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👩‍🎓 | Elucidation of the mechanism of microorganisms that do not flow downstream to automatically oppose the flow


Elucidation of the mechanism by which microorganisms that do not flow downstream automatically oppose the flow

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This result is expected to contribute to the prediction of the habitat distribution of ciliates, which indirectly support our diet and the global environment, and the improvement of the prediction accuracy of environmental changes that accompany it.

Due to the shape of the cells and the nature of the cilia, the swimming microorganism ciliate Tetrahymena opposes the flow near structures in the water ... → Continue reading

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Habitat distribution prediction

Global environmental problems

Global environmental problemsWhat is (Chikyukankyomondai)?Environment issuesA type of problem sourcedamageIs particularly widespread地球Refers to the scale.It is caused by the inability of nature to repair environmental changes due to the increasing influence of human activity.[1].

Main example

IndustrializationProgress andAutomobileIt occurred with the spread of.

nitrogen-Rin,organic matterCaused byeutrophicationWater pollution occurs in.The cause of this was industrial wastewater in the 1960s and 70s, but now it is domestic wastewater.[2].

DischargedFreon gas stratosphereBy accumulating inUVとPhotochemical reactionWoke up and generatedchlorineAtomozoneDestroy[3].

carbon dioxideEtc.Greenhouse gasDue to the release of.

Hunting anddevelopment ofAnd so on.


One of the major problems in these is that the impact on the environment spreads across national borders.In a countryEnvironmental protectionEven if we proceed with legislation for, in other countriesEnvironmental destructionGlobal environmental problems require measures within an international framework, as they may be affected by actions.


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