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📱 | Small "microbags" that don't even fit smartphones are very popular! …why do you carry it around?what are you putting inThorough investigation


A small "micro bag" that doesn't even fit a smartphone is very popular! …why do you carry it around?what are you putting inThorough investigation

If you write the contents roughly
A wallet, wireless earphones, candy tablets, medicine, concealer, perfume, lipstick, a comb, and a small bag contained a total of eight items.

The bags of young women these days are getting ridiculously small. [Image] Inside the microbag that was shown to me... → Continue reading

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    Tablet confectionery

    Tablet confectionery(Jouka (English: English:(English edition))) Is moldedtabletIt is a general term for type solid confectionery.Tablet confectioneryAlso called.

    Manufacturing method / classification

    candyIs a type of[1]But,Japanese food standard composition tableAbove, "Sugar is the main ingredient, with binders, fruit juices, and mint.FlavorA small amount of a mixture of such substances is compressed and molded with a locker. "SugarCandy, which is a solid confectionery whose main ingredient is sugar or starch syrup, is clearly distinguished from this as it is boiled down with sugar or starch syrup as the main ingredient and then cooled and hardened.

    Non-sugar productsInstead of sugarSorbitolIs the main raw material.again,healthy food OfSupplement(Mainly classified as "general food") may also be included in this.

    Main commercial products

    Refreshing sweets

    Mint tablet

    Health foods / supplements



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