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👍 | Air conditioner outlet, too dangerous "connection" doubts the eyes It's not strange that there are dead people ...


Outlet of air conditioner, too dangerous "connection" makes people doubt their eyes.

If you write the contents roughly
Although it is a basic topic, when we confirmed the role of the "outdoor unit", a mass retailer air conditioner construction cat said, "Using a gas called" refrigerant It's a system that says," he explained politely.

[A terrible accident caused by an air conditioner is a hot topic.If you made one wrong move, you could have died.Temperatures are high across the country... → Continue reading


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    Mass retailer air conditioner construction cat

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      The outdoor unit

      The outdoor unit(Shitsugaiki) is equipment that is placed outside the space among the equipment that has some effect on the space.Generally, it refers to a unit installed outdoors as a set with an indoor unit.

      In this sectionAir conditionThe machine installed with is described.


      • An integrated window air conditioner with an integrated indoor unit and outdoor unit can be used indoors.noise,vibrationIs big.The outdoor unit is made for the purpose of arranging the machine body outdoors and driving noise and vibration out of the room.Especially in Japan, an outdoor unit was used in consideration of the indoor environment.Air conditioning equipmentIs widespread.


      • The outdoor unitcoolingPlay the role of.Small outdoor units for home useFansUsedAir coolingMost of them are large outdoor units installed outdoors.Water coolingThere are also things.
      • For small outdoor unitsRefrigerant(FreonEtc.) are circulated between the indoor unit and the outdoor unitcompressorIs built in.
      • the 1990sWith the advent of more rotary compressors, miniaturization is progressing, and the degree of freedom of installation location is increasing.
      • The disadvantage of using an outdoor unit depends on the length of the duct to be connected.heatLoss, problem of outdoor unit installation location due to increased space required for machine decentralization,バルコニー,rooftopTo concentrate onAestheticThe above problem, exhaust and noise are directed to adjacent rooms and passersbyEnvironmentThe above problems can be mentioned.

      Connection with indoor unit

      An air conditioner (indoor unit) is a set of twoRefrigerantPiping(Copper pipe) And for controlElectrical wireConnected through.The place where the pipe is passed to the outdoor unit is called the cooler sleeve.[1].


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      外部 リンク


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