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👍 | Facebook provided the police with a chat of a teenage woman who attempted an abortion.woman and mother charged


Facebook gives police a chat of a teen who attempted an abortion.woman and mother charged

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The daughter and mother face multiple charges, including corpse abandonment and false reporting.

In Nebraska, USA, a teenage woman and her mother who are believed to have had a drug-induced abortion have been charged with multiple crimes. → Continue reading

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    Corpse abandoned

    Corpse abandonedWhat I want to do iscadaverAbandoning, especially,A humanThe body ofFuneralBe involved inSocial belief,RegulationIt means leaving it in a state where it does not follow.


    The corpse is chemicallyorganic matterSo if you leave itcorruptionMay give off a strange odor or pests (FliesEtc.) and not only cause discomfort.InfectionIt can also be a cause. Prior to these public health problems, many societies believed that human bodies should be treated with the same dignity as living people, and improperly leaving human bodies untouched.tabooIs in the category of. Therefore, if the body is not treated with due respect, one事件And is punished for those who dare to make others uncomfortable.

    Customs and funeral

    In particular, when dealing with human bodies, each society defines them in detail. Usually worshiped by the deceasedReligiousDepending on the method,CremationOrBurialThere are various funeral styles. However, even if there is a particular religious reason, if the body is handled differently in the area, a burial method that complies with local laws and customs may be required.


    ShintoIs the notion of sin inHeavenly Sin/Country SinInCrime of injuryThere is an idea of ​​"dead skinning" as a crime of destroying a corpse in addition to "live skinning" corresponding to.


    You may be punished by law if you do not follow the customs of the area. Under Japanese criminal lawCorpse damage and abandonmentHas been set, especiallyMurder caseIf the corpse was destroyed or abandoned for the purpose of concealing at, the suspect was first arrested on the suspicion of corpse damage or abandonment, and again when the suspicion of murder was fixed in the interrogation.MurderOften arrested again.

    In Mexico, there have been a number of mass corpse abandonment cases allegedly due to inter-organizational conflicts such as drug conflicts, and in April 2011 4 bodies were stored near San Fernando in the northeastern Tamaulipas state.[1].. In February 2015, 2 bodies were found in Acapulco, Guerrero, southern Mexico, which were allegedly victims of a drug dispute, and an investigation was conducted on charges of blasphemy, burial, and violation of the excavation rules.[2].

    Travelers died while traveling (DeathIn such cases, due to differences in the values ​​of the bereaved family of the traveler and the side in which the body is housed, there are cases where it develops into an international problem, and there are difficult aspects regarding proper handling of the body. Regarding the style of handling required by each society and religion,FuneralSee section.

    Animal carcasses and abandonment

    AnimalLeaving the carcass of thehealthNot recommended from the perspective of. For this reason, the act of leaving a carcass of an animal untreated is regarded as a category of environmental pollution, but the carcass may cause discomfort and fear to the viewer.

    Waste treatment method (Law on waste disposal and cleaning) The above "waste" includes "animal carcasses"[3], Animal carcasses must be properly treated by the same law.

    The deliberate abandonment of the body of an animal for the purpose of harassment may be criminal in some cases.Power obstruction(Criminal Code Article 234)Crime of injury(Article 204 of the Criminal Code). In addition, sending corpses of animals, etc.Act on regulations such as stalking) Included in "Tsukimatoi, etc." defined above[4],Public Safety CommissionSubject to ban orders or penalties[5].. In addition, if you discard the corpse of a beast in a manner that is against the public interest,Light crime lawViolated (Small Crimes Act Article 1, No. 27).

    in recent yearsAnimal crueltyThere are also cases where animal carcasses are left unattended due to the fact that in the case of animals kept by other people,Crime of property damage(Criminal Code Article 261), Animal Welfare Law (Law on the protection and management of animals) Violation of the Animal Welfare Law in the case of protected animals[6]The investigation will proceed with the doubt.


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