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👩‍🎤 | NMB48, the new song title is "Sukida Mushi" cover photo release release date postponed to September 21st

Photo NMB48 new artist photo (C) NMB48

NMB48, new song title is "Sukida Mushi" jacket photo released, release date postponed to September 21st

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Chihiro Kawakami, who has been a member for 10 years, will serve as the center for the first time.

On the 48th, NMB18 lifted the ban on the 27th single "Sukidamushi" (read: Sukidamushi).Furthermore art … → Continue reading

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    10st year of joining

    Chihiro Kawakami

    Chihiro Kawakami(Chihiro Kawakami,1/27[2] –) IsJapan OfFemaleVoice actor,Illustrator.SaitamaBackground[2].Spacecraft AgencyAffiliation[4].


    I started thinking about voice acting when I was in high school. After I introduced myself on the day of the entrance ceremony, a girl in the same class who liked voice acting said to me, "Your voice is unique, so you should become a voice actor." It was triggered by the fact that he gave me[5].

    Since both of my parents were working, it was customary for me to watch anime by myself in the evenings, except when I went to school or lessons.[5].

    His special skills are oil painting and illustration, and he is qualified to teach art at junior and senior high schools.She is a beautiful girl illustration magazine "E ☆ 2”, I am in charge of the illustrations in my column serialized in ”, and the drama CD “Animate Mae!Tensei no Miko Drama CD -Tataritamae!? Nanase Shikimiya's Challenge! -], she contributed illustrations of Harara Narukami, which she was in charge of.

    2010From October2015Until DecemberProduct baobabTo2016From October2018Until DecemberobjectBelonged to[3][6].. From July 2019Spacecraft Agency(formerly Spacecraft Entertainment)[7].


    TaiziIs the main character.

    Television Animation

    • NEW GAME!(2016-2017, Miu <Yun's sister>, waitress, programmer, clerk)-2 series
    • Bloodivores(Wang Fong)

    Theater animation


    • Last Summoner (Kokoro <Soji Okita>, Elisabeth <Vlad Tepes>, Mona Liz <Leonardo da Vinci>, Shinobu <Hanzo Hattori>, Miu <Mitsuhide Akechi>, Ramian <Lakshmi Bai>)
    • Data Carddass Aikatsu!2015 Series 4-6 (Madoka Amaha)
    • Aikatsu! My No.1 Stage! (Madoka Amaha)
    • Alter Record Adjustment (Zenki)
    • Terrier Saga (Pantaro, Bailey)
    • GANBIT (Catapult Frog Swordsman)
    • Engage Princess (Luisa)
    • Brown Dust (Lucretia/Cynthia)
    • Altair NEO (Bannet, Weissvogel, Ernate, Akane, Dear Cattleya, Skanika, etc.)
    • Data Carddas Aikatsu On Parade! (Madoka Amaha)
    • Big Bad Monsters (Akkina[10])
    • Food fantasy (Chinese seaweed, sea urchin, undead bread)

    App or Application or Sakurabook App

    • Aikatsu!Talking LINE stamp (Madoka Amaha)

    Drama CD

    • Terra Musumeya voice drama (Many roles in reading drama/main personality/illustration)
    • Doomsday Ayane (Megumi Kashiba)
    • Thank you! (Harara Narukami)
    • A little cute Iron Maiden (Chisato Murakami)
    • Eternal Euphoria Tears of Destiny (Foodless Tao)
    • Aikatsu!Music Award Recorded Original Drama CD (Madoka Amaha)
    • The Other Side of the Last Boss ~The Strongest Hidden Boss = I Reincarnated as an Evil God, But Since No One Has Come for 1000 Years, I Decided to Go to School~ (Iris)
    • Don't forget! "Chairman of the Raijin Committee, Harara, Youkai Discipline! (Harara Narukami)
    • Eternal Shinken・Chapter 3 Eternal Euphoria High-Resolution Content BOOKvol.1 (Tao of Gluttony)
    • TV Anime/Data Carddass "Aikatsu!" & "Aikatsu Stars!" Special Drama CD (Madoka Amaha)
    • TV "NEW GAME!!" Drama CD Volume 1 (Miu)
    • Somebody please explain this situation!(Woman B[11], Dahlia)
    • On the sixth lap of the otome game, the auto mode has expired. (Maria Bell[11])




    Voice over

    • Ground Zero Known Field Verification (Rosemary Kane, Liz Rosato, Elaine Merl Cash, Hadi Markeson)
    • Miracle on Stairs B - Survival from 9.11 - (Josephine Harris, Christine, Kathleen, Judy Jonas)

    Digital comic

    • [18-year-old election] Motion manga Is light glue not good? (2016,Asuka)
    • Com!cFesta Anime Zone 1 second to kiss. (2017,Moegi Sawano[13])
    • WEBvoicecomic Pureppa! (Marimo Seto, 2018)
    • Renta! "You should be drunk with sake and love" (Matsuko Fujii, 2020)
    • Renta! "I don't want to call a young lady in love daddy" (2020, Karen Sakaki)


    • Voice Actor Grand Prix V (program CM narration)
    • Voice Actor Grand Prix Channel CM (program CM narration)
    • Voice actor Grand Prix channel (program narration)
    • It's the case when you're snapping! (Program narration from November 2013)
    • Mitsukoshi Isetan mail order catalog ("I'm I'm summer" TV commercial narration, "I'm I'm winter" TV commercial narration)
    • Poketele Ueno Royal Museum (Narration in VTR)
    • Nico Live Voice Actor Grand Prix Channel (program narration)
    • DVD Ichiman Osaki and Hiroshi Young tried to do something funny with Orijutsu & Guide writers! (Program narration)
    • This alone will make it in time English conversation CD-BOOK (narrated by a female clerk)
    • Ichiman Osaki and Hiroshi Young tried to do something funny even as a writer of Slojutsu & Slogai! Program narration (DVD)
    • N-star "N-star-chan" CV CM narration
    • Comic Renta! WEB CM Narration


    * IsInternet distribution.

    • Hisako Kanemoto's Terra Musumeya ~teller girl's house~ (2013-2014, Voice Actor Grand Prix Channel*) Assistant
    • Hisako Kanemoto/Chihiro Kawakami's Terra Musumeya ~teller girl's house~ (2014, Voice Actor Grand Prix Channel*, 2015 -, Terra Musumeya Channel*)
    • Chihiro Kawakami's Terra Musume Chaya ~ teller girl's cafe ~ (2015 -, Terra Musume Channel*)
    • Chihiro Kawakami's StoryJukeBox (2015 -,Animate TV*)

    Radio Drama

    TV program


    • 2nd Light Literary Newcomer Award Ariane Rose Category Award Ceremony (Character celebration comment for each work heroine CV)
    • NicoCado Festival "Puni-chan Sensei Net Signing Event" MC

    stage play/reading drama

    • WitchRooR Swing Riding Saint-Exupéry (December 2014, 12-December 3, 2014) (role of tears of love/sea of ​​tears/illustration in the play, stage art)
    • Yumekatsu Reading Drama "A Midsummer Night's Dream" (July 2017-7, 15) (Hermia, Fairy King Oberon)
    • School-wide reading (December 2017, 12) (appearance / illustration in the play) and many others
    • Chihiro Kawakami's Solo Recital Drama Starry Project vol.1 "Libra☆Scorpio" ï¼ Perfoming Gallary&Cafe (January 2018-1, 6) (starring, singing/illustration in the play, stage design) and many others
    • Program joint event "Voice Garage Theater Vol.1 ~Reading Drama~" @ (April 2018, 4)
    • "Misato Autumn Reading Festival 2018" hosted by Misato City, Saitama Prefecture (October 2018, 10)

    イ ラ ス ト

    • Voice actor reading variety radio "Hisako Kanemoto and Chihiro Kawakami's Teller Girl's House ~teller girl's house~"
    • Voice Actor Reading Variety Radio "Chihiro Kawakami's Terra Musume Chaya ~teller girl's cafe~"
    • WitchRooR Saint-Exupéry on the swing
    • Tsukineko to Lute 2nd Mini Album [Ray of Circle][15]
    • Beautiful girl illustration magazine "E ☆ 2] (Radio SJB interlocking project column & illustration 2016-serialized)
    • Drama CD "Animate!Tensei no Miko Drama CD -Tataritamae!? Nanase Shikimiya's Challenge! -” Appendix Booklet Contribution
    • Voice actor reading variety radio "Hisako Kanemoto and Chihiro Kawakami's Terra Musumeya ~ teller girl's house ~" official LINE stamp released in May 2018

    Other contents

    • Aikatsu! LIVE Illusion ~3 Big Teams!Dream Match♪~(Madoka Amaha)
    • Smart Comic "pastel family” Promotional movie (singing the image song)
    • Kodansha "Friends ♡ Pink 'Himitsu no Pompom-chan'" (Pompom<Apple>)
    • Chokme! (February 2016, 2-)
    • "Aikatsu!" LINE stamp 2nd Aikatsu!Talking Sticker (Madoka Amaha)
    • Da Vinci News "Voice Actor Encyclopedia" August 2016, 8
    • Kodansha "Friends ♡ Pink" January Special Edition "Himitsu no Pompom-chan" Special Movie DVD Pompom (Pompom (apple))
    • "El Boom SS Scenario Award" (in charge of reading)
    • Audio dramaFifth Escort Group Fighting Eri -Women's Club- (From the movie "Aircraft Carrier Ibuki")(2019, Takao Kondo[16])


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