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📱 | "Resale business that anyone can make money with a smartphone" I bought information products for 50 yen... It's a good story that makes money easily...

Photo "Anyone can make money" I bought an information product for 50 yen...

I bought an information product for 50 yen for a resale business that anyone can make money with a smartphone, but it's a good story that makes money easily...

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However, this time, we asked the business to notify the cooling-off because it is considered that the sale was by telephone solicitation.

“I found a resale business side business site that anyone can easily make money with a smartphone, so I registered. → Continue reading

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Telephone solicitation sales

Telephone solicitation sales(Denwakan Yuhanbai) is a sale or purchase from a consumer by a solicitation made by a seller or a service provider to call the consumer or make a call by a specific method. Contract or service provision This refers to the sale of goods, rights, or the provision of services that are made by receiving an application for a contract by mail, etc., or by concluding a contract.[1].

Act on Specified Commercial TransactionsIt is defined in Article 3 of the (Special Commercial Code).


SaleTrader orCall centerAgents such asconsumerToTelOr encourage consumers to call and then make a call,ProductsThe purpose was to conclude a contract by introducing or solicitingSales methodIs a kind of.

There are three main methods of soliciting telephone calls.

  • Call indiscriminately
  • Call by narrowing down the target audience
  • Call back to the applicant

Telephone solicitation company

The following vendors sell by telemarketing.There are many expensive products.In addition, there are many cases where a call is made with an individual name without giving the company name.

Appointment Commercial CodeTrader
With the touch of "Congratulations. You have been specially selected. Now you can contract under favorable conditions", you will be asked to buy expensive products such as CD / DVD software (educational entertainment materials such as English conversation and encyclopedias).We have secondary membership rights for resort facilities, etc., but we provide services with low convenience.
Door-to-door salesTrader
Call private homes in order from 0001.
We sell steam cleaners, water purifiers, futons, etc. at a high price.
Learning materialsMerchant
For private homesBasic Resident RegisterCall the home where the elementary, junior high and high school students obtained from browsing[2], Take a test that is not subject to the cooling-off period of 3,000 yen, make the future uneasy, and it is expensiveLearning materialsTo sell.
Qualification Commercial CodeTrader
Call the main office for young people in their 20s and 30s and sell teaching materials at a high price.
CamolistBased onSecondary solicitationAlso do.
Real estate agent
For people in their 30s and 50s, call the main office and condominiums, etc.Real Estate InvestmentAnd rental apartment management.
In-house business lawTrader
For full-time housewives in their 20s and 30s.Call the person who wants to make stained glass or write an address, and sell the materials for production.
Marriage information service
Call back to applicants who are interested in marriage.
Telephone company (Telecommunications carrier), And itsagency
"" ("", Saying that telephone charges and Internet connection charges will be cheaper.NTT Communications)and""(KDDI), "Otoku Line" (SOFTBANK TELECOM) Such asDirect telephoneOr "Yahoo! BB"(Softbank BB) Such asBroadband connection serviceTo market.There are also problems such as unilateral contracts.

Ambiguous replies over the phone often unilaterally insisted on contracts from sellers, causing frequent troubles.Act on Specified Commercial Transactions(Specified Commercial Transactions Law) has been amended to clearly indicate the name, name, product type, etc. of the business operator when calling, prohibition of relentless solicitation, contract details after the contract, and 8 days.cooling offIt was obligatory to issue a document stating that there was.Even if you refuse, it is a violation of the Japan Act of Specified Commercial Transactions if you repeatedly talk about telemarketing.

Problems with inter-operator contracts

The Specified Commercial Transactions Law is mainly aimed at consumer protection.If the contractor is a business operator, the provisions of the Specified Commercial Transactions Law regarding door-to-door sales, mail-order sales, telemarketing sales, and specified continuous service provision are exempted (multi-level marketing transactions and business provision inducement sales transactions are applicable). ).

In particular, in recent years, troubles due to specific commercial transactions targeting sole proprietors among business operators have frequently occurred, which has become a problem.Even if you are a sole proprietor, this law can be applied because you are in the position of a consumer for contracts that are not related to that business.

注 釈

  1. ^ "Telephone solicitation sales". Specified Commercial Transaction Law GuideConsumer Affairs Agency. April 2022, 1Browse.
  2. ^ The ideal way of viewing the Basic Resident Register, which leads to such a commercial law, has been regarded as a problem, and it is no longer possible to view the Basic Resident Register for commercial purposes.

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business person

business personWhat is (Jigyosha)?Jewelry businessWhat to do.Japan OfNational taxA "business operator" in laws and regulations is a sole proprietorship (Sole proprietorship, Do businessNatural person)WhenCorporation,GroupRefers toJewelry businessMeans that the same kind of actions are repeated, continued, and independently performed.simplyTraderAlso called (Gyosha).

Synonyms,Business entityThere is (jigyoshutai), which is a term that refers to an organization that mainly promotes a business when proceeding with a specific business.also,Business ownerBecause it refers to natural persons, corporations, and organizations that run businesses,The laborAccording to relevant laws and regulationsuserIt is a term that means the (manager) side.[1].

Legal business

Antitrust law

Antitrust lawAccording to the first sentence of Article 2, a "business operator" is a person who engages in commerce, industry, finance, or any other business.For people and groupsCompanyPublic enterprises owned by the national and local governments and private enterprises that are notOrdinary corporationIn other words, companies such as corporations and limited companies,Religious corporation,Medical CorporationSuch asPublic interest corporation,Public corporationAll corporations are businesses.Country, prefecture, municipality, etc.MunicipalitiesIs also a business, but especially the businesses that these businesses carry outPublic worksThe business name is "promotion business, maintenance business, model business, etc." with "business" at the end of the name.

Incidentally,Company,FoundationThere are also associations or foundations that are not corporations, but those with the provisions of their representatives or managers are regarded as corporations and become businesses.

Consumption tax law

Consumption tax lawThen, it is assumed that the business is subject to consumption tax for transactions in Japan.A corporation such as a company is a business operator to be established in order to carry out a business, and all transactions carried out by the corporation are businesses.

The Consumption Tax Act Basic Circular 1-1-1 defines a business as a person who conducts business independently in his / her own calculation.[2].

For sole proprietorshipsRetail trade,Wholesale tradeIncluding,RentKarmatransaction OfIntermediary,transport,Contract,machining,repair,cleaningThose who are engaged in businessself employedAre all businesses.moreover,Doctor,Lawyer,Certified public accountant,Tax accountantな どfree LanceBecome a business operator.For individualsOffice worker OfSide businessRegarding the view that is a business, parking lot loan etc.National Tax TribunalSaid that it was reasonable to admit that it was a business on consumption tax.For this reason, if the business is repeated, continued, independently conducted, or the scale of the business does not matter in the judgment of the business, it is judged to be a business under the Consumption Tax Act.

labor law

Industrial Safety and Health ActIn Article 2, "business operator" means "a person who conducts business.WorkerRefers to those that use. "This refers to the corporation (not the representative of the corporation) if it is a corporation, and the business owner if it is a sole proprietorship.

The Industrial Safety and Health ActLabor Standards ActIt is a law enacted independently from the company, but unlike the "employer" (Article 10 of the Labor Standards Act), which was the obligatory entity under the Labor Standards Act, the entity that belongs to the profits of business management itself is the obligatory entity. It clarifies the responsibility for safety and health.In addition, in the event of a violation of the law, the penalties will be applied to the natural person who is the perpetrator of the violation, as well as to the corporation or person who is the business operator, based on Article 122 of the Industrial Safety and Health Act. Of this articlefineA sentence will be imposed (September 47, 9, No. 18).

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