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👩‍🎓 | Open classes such as Enohara Elementary School Remote Education and Research Tournament

Photo Open class held at Yowara Elementary School in Nichinan City

Enohara Elementary School and other open classes Remote education and research competition

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Through lectures, research presentations, open classes, etc., we deepened our understanding of the ideal form of education that takes advantage of the characteristics of small schools with a small number of children and students.

The National Remote Education and Research Tournament Miyazaki Tournament (sponsored by the prefectural board of education, etc.) was held in various parts of the prefecture for two days until October 10.Lecture ... → Continue reading

 Miyazaki Nichiichi Shimbun MIYANICHI ePRESS

A lot of information about Miyazaki such as news and sports. Miyazaki Nichiichi Shimbun, the leading news agency in Miyazaki Prefecture. By utilizing the news gathering network spread throughout the prefecture, we will deliver seasonal news and topics closely related to the region.

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