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🎁 | Two favorite burgers for 2 yen!Burger King's annual special campaign will start ~


Two favorite burgers for 2 yen!Burger King's annual special campaign will start ~

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In addition, you can enjoy it as a great set with French fries (M) and drink (M) for an additional 300 yen.

From March 2021th to 3th, 12 at each hamburger chain "Burger King" store, you can freely choose your favorite 25 products ... → Continue reading

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    French fries

    French fries(British: chips, American: french fries)potatoCut into a size that is easy to eatoilDeep friedIt wasCuisineIs[1].French friesOrPotato friesSometimes called, but bothJapanglishIs[1].


    generally regarded as the birthplace ofBelgiumThen.Staple foodIt is treated as a product and is consumed in large quantities.UNESCO the whole country for its own Fritz (French fries)world Cultural HeritageThe more you apply for registration, the more food is rooted in Belgian daily life.[2]..In Belgium, there are "Fritz shops" (Fritz fried shops, Fritz stands) all over the city, and people buy "Fried" in kilograms (kg) for their families at the nearby "Fritz shop" and take them home. It is consumed in large quantities by making it a staple food or frying it in an electric fryer that is always available at home.

    in recent yearsFrozen foodspread all over the world,SupermarketBelgian products andAmericaFrench fries such as production are lined up.They are cooked and eaten at home.Fast foodAlong with the global expansion of chains, French fries are becoming popular all over the world.

    The number of people who like French fries is increasing in each country, and they are becoming more frequent.However, nutritionally speaking, the ratio of fat and sugar is high, which is not very good for health, and it is classified as "junk food".There are also data that contain acrylamide and are strongly suspected to be associated with carcinogenicity.


    BelgiumBelgium is said to be the birthplace of French fries.17st century,NamurIt is said that the origin of the potatoes was fried and eaten by the inhabitants who were troubled by poor fishing.And in BelgiumBruges(Bruge)(English editionThere is.

    On the other hand, on August 2018, 8FranceNewspaperFigaro"But19st centuryEarlyParisPosting an interview with a researcher who claims that Flit appeared in[3].


    In BelgiumFritzcalled (Frietjes)[1]..France((English edition(Including areas, etc.), on a daily basis, simplyFrit(French: fried}[1], As an academic expressionPom (de tail) frit(French: pommes [de terre] frites).

    American EnglishFrench fries(French fries)[1]Or,French fries potatoescalled (French-fried potatoes)[Note 1].British EnglishThen.Chipscalled (chips)[1]. NetherlandsNow, let ’s take the potatoes that have been powdered and fried.Las PatatoCalled (Raspatat).

    Still moreEnglish-speaking countriesSo I don't call this food "Fried potato".French friesLastJapanglishIs.It's not a grammatical mistake, so even in English-speaking countries, the general meaning can be conveyed.However, in English-speaking countries, French fries refers to all fried potatoes.CrispsAlsoHash brownsIs also included in this, so it is not synonymous.

    Ingredients / cooking

    Material and cut shape

    the material ispotatois.In countries where potato production is thriving, domestic potatoes are mainly used.In countries where potato production is not active, ingredients are imported from, for example, the United States and Belgium.

    JapanThen for French friesNorth Americaand Belgium processed for French fries are imported and used in large quantities,HokkaidoSome shops use potatoes produced inIn Japan, the import of raw potatoes is restricted due to quarantine, so the french fries made from imported potatoes are either locally processed and frozen, or powdered and made into long and thin pieces in Japan. be.For example, JapanMcDonald'sIs sold atMac friesThe raw material ofCanadaIt is loaded into containers at the port of , and transported to Japan.JapaneseFreshness BurgerThe potato material is from Hokkaido.

    As a cutting method, there are a straight straight cut (especially a thin one is a shoe string cut), a wavy crinkle cut, a natural cut with a skin, and a ring-shaped spiral cut.In some cases, once powdered, it is reshaped into these shapes and commercialized.


    The most common way to fry isDeep-friedIs.ExceptionallyBread crumbsThere is also an example of sprinkling and frying.

    for fryingoilvary.The base is vegetable oil.UmamiFor the purpose of attachingHetThere are also shops that use this to fry.Oil for frying potatoes for home use may also be sold.

    Authentic Belgian homes are electricFlyerare kept in high proportion.In Japan, it's like a rice cooker.In other countries, cooking utensils that can easily fry potatoes with oil are also being sold little by little.

    How to eat each country and how to provide hamburger chains

    French fries are a dish originally originated by the inhabitants of Namur, Belgium, from potatoes cut into strips and fried in a hett.[4]..Also, since it is treated as a staple food in Belgium, I will introduce it in order from Belgium.


    It is treated as a staple food in Belgium.Garnish with foodBreadFritz rather than normal.Fritz stand stands on the street corner, and for BelgiansStaple foodIt looks likeIn Belgium, it is common to eat French fries with some kind of sauce, and it is widely doneketchupmustardIs to put on[5]..Other interesting sauces for Fritz include Sauce Andalus, Samurai Sauce, and Jopi Sauce.Source Andalous (fr: Sauce and alouse) Ismayonnaiseand tomato paste and peppers (PimientoOrgreen pepperKind)[6]..Samurai sauce (fr: sauce samour aï) to mayonnaiseHarissaand oil andLemonSpicy sauce with soup.Jopi Sauce (en: Joppiesaus) Is mayonnaise and eggs,Onions,pickles,spices, with curry powder added.In Belgium, the most traditional sauce for frites is mayonnaise.[5].


    FranceThen.beef steakThe combination of fritto and frites is a common way to eat, and even in the common dining halls in the city,Restaurantsis also provided.proteincarbohydrateIt is a combination that balances such things (in Japan, it is a combination of sensations like "rice and grilled fish").


    NetherlandsPotatoes are basically eaten in daily life such as midnight snacks and lunches.I actually buy potatoes at the store, but like in Japan, I don't use oil.A frying panThere are fryers that fry potatoes without messing them up.

    United Kingdom

    United KingdomNow, let ’s fried potatoes that have been chopped together with the skin.(English editionCalled.The origin of the name is "Wedgetype.again,Chip buttyOf french fries calledsandwichis loved by men and women of all ages.French fries are a favorite accompaniment to many dishes in England.Fried white fishAnd assorted french fries "Fish and chips"Is a very common dish.further,Indian cuisineShops andChinese cuisineEven in storesnaan,Cooked riceSome people order instead of.


    In American restaurantsHamburgerFrench fries are served as a garnish for sandwiches.This style has been passed down to fast food restaurants that mainly serve hamburgers, and it is common to have set menus that combine burgers, drinks, and french fries.The potatoes, which are the ingredients for French fries in these stores, are of special large varieties.

    Provision form of hamburger chain

    fast foodchainMost hamburger stores in Japan are served in special paper containers called "potato cartons".

    Ketchup (and mayonnaise-based sauce) are often provided for seasoning.

    Some fast food chains areseasoningThere are times when customers can put it in a paper bag containing french fries, shake it, season it, and eat it, and there are times when various flavors are available.

    Health effects

    High in sugar and fat,calorieIs highJunk FoodIs.From the cooking method of frying in oil, depending on the fat and oil usedTrans fatty acidsIs also included.Also added for seasoningSalt Thehigh blood pressure,Gastric cancerRelated to.For this reason, some fast food restaurants do not fry but cut potatoes into strips.ovenBaked inBaked potatoesWe provide a service that providesEven if the French fries of the fast food store are left for two and a half monthsMoldThere is an idea that it does not grow, and depending on the product, it is used as a food additive at the stage of freezing.DiphosphateSodium is added, in which case gradually in a boiled stateHydrolysisDoneOrthophenylphenolIs presented as a basis[8].

    Acrylamide content and its carcinogenicity

    who It is a subordinate organization of (WHO)International Cancer Research Institute (IARC) is abundant in french friesAcrylamideIs evaluated as "a substance that is probably carcinogenic to humans" (Group 2A).this isCarcinogenicSecond from the highest risk in the classification of substances,Grilled fishExists in the charredBenzpyrenIs the same rank as[9][10].

    this is,Animal experimentationFrom the result ofHuman capitalAlthough it is speculated that it is carcinogenic in human cells, neither the actual carcinogenesis in human cells has been confirmed, nor the epidemiological findings that the higher the intake of acrylamide, the higher the carcinogenic tendency. It can be said that this is the stage.However, in 2007 NetherlandsEpidemiological studies in Japan show that the incidence of some cancers is statistically significantly higher in the group with high intake of acrylamide from food.[11].

    Acrylamide is industrially used as a raw material for synthetic resins and chemical fibers, and its carcinogenicity in animals has been known for a relatively long time.But in 2002SwedenThe governmentStockholm UniversityIn a study conducted in collaboration withcarbohydrateContains a lotpotatoIt was announced that a large amount of acrylamide was produced by baking or frying such substances at a high temperature, and it was surprisingly reported that similar substances exist in common foods.

    In fact, subsequent analyzes by research institutes in various countries have shown that acrylamide is contained in potato chips and French fries.National Institutes of Healthanalysis also confirmed the presence of 1-512 μg/kg of French fries.On the other hand, it has also been clarified that similar potatoes are difficult to produce by boiling.

    2010 yearsFAO / WHO Joint Food Additives Expert Meeting(JECFA) recommends continuing reasonable efforts to reduce the amount of acrylamide in food.


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    注 釈

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