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🐈 | Dogs like reggae music! ?


Dogs love reggae music! ?

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"A recent study by the University of Glasgow suggested that music influences dog behavior.

Turns out the dog loves reggae music.Sam Sutton, head music lecturer at the University of West London, in his car... → Continue reading

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University of Glasgow

University of Glasgow(English: The University of Glasgow,Latin: Universitas Glasguensis) Is英国, Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu Ofcity ​​of glasgowHeadquarters inNational university.1451was installed inAbbreviations: 'UoG', 'UoGow'


One of the prestigious universities with a history of over 550 years and the fourth oldest university in the English-speaking world.Oxford University,Cambridge Universitytogether with sevenAncient universitybelong to the group.
QS World University RankingThen.World 73, UK 10th[4].Ranked 86th in the world by Times Higher Education[5].. BritishIvy LeagueA group of research-oriented universities,Russell GroupIs a member ofUniversity 21is also a founding member of he produced seven Nobel laureates

It produced high-ranking clergymen from the Middle Ages, and in the early modern era, the invention of the steam engine and the power unitWattKnown for (W)James Watt, the father of economicsWealth theoryWroteAdam Smith, the physicist'sWilliam Thomson(Lord Kelvin) and other important figures in history.He also taught at Kobu Daigakko (the predecessor of Tokyo University's Faculty of Engineering), which was founded to contribute to the development of Japanese industry.Henry Dyeris also from this university.In modern times, elites from all over the world have come to study abroad, and many graduates have made contributions to the nation as politicians and scientists in their home countries.Many of the international students from Japan also gained fame after returning to their home countries.Jokichi Takamine,Nikka OfTaketsuru Masataka(Drama"Massanmodel), the Mitsubishi ZaibatsuTakaya Iwasaki, executiveRyukichi KawadaBaron (Baron potato), a physicistTanaka Kanai Tachibana,Rinzaburo Shida(Japan's first Doctor of Engineering).

Medical science,Dentistry,Veterinary medicineIn the field of, it is highly evaluated not only in the UK but also worldwide.Especially medical schoolGlasgow Coma Scaleworld-renowned for its research.The Faculty of Engineering is also the first engineering school established in the UK (1840)Industrial revolutionplayed a major role in


1451ToPopeNikolaus Vwas established as a theological college by charter ofKing of Scotland, then an independent countryJames IHowever, the origin of the founding came from the desire to establish a university that could compete with the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, which had already been established in neighboring England.It is also said to have been founded by Bishop William Turnbull.This makes the university the second oldest university in Scotland.At the time of its founding, the university was adjacent to Glasgow Cathedral, but nine years later in 9 it was moved to the High Street, about 1460 meters south of it.At that time, the High Street was Glasgow's premier downtown area, and had a townscape that was formed in the Middle Ages.However, after the Industrial Revolution, slums progressed.For this reason, 600 years later, in 410, with slum clearance and expansion of Glasgow city center to the west, the university moved again to Gilmore Hill in the West End hills.The oldest building on the current campus is the gatehouse of the east side gate, which was relocated and reused from the old 1870th-century university entrance on High Street.In addition, the current Gothic-style main university building with its tall tower was designed by the architectGeorge Gilbert ScottIt was newly constructed at this time according to the design ofHowever, the exterior staircase with unicorn and lion statues on the railing on the southwest side of the university main building was relocated and reused from the courtyard of the former university building on High Street. is.Since the modern era, railroads have opened on the site of the former university along High Street, and High Street Station was built on the site of the former entrance of the university, so there are no vestiges of the old university.Scotland's oldest university is only 40 years older than hereUniversity of St Andrewsis.the University of GlasgowGreat BritainIt is the fourth oldest university overall.In Scotland, the University of Glasgow, the University of St Andrews,University of Aberdeenis a university founded by the Church,Edinburgh Universityis the only university founded by the town.

Ancient universityYear of foundation of each school.

  1. Oxford University (1249)
  2. Cambridge University (1284)
  3. University of St Andrews (1411)
  4. University of Glasgow (1451)
  5. University of Aberdeen (1494)
  6. Edinburgh University (1582)
  7. Trinity College (University of Dublin) (1592


GlasgowIt has a beautiful Gothic school building on Gilmore Hill, which overlooks the city.Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euis a tourist attraction.Museums and art galleries on campus are open to the public.Charles Lenny McIntoshThere is a Mackintosh House related to it.The neighborhood is a high-class residential area, but it is also a student area where bars and shops for students gather, and the subway runs from the nearest Hillhead station to the city center.The university's playground is located in a suburb of Glasgow, away from the main campus, and a shuttle bus connects the university, each student residence, and the playground.Glasgow is a city that represents European pop culture, and the downtown area is crowded with students and young people until late at night.


From August 2010, the organization has been reorganized as follows.

Its veterinary school is world-renowned and its dental and medical schools are among the best in the UK.

Until then, it consisted of the following nine faculties.

There used to be a Center for the Study of Socialist Theory and Movements, but it is now defunct.

In addition to the above faculties, there are two affiliated schools.

Graduation or completion of the Glasgow School of Art is conferred by the University of Glasgow with degrees such as Bachelor's, Master's and PhD's.Glasgow School of Art ArchitectsCharles Lenny McIntoshis the school he graduated from, and the school building is his representative work.


The number of students is 16,190 (all undergraduate years) and 4,555 (all graduate school years) (as of 2012).Undergraduates are 87.8% from the UK, 8.0% from Europe and 4.2% from other countries.At graduate school, 56.1% of students are from the UK, 8.5% from Europe, and 35.4% from other countries.Among undergraduates, 87.9% graduated from public high schools and 12.1% graduated from private high schools (as of 2009).As for tuition fees, students from England are charged a fee even if they are British (scottish students are free).Japanese teachers who are still workingTakashi Hayashi(economist) is there.

Study abroad

Glasgow International College has been established as a preparatory educational institution for international students wishing to enter the university.This institution only accepts applicants for admission to the University of Glasgow, and even if it completes, it is not possible to enter other than the University of Glasgow.Even if you complete the course, it is not 100% guaranteed that you will advance to the University of Glasgow.The course can be selected from two semesters and three semesters, but in the case of three semesters, the first semester is not evaluated.In order to enter the University of Glasgow, students must have a minimum grade point average of 2, depending on the department they wish to enter.this isIELTS Equivalent to 6.5 and required by the University of Glasgow for prospective study abroad studentsIELTSis the score ofEven if you do not go to the University of Glasgow, you can still apply to other universities because your GIC evaluation score will be judged to be equivalent to IELTS.

Sports, circle, tradition

There are currently two student unions due to the historical background of the former female student union being separated from the student union.In addition, it has a student union and a membership-based graduate student club.Union/club facilities include bars, discotheques, canteens, shops and pool halls.The Student Union (GUU) was then a student of the universityCharles Kennedy(later member of the House of Representatives, leader of the Liberal Party) was the chairman of the committee, and it was decided by the university court that female students could join, but it still retains a deep-rooted conservative tradition of athleticism.The former Women's Student Union (QMU), on the other hand, is relatively liberal, with many male students joining.The Graduate Student Club is a unique organization of the university, and is a social gathering place for not only graduate students and researchers, but also Scottish intellectuals who graduated from the university.In addition, ceilidhs organized by societies and clubs within the university are often held in the new semester.A keley is a traditional Scottish dance party.バ グ パ イ プA group of folk dances are enjoyed to the music of a live band and CD music.This is a tradition unique to Scottish universities that is not found in English universities.

Main graduate


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