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👍 | The world's largest fighting game tournament, I can't believe my ears at the live commentary "4 characters" screaming... Praise from the Japanese


The World's Largest Fighting Game Tournament Can't Believe Your Ears at the Live Commentary's "Four Letters" Screams... Voices of Praise from the Japanese Players

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The commentator who suddenly became a "person of the hour" was a professional wrestler named Ty Hazard, and in response to Yagi's tweet, which showed a big buzz, "I always shout like this for Gogeta's move. "Thank you for supporting DBFZ," he sent a gentlemanly reply, followed by "KUSOGEEEEEEE!

[At EVO, the world's largest fighting game festival, the Japanese "four characters" uttered from the mouths of the excited commentators have spread to many people. → Continue reading


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