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👩‍🎤 | Sakurazaka46 Yui Kobayashi, pre-cut release from the 2nd photo book Mischievous smile with navel-out look

Photo Sakurazaka 46 Yui Kobayashi Photo: Fumiko Shibata / Yui Kobayashi 2nd photo book "Title undecided" Kodansha with business department

Sakurazaka46's Yui Kobayashi reveals a pre-cut from her 2nd photobook Mischievous smile with navel exposed look

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In addition, now that she's grown up, she wears delicate lingerie and swimsuits that she can wear, showing off her rounded and constricted "goddess hourglass body".

Sakurazaka46 Yui Kobayashi has released a new photo book from her 2nd photo book "Title Undecided" (released on October 10, Kodansha with Division)... → Continue reading

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