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📷 | Produced by photographer Mika Ninagawa, blooming art Utilizing the suspended gondola station at the Appi Kogen ski resort 

Photo Exhibition inside the gondola summit station building, where photographs of cherry blossoms and other trees are projected

Produced by Mika Ninagawa, a photographer, the flower of art blooms Utilizing the suspended gondola station of the Appi Kogen ski resort 

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The fare is 2800 yen for adults, 1900 yen for elementary school students, and free for preschoolers, including the gondola ride.

At the Appi Kogen Ski Resort in Hachimantai City, Iwate Prefecture, photographer Mika Ninagawa created an art exhibition titled "Travel of the Butterfly". → Continue reading

 Kahoku Shimpo

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Elementary school student 1900 yen

    Free for school children


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