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🚁 | Osaka Senshu Summer Festival will be held on August 8th and 27th!Kansai's first outdoor drone show colors the summer night sky


Osaka Senshu Summer Festival will be held on August 8th and 27th!Kansai's first outdoor drone show colors the summer night sky

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There are contents that both children and adults can enjoy, such as drone shows, fireworks, live music, and gourmet festivals.

"Osaka Senshu Summer Festival" will be held at SENNAN LONG PARK on August 8th and 27th. → Continue reading


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concert(Well,British: concert concert,British: recital recital) Is exclusivelyMusicCome to hear thataudienceTargeting musicPerformanceToEvents.Popular musicInLIVEOrLive (LIVE) Is also called. Even if it's not a live performance,the filmconcert""videoIt is also used as a "concert".

Even if it includes music performance,Opera,ballet,musicalAnd so ontheater,danceWhen integrated withPartyAnd so on,BGMIn many cases, it is not regarded as a concert.

Concerts and recitals

"Recital" refers to "solo" and "solo"[1], Refers to a concert with one soloist as the leading role.If it is an instrument that can play a musical work by one person, such as a keyboard instrument, only one person will appear on the stage, and a melody instrument orVocal musicIn the case of, accompaniment is accompanied. "Concert" originally refers to concerts in general, but in a narrow senseOrchestra,ChoirIt refers to something that cannot be called a "recital", such as when a large number of groups play a leading role, or when multiple soloists appear one after another.[2].. For example, "Anne-Sophie Mutter Violinrecital""Maria Callas Soprano recital""Opera-Gala concert"Such.

Terms related to the concert

Subscription concert

Orchestra,Brass band,ChoirPermanent performance groups, such as those that are regularly organized and held by themselves, are called regular concerts or reserved concerts. Often set the right to reserve tickets for concerts throughout the season, and those who purchase such rights are called regular members.

Performance trip

Also called "concert tour" or "tour." Leave the area where the performers are usually active and tour the various places to perform at a concert.Popular musicIn the field ofEventer,promoterRecord company,Affiliation officeOften, large-scale tours are organized in cooperation with. It has become an important source of income in the music industry in recent years.

Concert format

OperaIn such cases, unlike ordinary opera performances, there are cases where an orchestra is placed on the stage and a soloist sings a song in front of it, without performing theatrical performances such as stage sets. The form of such a performance is called a concert form.

Gala concert

At a special concert held to commemorate something,Gala concertIf you replace the name "gala concert" with Japanese, it means "special performance", "commemorative concert", "celebration concert". "gala" means festivalNew Year's Holiday(For example, if it is the beginning of the year,Gala concert") and the literally mainFestivalIt is often done according to.soloistAssembled around the performance ofOpera,Operetta OfAriaAndConcertoOne movement of the operaOverture,Interlude,Concert overture,Ballet musicShort like part ofOrchestral musicThere are many programs such as.

Concert configuration example

For an orchestra concert

  1. Short songs such as overtures
  2. Concertos, minor symphonies, medium orchestras
  3. break
  4. Main songs such as symphonies and large orchestras
  • 4. If is particularly heavy and long, 2 or 1, or even without 1Mahler OfSymphonyThere are times when there is only 4 for one song.
  • Do not play the overture of 1.LigetySuch asContemporary musicThere is a method of inserting less common songs (including commissioned works and premiere works) first. If the audience dislikes it and comes in late, it may be intentionally reversed to put it after the concerto.
  • For those who are not very familiar with classical music, a collection of short songs (pieces) that do not take the above structure is called a promenade concert (abbreviated as "proms").
  • Concerts performed in this way usually do not have a moderator, and the flow is as follows: player admission, soloist admission, conductor admission, performance start, etc., and no announcements are made during the performance. ..The conductor sometimes refers to the composer of the encore song.However, depending on the hall, a warning will be given before the performance (such as a request to turn off the power of the mobile phone or turn off the alarm function of the clock. (May be heard.) Announcements may be heard.In addition, at promenade concerts and concerts for beginners, the moderator may explain song introductions, points for listening, and tips.


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