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🛋 | Mortgage interest rate trends in November 2021. Did interest rates rise compared to October?lowered?


Mortgage interest rate trends in November 2021. Did interest rates rise compared to October?lowered?

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Considering the [Flat 35] (purchase type) financing system (* details are explained below), it can be evaluated that the increase has been suppressed considerably.

Since October, the increase in new infections of the new coronavirus infection has been suppressed, while the general election of members of the House of Representatives (October 10 ... → Continue reading

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Funding(Shikincho Tatsu,British: Funding; financing) Is necessary for the business資金Means to procure.

Financing means

Financing can be divided into debt finance, equity finance and asset finance[1].

Debt finance
Foreign capitalHow to raise funds (borrowings, etc.)[1].Balance sheet OfliabilitiesIt is the one that corresponds to the section and has the repayment of the principal and the burden of interest.[1].
Equity finance
net worthHow to raise capital by increasing capital, convertible bonds, employee holding system, etc.[1]..On the balance sheetcapitalCorresponds to the part of[1].
Asset Finance (Off-Balance Finance)
Financing method by liquidation such as asset sale, sale of accounts receivable (factoring), securitization of receivables, etc.[1]..On the balance sheetAssetCorresponds to the part of[1].

New procurement method

The "Funding Perfection Manual" states that there are the following new financing methods that can be used by SMEs as well.[2].


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Flat 35

Flat 35(- XNUMX)Housing Finance AgencyAnd of the predecessorHousing Finance Corporation OfSecuritization support businessBased on theFinancial institutionLong-term fixed provided jointly withinterest rate OfHousing loanThe name of the product.


FormerHousing Finance Corporation"General housing loan" (so-called public finance loan)FILPI used to lend to home buyers based on the funds from the system,Structural reformAs a part of theIndependent administrative agencyIs becoming more common, the housing finance corporationSecuritizationProvide long-term funds procured in the financial market to private financial institutions and provide home buyers with long-term fixed interest rates.Housing investmentIt was born as a mortgage loan in the form of providing funds (loan money). In October 2003 during the GHLC, it started handling under the name of "new mortgage with securitization support", and in December 10 it became "Flat 2004". The general housing loan system ended in March 12, and the claims have been taken over by the Japan Housing Finance Agency.

The handling financial institutions handle some of the banks, credit unions, labor unions, etc. and Flat 35Non-bank(Mortgage bank, credit sales,Housing finance company), you can check the handling financial institutions, interest rates, various expenses, etc. on the official website of the Japan Housing Finance Agency.

Overview (flat 35)

JBIC purchased the flat 35 loan loaned by the financial institution,SecuritizationWith the “purchase type” that provides long-term funds obtained from institutional investors to financial institutions by the There is a "guarantee type" in which financial institutions resell (finance) through the mechanism.

The loan amount of 8% for general housing loans by the Housing Finance Corporation has expanded, and up to 90% of construction costs and purchase prices can be financed with the mechanism purchase type, and up to 100% with the mechanism guaranteed type.

Guaranteed mortgage institutions are only Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, SBI Mortgage, Japan Mortgage, Chiba Kogyo Bank, but general mortgage loanCredit guaranteeSince the financial institution that handles the premium will have to bear the cost of housing loan insurance, it will not be proactively handled because it will be high cost, and the last remaining portion of the loan execution by the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ on March 2013, 3 The handling was completed.

利 点
  • Interest rates are long-term fixed.
  • The maximum repayment period is 35 years.
  • No guarantee fee required.
  • No prepayment fees are required.
  • If you meet the applicable conditions, you can refinance and purchase a villa.
  • Group credit life insuranceSince it is not compulsory to join, even those who are not admitted to have insurance due to their medical history can apply.
  • It can be used in combination with a direct loan such as a housing loan, or a mortgage from a private financial institution (a mortgage that can be set up to the second highest level).
  • Housing Finance CorporationIt is also possible to use refinancing from direct loans and mortgages. (21 based on "Supplementary budget"Things accompanying the formation)
  • If the housing does not meet the technical standards of the Agency (including the former housing corporation), then it will not be eligible for financing. To get fitDesignated confirmation inspection agencyIt is necessary to obtain a certificate of conformity and issue a certificate (in the case of an apartment, the seller usually pays for the new construction, and in the case of a detached house or a used property, the seller or the buyer bears it).
  • Financing fee (fixed amount or fixed rate of loan amount) is required.
  • A loan condition for a mortgage loan (direct loan) from a financial institutionGroup credit life insuranceParticipation in (membership, usually credited by the lender) is voluntary, and the institutional member's credit (insurance type is specified by a financial institution) or death insurance covering the loan amount (Term insuranceIf you don't pay the debt at your own expense, the debt will remain when the debtor dies (debtinheritanceTarget of).
  • If the borrowing period is extremely short (such as 5 years or less), the preferential interest rate of fixed-rate or variable-rate mortgages of private financial institutions is more advantageous in terms of total payment including expenses such as group credit. May be. The minimum borrowing period for Flat 35 is 15 years or more (60 years or more for people aged 10 and over).
  • The maximum purchase amount of the “Flat 35”, which is a single purchase type of JHF, is up to 2009% of the purchase price until early April 4 and after April 2012.・Personal loan homeowner loan systemEtc. must be covered by other loans. In addition, "21 based on economic crisis measuresSupplementary budgetWith the establishment, from April 2009 to March 4, 2012, the maximum loan amount was expanded to 3% of the purchase price.

Flat 20

Flat 20Is a system in which lending rates are set lower than in Flat 35 when the loan/repayment period in Flat 20 is 35 years or less. As a product, it is included in Flat 35 and has the same commercial characteristics as Flat 15 except that the repayment period is limited to 60 years (10 years for people over 20 years) and 35 years or less. Some companies handle the product name as "Flat 20" independently, but in many cases it is written as "Flat 35 (repayment period 20 years or less)".

If you borrow a flat 20 or flat 35 with a repayment period of 20 years or less, the total repayment period cannot be extended to 21 years or more due to future condition changes, etc., so the repayment period should be within a reasonable repayment amount. It is necessary to be careful in making decisions.

Flat 50

Flat 50From June 2009, 6Long-term excellent housingA product that can be loaned at a fixed interest rate for a maximum of 50 years to a house that has been certified as. You can rent up to "60% of the construction cost/purchase price" and the remaining 4% in "Flat 35" up to 35 years. Flat 35 is based on the premise of repayment of the loan by the 1st generation, while Flat 50 also considers the repayment of the loan by the 2nd generation of parents and children. In addition, long-term fixed mortgage loan of more than 35 yearsToyota financeThere is a precedent case by.

Flat 35S

This is a product that has been established since 2007 as an "excellent housing acquisition support system" by setting the application quota (budget) and period. We are trying to ease the loan conditions for "Flat 35 (including Flat 35)" and lower the loan interest rate for homes that have been certified with standards that are superior to Flat 20, such as energy conservation and barrier-free measures. 5 years from the time of the borrowing -35% preferential treatment from the flat 0.3 base interest rate). Since then, the reduction period at the time of borrowing has been extended to 10 years, meeting certain standards.Long-term excellent housingFor the "Flat 35S (20-year reduction type)," the interest rate will be reduced by -10% from the beginning of the first 20 years until the 0.3th year.


In 2011Eco car subsidyのように申込が殺到し募集枠が当初の12月末までに尽きるとされたため、2011年7月に同年9月30日までの申込分で現行の優遇条件(-1%優遇、購入価格の100%融資)を撤廃し、同年10月1日から2012年3月31日申込分は従来の-0.3%優遇、購入価格の80%融資へ戻る予定となっている。2011年4月申込分以降は2007年当初の条件に戻る予定となっている。

Integrated financing system

From April 2007, a flat 4 and a mortgage withIntegrated financing system(Nickname:Small package)” is set by some banks.

Co-financing a mortgage on the condition of a flat 35 loan. For example, by using a floating-rate mortgage for half of the loan amount, it is possible to hedge the fixed interest rate burden when the low interest rate continues. .. The application conditions are based on Flat 35, but up to 100% of the purchase price or the refinancing balance (up to 200% of the collateral evaluation amount) is covered by loans, group credit life insurance is attached at the bank's expense,MortgageIt has the feature that some expenses such as registration are required for two financial institutions.

Flat 35 andProperty housing loanIt is possible for most banks, etc., to make individual contracts by using a mortgage loan from a bank, etc. together, and to obtain a combined loan.

Securitization scheme

Purchase type

  1. Home buyers apply for "Flat 35 (mechanism purchase type)" to the financial institutions that handle it.
  2. The organization examines the purchaser through the handling financial institution.
  3. The handling financial institution sells "Flat 35 (mechanism purchase type)" to home buyersLoan) Do.
  4. On the day of the loan, the handling financial institution made the flat 35 bond a mechanismTransferTo do. (Payment of purchase price is reserved)
  5. Based on the transfer of claims from the handling financial institution to JHFregistrationTo do.
  6. MechanismTrust bankCredit totrustTo do.
  7. MechanismInvestor, Is secured by the trust receivable from a trust bank, etc.Real estate-backed securitiesTo issue.
  8. JHF pays the purchase price of the retained claim to the financial institution using the issue price of the real estate-backed securities as a source.
  9. A home buyer pays back a loan (principal and interest) to a financial institution.
  10. The financial institution sends and pays the collected money (principal and interest of the loan) to the institution.
  11. The institution pays the principal and interest on the real estate-backed securities to the investor.
  12. If the repayment of Flat 35 (purchased by JHF) is in arrears or in default, JHF entrusts the handling financial institution to collect debts.

Due to the mechanism by which JBIC purchases loans, the collection of loans at financial institutions is early, so new mortgage banks specializing in Flat 35 are entering the market one after another.

Guaranteed type

  1. Home buyers apply for "Flat 35 (mechanism-guaranteed type)" to the financial institution they handle.
  2. The handling financial institution sets up "housing loan insurance (for guarantee)" of JHF for the loan, and the handling financial institution and JHF examine the buyer.
  3. Based on the home loan insurance, the handling financial institution lends "Flat 35 (mechanism guarantee type)" to home buyers.
  4. The handling financial institution has a mortgageregistrationI do.
  5. Financial Institutions Have Multiple Flat 35 BondsTrust bankEtc.trustTo do.
  6. Trust beneficiary rightsSecuritizationAnd sell it to investors under the collateral of the mechanism.
  7. If the repayment of Flat 35 is overdue or defaulted, it will be subsidized as a housing loan insurance accident, and the bond will be transferred from the private financial institution to JHF. The agency entrusts the handling financial institution to collect debts. If the repayment is normal, the financial institution holds the claim until the repayment.

The guarantee type involves securitization, but the de factoInstitutional guaranteeAlthough private financial institutions provide direct financing to support this, compared to long-term fixed interest rate mortgages, loans are available with low interest rates and no guarantee fees (danshin insurance is an optional subscription).

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