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🥾 | Satisfying beginners to advanced users The charm of the low mountain "Tansukedake" (Hinokage Town, Miyazaki Prefecture) with a spectacular view


Satisfying Beginners to Advanced Levels The Attractiveness of Tansukedake (Hinokage Town, Miyazaki Prefecture), a Low Mountain with a Spectacular View

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(Ms. Yumiko Takeda, Japan Alpine Club Miyazaki Branch)
"I've only climbed a little bit, but I think it's a mountain that's packed with fun.

"Kore Check!", which focuses on people, things, and events in Miyazaki Prefecture on MRT TV "Check!" → Continue reading

 MRT Miyazaki Broadcasting

This is a news account of "MRT Miyazaki Broadcasting" (JNN series) in Miyazaki Prefecture.We will tell you the latest information on Miyazaki.

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    (Ms. Yumiko Takeda, Miyazaki Branch of Japan Alpine Club)

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