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🛋 | Takasho holds exhibition in hybrid format

Photo Visitors to experience the 4K video service of Residential Perth

Takasho holds exhibition in hybrid format

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In addition to being able to select a color from the specified size and the various color variations that the company has, it is also possible to easily change the item installed on the app to another color.

Takasho held the "18th Takasho Garden & Exterior Fair (TGEF) 2021". DX ... → Continue reading

 Housing tribune

For more than 1986 years since it was first published in 30, we have been covering a wide range of coverage areas such as administration, housing / real estate, equipment / construction materials, and related services ... It is explained from the point of view of the person.

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Like a palm tree / color variation / summer with you

"Like a palm tree / color variation / summer with you(Like a palm / color variation / Natsu with you)KetsumeishiThe firstSingle.


As a single, it will be the first time in about 4 months since the previous work.

This work is the group's first triple A-side single.

recorded music

  1. Like a palm tree
  2. Color variations
  3. Summer with you


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