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👩‍🎤 | Akari Yoshida [Event Report] A birthday event that delivered 6 notifications with gratitude "Having a good time ...

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Akari Yoshida [Event Report] A birthday event that delivered 6 notifications with gratitude "Having a good time...

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Prior to the release, we will introduce autumn items such as shoulder knits, dresses, down jackets with removable sleeves, skirts, etc. while showing the actual items on stage.

Model Akari Yoshida, who celebrated her 16th birthday on the 26th of this month, will perform at COOL JAPAN in Osaka on Thursday, August 8th. → Continue reading


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off-the-shoulder knit

    Down jacket

    Down jacket(British: down jacket ) Means down feather (English:down feather .Featherhair,羽毛,JapaneseA jacket that uses down) as a padding, that is, clothing worn on the upper body.Winter clothesKind of.


    A jacket (upper body clothing) with down feathers inside.Down feathers contain a lot of air as if they were in the air, and have high heat insulation and heat retention performance.SweatIt also has the function of absorbing and releasing, and has excellent properties as winter clothes.It also has the characteristic of being extremely lightweight (one-tenth lighter than the usual "feather" (that is, not a down feather, just a "feather")).

    The material of the outer cloth varies.Currently, the most commonNylon,polyesterSuch asSynthetic fiberIt's a very thin cloth, but before thatcotton(Cotton)Blended spinningThere was a time when a lot of fabrics of a certain thickness were used (even now, it is rare).Also quite exceptional, but dare to the outer materialleather(leather) Is used (in this case, it becomes considerably heavy, the lightweight nature of the down jacket is lost, and it is extremely difficult to maintain).

    The amount of down that can be packed and the silhouette of the jacket (difference between slender and thick) vary.ChomolammaTakayamaClimbingThe ones used for use are packed with a large amount of down and have a very "thick" shape, while the ones used in low mountains have a little less down and are slightly thinner, and more.TemperateThe types called "light down jackets" and "ultra light down jackets" for local people to use for street wear are made quite thin.

    In addition, down jackets are not down jackets that do not use down feathers for stuffing and only look like down jackets."Down jacket" is never displayed on the product certificate of the store.This is because it deceives consumers and violates the law.A small part of the general public may call it a "down jacket" without checking the display because it is confused by the overall shape, but this is just a mistake.

    Washing method

    Check the tag, and if it has a "washing machine mark" or "hand wash mark", you can wash it at home. [1]..If you wash it at home, it's much cheaper than sending it out for cleaning.[1]..The detergent for washing isOnline shopping OfWebsiteIf you search for keywords such as "down detergent", you will find "down jacket only" and "knit / down combined", and if similar detergents are sold at drug stores, supermarkets, home improvement stores, etc. There is also.The basic (best way) to wash down jackets is "hand washing"[1], Put "warm water" on the washing tub and washbasin[1], "Gently, gently" Press to wash[1]The second time, to remove the detergent, pour lukewarm water and wash the detergent.[1], (Dehydration should never be twisted and squeezed by hand) Press a towel etc. to gently remove the water.[1], Dry in the shade or dry indoors[1]..It is important to prevent the down from being biased, so loosen and dry the down so that it does not dry out while it is solidified.[1].

    Washing the down jacket in the washing machine is much more difficult than "hand washing", it must be a washing machine with a "hand wash" mode in the first place, and the down jacket will float in the water, so push it with your own hands. Must be submerged (hard) in the washing machine water, washed in "hand wash" mode, and dehydration must be kept within 1 minute[1]..When washing in a washing machine, it is of the same importance to loosen and dry the down so that it is not biased.[1].

    If the outer cloth is cotton, it may shrink, so be careful.Leather on the outside is quite difficult to wash.


    Eddie bowerIn 1936 his hobbyfishingDeveloped as winter clothes for.

    Precautions / issues, etc.

    People with bird allergies may develop bird-related hypersensitivity pneumonitis

    (I.e.For feathers and excrementantibodyIf you have a bird relatedHypersensitivity pneumoniaMay develop[2][3]..しかし、自身が鳥関連過敏性の体質であることに気がつかないまま重症化し、「特発性However, he became severe without noticing that he was a bird-related hypersensitivity constitution, and became "idiopathic."Interstitial pneumoniaAnd "idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis" have been diagnosed, but effective treatment has not been possible and cases of chronic hypersensitivity pneumonitis have been reported.[4][5][6].

    The same allergy-related pneumonia problemDuvetIt also happens when you use it or put it in the room.

    Selection considering the difference in down collection method and stress on birds

    There are two methods for collecting down feathers: "machine pick", in which down is collected by machine after slaughtering edible birds, and "live hand plucking", in which down feathers are collected while the birds are still alive.

    The exact proportion of live hand plucking and machine picks is unknown, but while there are reports that live hand plucking accounts for less than 1% of the total, a documentary on the live hand plucking issue reported on the 2009 Swedish television show CBS5.[7]Reports that the proportion of live hand plucking may be 50-80% of aggregate supply.

    When live hand plucking is performed, the first live hand pick is usually performed when the bird is about 12 weeks old, and the bird's wings and neck are pinched between the legs and fixed, and the chest to abdomen down is collected.After 6 to 7 weeks, the feathers will grow again, and the next live hand plucking will be performed, followed by the 6rd live hand plucking in the 7 to 3 weeks, and repeated live hand plucking.[8].

    Birds during live hand pluckingBlood glucose levelHas been reported to double[9].. (That is, it is strong against birdsstressIs on)

    Video of down production site in Hungary[10]And the video of the down production site in China[11]Then, the feathers were plucked and the torn body was sewn with a needle and thread without anesthesia, and the state of crouching on the ground after being plucked was photographed, and such a situation became clear. from,PatagoniaThe company announced that all of its down products from the fall of 2014 will be free of live hand picking.[12]. AlsoH&MAlso announced that it will make similar choices in consideration of animal welfare.[13].



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