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📱 | "Sending a virus from your smartphone" A 65-year-old woman is a fraud victim of 4030 million yen A man has lost contact with his family ...


``Send virus from your smartphone'' 65-year-old woman suffered fraud of 4030 million yen A man lost contact with his family ...

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In Gifu Prefecture, on August 8th, it was discovered that a 9-year-old woman living in Gifu City was defrauded of 66 million yen in a similar manner.

A 65-year-old woman in Kani City, Gifu Prefecture said, "A virus is transmitted from your smartphone and infects an unspecified number of people." → Continue reading

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    1600 million yen


    (I.e.(Gifushi) isGifuLocated in the central southCity.. Gifu PrefecturePrefectural office locationAnd in the largest citiesCore cityIs specified in.


    Sengoku periodToMt. KinkaFormer Gifu town at the foot of the island is MinoSaitoLaterOda NobunagaGoverned bycastle townDeveloped as. Edo PeriodAfter the direct control of the ShogunateOwari DomainIt became a territory and the Gifu Magistrate's Office was set up, and prospered as the center of commerce and industry consisting of Gifu XNUMX towns.Old located in the southKano TownIt is,Kano Domain Ofcastle townAt the same timeNakasendo OfPost townBut alsoKanojukuStill retains that vestige.After the warTextile industryProspered with.In modern timesChukyo area(Nagoya metropolitan area)Nagoya city OfSatellite city-Bed townWhile it has a unique character, it also functions as a base for administration, commerce, and information in Gifu Prefecture.

    Origin of the name

    It is a common theory that Oda Nobunaga changed Inoguchi, the castle of Inabayama, to Gifu when he captured Mino Kuni, but there are some objections.[Who?].



    GifuLocated in the south ofNobi Plainhits the northern end ofIt has forests in the north and urban areas in the south.Also across the city, from the northeast to the southwestNagara RiverIs flowing, and most of the city is a tributary of the Nagara River.FanNatural embankmentcorresponds toThe Nagara River that flows through the cityJapan's three major streamsIt is said to be one of the. The middle basin of the Nagara River1985(Showa 60)One hundred famous watersWas selected. In 1998 (Heisei 10)55 baths in JapanIn 2001 (Heisei 13), it was selected as "88 selections of Japanese baths". On the other hand, the fan-shaped Nagara River is typicalCeiling riverAnd, the water level of the river is always higher than the center of the city, and there is a danger of flooding in case of heavy rain.



    Main mountain


    Main river


    In generalPacific Coast Climate, But it is hot in summer and cold in winterInland climateThe characteristics of are also shown. Located in the coast of Aichi prefectureIrago, In MieOwaseCompared with the above, in summer, the maximum temperature is high due to direct sunlight,Tropical nightIs also a big cityKyoto CityIt has been about the same number of days as, and it is extremely humid. The winter is cold and the minimum temperature is lower than that of Nagoya. The amount of snowfall and the deepest amount of snow in the normal year in winter are the largest in the major cities on the Pacific side west of Kanto. this is,Sea of ​​JapanWakasa BayIs relatively close to the plains on the Pacific Ocean side,Pressure patternDepending on the direction of the wind,Sea of ​​Japan polar air mass convergence zoneSnow clouds developed inRyohaku mountains-Mt. IbukiyamaIt is because it is easy to flow over.
    Köppen climate classificationThen Cfa (Warm and humid climate).

    • Highest temperature ever observed: 39.8 (℃) (2007October 8)
    • Minimum temperature in the history of observation: -14.3 (℃) (1927October 1)
    • Deepest snowfall in observation history: 58 cm (1936October 2)
    • Annual average sunshine hours: 2,086 hours (4th place in Japan)
    • Maximum number of summer days: 152 days (2004(16))
    • Maximum number of summer days: 91 days (2004(16))
    • Most hot days: 33 days (2010(22))
    • Maximum number of tropical nights: 49 days (2018(30))
    • Maximum number of winter days: 87 days (1945(Showa 20))

    Climate of Gifu Local Meteorological Observatory (Kanomaru, Gifu City, altitude 13m)
    Highest temperature record ° C (° F20.4
    Average maximum temperature ° C (° F9.1
    Average daily temperature ° C (° F4.6
    Average minimum temperature ° C (° F0.7
    Minimum temperature record ° C (° F−14.3
    Precipitation amount mm (inch)65.9
    Snowfall cm (inch)14
    Average days of precipitation (≥0.5 mm)9.09.310.410.510.912.613.810.712.59.67.810.1127.2
    Average number of snowfall days12.
    Average monthlyDaylight hours161.3165.7196.2200.0205.4160.1166.5202.4163.7172.8158.8155.62,108.6
    Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1991-2020, extreme value: 1883-present)[1][2]


    Around Gifu Station-Yanagase

    Yanagase (Gifu City)See also

    It is the central area of ​​Gifu City, and is an area with offices and commercial facilities. The hollowing of the central city area is remarkable,YanagaseRevitalization has become an important issue for the city[3].. recent years,Gifu Stationbefore,NagoyaInner cityConvenience such as good rail access to such places has been reviewed, and redevelopment projects such as the construction of office buildings and high-rise condominiums (Takashimaya South Urban Redevelopment Project and Gifu Station North Central District Redevelopment Project) have been developed.

    Kinka area

    The northern area, which is separated from the southern mountain of Inaba Shrine by a moat that has become a culvert in the west, is the former Gifu town from the Warring States period. Mt. Kinka,Gifu Castle,Nagara OnsenIt is a scenic area with tourist resources such as.From Inaba Shrine on the side of Mt. Kinka to Yoneya-cho, old houses and Western-style houses from the Taisho era are lined up.Nagara River Cormorant FishingSimilar to Yoneya-cho, there are several old houses in Tamai-cho (Minato-cho, Tamai-cho, Motohama-cho) around the entrance of the cormorant fishing boat.


    National highway No. 21, which is also the main artery of Gifu, runs through the east and west of the area, near the boundary with Kakamigahara city.Tokai Hokuriku ExpresswayGifu Kakamigahara InterchangeIs installed. Various suburban stores stand on the roadside,Colorful town GifuThere are also large suburban commercial facilities.Gifu Prefectural Office,Gifu Prefectural PoliceHeadquarters,Welfare/Agricultural HallIn addition to prefecture-related government offices,Gifu Prefectural Museum of Art,Gifu Prefectural Library,Prefectural contact hallCultural facilities such as are also located in this area.


    At the northern end of the Nobi plain, mountains with low elevations are scattered, and many open housing complexes (eg, Daedo housing complex, Mita-dong housing complex, etc.) can be seen. On the banks of the Nagara RiverGifu Memorial CenterToNagara River Athletic Field,Nagara River StadiumThere are various sports facilities and it is widely used as a sports event venue. In this areaLivestock Center,Gifu Family ParkLarge parks, such asGifu University,Gifu Driver Training Center,Gifu PrisonThere are many large public facilities.Martha 21(ionLarge commercial facilities such as Gifu store) are also located. Also,Tokai Ring ExpresswayGifu InterchangeIs scheduled to be installed.

    List of districts

    Gifu City is divided into 50 districts (regional divisions) according to statistics, etc.[4]..These districts are similar to elementary school districts, but some districts are divided into elementary school districts prior to the consolidation and abolition of elementary schools in the 2000s.

    Central part
    Western part


    The population of Gifu City peaked at about 1980 in the 42s and has been gradually declining. As of 2022, in cities in the three Tokai prefecturesNagoya city,Toyota CityIt has the 3th largest population after.

    Gifu City and Population Distribution by Age in Japan (2005)Gifu City Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
    Purple-Gifu City
    Green-All over Japan

    Changes in the population of Gifu City (equivalent area)
    Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

    Adjacent municipality

    Gifu Prefecture FlagGifu


    Ancient times

    Yayoi period-Kofun period
    Asuka Period

    中 世

    Sengoku period

    As the saying goes, ``Who controls Gifu, controls Japan.'' Gifu, located in the central part of Japan, was a convenient location for those who wanted to unify Japan. Influential for over 200 yearsGuardian daimyoIsSeven heads OfTokiwas under the control of the vassalDozo SaitoRebelled and1542ToMino countryUnity.Mt. Inabaon the summit ofInabayama CastleBuilt a castle,castle town"Inokuchi" is maintained.Mino countryI envisioned the prospect of national unification.Around the same time, neighboring countriesOwarigrow rapidly inOda NobunagaDozo SaitoIs the daughter ofNohimemarried for convenience,Damingdemonstrated a strong military alliance.But by the middle of the 16th century,Saito Yoshiryuin a coup byDozo Saitowas defeated, but soon afterSaito Yoshiryualso died of illness,Saitodeclines.Get on that plane andOda Nobunagasucceeded in capturing Mino,Oda Nobunagagoverned by 1567ToOda Nobunaga TheBuddhism OfMonkAfter consulting with him, he changed the place name of "Inokuchi" to that of the legendary emperor of China.Emperor Yanbelieved to be based inQishanConfuciusis the birthplace ofQufuThe name was changed to ``Gifu'' by removing the characters from .at that timeMt. Inabais also called "Mt. Kinka” and continues to this day.

    The economy of Gifu was around this time.Oda NobunagaIt grew significantly because it was at the center of the growing power of theIn addition, it had a monopoly on the business sales of merchants and entertainers.seat” to allow citizens to freely engage in economic activities.Rakuichi RakuzaConduct. Portugal OfJesuitsMissionaryLouis FroisAccording to the Gifu castle town at that time, it was so prosperous that it was described as "bustling Babylonia."

    The early modern period

    Edo Period

    Edo PeriodTo become and,Edo Shogunate TheEdoFor up tostreetMaintainGokaidoIs one ofNakasendoWas established. One Country One Castle OrderByGifu Castlewas abandoned and a new castle was builtKano Castle Ofcastle townToKanojukuInstalled byMino countryBiggestPost townAnd,Gifu Japanese umbrellaSuch asTraditional craftsis manufactured.It is also a large riverNagara Riveralso in front ofKawadojukuwas established, and people who crossed the river came and went and stayed there and prospered.


    Meiji Era
    • 1889(Meiji22) July 7, 1 surrounding villages including Gifu Town and Imaizumi VillageKamikano VillageThe northern half of the city will be merged and the municipal system will come into effect. Population 2, area 5,750km2.
    • 1891(24th year of Meiji) November 10,Nobi earthquake.. 245 dead, 1,260 injured, 3,993 completely destroyed houses, 2,343 completely burned down. Burns out about 37% of the city.
    • 1903(36th year of Meiji) November 4,InabaIncorporated Kamikano Village.
    • 1909(Meiji 42) On August 8, the Gifu city emblem is decided.
    Taisho era

    Modern times

    Showa period (prewar)
    Showa period (postwar)


    Heisei period
    Reiwa era
    • 2021(Reiwa 3rd year) On May 5, a new government building opens in Tsukasamachi, Gifu City.[10].




    Administrative organization

    The office


    City council

    • Constant number: 38 people
    • Term: November 2019th, 5 (Reiwa 2st year)-November 2023th, 5 (5th year of Reiwa)[11]
    • Chair: Yuji Asano
    • Vice-chairman: Soichiro Ishikawa
    Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsMember name (◎ is secretary general, representative, etc.)[12]Number of female membersRatio of female members (%)
    LDP Gifu17◎ Makoto Suda, Toshio Sugiyama, Isao Takeichi, Koji Ishii, Soichiro Ishikawa, Kazuo Ohno, Takaro Watanabe, Ikuhiro Kuroda, Yoshitsugu Wakayama, Kinji Tanifuji, Fumio Matsuoka, Mitsuaki Minowa, Tadashi Takahashi, Masaki Asano, Naoya Wada, Yuji Asano, Atsushi Suga00
    Gifu Civic Club7◎ Kazuo Matsubara, Satoru Yanagihara, Hiroki Ishihara, Tadayoshi Komori, Moriaki Washimi, Koji Tomita, Hiroshi Nishikawa00
    Gifu City CouncilKomeito5◎ Rikiya Yamaguchi, Nobuyasu Nishigaki, Masahiro Kobori, Yoko Esaki, Takako Tsuji240
    Gifu City Council Independent Club4◎ Tokukazu Matsubara, Naruka Tanaka, Kazue Takahashi, Katsuhiro Hattori125
    Japan Communist PartyGifu City Council3◎Nobuo Hotta, Masami Ibuka, Mitsumi Morishita133.33
    Rainbow-colored1◎Naoko Hara1100
    Member of parliament1Yasuo Doya00

    Prefectural assembly

    Gifu Prefectural Assembly
    • Constant number: 9 people
    • Election district: Gifu city constituency
    • Term: April 2019, 31 (Heisei 4)-April 30, 2023 (5 years of Reiwa)
    Representative nameParliamentary nameRemarks
    Yuko NakagawaJapan Communist Party
    Kayama WatanabePrefectural clubParty membershipConstitutional Democratic Party
    Koya NagayaPrefectural governmentLDPク ラ ブ
    Atsuko WakaiPrefectural Government LDP Club
    Kazuhiro TamadaPrefectural Government LDP Club
    Osamu HirosePrefectural Government LDP Club
    Toshiyuki SumikawaGifu Prefectural AssemblyKomeito
    Yoshino MizunoGifu Prefectural Assembly Komeito
    Kyoko HiranoIndependent


    House of Representatives
    ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
    Gifu prefecture 1th ward(Former Gifu City area)Seiko NodaLDP10Constituency
    Gifu prefecture 3th ward(Former Yanazu Town area,Kakamigahara City,Hashima,Mizuho City,Motosu City,Yamagata City,Seki City,Mino,Hashima,Motosu-gunYuji MutoLDP5Constituency

    Government offices/Facilities

    National agency

    Some of the national institutionsGifu Joint Government BuildingIt is inside.

    裁判 所

    Cabinet Office

    National Police Agency

    Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications

    Ministry of Justice

    Immigration Control Agency
    Prosecutor's office

    Ministry of Finance

    National Tax Agency

    Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

    Japan Pension Service
    • Gifu North Pension Office
    • Gifu South Pension Office

    Ministry of Agriculture

    Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

    Japanese Meteorological Agency

    Ministry of Defense




    Police station


    It consists of 1 divisions and 4 divisions in 11 headquarters.

    Gifu City Fire Department(2-9 Meiji Temple, Gifu City)

    Gifu Naka Fire Station
    (2-9 Meiji Temple, Gifu City)

    • Tobu Branch
    • Southeast Branch
    • Ukai Branch Office
    • Seika Branch Office

    Gifu South Fire Department
    (1-12 Akanebe Ohno, Gifu City)

    • Nishi branch office
    • Yanaizu Branch Office

    Gifu North Fire Station
    (1769-496 Sagiyama, Gifu City)

    • Kurono Branch
    • Shima branch office
    • Iwasaki branch office
    • Miwa Branch Office
    Fire brigade
    • Gifu City North Fire Brigade
    • Gifu City Fire Brigade
    • Gifu City South Fire Brigade


    Main hospital

    Exchange facility

    Community center


    Main library

    post office

    Main post office

    In another neighborhoodKasamatsu TownIt is inKasamatsu Post OfficeThere is an area in charge of.

    Cultural facility

    Lifelong learning facility

    Exercise facility

    Baseball field
    Bicycle race track
    Athletic field

    Other facilities

    Foreign relations

    Sister city/affiliated city


    sister city
    Florence cityItalian flagItalyTuscany1978(Showa53 years)2/8
    HangzhouFlag of the People's Republic of ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaZhejiang Province1979(Showa54 years)2/21
    Campinas CityBrazilian flagFederal Republic of BrazilState of Sao Paulo1982(Showa57 years)2/22
    Cincinnati CityUnited States flagThe United States of AmericaOhio1988(Showa63 years)5/11
    Maidling WardAustrian flagAustriaVienna city1994(Heisei6 years)3/22
    Thunder Bay CityCanadian flagCanadian FederationOntario2007(Heisei19 years)5/28


    Partner city
    ToyamaToyama Prefecture FlagToyamaChubu region2007(Heisei19 years)12/26[13]
    IidaNagano Prefecture FlagNaganoChubu region2013(Heisei25 years)1/18[14]
    • Japanese flagNobunaga Oda Summit
      A group of municipalities that have a deep relationship with Oda Nobunaga and those who value the relationship


    Tertiary industry


    In the 1960s, the textile industry was prosperous, and in the downtown area, Yanagase, there were 1 shops and restaurants, and it was said that there was a great crowd.[3]..However, as Gifu City declined due to being pushed by cheap products overseas,Kintetsu Department Store,Shin Gifu Department Store,GifuParco, Jusco, Daiei, Nagasakiya, Tamakoshi (sensor), Gifu Melsa and large commercial facilities in the central city area are closed one after another.NagoyaSatellite cityAs the globalization accelerates, the cityGifu StationThinking to shift the axis of development before[15].. HoweverYanagaseBut GifuTakashimayaA plan to build a commercial complex (Yanagase Grassle 6,500) in the southern region of Japan is underway.[16].

    Main commercial facilities
    • GifuTakashimaya
      YanagaseOnly in the districtDepartment store.. Operated by Gifu Takashimaya Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Takashimaya.2005A large-scale renewal work was carried out (17). After the renewal, the business performance has been strong, and the annual sales that have fallen to about 160 billion yen have been recovered to about 200 billion yen (2006).
      In 2008, the new building (MUJI Gifu Takashimaya) was opened.
    • Gifuloft
      Meitetsu Gifu StationIt is a large store inside.
    • ACTIVE-G
      A commercial and cultural facility located on the west side of JR Gifu Station.There are restaurants and sports clubs.
    • Asti Gifu
      A commercial facility located on the east side of the center of JR Gifu Station.In addition to Seijo Ishii and Matsumotokiyoshi, restaurants and bookstores will move in.
    • Gifu City Tower 43

       A cram school, a restaurant, a clothing store, etc. will move in.

    • Ict
      A commercial facility at Meitetsu Gifu Station.There will be a supermarket Pare Marche, a clothing store, and an English conversation class.
    • Orchid park
      Edion, Nitori, Ceria, etc. are located in a commercial complex.
    Previous commercial facility
    • GifuMersa (There is a fashion hall and a gourmet hall, and there is a concert hall (name: Melsa Hall) on the 8th floor of the fashion hall. Nagoya Railroad affiliated. Closed in 2009. The fashion hall will be an empty store, and the gourmet hall will be Sigza Kanda.)
    • GifuParco(Closed on August 2006, 8 Coin parking on the site)
    • Shin Gifu Department Store(Closed December 2005, 12-Demolition-June 28Meitetsu Gifu StationCompleted construction of new station building, commercial facility on siteIct
    • GifuKintetsu Department Store(Current)
    • DaieiGifu store (currently Lions Mansion)
    • NagasakiyaGifu store (planned to be maintained as a plaza)
    • Gifu sensor(Fashion specialty store building): Tamakoshi (currentlyHeiwado) Closed due to bankruptcy --- Dismantled and vacant lot in 29 (currently Pressance Roger Gifu Nagarabashi Dori)

    Headquartered company

    Transportation industry
    Manufacturing industry
    Construction industry
    Financial industry

    Companies based

    Consumer cooperative

    Financial institution

    The banks/cooperative financial institutions that have the head office are as follows.




    Sales Office

    Gifu City Originating Company

    • Futabasha - JapaneseInfomation.1948(23) Founded in Gifu City,1954(Showa 29)TokyoHeadquarters moved to. The current head office is TokyoShinjuku.
    • Ride on Express Holdings - SilverA company that develops chain stores specializing in parcel delivery, including. Established in Gifu City in April 1992.
    • Flight Plan -Household game software development company that once existed. CurrentlyApollo softFELISTELLAIs divided into
    • Tamu Tam Co., Ltd.
    • Igin --A company that manufactures and sells women's formal wear.founder·Ginichi InoueIs ready-made clothes in Gifu CityHaute couture) As "Inoue Shoten"1947(Showa 22) Founded.1956Established in 31 by registering as a corporation.The registered head office and Gifu sales office are still located in Gifu City, but the head office function isTokyoIt is in.

    Information and communication / life infrastructure

    Mass media

    Newspapers and news agencies

    Local paper/block paper
    National newspaper



    National broadcast andChukyoWide area(Tokai prefectureRange)Broadcast target areaAbout TV broadcasting to be said,AichiSeto CityIt is inSeto Digital TowerI am receiving and listening to the radio waves from. In addition, it is located in the cityGifuhoso-NHK Gifu Broadcasting StationFor, the target area for broadcasting is Gifu Prefecture.

    Also, in Gifu city,NHK Nagoya Broadcasting StationRadio first broadcastHas a backup transmission stationNagoya parent station (NHK Nabeta Radio Station)It will be operated in the unlikely event that it becomes impossible to send. (Frequency: 729kHz,Antenna power: 1 kW)

    life line





    National public


    Vocational school

    high school

    Compulsory education school


    Junior high school

    primary school



    Kindergarten and certified children's schools


    • Gifu City Kano Kindergarten
    • Gifu City Gifu East Kindergarten


    • Chubu Gakuin University / Chubu Gakuin University Junior College attached kindergarten
    • Kobato Kindergarten
    • Kobato Nishi Kindergarten
    • Kobato Third Kindergarten
    • Wakaba Daiichi Kindergarten
    • Wakaba second kindergarten
    • Wakaba Third Kindergarten
    • Izumi Chuo Kindergarten
    • Meisho Kindergarten
    • Kojika Kindergarten
    • Izumi second kindergarten
    • Hanazono Kindergarten
    • Hikari kindergarten
    • Kaguya Daiichi Kindergarten
    • Kaguya third kindergarten
    • Madoka kindergarten
    • Madoka Minami Kindergarten
    • Cradle kindergarten
    • Minori Kindergarten
    • Akutumi Kindergarten
    • Akutami Second Kindergarten
    • Wakakusa second kindergarten
    • Tokai Daiichi Kindergarten
    • Tokai Daini Kindergarten
    • While kindergarten
    • Sunnyside International School
    • Mutsumi Kindergarten
    • Nagamori kindergarten
    • Nagamori Second Kindergarten
    • Walnut kindergarten
    • Gifu kindergarten
    • Bud Kindergarten
    • Angel kindergarten
    • Hongo Kindergarten
    • Suwa kindergarten
    • Gifu Shotoku Gakuen University Kindergarten
    • Kurono Children's Garden
    • A certified children's garden but a children's forest
    • Okinohashi Certified Children's Garden
    • Kano West Certified Children's Garden
    • Hikie Children's Garden
    • Child care cooperation certified child institution Cattleya child institution
    • Hearton Kozume Certified Children's Garden
    • Clear stream authorized child institution
    • Dadong Children's Garden
    • Kindergarten including certified children's garden

    driving school

    Designated driving school

    Various schools


    Air route


    There is no airport in Gifu city.The nearest airport isChubu International Airport-Nagoya Airport. Chubu International AirportToMeitetsu Gifu StationからMuskyis directly connected with


    You can go from Gifu station to Nagoya station by JR rapid train in about 20 minutes at the fastest[18]Therefore, it is convenient for commuting to work or school in the Nagoya area. On the other hand, there are many railroad blank areas in the city, and city transportation depends on bus transportation and private cars.

    Central station:JR Gifu Station,Meitetsu Gifu Station

    Railway line

    Tokai passenger railway(JR Tokai)
    CA Tokaido Main Line:- Gifu Station - Nishi Gifu Station -
    CG Takayama Main Line : Gifu Station - Nagamori Station -
    Japan Freight Railway(JR Freight)
    Tokaido Main Line:Gifu Freight Terminal Station
    Nagoya Railway(Meitetsu)
    NH Nagoya Main Line:- Chasho Station - Kano Station - Meitetsu Gifu Station
    KG Kakamigahara Line : Meitetsu Gifu Station - Tagami Station - Hosobatake Station - Kirito Station - Hand station - Takadabashi Station -
    TH Takehanasen:- Yanaizu Station -

    Until March 2005Gifu city line,Meitetsu Ibi Line,Meitetsu Minomachi Line,Meitetsu Tajin Linewas there. (Commonly known as 600V line area)


    Transit Bus

    Long time agoMeitetsu bus,Gifu City Transportation Division(Gifu Municipal Bus) was operating in the city, but was abolished in September 2004 and March 9, respectively, the line was transferred to Gifu Bus.



    Central Japan Expressway(NEXCO Central Japan)
    (Kakamigahara City)-(4)Gifu Kakamigahara IC(The toll booth isKakamigahara City)- Suhara BS -(Seki City)
    (Seki City)-(11-1)Gifu Miwa Smart IC -(Yama prefecture city)- Gifu IC(Not in service)-(Motosu City)

    otherMeishin Expressway-Gifu Hashima IC(Hashima City) is also available.

    National road

    Prefectural road

    Main local road
    General prefectural road

    Common name of city road

    Road Station


    "Gifu Nagara River Mates," which used to be the former Miss Nagara River, is working to improve Gifu City's image and promote tourism.

    Sights and historic sites

    Main castle
    Main temple
    Main shrine
    Major Christian churches
    Major Islamic Mosques
    • Gifu Mosque
    Main ruins

    Nearby Tourist Spots

    Post town
    Minato Town
    Downtown/Entertainment district


    Festivals and events

    Main festivals and events

    traditional culture

    Specialty/special product

    • Gifu Lantern
    • Gifu Japanese umbrella
    • Gifu fan
    • Mino Tsutsubiki Dyeing
    • Young sweetfish(Ayu confectionery) - A famous confection in the shape of ayu, named after cormorant fishing on the Nagara River.There are various types, such as gyuhi wrapped in castella dough, senbei, and arare.[20].
    • Edamame manju-a thin-skin manju made from edamame bean paste[21]
    • Persimmon yokan[22]
    • Myopia
    • Raft -Cold fly tsukudani. You can eat the whole.
    • -There are various cooking methods such as grilled salt, sashimi, dried overnight, wrapped in kelp.
    • Vietcon Ramen
    • Chilled Tanuki


    • Gifu Symphony Orchestra

    Sports team

    NameCompetition itemLeague LeagueHeadquartersOperating company/groupEstablishment
    Nagara Clubサ ッ カ ーTokai Adult Soccer League(Part 2)Gifu Memorial Center Nagaragawa Stadiumな どGifu Prefectural Nagara High SchoolSoccer club OB1968(43)
    JA Gifu LiorenavolleyballV League(V2)JA Gifu Agri Park Suzukazaka, etc.Gifu Agricultural Cooperative (JA Gifu)1979(54)
    FC Gifuサ ッ カ ーJ League(J2Gifu Memorial Center Nagaragawa Stadiumな どGifu Football Club Co., Ltd.2001(13)
    Gifu SwoopsbasketballB League(B3Gifu ArenaGifu Basketball Co., Ltd.2003(15)
    FC Gifu SECONDサ ッ カ ーTokai Adult Soccer League(Part 1)Gifu Football Center, etc.Gifu Football Club Co., Ltd.2006(18)



    manga artist
    Film director
    建築 家
    Voice actor

     Related person

    Honorary citizen

    A person who is presented with the Honorary Citizen's Award according to the Gifu City Honorary Citizens Ordinance and the Gifu City Honorary Citizens Ordinance Enforcement Regulations.

    Gift dayNameReason for presentation
    1956(Showa 31) January 5Matsuo Kunimatsu(Matsuokuni Matsu6 years over 22 yearsMayorTo serve.
    1956(Showa 31) January 10Nagatoshi Yamada(Yamada NagatoshiServed as a city council member for four terms.
    1970(Showa 45) January 11Gosaku Matsuo(Matsuo GosakuMayor for more than 15 years.
    1971(Showa 46) January 9Yutaka Tomae(Higashi MaetoServed as mayor for 2 years 8 years.
    1972(Showa 47) January 8Jinkichi Watanabe(Jin Chichi WatanabeGifu Yakusen (Gifu Pharmaceutical University) Contribution of the entire construction cost at the time of establishment.
    1975(Showa 50) January 9(Hayakawa MitsujiroServed as a city council member for 10 consecutive years for 42 consecutive terms.
    1979(Showa 54) January 8(Kuwabara ZenkichiServed as chairman of the Gifu Chamber of Commerce for a total of 24 years.
    1990(2) April 2Yosuke Uematsu(Uematsu YosukeServed as mayor for 2nd term 6 years and governor for 3rd term 12 years.
    1994(6) April 4Hiroshi Makita(Hiroshi MakitaServed as mayor for 4 years 16 years.
    1995(7) April 5(Yasuda UmekichiServed as the Vice President of the Gifu Chamber of Commerce for 16 years.
    1996(8) April 7Toichi Kato(Katou TouichiJapanese painting(Day exhibitionActive mainly in the first department).
    2007(19) April 9Haruo Hayashi(Hayao HayashiServed as a member of the city council for the 15th term, 58 years, the largest number in Japan.

    Works set in Gifu city

    Children's literature
    Also, in the next work ``Rudolph Friend Alone], then RudolfTokyo(EdogawaFrom)Shuto Expressway Line 7,Tomei Expressway,National Route 22Come back to Gifu City via[Annotation 2].
    Manga/Anime/Light Novel


    • Gifu City Machinaka Doctoral Examination -In GifuLocal test
    • 100 sound scenes in Japan : Cormorant fishing on the Nagara River
    • car'sLicense plate TheGifuIt is a number and is used in Gifu City and the Mino region.
    • NTTArea code The058(GifuMA..Kakamigahara City[Annotation 3]Same as Hashima City and Hashima District).
    • 4km away from the city centerSagiyamaThe district isSecond World WarSince 1948, after the end of the war, the city has been reconstructed as a reconstructed municipal housing, but since there was no priority in moving in and the land number and address were not maintained, more than 1769 households of 2 households live at the same address (250-400). There were six unique town names (common names) that could not be used for official documents in the district. Changed to include neighboring areas due to housing display implementation on February 6, 2019[26].
    • 1769 unique (common name) town names of Sagiyama 2[27]
      • Sagiyama Tamagawa Town
      • Sagiyama Shirasagi Town
      • Sagiyama Mukaimachi
      • Sagiyama Midorigaoka
      • Sagiyama Nakasu


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