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📱 | "Serious aging" behind the holding of mobile smartphone classes The aim is to eliminate the information gap Ishikari City, Hokkaido


``Serious aging'' behind mobile smartphone class The aim is to eliminate the information gap Ishikari City, Hokkaido

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I also learned how to use the map app.

Smartphones are used by many people, but there is a classroom in Ishikari, Hokkaido that teaches you how to use them in a slightly different way. → Continue reading

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    Map app

    Map appWhat is (Chiz app)?NTT DoCoMoNavigation i-appli for mobile phones andAndroidNavigation app for, provided byZenrin Datacom.


    The map app isGPSAn i-appli that enables highly accurate navigation guidance by linking with (Navigation guidance is possible even while you are on the train).It also supports a full-wide VGA screen at major intersections.3D mapCan be displayed with.The app is almost pre-installed on NTT DoCoMo 905i and later models.

    As a function, in addition to route search, it supports maps and station transfer guidance.

    201010/29The name has been changed to Docomo Map Navi, and it has become a comprehensive map service that enables map linkage on PC sites and browsers on iMenu.As shown in the photo, a mobile phone that supports a touch panel can intuitively operate the map with the touch panel.

    2011From 2 monthDocomo smartphoneThe trial version of the version has started,Docomo marketIt will be more downloadable (For models before 904i, you need to download the paid version application).Official service started in November of the same year,Docomo tabletAt the same time, a "local guide app" that introduces recommended spots in 47 prefectures was also provided.



    • See your current location- GPS,base stationYou can check your current location using information.It is also possible to send the current location by e-mail.
    • Search --There are many search methods, and you can enter in the search bar.Address-Zip Code-Phone Number・ Various condition searches such as genre / free word and gourmet search / facility search from specific conditions can be performed.In addition, with the voice input function, you can input by voice without manually inputting the address, and you can also search for multiple conditions "Shibuya Coffee Shop" (place name + genre).
    • Registration / History Search-Search for registered points, previously searched points, and points that have actually been moved.
    • Footprints- SD cardBy setting to leave footprints in etc.computerYou can check the footprints with such.
    • 3D panorama- subwayExits and intersections3DYou can rotate the image 360 ​​degrees by displaying it with.
    • Map display of underground mall area
    Map mode
    Various map modes are available.
    • Intuitive map mode- AccelerometerYou can use to scroll your phone in the tilted direction.
    • Elevation map mode-Displays the altitude of your current location and any location.
    • User Map-Shows where your friends have searched, and where your friends are.
    • Road mode
    • Railroad mode
    • Administrative world emphasis mode
    • Night mode
    • Auto GPS- Auto GPSIf you turn on, GPS can be measured at regular intervals and you can receive information about your current location via message R, etc., even if the app is not running.

    Map talk

    Map talk is on a map with friendsチ ャ ッ トFunction that can be done.By displaying the whereabouts of yourself and the other party at the same time on the map application, you can use it when you are at a meeting place or when you are on the move.


    car navigation, Pedestrian navigation guidance.By selecting multiple means of transportation (car only, other vehicles, walking), you can search according to the situation.In addition, when searching by car, the road type (highwayIt can be narrowed down by (wired, general road wired, etc.)VICS(Traffic jam) Information can also be obtained.


    Navigation of movement using trains, etc.It supports not only time search but also route display and departure alarm.In addition, the timetable of the station is displayed.

    Disaster mode

    This mode is used in the event of a disaster, and you can see the map even in an environment where the radio waves of mobile phones cannot be reached.To use the mode, download the map data to the app in advance and search for evacuation sites on the map.Up to two map data can be loaded, and it is used for home use, near the office, and for school.In addition to the map function, it also has a disaster message board function and a person search function.


    • 201010/29 --Started docomo map navigation service.
    • 20112/4 --The trial version of the doCoMo smartphone version is now available.
    • 201111/18 --DoCoMo smartphone / doCoMo tablet version official service started and local guide app started to be provided.

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