fact in the form specified by (Employment Security ActEnforcement Regulations Article 35, Paragraph 2).Minister of Health, Labour and WelfareIs the content of the notice of cancellation or withdrawal reported pursuant to the provisions of Article 35 (excluding those for reasons attributable to the person who was the subject of the cancellation or withdrawal) by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare. When applicable to the specified cases (bankruptcy(Employment Insurance ActBankruptcy prescribed in Article 23, Paragraph 2, Item 1. ) Excludes cases where it is certain that the recruitment or recruitment of new graduates stipulated in Article 35, Paragraph 2 will not be carried out in the following year. )は、学生生徒等の適切な職業選択に資するよう学生生徒等に当該報告の内容を提供するため、当該内容を) Provides the content of the report to the students, etc. so as to contribute to the appropriate occupation selection of the students, etc.Published(Article 17-4 of the Employment Security Act Enforcement Regulations), and "when the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare determines based on the provisions of Article 21-5, Paragraph XNUMX of the Employment Security Act Enforcement Regulations (XNUMX Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare) According to Notification No. XNUMX), the content of the notice of cancellation or withdrawal will be announced if any of the following applies.

  1. What was done for more than 2 years in a row
  2. Conducted for 10 or more persons within the same year (Stable new graduates who were subject to cancellation of the offeremploymentExcept when measures are taken to secure stable employment of these persons promptly. )
  3. This was done when it was not clearly recognized that the business activities had to be reduced in light of the recent indicators of production volume and other business activities, the number of employees and other recent indicators of employment volume, etc.
  4. In addition to the items listed in the previous three items, the facts that fall under any of the following have been confirmed.
    • When the reason for having to cancel the offer is not fully explained to the new graduates who are subject to the cancellation of the offer.
    • When we did not provide support for securing employment for new graduates who were subject to cancellation of the offer.

Decline of offer

It is not uncommon for a talented person to get a job offer from multiple companies, but in theory, multiple labor contracts would be concluded at the same time, and the job offerer had to start working without declining the job offer. In that case, if any company fails to meet its labor obligations and the situation is malicious, the company may claim damages from the prospective employee.Therefore, a person who has obtained multiple offers will decline the offer of other companies except one that has decided to join the company.

The Constitution of JapanStipulated byFreedom of choiceOr, without the need for justification, by prior notice more than 2 weeks in advanceEmployment contractCan be releasedCivil Code Article 627From the interpretation of paragraph 1 etc., it is understood that unlike the cancellation of a job offer, which is a cancellation from the company side, the cancellation of a job offer, which is a cancellation from the job offerer side, can be done freely in principle.[6]..In general, a job offerer often submits a pledge to the company, but that has no legal significance.

In recent years, there has been an increasing tendency for parents to interfere with their children's employment decisions, and even if the students themselves are willing to join the company, there are more and more cases in which they decline to join the company after being offered a job due to the opposition of their parents. In order to avoid troubles, many companies confirm the intentions of students' parentsOyakakuI came to take the procedure[7][8]..In addition, even mid-career hires decline the offer due to family opposition.Daughter-in-law block,Husband blockThere are also cases such as[9][10]..On the other hand, encourage students who have given a job offer from the company side to decline the job offer of another company.OwaharaThere are also cases such as[11].

Unofficial decision

Employment agreement,Japan Business Federation(Keidanren)'s "Corporate Ethics Charter for Recruitment Selection for New Graduates" (commonly known as the Ethics Charter) and "Guidelines for Recruitment Selection" (commonly known as Recruitment Selection Guidelines) stipulate that the official informal date is after a specific date. , Require member companies to comply with this provision.However, in reality, the recruitment selection of member companies is completed long before the specific date, and after the specific date.Informal formulaAnd issue a formal informal document to pose that the rules are being followed.Students will also make a final confirmation of their intention to join the company by submitting a letter of consent to join the company at the time of the informal ceremony.[12][13][14]..When a company makes a special distinction between the offer and the offerUnofficial decisionTo say[15][16].

Even if it is a job offer, if you do not give a job offer notification without a reasonable reason at the stage where you should expect that the job offer is certain,Expectation rightConstructing tort as infringement[17].


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