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👩‍🎓 | Aiming to reduce the burden of education Working in pairs with young employees Winning prizes for the active participation of the elderly


Aiming to reduce the burden of education Working in pairs with young employees Winning prizes for the active participation of the elderly

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The special award building maintenance business, Bisou Management Co., Ltd. (Beppu City, Oita Prefecture), assigns elderly employees to each site to work in pairs.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare has decided on the winning companies for the "Contest for Companies Active in the Elderly" in the XNUMXrd year of Reiwa."People ..." → Continue reading

 Labor Newspaper

The "Labour Newspaper" delivers the latest information regarding personnel, labor, and health and safety from a neutral standpoint. We will deliver XNUMX to XNUMX daily, focusing on articles on inspections that report each case of violations of laws and regulations related to labor standards, news on work style reforms, carefully selected columns from the perspective of labor and safety.

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Building management

Building managementWhat is (Kenchikubutsukanri)?BuildingTo use, maintain and managecleaning・ Performing various tasks such as inspection and repair, or performing itUndertakeBusiness. Building maintenance(Building Maintenance),Building managementTomo.Abbreviation isBuilding men.

JapanThen.Second World WarA relatively new format that appeared later.


Industry characteristics

Building owners (building owners) rarely hire directly, and often outsource to specialized businesses.

About 3% of the marketGovernment officeSince the property occupies, the form and specifications of orders from government agencies have a large impact on the industry.

About half of salesTokyoIt is an urban industry that concentrates on.

Initial investment is smallア ウ ト ソ ー シ ン グIt is a business and easy for new entrants, and most of the businesses are small and medium-sized enterprises.

CostAbout 7% of the compositionPersonnel expensesIt is a labor-intensive type.Therefore, fluctuations in the order priceWorking conditions,employmentHas a direct effect on.

Contrary to the size of the market,WorkerLacking an attractive image forBlue collar Of3KThe image cannot be dispelled, and there is always a shortage of human resources.

Outline of each business

To undertake these tasksBuilding cleaning technician-Cleaning work supervisor-Hospital cleaning contractor-Building environmental hygiene management engineer(Commonly known as: building manager) ・General manager-Chief Electrical EngineerQualifications such as are required.

In particular,Electrical worker-Boiler engineer-Dangerous goods handler3 points of building men qualification,Refrigeration machine managerWas added to the building men qualification 4-piece set,Authorized fire-fighting facilities managerWas added to the building men qualification 5-piece set, higher qualificationChief Electrical Engineer-Energy manager・ A building environmental hygiene management engineer is called a building men qualification 3-piece set with all 5 types of building men's sacred treasures and a building men qualification 3-piece set + 8 types of building men's sacred treasures.

Cleaning and hygiene management

BuildingWhile keeping the inside and its surroundings cleanwasteIs sorted and collected.For more informationBuilding cleaningSee.

In addition, it prevents the invasion of sanitary pests and pests and protects the health of users. (cockroach-Flies-A mouseEtc.)

Equipment management

electrical equipment-Air conditioning equipment・ Comprehensive management, operation monitoring, and periodic inspections of water supply and drainage, sanitary equipment, disaster prevention and crime prevention equipment, transportation equipment, communication information equipment, etc., and early detection of abnormalities and emergency response.In addition, repair the faulty part.

Resident security・ Disaster prevention

事件,ACCIDENT-火災Such asdisasterMonitor and patrol to prevent the situation.

In addition,keyAnd security cards,Parking LotPerform management work.

Furthermore, in the unlikely event of an incident, accident, or disaster, evacuation guidance for users, rescue of injured people, andPolicemenInstitutionsFireReport to institutions, etc. ・ InitialFire extinguishingAnd so on.

Management service

History in Japan

PrewarUntil then, there were few large-scale buildings, and the building owners directly hired management personnel for such buildings.

Post-war1940 eraIn the second half,Ghq MarunouchiRequisition many buildings in the area and clean themJapaneseIt is said that it started when the organization was made to do it.

1950 eraAlso,San Francisco Peace TreatyAfter conclusionThe United States of AmericaEmbassySince we outsourced the cleaning of the JapaneseGovernment officeAnd general buildings have also begun to outsource cleaning.

1960 eraInHigh economic growthDue to the increase in buildings associated with this, the number of businesses has grown significantly, and some businesses have emerged that comprehensively perform not only cleaning but also resident security / disaster prevention, equipment management, and business services.

after that,1965 Groundbreaking,1968 Opened inKasumigaseki BuildingStarting withBig city(EspeciallyTokyo) Centered on JapanskyscraperWe have reached the architectural rush.

1970 eraTo enter the,Shinjuku ShintoshinDevelopment beginsKeio Plaza Hotel,Shinjuku Sumitomo BuildingCompletion, againIkebukuroToSunshine 60Skyscraper construction has progressed more and more, such as the construction of.

1980 eraOnce you enterYen recessionEven though the economy is sluggishBubble economyRush intoLand mythThe redevelopment project of the big city byUnder such circumstances, the building management industry was further diversified and developed, and both the number of businesses and sales expanded.

But,Bubble burstAs a result, it has had various problems since the 1990s, and even as of 2010, the industry as a whole is still sluggish.

Challenges in the Japanese industry

  • Administrative expensesRent income slumps in the long-term recession, and management costs, which are the source of contracts, decline
  • Building managementAppearance of business operator- Real estate securitizationFor each individual building金融-Accounting-Sales-labor-auditSuch asRevenue-Asset management work is professionally undertaken by the building owner, and building maintenance is now positioned below it.
  • wageDecline-The price cut battle that ignores quality continues due to the rush of businesses,Non-regular employmentIs also increasing
  • Inadequate quality control-The entire industry is losing trust from the outside world due to the proliferation of businesses and the varying quality of each business.

Type of business

The major building managers in Japan can be broadly classified into affiliated companies that belong to the parent company group and independent companies that do not belong to the group.Affiliated companies are mainlyReal estatesystem,General contractorsystem,Manufacturersystem,金融system,Commercialsystem,TrainThere are systems, etc., and some of themSchool corporationThere are also management companies in which organizations such as welfare corporations are involved.

For specific businesses,Category: Building management industrySee.

  • Real estate --The main customers are buildings owned and operated by the parent company, the real estate company, and we cooperate with the parent company.Sales-accounting-Office work・ External negotiations, securing profits, etc.Building managementIn many cases, they have a company whose main business is a business and a company whose subsidiary (subsidiary) is a business division such as cleaning, security, and equipment management.Skyscrapers in urban areas are often managed in this series.
  • General contractor system --The parent company, the general contractorconstructionThe main customers are the buildings that have been built.In addition to general building management work, we also carry out renovation and remodeling work in collaboration with the parent company.
  • Financial system - Insurance company,bankBooks, branches, and other financial institutions owned by financial institutionsCall centerBuildings, etc.Data center, The main customers are the buildings and facilities in which they have invested, and the large customers (business partners) of affiliated companies.Business lawbyRegulationIt is also a feature that many companies do not have the parent company name in the company name.
  • Commercial system --A major company owned and operated by the parent companyChain storeStores,Shopping mall, Entertainment facilities, etc. as customers.EventsWe also provide support for.

For businesses that are subsidiaries of large companies, the reliability of the parent companybrandTake advantage of the advantages of scale, and take advantage of our strengths in quality and technology.Differentiationdoing.In addition, since we have fixed customers such as group companies and the contract price is stable, management and employment are relatively stable, such as working conditions and treatment (holidays, welfare, etc.) excluding wages are the same as those of the parent company. ing.

IndependentAs for businesses, there are many variations in quality and technology, and in many cases they do not have a specific customer.Therefore, it is easily affected by price competition and the business conditions vary widely, and it is said that working conditions are likely to deteriorate.However, regarding this, even if affiliated companies are proceeding with orders outside the group, they are exposed to competition as well as independent companies, so the actual conditions such as working conditions are likely to be affected by the contracted property. ..

Education abroad

Educational periods for such degrees are usuallyEngineer(BEng) orbachelor of Science(BSc) for 3-4 years,Master of Engineering(MEng) 5-6 years.

The list below includes accredited education programs.In the UK, the Association of Building Service Engineers (CIBSE) holds a university degree in building service engineering. [1]In the United States, ABET recognizes degrees. [2]

Bachelor's degree

North America


  • University of Northumbria (UK) BEng (Hons) & MEng Architectural Engineering,
  • University of Westminster(UK) Bachelor of Science (Honor) Architectural Engineering
  • Doncaster University (UK) Bachelor of Science (Honor) Integrated Technology (Building Services),
  • Glasgow Caledonian University (UK) Bachelor of Science in Architectural Service Engineering
  • Leeds Metropolitan University (UK) Bachelor of Science (Honor) Building Service Engineering
  • London South Bank University (UK) Bachelor of Science (Honor) Building Service Engineering,
  • West of England University (UK) Bachelor of Science (Honor) Architectural Service Engineering
  • BEng (Hons), Department of Architectural Engineering, Heriot-Watt University, UK
  • Coventry University (UK) Building Service Engineering BEng (Hons)
  • Brunel University (UK) BEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering with Building Services,
  • Nottingham University (UK) Building Environmental Engineering BEng (Hons)
  • University of Central Lancashire (UK) BEng (Hons) Building Services and Sustainable Engineering
  • BEng (Hons) Building Service Engineering, Liverpool John Moores University (United Kingdom)
  • Technological University Dublin (Ireland) BEng (Hons) Building Service Engineering
  • Ulster University (UK) BEng (Honor) Architectural Engineering,
  • Energie- und Gebäudetechnik, Fachhochschule Köln (Germany) BSc (Honors Degree)
  • Budapest University of Technology and EconomicsFaculty of Engineering Department of Mechanical Engineering (Hungary)
  • Faculty of Engineering and Information Studies, University of Pécs (Hungary)
  • University of Oslo Metropolitan (Norway) Building Energy and Environmental Bsc,
  • Master of Engineering Services, Bucharest Institute of Technology, [3] (Romania)
  • FHZ, Hochschule Luzern (Switzerland) Heating-Ventilation-Air conditioning-BSc (Hons), a building technology specializing in sanitary or architectural electrical engineering


  • B.Tech, Building Services Engineering, [(Ansal University, Gurgaon Haryana) India]
  • City University of London BEng (Hons) Building Services Engineering
  • Hong Kong Technical Higher Education Institute BEng (Hons) Building Service Engineering
  • Hong Kong Institute of Technology BEng (Hons) Building Service Engineering
  • BTEC In Building Services Technology, UNIVO TEC, University of Vocational Technology, (Rathmalana, Sri Lanka)
  • Maulana Azad National Institute of Technology (Bhopal, India) B Arki
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Graduate School of Architecture (Hyderabad, India) Equipment and Service Planning (Architecture), Faculty of Architecture,
  • Hanbat National University BSc (Honors Degree) Architectural Engineering (Korea)
  • University of Moratuwa BSc (Honors Degree) Facility Management (Sri Lanka)
  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering (Building Services) at Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia (Malaysia)

Oceania / Australia

  • Energy Technology Degree-Auckland University of Technology, Department of Building Services Engineering (New Zealand)




  • Cambridge UniversityMaster's degree in interdisciplinary design in a (UK) construction environment
  • Master of Engineering in Building Services Engineering from Brunel University (UK)
  • Master of Engineering in Low Energy Building Services Engineering, Loughborough University (UK)
  • Master's Degree in Building Services Engineering from Glasgow Caledonian University (UK)
  • Master of Engineering in Architectural Services Engineering from Heriot-Watt University (UK)
  • Master of Architectural Services from the University of Central Lancashire (UK)
  • University College London Master of Engineering in Environmental Design and Engineering-Bartlett Faculty of Environment, Energy and Resources (UK)
  • Budapest University of Technology and EconomicsMaster of Mechanical Engineering (Hungary)
  • University of MaltaMaster of Engineering in Building Services (Malta)
  • Master of Energy and Environment, University of Oslo Metropolitan (Norway)
  • MBSE Professional Master for Building Services Engineering, University for professionals AVANS + (Netherlands)

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