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🎣 | "A little fishing dandy" A battle between three people over Nagiko "Asami Usuda" broke out "I like this battle without him"

Photo "Choi Fishing Dandy" (C) Aki Ranta (Akita Shoten) 2019 / (C) "Choi Fishing Dandy" Production Committee 2022

"Choi Fishing Dandy" Nagiko "Asami Usuda" battle breaks out "I like this battle without him"

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After that, Nagiko also comes to the store when the three are having a party at Itsuki's small restaurant.

The 10th episode of the drama "Choi Tsuri Dandy" (BS TV Tokyo) starring Asami Usuda was broadcast on the XNUMXth.This work… → Continue reading

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