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👩‍🎤 | Tenshimeshi ໒꒱, 1st single "Wagamama Parfait (provisional)" will be released!

Photo Tenshimeshi ໒꒱, 1st single "Wagamama Parfait (provisional)" will be released!

TENSHIMESHI ໒꒱ to release 1st single "Wagamama Parfait (provisional)"!

If you write the contents roughly
We live in an era where we can listen to songs on subscriptions and video sites, but above all, I'm happy to be able to leave behind our activities as a member of Tenshimeshi in the form of a CD.

Tenshimeshi ໒꒱ has announced that they will release their 10st single "Wagamama Parfait" on October 25th. → Continue reading


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Video sharing service

Video sharing service(How about today's service,British: video hosting services) IsインターネットupperserverPosted by an unspecified number of usersMovieIs a service that can be shared and viewed by an unspecified number of users.


the 1990s Ofマ ル チ メ デ ィ アインターネットAfter the boomBroadband connectionStarted to prepare2005AroundWeb 2.0There is a background behind the emergence of practical video sharing services in the movement called.

In 1997, when the Internet began to spread to the general public, the first video sharing site "shareyourworld.com" was opened.[1].. This site was a service that sells video shot by individuals on the web[2].

The initial video sharing is FTP (which uploads the video directly to the server.File Transfer Protocol) Was done by the application.

In the early 2000s, when video distribution services were scarce, WMP (Windows Media Player),RealPlayer,QuickTimeVideo viewing by the mainstream[2].. WMP is a technology that opens a WMP format video with a URL and plays it with Windows Media Player. However, this technology requires special software separately, and the reproducible environment is also limited. Since it was a troublesome standard that it could not be viewed directly on the browser, it gradually became unusable after the video distribution service such as YouTube started[3].

From 2003 to 2005,Metacafe(2003) and "pandora tv(October 2004), "Vimeo(October 2004), "google video(October 2005), "Dailymotion(October 2005), "tudou(October 2005), "56.com(October 2005), "YouTube(Video registration sites appeared in February 2005, registered as Domen in February 2, open to the public in May 2005). Other than the browserFlash PlayerInstallation is required,BlogIt was easy to link with SNS.

YouTube in December 2005Saturday Night LiveUnauthorized posting of "Lazy Sunday" aired in the site caught fire and became the top site in the English-speaking market, surpassing other video sharing sites[4][5].. The acquisition was completed by Google in November 2006, and in January 11, selection of video sharing site by YouTube strongest system started in the US market[6].

YouTube in March 2015[7]In April 2015FacebookBut, it supports 360 degree video.

August 2017 Short video sharing application 抖音 has released global version TikTok, November 8 TikTok ranked No. 2017 in Japan App Store free app ranking[8][9][10], December 2017 China's Chinese version of Nozomi ranked No. 12 in App Store Free App Ranking in China[11], January 2018 TikTok ranked #1 in App Store Free App Ranking in Thailand[8]October 2018 TikTok ranked No. 10 in the US App Store App Ranking[12], Q2018 1[13]Since 2019, TikTok has ranked No. 1 in the App Ranking on the App Store, overtaking Facebook, YouTube and Instagram for the fifth consecutive quarter[14].. Short video apps for mobile have appeared one after another under the influence of TikTok.


Japanese video-sharing sites have existed since at least 1998, but they haven't become popular due to server hardware capacity and line thinness, and one of them[15]Was forced to close due to continuous posting of obscene images without mosaics.

Early 2000s,ADSL"E-movie" (2001), a video distribution service that allows individuals to upload and publish videos for free due to the spread of[16][17]The appearance ofNapster(1999)Winny(2002) etc.File sharing softwareBecame fashionable.

In February 2006, the average number of visitors to YouTube from Japan exceeded 2 million, and the average usage time exceeded that of US users.[18]The video sharing boom on YouTube has begun.

Unauthorized posting of TV animation on YouTube sparked popularity.The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, Etc.[19],User generated contentThe eyes of copyright holders againstKadokawa,JASRACHave begun to take positive action[20].

From 2006 to 2007, a service (barrage video) that allows users to add comments on YouTube videos called a parasitic video site that uses the API function of video posting sites such as YouTubeNico Nico Douga (tentative)(In December 2006, in March 12, a video sharing service was introduced.[21]), a service that allows the poster to be subtitled on YouTube videosSubtitle .in'[22](January 2007), a video service with a function to continuously play YouTube like TV and a function to watch YouTube on TVRimo(February 2007) "DARAO" "CGM TV! DOGGAWii" "oreseg"[23]Mashup service etc. appeared one after another[24].

"Flip Clip" from 2005 to 2007[25]"Ameba Vision'[26],Watch Me! TV '[27],zooms'[28][29]Video sharing services from Japan have appeared one after another, but like the US market, it can not stand the wave by YouTube's strongest system, and it is the second place in the Japanese market in 2007.[30]of"Nico Nico DougaIs the extent to which it will continue.

Major video sharing services

Video sharing service
Service nameOperating company/ownerStart yearCountryLanguageVideo typeRemarks
pandora tvPANDORA TV CO., LTD2004Republic of Korea flag South KoreaKoreanThe world's first video sharing site that attaches ads to videos posted by users and provides unlimited storage space for users to upload.

Although it was the number one video service in the Korean market, it was during the enforcement period of the Korean Internet real name system and copyright strikeout system that came into effect in 1.YouTubeDeprived of the Korean market[31][32].

Changed the English and Japanese portal sites to YouTube video links due to the contraction of overseas business

July 2022 Suspended uploading for general users and changed to a service that only individual and corporate users who have signed a content linkage contract can upload

VimeoVimeo.com, Inc.

Vimeo, Inc

2004United States flag The United States of AmericaEnglishGeneral video

360 degree video

Video sharing service for professional video creators and corporations

500MB free uploads per week, 5GB total storage capacity account[33]

As infrastructureGoogle Cloud Platformuse[34](For corporationsAkamaiTogether)


Vivendi SE

2005French flag France18 languageGeneral video

360 degree video

In 2015VivendiBecame an umbrella company.
YouTubeGoogle LLC

Alphabet Inc.

2005United States flag The United States of America76 languageGeneral video

180 degree video

360 degree video

Short video

It became a subsidiary of Google in November 2006.
56.comSohu2005Flag of the People's Republic of China ChugokuChineseIn 2014, he became a Sohu umbrella and was integrated with Sohu.

The video posting function remains, but the video contents are those of 琜琐视觑

VeohFC2, Inc.2006United States flag The United States of AmericaEnglishStarted as video distribution software in 2005 and became a video sharing site in March 2006.

Became a member of FC2013 in 2

RuTubeGazprom-Media Holding


2006Russian flag RussiaRussian
YoukuAlibaba group2006Flag of the People's Republic of China ChugokuChineseBarrage videoBecame part of Alibaba Group in 2015.
Nico Nico DougaDWANGO Co., Ltd.


2006Japanese flag JapanJapaneseBarrage videoFounder of the barrage video site with comments on the screen

Initially, a parasitic video site that sends comments to videos such as YouTube

Video posting service in March 2007SMILE VIDEOWith the start of ", it will become a video sharing site[35].

XVideosWGCZ Holding2007 Czech RepublicAdult videos
xHamsterhammy media, ltd.2007Cyprus flag CyprusAdult videos

360 degree video

PornhubMG Freesites Ltd /Mindgeek2007Cyprus flag CyprusAdult videos

360 degree video

RedTubeMG Freesites Ltd /Mindgeek2007Cyprus flag CyprusAdult videos

360 degree video

FC2 videoFC2, Inc.2007United States flag The United States of America12 languageGeneral video

Adult videos

Also supports adult videos.

There are many users from Japan.

AcFunBeijing Ningbo Netting Technology Co., Ltd.

Beijing Express Technology Co., Ltd.

2007Flag of the People's Republic of China ChugokuChineseBarrage videoInitially a parasitic animation video site

Introduced the second barrage video on the Chinese site in 2008

2018 Became an umbrella company

IQIYIBeijing Aiqiyi Technology Co., Ltd.


2010Flag of the People's Republic of China ChugokuChineseBarrage video

360 degree video

Video distribution service mainly for professional contents that can post videos
Nice videoBaiduFlag of the People's Republic of China ChugokuChineseShort video
Degree smallBaiduFlag of the People's Republic of China ChugokuChineseShort video
bilibiliBilibili Inc.2010Flag of the People's Republic of China ChugokuChineseBarrage videoInitially parasitic video site
TentationTencent2011Flag of the People's Republic of China ChugokuChineseBarrage videoProfessional content main video distribution service
Sohu VideoSohuFlag of the People's Republic of China ChugokuChineseVideo distribution service mainly for professional contents, video posting function added in 2011
The cameraSaba Idea2011Iran flag (I.e.Persian languageNo. 1 video site in Iran market
RumbleRumble Inc.2013United States flag The United States of AmericaEnglish
Namasha2014Iran flag (I.e.Persian language
Dalfak2014Iran flag (I.e.Persian language
quick workerBeijing Express Technology Co., Ltd.

(Beijing Kuaishou Technology Co., Ltd.)

2014Flag of the People's Republic of China ChugokuChineseShort video2018 AcFun acquired
TamashaFarakav Holding2015Iran flag (I.e.Persian language
TikTok(Chinese sound)TikTok Pte. ltd.

TikTok Inc. TikTok Technology Ltd. ByteDance

2016Flag of the People's Republic of China Chugoku34 languageShort video
Watermelon (Xigua Video)Beijing Douyin Information Service Co., Ltd.


2017Flag of the People's Republic of China ChugokuBarrage video
Beautiful shotMeitu, Inc.Flag of the People's Republic of China ChugokuShort video
LikeeBIGO TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD./JOYY Inc.Singapore flag SingaporeShort video
BitChuteBit Chute Limited2017British flag United KingdomEnglishP2P-based decentralized video sharing service using BitTorrent technology
Veto.socialBritish flag United Kingdom
BrightonWebseed, LLCUnited States flag The United States of AmericaEnglish
UtreonUtreon Inc.2018United States flag The United States of America[36]
Story FireStoryFire, Inc.2017United States flag The United States of AmericaEnglish
OdyseeLBRY Inc.2020United States flag The United States of AmericaEnglishDecentralized video sharing service[37][36].
FacebookMeta Platforms Inc.United States flag The United States of America102 languageVideo posting function of SNS. It is summarized in Facebook Watch in Facebook.
InstagramInstagram, LLC

Meta Platforms Inc.

United States flag The United States of AmericaShort videoVideo posting function "Instagram Video" of the photo sharing application.
TwitterTwitter, Inc.United States flag The United States of AmericaShort videoVideo posting function of SNS.
NewgroundsUnited States flag The United States of AmericaEnglishThe animation is only anime content.
schooltub toUnited States flag The United States of AmericaEnglishK-12Video sharing service for
Full30United States flag The United States of AmericaVideo sharing service specializing in firearms
VK VideoV Kontakte LLC

VK Company МФ технологии

Russian flag Russia86 languageVideo posting function of SNS

Shareholders of МФ технологии are SOGAZ and Gazprom-Media Holding

ClassmatesООО ВК

VK Company МФ технологии

Russian flag RussiaVideo posting function of SNS
My WorldООО ВК

VK Company МФ технологии

Russian flag RussiaVideo posting function of SNS
kakao TVKakao Corp.Republic of Korea flag South KoreaKorean
Navi TVNAVER Corp.Republic of Korea flag South KoreaKoreanUploaded only by channel openers. Channel open for review
rediff.comRediff.Com India LtdIndian flag IndiaEnglishVideo posting function of news site
Mover.uzUzbekistan flag Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu
OgelleReddot Television Network LimitedNigerian flag Nigeria
SAPO VideosAltice EuropePortugal flag PortugalVideo posting function of portal site
Vbox7Net Info BulgariaBulgarian
Internet ArchiveUnited States flag The United States of America
Wikimedia CommonsUnited States flag The United States of America287 language
Hacosco costaHacosco Co., Ltd.2015Japanese flag Japan360 degree video360° panorama video sharing service
PeerTube2018World flags 世界P2P-based distributed video sharing service using WebTorrent technology[38].

Video sharing site creation software.

Ended video sharing service

Japan (end)


North America



  • Xtube (Cyprus) (2006-2020)
  • Tune.pk(Pakistan) (2007-2021)
  • Daum(Korea)-System provided to Lycos Clip[91].

Video hosting service for companies

Video hosting service for companies
Service nameOperating company/ownerYear establishedCountryRemarks
brightcoveBrightcove, Inc.United States flag The United States of AmericaFor large companies. in JapanTVerHas been adopted by
WistiaWistia Inc.2011United States flag The United States of AmericaThere is a monthly plan for professional distributors (if the number of videos exceeds 10,

Excess charges will be added). There is also a beginner version with three free videos.

kalturaKaltura Inc.United States flag The United States of America
vidyardBuildscale Inc.Canadian flag Canada
JW playerLongTail Ad Solutions, Inc.2005United States flag The United States of AmericaAn embedded video player used in early YouTube[98]
AlughaALUGHA GMBH2014German flag Germany
J-Stream Equipmedia[99]J streamJapanese flag Japan


According to various surveys, in Japan, video sharing services for young people and middle-aged people (20s to 40s)User generated contentI'm using it to see (UGC). Anime is also popular. On the other hand, the video distribution service is used by elderly people (fifties to sixties) to watch movies and TV programs.[100].. News videos are also popular in the middle-aged and older generation in the United States[101].

More than 6% of video sharing service users use at least once a week. About 1% of heavy users use every day, and half of them use less than 1 minutes each time.[102].. But one in four teens are heavy users[103].


Video sharing sites have many users and business opportunities.


Video sharing sitesViral marketingI know that it can be used for. "Mentos & Cola" is said to have had an advertising effect of $1000 million. This is equivalent to half of the annual advertising costs of the Mentos manufacturing company[104].

For the music industry, video-sharing sites are a commercial enemy because they forgot to buy CDs and downloadable music.[105].. However, since most people listen to music on YouTube, the music industry promotes it by creating an official channel on YouTube.

Partnership with video creators

Video sharing sites includeYouTuber,IQIYIVideo creators who have a partner contract with a video site and live on income from the video site (YouTube) (YouTuberThere are people called.

Support video creatorsMulti-channel network(MCN) Yes, MCN's Rightster (current:Brave Bison Group) AndUUUMIs publicly traded.

Copyright holder

YouTube monetizes illegal videos by posting without permission at the discretion of the copyright holder[106], There is a mechanism to distribute advertising revenue to copyright holders[107].

The Kadokawa Group has established an authorized badge system for video use, and has increased the number of video playback viewing and exhibitions. Advertising income also increased[108][109].


Operating a video sharing site requires costs such as function development, uploading, video storage that continues to expand, video playback, and copyright protection.

Alphabet Inc.Released YouTube advertising revenues of $2017 billion in 81, $2018 billion in 111, and $2019 billion in 151[110].. Since it does not disclose information on YouTube advertising profits or YouTube Premium, it is unclear whether YouTube achieved profitability. YouTube pays the music industry $30 billion annually[111].

Published by IACVimeoFor 2019's revenue of $1, the operating loss was $9601 million.

Upside down mergerThe first video sharing site in ChinaNASDAQListed onTerrible 6 net(Ku6 Media) could not achieve profitability for the whole year until it was delisted by being merged with the parent company.[112].

Also known as the Chinese version of YouTubeYoukuFailed to achieve profitability for the entire year from listing on the New York Stock Exchange until delisting[113].

The video sharing sites that have announced profitability all year long arepandora tv[114]Both were local businesses.

Compared to live video streaming services and professional content-based video distribution services, there are few cases of profitability.


BasicallyStreamingThe type is adopted. Some also use P2P like Veoh. But not very popular[115].. YouTube and Nico Nico Douga are file formats,HTML5Are using.

Video has a higher load on the line and server than text.Content delivery networkWe are taking measures such as using. Also from the telecommunications carrierInfrastructure free rideThere is a criticism of. However, Google is responding to the increased communication between Japan and the US on YouTube.Submarine cableIs laying[116].

At the request of the copyright holder,Copyright infringementDetection technology is used. Register video features in advance and check themElectronic fingerprint method(Fingerprint method). Determining whether the video was created by a professional, based on the shooting equipment and the state of editingPro-ama discrimination method(KDDI Laboratories)and so on[117].. The electronic fingerprint method is YouTube or Nico Nico Douga[118],MyspaceIt is used in etc.


The act of uploading the contents of music and movies distributed in the market without the consent of the copyright holder is becoming a norm. The popularity of YouTube in the early days wasSaturday Night LiveIt is said that it was ignited by unauthorized posting by[104].. However, there are a few posts that seem to be due to the copyright holder (this is supposed to be used for advertising the content).

Many video-sharing sites tend to delegate upload content to the copyright holder of the content. That is, unless the copyright owner submits a complaint of illegal uploading, the content is not judged to be illegal. Many sites do not accept complaints of illegal uploads from third parties other than the copyright holder. (In many cases, a third party insists on reporting or inquiring about the illegality of the uploaded content to the video sharing site as "illegal".)

Under such circumstances, there is an opinion that video sharing sites are copyright infringement. However, YouTube has responded to individual deletion requests (Notice & Take down) from the beginning.[119],license fee[120]Is the responsibility of the poster, the video posting site is an online service provider,Digital Millennium Copyright ActClaimed to be exempt from the Safe Harbor clause of[121].. Also, not all posts from the advocacy group are illegal,Fair useThere was also an opinion that some posts were accepted in[122].

On the other hand, copyright holders have filed copyright infringement lawsuits against Veoh (2006) and YouTube (2007).[122].. The result was that the copyright infringement of Veoh and YouTube was not recognized (Veoh and YouTube won).[123][124].. Meanwhile, users have also filed suit against the copyright holders. This is a request for cancellation of a video corresponding to fair use when the copyright holder requests the video sharing site to delete it.[125].. In some cases, users won the case.[126].

In Japan, copyright holders began to seek countermeasures from 2006[127][128].. In 2008, YouTube decided to pay JASRAC a copyright fee.

But in JapanCopyright lawThere is no provision for fair use or Notice & Take down. With the Notice & Take down regulation, after the video sharing site has been removed at the request of the copyright holder, the copyright holder and the posting user can post-talk about the infringement. HoweverProvider Liability Limitation LawThen, it cannot be deleted if there is no judgment of infringement in advance. If the user is judged to be infringing, he will be punished suddenly.[129].. Besides this, not IP broadcastingAutomatic public transmissionThere is also an opinion that handling it as (communication) makes it difficult to broadcast terrestrial programs and handle copyrights.[130][131].. In 2008, a discussion was raised that a "net law" for the Internet age should be established.[129].

However, the amendment that came into force in 2010Copyright lawThen.[132]Downloads are illegal[133]Japan's fair use was postponed[134].. It doesn't affect the viewing of streaming distributions,[133], The poster has arrested. June, YouTube video (Weekly Shonen JumpA junior high school student who posted a video of a manga taken) was arrested on suspicion of copyright law violation.[135].

Further amendments made in 2012Copyright law, Criminal punishment was made for the download of recorded works or paid works for recording. There is an opinion that there were doubts about the concrete effects.

Furthermore, from December 2018, 30Non-confessional offense under copyright lawWith regard to theTPP11It will be implemented from December 2018, 30, which is the effective date of the agreement.[136].

Arrest case

  • August 2010, 6,Nagoya cityNaka-kuA third-year middle school boyONE-PIECE, Etc.Weekly Shonen Jump”The Japanese manga listed in ”is published without permission to the copyright holder and uploaded to YouTube.Kyoto Prefectural PoliceWas arrested by[137].
  • August 2011, 5,stormArrested for uploading YouTube concert video and variety show to YouTube[138].
  • August 2011, 5,Nico Nico DougaArrested person who uploaded the movie to[139].
  • Arrested Kamen Rider's TV program uploaded to FC2011 video on July 7, 26[140].. In another case, two people who uploaded to FC2 video were arrested.
  • About 2015:1 pm on January 5, 7, for the purpose of shooting a false video that looks like shoplifting,MusashinoOn January 1th as having invaded a convenience storeTokyo19-year-old boy living inMaibara StationWas arrested in. In addition to suspected arrest, the boy posted a video of shooting snacks in supermarket stores with toothpicks, and shoplifting (pretending to be) shoplifting at supermarkets, convenience stores and railway station premises. After that, he left home and escaped, leading to arrest[141].. The boy said in 2013Hakata StationPassageThe video that was announcedYouTubeHas been arrested (on charges of last-minute shoplifting).[142][143].
  • In addition to this, there are also cases in which the viewer was informed of the police and arrested or sent documents due to a so-called speed violation in which a car was driven over the legal speed on public roads and the situation was disclosed.


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