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Among the participating companies, Sumitomo Life Insurance Company will provide special selection steps to those with excellent results, Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Ltd. will be invited to a special seminar, and Mizuho Research & Research Institute will participate in a roundtable event. Prepare a frame.

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Sumitomo Life Insurance

Sumitomo Life Insurance Company(Sumitomo Seimei Hoken)Sumitomo GroupBelongs toMutual companybyLife insuranceIs a company.


The location of the head office isOsakaOsakaChuo-kuShiromi 4-35-XNUMX.1907 (Meiji40 years) Founded in May.In terms of premium income and total assetsNippon Life Insurance,Dai-ichi Life Insurance,Meiji Yasuda Life InsuranceIt is second only after.


1907 (MeijiIn May 40, the predecessor Hinode Life Insurance Co., Ltd. was founded.1925 (Taisho14), Sumitomo Joint Stock Company took over the management of Hinode Life Insurance Co., Ltd.1926 In May (Taisho 15), the trade name was changed to Sumitomo Life Insurance Co., Ltd.

Second World WarAfterZaibatsu DemolitionAnd "Cabinet Order Concerning Prohibition of Use of Zaibatsu Trade Name"[6] As a result, Sumitomo affiliated companies could not give the trade name of "Sumitomo".1947 (ShowaIn August 22, founder Taizo Ashida, General Manager of Business Department, Sumitomo Life Insurance Co., Ltd.PresidentAs a result, the National Life Insurance Mutual Company was established and started operations in September of the same year.

1952 (Showa 27) May, abolition of Cabinet Order regarding prohibition of use of conglomerate trade name[7] As a result, each Sumitomo affiliated company was able to give the trade name of "Sumitomo" again, so in June of the same year, the name was changed to Sumitomo Life Insurance Company, and the corporate philosophy "Summary of Management" was enacted.

2001 (HeiseiIn November 13, an agreement was reached with Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Sumitomo Mitsui Marine Fire Insurance Co., Ltd., and Mitsui Life Insurance Co., Ltd.In response to this2002 In December 14, in addition to the new company "Sumitomo Mitsui Asset Management" by integrating five investment subsidiaries,2010 In April 22, the life insurance subsidiary "Medicare Life", etc., jointly funded by Mitsui Life Insurance Co., Ltd., started operations.

2015 , United States life insurance company (SymetraWas acquired for $ 37 million[8].

Chronological Table

Soundness index

Credit rating

  • A1 (Moody's, Insurance Finance Rating, End of June 2017)[5]
  • A + (R & I, Insurance claim payment ability rating, end of June 2017)[5]
  • A + (Japan Credit Rating Agency, Insurance claim payment ability rating, end of June 2017)[5]
  • A + (Fitch, Insurance Finance Rating, End of June 2017)[10]
  • A (S&P, Insurance financial strength rating, end of June 2017)[5]

Solvency margin ratio

  • 826.9% (end of March 2017)[5]

Total assets

  • 30 million yen (as of the end of March 0,269)[5]

Management Philosophy

The "Summary of Management" stipulated in 1952 (Showa 27) is as follows.

  1. Our business is based on the idea of ​​coexistence, co-prosperity and mutual aid, and we aim to contribute to the welfare of society and the public by striving for its strong prosperity.
  2. Our business values ​​trust and ensures certainty
  3. Our business keeps a calm and enterprising spirit and does not make a mistake in the big picture, even though it is relaxed and renewed by measuring the speed of the changing situation.[5]

Work life balance

life stageFrom the perspective of realizing diverse work styles according tobirth-Parenting・ In addition to the nursing care leave systemmarriage,spouse OfTransferPersonnel systems (family support transfer system, job / comeback support system, etc.) have been introduced that incorporate the continuation and resumption of employment when it becomes difficult to continue working due to such reasons.In addition, a dedicated organization was established in 18 to promote the active participation of women.General staffWe are also working to support women's career advancement, including the introduction of a job type change system from[11].

External awards

  • August 2007 (Heisei 19),Minister of Health, Labour and WelfareCertified as a "company that actively works to support the development of the next generation"[12].
  • April 2008, Nikkei WOMAN May 20 issue "4 best companies where women can work comfortably" ranked 2008th overall[13].
  • In March 2010, it was certified by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare as an "excellent company for employment of persons with disabilities."
  • In July 2010, certified by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare as a "company actively working to support the development of the next generation" (second time)[14].
  • In September 2010, received the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare "22" Equal and Balanced Promotion Company Award "Equal Promotion Company Category" Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Excellence Award "".
  • August 2010 (Heisei 22),Nihon Keizai ShimbunReceived the "2010 Nikkei Child-rearing Support Award"[11].

Main product

  • "Sumitomo Life" Vitality "" --Health promotion insurance that will change the future
  • "1up"- Nursing care-Death-sickLifelong comprehensive guarantee to prepare for
  • "Neat future" --- A plan exclusively for women aged 15 to 39 with a particular emphasis on "long-term care insurance" and "medical insurance"
  • "Long-term cancer support special contract" --Long-termcancer Of治療Supporting expenses and living expenses
  • "Insurance premium payment exemption plan" --If any of the nine prescribed conditions is met, the followingInsurance feeIs free
  • "Doctor KING" --Full medical coverage
  • "Rosy life" -continue to bloomLife insurance
  • "Thousands of customers" --Insurance for people who have given up insurance for health reasons[9]

Proceedings over Sumitomo Life

Sumitomo Life Mrs. Trial

1995 In December, against Sumitomo Life and the countrySuingSumitomo Life Married Women Discrimination Trial.

2001 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Osaka District CourtでplaintiffSide claim

  1. "Because of a married woman"human resourcesIt is not possible to make a low assessment on the evaluation side and discriminate against promotion.Illegal'
  2. "We do not welcome married women to continue workingManagementWas in the attitude of "
  3. "maternity leave,ParentingIf you have time to get a low assessment, it'sLabor Standards ActWas recognized inrightIt is illegal because it restricts the acquisition of

On the other hand, the defendant's allegation is "Housework,ParentingBy family responsibility such asThe laborQuality and quantity will go down "

defendantSumitomo Life on the side敗北..Sumitomo Life dissatisfied with this rulingAppealBut on December 12th,Osaka High CourtBetween the plaintiffs and Sumitomo Life and the countrysettlementWas established, and the plaintiff's victory was resolved.

Settlement clause with Sumitomo Life

  1. Both sides respect the decision.
  2. The company pays the plaintiffs a settlement fee of 9,000 million yen.
  3. For the five incumbents, the amount up to retirement will be paid separately as a settlement.

Power harassment proceedings

A woman in her 50s who was the director of Sumitomo Life's branch office in Osaka Prefecture2006 From around that time, he was given reasons such as poor insurance contract results, and included reprimands from his male boss, such as "It's the director's fault" and "Do you want to crush the company?"Power harassmentI came to be acted.Also, regarding the contracts that women have wonInsurance business lawDespite being banned from the company, the male boss demanded that other employees share his achievements, and when the woman refused, he uttered abusive words such as "quit the company."Women suffer from these events and become depressed2007 OctoberOn leave,2009 OctoberRetired to.women areLabor insurance examination committeeThe examination committee applied for an industrial accident.2010 OctoberIn addition, it was recognized as an industrial accident because there was an emotional rebuke from the boss beyond the scope of guidance.Women even more2011 OctoberToOsaka District CourtSued. afterwards2013 OctoberIn addition, a settlement was reached in the district court with the content that Sumitomo Life will pay a settlement fee of 4,000 million yen.[15].

Proceedings over student insurance

A man in his 50s living in Osaka Prefecture saves his child's education funds from Sumitomo Life.Student insurance) ”Was recommended and purchased, but after that, the amount actually received was less than the amount paid so far.For this reason, the man should deal with Sumitomo Life and return the portion of the principal loss.Osaka District CourtProceeded with.After that, the proceedings of the proceedingsOsaka High CourtHas advised Sumitomo Life to return the loss of principal because the diplomat solicited it without fully explaining the risk of loss of principal, and Sumitomo Life will respond to this.2013 Settlement reached in October[16].

Proceedings over deduction of operating expenses

Sumitomo Life Kyoto branch office women in their 50s distribute in sales activitiesカレンダーThe cost of goods such asTablet terminalThe royalties of were being deducted from the salary.The woman demanded a total payment of about 210 million yen, saying that such a deduction was unreasonable.Kyoto District CourtTo2019 May 10Proceeded with.There are many cases of this kind of lawsuit against the agency, but it is said that there is no case of suing the insurance company itself.[17].


2005 In the latter half of October, insurance claims and benefits from each life insurance company one after anotherUnfair unpaidWas announced, and on October 10, the company also had a total of 28 cases (including 57 insurance claims).[18] It was announced that there was an unjustified non-payment.

2007 On January 1, it was discovered that four life insurance companies had not paid part of their insurance claims related to medical special contracts. The total number of non-payments for all four companies is expected to exceed 2 in the five years from 4, but the details of the company alone are unknown as of January 4.


Major affiliated companies

  • Iar Small Amount Short Term Insurance Co., Ltd. (TokyoChuo-ku)
  • Izumi Life Designers Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo)
  • Agent Inc. (Tokyo)Shinjuku ward)
  • CSS Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Osaka)
  • Japan Pension Navigator Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
  • Shinjuku Green Building Management Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)
  • Sumisei Support & Consulting Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)
  • Sumitomo Information SystemCo., Ltd. (Osaka CityYodogawa Ward)
  • Sumisei Harmony Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Osaka)
  • Sumisei Business Service Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Osaka)
  • Sumisei Building Management Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
  • Sumitomo Biology Co., Ltd. (Osaka City)Nishi-ward)
  • Japan Corporate Pension Service Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Osaka)
  • Nippon Building Fund Management Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Tokyo)
  • Insurance Design Co., Ltd. (Nishi-ku, Osaka)
  • My Communication Co., Ltd. (Nagoya cityNakamura Ward)
  • Medicare Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (Tokyo)Koto Ward)
  • Sumitomo Life Health Foundation (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo)
  • Sumitomo Life Welfare Cultural Foundation (Yodogawa-ku, Osaka)

Former major affiliated companies

  • Sumisei Insurance Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) --The company was dissolved on January 2011, 1.Insurance contract and accident reception businessMitsui Sumitomo Insurance Co., Ltd.Comprehensively relocated to.

Programs provided by TV

As of 2021 year 9 month

Programs sponsored in the past

Programs provided by radio (all in the past)

Image character

As of 2021 year 2 month

  • Banana man --Vitality
  • Pingu ――Currently, it is not available in commercials, but the homepage introduces original goods.


  • Eita ――I was in the role of Hajime Ueda.
  • Mao Asada(Uses figure skating competition video.2015 Broadcasts the newly shot for the "YOUNG JAPAN ACTION Mao Asada x Sumitomo Life" campaign)
  • Nanako Matsushima

Both co-starred with Matsushima.

CM song artist


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