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🥾 | Rescue a chronic disease or man while descending Mt. Fuji Transported by bulldozer


Rescue a man with a chronic disease while descending Mt. Fuji Transported by bulldozer

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About two hours ago, the rescue team was in the process of rescuing a woman in her 2s who had become unwell near the summit.

A man descending from Mt. Fuji complained that he had lost his sight, and the mountain rescue team rescued him. 16 am on the 8th... → Continue reading

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    in rescue operation

    Search and rescue

    Search and rescue(Sosakukyu,English: Search and Rescue: ) Is to search for and rescue someone in crisis.[1].


    The world's first search and rescue1656Dutch merchant ships in Vergulde draeck AustraliaI started stranded at[2].

    Search and rescue types

    Mountain rescue

    Mountain rescueWill conduct search and rescue operations specialized in mountainous areas, deserts and forests.

    In Japan, mainlyFire OfMountain rescue team,Policemen OfMountain guard, Local mountain associations and private rescue teams perform mountain rescue missions. In addition, if these rescue teams are difficult to rescue,Double distressFor example, if you need aircraft rescue,Japan Air Self-Defense Force OfRescue team(Air rescue team)ButDisaster dispatchDispatched upon request.

    Search and rescue in the city

    disasterIf such a situation occurs, search and rescue will be carried out even in urban areas. For general situationsPolicemen,FireOrganization (mainly in JapanFire OfSpecial rescue team,Special Advanced Rescue TeamThe so-called rescue team will deal with it, but in the event of a large-scale disaster軍隊May be input (in Japan,SDF OfDisaster dispatchIs equivalent to this).

    Search and rescue in battle

    Combat search and rescue(English: Combat Search and Rescue: CSAR) Is to search for and rescue the crew of an aircraft that crash-landed on the front line or within the enemy's power range during the war.For example, in the case of the U.S. Air Force, this mission usually involves specialized combat rescue personnel (Para Jumper PJ) who have medical and airborne qualifications and are also selected and trained to the same level as special forces personnel. It will be devoted.This is to deal with the situation where the time is competing for the rescue regardless of the weather, terrain, day and night.Also, depending on the situation, special forces members are often assigned to this role or support.It is required to rescue the crew members who landed in a crash landing before the enemy's search, and there are situations in which the operation engages with the enemy who blocks the rescue.However, in most cases, due to the rules of engagement, fighting is avoided as much as possible, and the use of force is limited to cases where self-defense and rescue activities are unavoidable.

    Perform a combat search and rescue missionaircraftTohelicopterIs mainly used, but it is common to receive support from various fixed-wing aircraft. Rescue helicopters are required to carry out their missions regardless of the weather and terrain day and night, so they are equipped with night-vision night-vision equipment, infrared detection equipment, terrain-following radar, etc. to enhance their flight ability at night and at low altitude. Besides,Aerial refuelingSome have abilities.

    in JapanJapan Air Self-Defense Force OfAir rescue teamRescue teamHas that role. The Air Self-Defense Force air rescuers are properly trained but not at the US Air Force PJ level.

    From 2019 monthJMSDFHowever, the selection of the Air Rescue Team has started the training of combat rescue workers, and the organization of the rescue team will be reorganized in the near future.

    The main western aircraft used or used for combat search and rescue are:

    Water rescue

    Water rescueOr, What is Kukai Rescue (ASR)?Marine accidentIt is to rescue a person on the water who encounters such as.

    In Japan, civilian aircraft rescueMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismTokyo Airport OfficeMainly at the request of the chiefJapan Air Self-Defense ForceAir rescue teamRescue teamHas been dispatched. Also, at sea levelJapan Coast GuardThe plains, mountains and rivers areWater rescue teamThe coastal and harbor areas are handled by the Japan Coast Guard, police and fire departments. If these agencies are difficult to handle or requested,Disaster dispatchThe Air Self-Defense Force requestedJMSDFSearch and Rescue Forces in the United States also participate in the rescue operation. Also, if there is an urgent need or the request of the prefectural governor,SDFTroops are deployed.


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