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👩‍🎤 | Hiroshi Shimono & Maaya Uchida go to the aquarium at night Challenge the kyun-kyun challenge with the collaboration project "Take-Kano" "Voice actor and night ...


Hiroshi Shimono & Maaya Uchida go to the aquarium at night and take on the "Take Kano" collaboration project to challenge the "Voice actor and night ...

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Shimono said, "I could see that you're really working hard" and "Your face is getting redder and redder."

On ABEMA's "Anime LIVE Channel", from 2022:8 pm to 6:9 pm on Saturday, August 10, XNUMX ... → Continue reading


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    School cap

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      School capWhat is Tsuugakubo?Children,student,Studentwear when going to schoolHatThat.

      primary school

      • Traffic accidentPrevention ofschool yearidentification ofheatstrokeThe purpose is to prevent
      • For the purpose of traffic accident prevention, yellow hats, which are generally regarded as traffic safety colors, are used.
        • As with yellow, only first-year students who are unfamiliar with going to and from school wear yellow hats, and second-year students and above may wear different hats such as navy blue or dark red, but wearing a yellow hat means that first-year students wear yellow hats. Since it is understood that the risk of being kidnapped or sexually assaulted increases, some schools replace the child with the same response as other grades.
      • In some cases, grades are identified by different colors for each grade.
        • If you fix the relationship between grade and color, you have to buy a different color hat every year. In some cases, we will take measures such as letting them use it and making it complete in six years.
      • ComicChibi Maruko-chanJust as men and women's hats have different shapes inBaseball captype, girlpot hatThere are various schools, such as schools that use hats with a shape called Ora, schools that use different colors such as navy blue for boys and dark red for girls, and schools that use the same hats for both men and women.Even in schools that separated boys and girls,Gender identityConsideration for (Gender identity disorderThere are schools that uniformly eliminate the distinction between men and women.
      • Traffic warFrom the high economic growth period to the early Heisei period, when the number of cars was not enough to keep up with the maintenance of safe sidewalks, even when walking to schoolhelmetA school that requires aShizuoka,SagaExisted in.HanawaSong "Saga” ridiculed it, but the gyudon `` Yoshidaya '' that was sung in the same song was a joke, and the song was released because he later opened his own business.2003At this time, it is unknown whether or not there really were schools in Saga Prefecture that required helmets to be worn.
      • the 1990sAfter mid-year, schools tend to abolish the requirement to wear them.
      • In uniform schools, mainly private and national schools, so-calledStudent capstyle cap andberetThere are also schools that use
      • In Nikko City, all public elementary schools in Nikko have adopted berets for school commuting girls.
      • Elementary schools that do not use school capsphysical educationused in classes, etc.Red and white hatis sometimes substituted.The reason is almost the same as the yellow school cap.Elementary schools that use red and white hats often use red hats for commuting to school and white hats for physical education classes.

      Middle school/High school

      The hairstyles of middle and high school boys until the 30sWhole cuttingwas the basics, and students often wore student hats not only when commuting to school but also on a daily basis.but in the 1960sStudent movementSince then, the ban on long hair has been lifted in many schools, and the requirement to wear formal caps has been abolished in high schools, with the exception of a few.In junior high schools as well, the school rule of compulsory clipping was gradually abolished, andblazerIn the 2000s, almost no students wore student hats, partly because the number of schools that changed their uniforms increased.However, some private girls' schools have established brim hats and berets as their caps, and they are obligated to wear them at ceremonies and events.


      High economic growthPreviouslySchool uniformIt is common to wearMorboardな どUniversity studentsA unique hat was worn, but nowSports clubsystem,Cheer teamonly seen by students of

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