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👩‍🎓 | Online seminar on data mix and DX promotion for local government and group staff will be held on November 11th


An online seminar on data mix and DX promotion for local government and group staff will be held on November 11th.

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The main participants are those in charge of DX promotion belonging to local governments, chambers of commerce, youth chambers, etc., those who want to promote data utilization in the region, and those who are working on regional industry revitalization and regional revitalization. We accept the participation of a wide range of people.

Datamix is ​​a free seminar for local governments, group employees, etc. for human resource development to promote DX. → Continue reading


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Regional industrial activity

Chamber of commerce

Chamber of commerce(Shokoukaigisho,English: Chamber of Commerce and Industry) IsCommerce and industryA free membership-based public interest economic organization organized by commerce and industry in certain areas such as the city for the purpose of improving and developing.


Publicize / submit / propose opinions as a chamber of commerce, research, proof / appraisal / inspection, dissemination / verification of technology and skills, mediation / mediation of transactions, trade promotion, etc.

The origin of the Chamber of Commerce1599 OfFrance OfMarseilleIt is said to be a chamber of commerce organized in.Since then, similar economic organizations have been organized in each country, so it is possible to play a role as a coordinating body at home and abroad.The form is roughly classified into French-German (compulsory subscription) and Anglo-American (voluntary subscription).

Japan Chamber of Commerce1878 (Meiji11), in three locations: Tokyo, Osaka, and KobeChamber of CommerceIt started as a company. 1892 (Meiji 25) 15Chamber of commerceAs its unionChamber of Commerce FederationFormed, today based on the Chamber of Commerce and Industry ActAuthorized corporationIt is positioned as.

The current form of the Chamber of Commerce is operated under the Chamber of Commerce Act enacted in August 1953.Chamber of Commerce and Industry(YEG) and the Women's Association of the Chamber of Commerce have also started up as part of the Chamber of Commerce.

In Japan, the system has been revised several times, and it has been changed from French-German to the current British-American Chamber of Commerce and Industry.Bookkeeping test,Local testWe carry out various qualifications and certification exams, such as sponsorship of.

There are 515 chambers of commerce in Japan (2016 (As of April 28)[1]..The total number of members is 125 million (2015 (As of April 27)[1].


Chamber of Commerce Law (excerpt)

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry operates under the following laws.

Basic Principles of Chamber of Commerce Management (Article 4)


  1. Not for profit.
  2. Do not do business for the purpose of specific individuals, corporations or other interests.
  3. Not used for a particular political party.

Purpose (Article 6)

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry aims to contribute to the overall improvement and development of commerce and industry in the area, and also to the promotion of the welfare of society in general.[2][3]

Chamber of Commerce and Industry

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry has many aspects in common with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in terms of regionality (regional foundation), comprehensiveness (composed of commerce and industry in all industries and business categories), and publicity (publicity such as organizations and activities).As for the purpose of the business, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, as a regional comprehensive economic organization, includes not only support for small and medium-sized enterprises but also international activities such as a wide range of businesses including international activities.Chamber of CommerceWill focus on small-scale business measures such as management improvement and dissemination projects.Businesses that are not included in the business of the Chamber of Commerce include specified commerce and industry (legal ledger), trade certification (certificate of origin), and electronic certification business.

ClassificationChamber of commerceChamber of Commerce
Underlying law
Jurisdiction government officeMinistry of Economy, Trade and IndustryEconomic and Industrial Policy BureauMinistry of Economy, Trade and IndustrySmall Business Administration
Main district[4]Cityandspecial areaArea (with exceptions)Town villageArea (with exceptions)


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  4. ^ As a general rule, there may not be multiple corporations in the same municipality,Merger of municipalitiesDue to such reasons, many local governments have corporations in each district of the former municipalities.However, it does not overlap with other districts.There are also chambers of commerce in the area of ​​towns and villages and chambers of commerce in the area of ​​cities.

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