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👩‍🎤 | AKB48, enthusiastic with hit and rare songs New center Eri Chiba "AKB is the best, isn't it!?"

Photo AKB48 (photographed by Takeo Kimura)

AKB48 Enthusiasm for Hit & Rare Songs New Center Eri Chiba "After all, AKB is the best!?"

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After running through 7 songs in no time, Eri Chiba said, "I'm happy to be able to make summer memories with everyone.

AKB48 will hold an idol festival "TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2022" (Odaiba, Tokyo)... → Continue reading

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AKB48(AKBXNUMX Forty Eight[Note 1]) IsJapan OfFemale idol group[2].Akimoto YasushiProduced by2005ToTokyo-Akihabara(TokyoChiyodaSotokanda) Was started as a base.The operating company and affiliated office are DH Co., Ltd.[Note 2], My label isYou, Be Cool!,King record.


AKB48 isTokyo-AkihabaraA theater dedicated toAKB48 Theater (AKB48 Theater) "have. "I can go to see youIdol'[Note 3]TheConceptIt is characterized by performing almost every day at this theater.[4].Mass mediaThe style in which the fans embrace and support the members as familiar beings and share the growth process, rather than being a distant existence through, has gained the support of the fans.[5].

"AKB48Although the group name is "", the number of members is not 48, but more than 80 members including regular members and research students are enrolled (currently the number of members is "".AKB48 group structure # AKB48 structureSee). In November 2010, there were 11 regular members, and in March 48, there were 2013 members in total.Guinness World RecordsCertified by[6][7].

In Japan as a sister groupSKE48-NMB48-HKT48-NGT48-STU48 [8], Outside JapanJKT48-BNK48-MNL48-AKB48 Team SH-AKB48 Team TP-CGM48There is[9].. If you include sister groups in AKB48, "AKB48 Group, "AKB group", or "48 group".

Brief history

First performance at AKB2005 Theater on December 12, 8[10].. On November 2006, 2Single"Cherry blossom petals"soIndiesdebut[11], The single "Wanted to meet"soDefstar Recordsからmajor debut official[12].. So-called "Akihabara frame" in 2007[Note 4]so"The 58th NHK Red and White Singing Battle”, But at that time,“ Akihabara ’sGeekBecause there was a strong image of ``for idols'', the public was not interested[14].. In January 2008, the first terrestrial television program "AKB1 59th floor!』Broadcast has started[15].

From Defstar Records in August of the same yearKing record(You, Be Cool!), And released the 10th single "Loud Diamond], CD sales will gradually increase. In 2009, the 14th single "RIVER』FirstOricon Weekly ChartAfter winning the 1st place, the songs released after that won the 1st place one after another, and the mass media called the "AKB phenomenon".[16]"National idol group"[17]Will be called. August 2010 8th single "Heavy Rotation』Has exceeded 50 consecutive initial sales of singles, 120 weeks of Oricon appearance, Oricon weekkaraokeChart 48st place for 1 consecutive weeks[18]I have a record of. In 2011, the 22nd single title song "Flying Get"But53th Japan Record Award Of大 賞In 2012, the 26th single title song "Midsummer Sounds good!"But54th Japan Record AwardWon the grand prize[19]. AlsoJapan Gold Disc AwardHowever, since 2011 (targeted in 2010), we have been playing "Single of the Year" (Japanese music category) for 7 consecutive years.[20], Received the "Artist of the Year" (Japanese music category) for the third consecutive year since 2012.

CD single sales were the 2011rd single "The wind is blowing』In 1000 million sheets[21], 2013th single "UZA』In 2000 million sheets[Note 5][23], 2014th single "Hopeful refrain』In 3000 million sheets[24], 2015nd single "Be My Baby on the lips』, Exceeding 3615 copies, recording the highest total sales of CD singles by artist in Japan[25], 2016th single "LOVE TRIP』, Exceeded 1968 million for the first time since Oricon started counting in 4000[26][27], The 2018rd single "Sentimental train』Break through 5000 million copies[28].. In March 2020, the 3th single "Thank you for heartbreakWith the release of 』, the total sales of singles reached 5603, breaking the self-record.[29]..As of March 2020, the total sales of the album was 3.[29].

At Team A's debut performance in 2005, 72 of the 7 people who attended were regular spectators (65 were related people), but about two months later on February 2, 2006, the first full house ( The capacity is 2 people) is recorded[30]..In April of the same year, the first performance of Team K was held and it became full, but after an unstable period such as halving on the third day, the number of applications for viewing continued to be high compared to the capacity. Are[Note 6].. In January 2009, the theater performanceon-demandDistribution has started[33]. Outside the theater, in November 2006Japan Youth HallHeld the first concert in[34][35].. From March to April 2007 in TokyoNagoya-Fukuoka-OsakaWe hold a national tour around[36].. In March 2008People's Republic of China-BeijingTeam B is performing their first live outside of Japan at a cultural exchange event[37].. In April 2011Seibu DomeAfter holding a concert by the AKB48 group in August 2012,Tokyo DomeFrom July to August 2013, the five major dome tour concerts nationwide are held.Also in March 7Old National StadiumAKB48 solo concert was held at Tokyo Dome, and in August of the same year, the first AKB8 solo concert was also held at Tokyo Dome. "AKB48 concert listSee.

Single selection members will be decided from June to July 20091st General ElectionIs held every year until 2018. From 2012, terrestrial television broadcasting was carried out. In September 2010, the same single selection members will be decided.The first selection rock-paper-scissors competitionThis event is also held every year until 2018, but from the 5th time, AKB48's single selection is no longer decided.Furthermore, in January 2011, AKB1's first documentary film "DOCUMENTARY of AKB48 to be continued What will the girls think about themselves 10 years later?Was released[38]..Also, in March of the same yearGreat East Japan EarthquakeLater, as a charity activity"For someone" projectHas started[39].

Nagoya City in 2008ProsperityStarting with the formation of SKE48, which is based in Japan, several sister groups have been formed in Japan and overseas. "# Sister projectSee.

Team 2011 and Team B in June 6[Note 7]It has been established as a new team for the first time in four and a half years[40][Note 8].. Team 2014 was launched in April 4[41]..Team 8 is different from other teamsToyotaWith the support of[Note 9], The members take the form of their representatives by auditions for each prefecture.[42]. "#teamSee.

The member composition is fluid because it is a large group, with members joining as research students at auditions held irregularly and being promoted to regular teams in a timely manner, while graduates also appear irregularly.The team structure will be large in AKB2010, which is called "Kumikaku" for the first time in 48.Team reorganizationSince then, the second time in 2012 was a reorganization including concurrent posts and transfers between AKB2 and sister groups, and the third time in 48 was a concurrent role / transfer within the domestic AKB2014 group.Nogizaka46Reorganization including concurrent posts from, the fourth in 2015 is a change including the cancellation of concurrent posts in the sister group and transfer / concurrent posts due to the establishment of NGT4, the fifth in 48 is the cancellation of concurrent posts from sister groups and concurrent posts of all eight team members Is being done ("# History of braidingSee).


Activity policy / goal / rule

AKB48 completely overturned the conventional stereotype that "idols can only meet on TV and concert venues", and since its formation, the concept of "idols who can meet"[43]Under these circumstances, we will continue our efforts to shorten the distance between idols and fans through high-frequency performances at dedicated theaters and thorough fan services (handshake events, photo sessions, etc.) and make idols more familiar. ing.

AKB48 initially aimed to make a major debut, but on August 2006, 8, they announced to their fans that they would make a major debut.[44].After that, the title of the official blog was changed from "AKB48 ~Trails to Major Debut" to "AKB48 ~Trails to TOKYO DOME".[44], The goal was to hold a concert at the Tokyo Dome, and this goal was also achieved with "AKB2012 in TOKYO DOME ~8m no Yume~" held from August 24th to August 8th, 26.The title of her official blog was changed to "From ~48m~" due to the achievement of the goal.[44][Note 10].

Many members, especially those who joined in the early stages, recognize that "AKB48 is a passing point."All of thatsingerI'm not aiming foractress-Fashion ModelThere are various professions to apply for. On the other hand, not a step to a singer or an actress,Amina SatoAfter (4th gen member, former member), there are some who clearly aim for the activity itself at AKB48.[46][47].

It is said that AKB48 has a rule of "no romance", and the members have also professed it.[48]On the other hand, Yasushi Akimoto says that it is not specified as a rule.[49].Maeda AtsukoAccording to AKB48, when he was 16 years old, he was betrayed by his lover because of his romance. It was said that AKB48 created a rule prohibiting romance.[50].

Origin of the group name

In the alphabet part of the group name "AKB48"AKBIs home ground locatedAkihabara(Akihabara,AKIHABARA) or AkihabaraAkiba(Akiba,AKIBDerived from A).48The origin of this is Yasushi Akimoto's intention, "If you enter a word such as" Onyanko ", it will become old, so I want to make it inorganic like a product development number."[51]..The initial concept was a total of 1 people, 24 in the 2st army and 24 in the 48nd army.[52].Tonosaki TonobuIs the office to which he was originally formedoffice48President of (Kotaro Shiba)'S favorite number is 48[Note 11]Therefore, he said that he was told to make a group of about 50 people with 48 people.[53].

When the initial recruitment announcement was made, it was labeled as "Akihabara 48 Project".[54],NTT DoCoMoRecruitment of membersTie-upIn various media at the time of indie debut, including commercials, it was sometimes called "Akihabara 48", but later the group name was also "AKB48(AKBXNUMX Forty Eight) ”was unified[Note 12]..As the name suggests, there was a long time when there were about 48 regular members.[Note 13]..Group members and mass media simply omit "AKB48"AKBMay be called or written[55][56]. In addition, "AKB48" isAKS Co., Ltd.Is a registered trademark of[Note 14].

Scope of application of the name "AKB48"

The name "AKB48" was named as the project expanded.Sister groupMay be included. "AKB48" is mainly used in the following three meanings.

  1. Refers only to AKB48, which is based in Akihabara.
  2. In addition to 1, SKE48, (SDN48), NMB48, HKT48, NGT48, STU48 and sister groups in JapanDerivation unitInclude.
  3. In addition to 2, include sister groups JKT48, BNK48, (SNH48), etc. outside Japan.

In the case of 2 and 3, "AKB48 Group, "AKB Group", or "48 Group".

Members of the sister group are participating in the singles and derivative units of "AKB1" in the sense of 48.

AKB48 Theater Performance

Don QuixoteAkihabara store (Minami Building) The dedicated theater "AKB8 Theater" on the 48th floor is the starting point of AKB48's activities, and this theater is used as the home ground.On the 5th floor of the store, you can buy DVDs and goods.AKB48 SHOPWas added, but it closed in December 2015.

All concerts held in the private theater are "Performance"[Note 15], Is the center of group activities.All performances are performed with original songs.Except for some songs, general producer Yasushi Akimoto wrote the lyrics.Yasushi Akimoto has more than 1 songs per performanceDemo tapeAnd spend days listening to them while choosing songs to use[57].. From April to June 2009Theater G Rosso(Tokyo Dome City Attractions) As a second franchise, irregularlyPerformanceWas going on.

Fan community

AKB48 succeeded in shortening the distance between idols and fans by setting up a dedicated theater and performing performances, but at the same time it also strengthened the ties between fans.In particular, the lobby in front of the theater functions as a space where strangers can get to know each other. Even aboveSocial networking servicesSince the emergence of people, there is a movement to use them to deepen exchanges.[58].

The operation of the official fan club "Hashira no Kai" started on August 2006, 8.However, the membership registration system that allows one person to register as a member, and the number of performance tickets due to thisInternet auctionDiscontinued as of September 2011, 9 due to issues such as resale at[59][60]..From December 12th of the same year, a new official fan club "Two Pillars AssociationWas launched.After that, in response to changes in the entertainment market, the "Two Pillars Association" was closed on December 2021, 12, and the function as a fan club was unified into the mobile version official website "AKB31 mobile".[61].

The management side actively incorporates the opinions of fans.When the theater was not crowded, producer Yasushi Akimoto would directly listen to the opinions of fans at the theater, and even after it became a hit, the staff would indirectly communicate it.[62]..Especially in the early stages, the management staff had little experience in entertainment, so they received advice from fans on specific methods for ticket sales, lottery, and alignment.[63].Iwasaki Natsumiwhen he was an assistant producer,インターネットelectronic bulletin boardchannel 2,BlogThe reaction of the fans about the performance written in was summarized and conveyed to Yasushi Akimoto.[64].

Handshake event and purchase privilege

AKB48 holds a handshake event for CD buyers, and plays a role of fulfilling the concept of "idling to meet" as an opportunity for fans to directly shake hands and talk with members.[65].. Held on December 2005, 12, triggered by a handshake event that was held as a substitute for a theater performance that was canceled due to equipment failure.[66]After that, it started to be held regularly with the release of the CD. There are two types of AKB48 handshake events: "national handshake event" and "large handshake event".[65].

The "National Handshake Event" is a handshake event held in each area of ​​Japan (Hokkaido, Tohoku, Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, China, Kyushu) in conjunction with the release of the single CD.[67][Note 16]..To participate, you need an "event ticket" enclosed in a single CD (first limited edition), and you can freely participate in any area without prior reservation.[68]..Some members (about 20 people) may participate instead of all members, and multiple members may be in charge of one lane instead of one member.[68][69]. A single title of "event participation ticket" that can be used for each holding date is specified[67][70]. Lives and events will be held on the day[68][71].

"Large handshake event" is basically every CD releaseKanto regionIt is a handshake event held in (partly, Osaka City, etc.)[65].. Also called "individual handshake event"[Note 17]..In order to participate, the participation ticket attached to the theater CD is required, and before the release, apply by specifying the "date", "member" and "time zone" from the designated website, and draw the theater CD by lottery. Pre-purchase[65][Note 18]..As a general rule, not only AKB48 members but all domestic AKB48 group members participate[65], Each member is responsible for one lane[69]. The length of time allotted to each member (90-minute copies) varies. As a general rule, members should wear plain clothes. In addition to the handshake event, there are also two-shot photo sessions and autograph sessions with members who use the mobile phone's photo-taking function called "photo session".

As a purchase privilege on the CD, "handshake ticket"[Note 19]And not only "event participation tickets" but also voting tickets for fan participation events such as "selective general election" and "request hour set list best 100" may be attached.In addition, many of the works are accompanied by a random picture of the members called "raw photo".Multiple variations such as Type-A and Type-B are provided for the same title CD.These methods are not unique to AKB48, but they are popularly known as "AKBXNUMX" because of their influence in the Japanese music sales market, including sister groups.AKB Commercial CodeThere are also criticisms ("#Product variation developmentSee).


The lyrics of AKB48 songs can be roughly divided into "BINGO!""Skirt, Hirari"(Pseudo-romance lyrics (from a female perspective)", "Ponytail and Hair Tie"Love (from a man's point of view)/Youth hymn lyrics", "RIVER", "Heavy rotation", etc.Order of opportunityThere are three types of "self-referential lyrics" such as ".In the early stages, there was "pseudo-romance lyrics (from a female point of view)" that can be said to be a classic in the lyrics of traditional female idol songs, but the single "loud diamond" that triggered the hit was released. Around that time, they were rarely seen, and "love / youth hymn lyrics (from a male point of view)" and "self-referential lyrics" became mainstream.[73][74].

According to a description in the book "Group Idol Evolution," written by Gen Okajima and Yasuhiro Okada, the transition from the lyrics of female eyes to the lyrics of male eyes is related to changes in the fan base itself. In other words, speaking of idol fans in the traditional Japanese female idol culture, “a man who is not interested in fashion etc.Akiba systemIt tends to give the impression of being an idol otaku, but at AKB48 there are many opportunities for idols and fans to come into direct contact with each other at handshake events and theater performances. The proportion of young male and female fans who care about their appearance is also increasing. In response to this, pseudo-lovely lyrics are no longer needed so much that you can experience feelings of youth and share emotions with idols on stage through shouts.[Note 20]Is increasing[76].

Tsunehiro UnoIs "I"First personA transcendental idol who unilaterally presents a longing for "not here, somewhere" to fans about the transition from the lyrics from a female perspective to the lyrics from a male perspective with "I" as the first person. Rather, it means that the lyrics have begun to be clearly reflected in the concept of an intrinsic idol, in which idols and fans work together to affirm "now and here" and aim to make things more fruitful. Explaining[Note 21][78][79].Furthermore, as with songs with lyrics from a male perspective, AKB48 is a kind ofSocial phenomenonWith the fact that it became a hit so much that it can be said that singing AKB48 itself leads to singing about society, and Yasushi Akimoto, the lyricist, is aware of this.[80][81].

Saito TamakiPraised the lyrics of AKB48's song by Yasushi Akimoto as "shining remarkably in the J-POP industry that has become a despair wilderness"[82],YankeeIt is noteworthy that the element of "gender" is woven into the lyrics. Even if you pay attention to the members of AKB48GeekReceiveMayu WatanabeAnd receive the YankeeTomomi ItanoAlthough it is balanced that both of them exist, Akimoto himself is a peculiar type of person who has both otaku and yankee characteristics, and "Majisuka Rock n Roll" and "BeginnerIn the lyrics, the Yankee's peculiar momentary principleAnti-intellectualismIt is said that the balance is exquisite that you can see the consciousness that you are consciously behaving in such a way while raising a certain sense of values.[83]..This kind of consciousness is also linked to the tendency of "survival / battle royale".[Note 22].

Writer/LyricistSato UniversityWas also handled by Yasushi AkimotoOnyanko ClubWhile most of the lyrics of AKB48's songs were aimed at playing with words and receiving inner circles, the lyrics of AKB48's songs were subjective and straightforward, inspiring "what I should be". It is said that the lyrics contained in the system are an education for individual members of AKBXNUMX.[84].


The costume is Osare Company Co., Ltd.[Note 23]Affiliation Shinobu Kayano[Note 24]Specialized costume staff centered on[88]..The costume design is unified based on the concept of each song, but the total number of costumes exceeds 5 because each costume is adjusted according to each member's character, image, and body shape.[90]. In the music video (MV) costume of the single song, the sound source of the completed new song is delivered to Chino with the order of Yasushi Akimoto, and it is a process to draw and submit a design image until Akimoto's intention is grasped.[91].

The design of the costumes worn by the members was originallyT-shirtdenimBeginning with a simple plaid at the beginningHigh school girl OfuniformThere were many shapes with the motif of[92]. Since around the time of the "2009st AKB1 Selection General Election" in 48, the characters of the members have begun to permeate the world and the costumes will change.[92].. 13th single title song "Excuse MaybeThe red plaid of the costume of "AKB48" has become the image of AKBXNUMX.[93], 14th single title song "RIVERIn ”, costumes were designed for each member so that the individuality of the members could be conveyed to the world, and the production process that continues today was formed.[92].

Yasushi Akimoto served as Vice PresidentKyoto University of Art and DesignAkimoto seminar student design is "Cherry blossom petalsAnd "skirts, hirari" and other costumes[94].. On March 2017, 3, 25 costumes such as costumes for singles and theater performances, as well as special costumes worn at concerts and song programs were posted. ButTreasure IslandReleased by[95].

Dual-role/transfer system

AKB48 has 5 sister groups in Japan and 8 sister groups outside Japan, and there is a "concurrent / transfer system" between each group of the AKB48 group.Concurrent post means to be active as a member of the group to which he / she belongs while being enrolled in the group to which he / she belongs.Transfer means leaving the register of the former group and belonging to the transfer destination group, and it is a transfer within the AKB48 group.In addition to canceling the concurrent post and changing the concurrent post due to the organization, some members have been transferred to the concurrent post group as they are.[Note 25]..Although it is a special form, in 2014, between the AKB48 group and Nogizaka46,Exchange studentAlso calledRena Matsui(At that time SKE48)Rina Ikoma(Nogizaka46 at that time)[96][Note 26].

Affiliation office / operating company

At the beginning of formation, all membersoffice48Belonged to[98]But,managementIn 2007, in order to strengthen exposure and development, and to continue performing entertainment after graduation,Mai Oshima-Tomomi Itano-Tomomi KasaiBut"HoriproSome members have moved to ""Entertainment officeIt was announced to transfer to[99].

Also, except for some members, "office48" to "AKSThe affiliation was changed to[100]..After that, new members who joined as research students will also belong to "AKS" at first, and members who have been offered by other offices will be transferred.[100] ..The members remaining in "office48" are treated as transfer groups.Since the group itself belongs to "AKS", the transfer group members will also be under the jurisdiction of "AKS" when performing performances and activities as AKB48.[100].

At the concert "AKB2010 full festival hope pros and cons" on March 3, 25, all members up to the 48th grade who were members of AKS were announced to transfer to the entertainment office.[101].

March 2012, 3 Concert "Business contact. On the last day of ``I'll ask, Director Katayama! in Saitama Super Arena'', a consultation was announced that the members of the 25th and 9th generation who were already active as regular members at the performance on the first day were transferred to the entertainment office.[102].

For a while, the active members were not transferred from AKS, but in 2017Mako Kojima Sun music productionTransferred to[103],Rena Kato-Mion Mukai Production OgiTransferred to "Mama & Son" affiliated with a subsidiary of[104].

On January 2020, 1, AKS changed the company name to "Vernalossom" and did not manage AKB20, but moved to "AKB Co., Ltd. (tentative)" which will be established as an operating company in April. Announced to be independent[105].. On April 4st of the same year, AKSVernalossom Co., Ltd.And announced that the business of AKB48 will be transferred to the new company "DH Co., Ltd."[106][107]..Along with this, the copyright notice has been changed from "© AKS" to "© AKB48".[108].

Also in the same yearOnishi Momoka-Shimizu maria-Erina Oda-Rin Okabe-Megu TaniguchiTransferred to another entertainment agency[109][110][111][112].. In 2021,Oguri Yui-Saki Kitazawa-Nana Okada-Muto Jumu・ Yui Yokoyama ・ Erii Chiba ・ Yukari Sasaki ・Ayana ShinozakiAnd DH continued to transfer to other entertainment agencies[113][114][115][116][117][118].. In 2022,Hitomi Honda・ Rei Fujizono transferred from DH to another entertainment agency[119][120].


General election

It is a kind of popularity vote in which fans select members to sing the single title song of AKB48, and it has been held every year since 2009, but it has not been held since the end of 2018.[43][121][122]..All members of the AKB48 group in Japan except SDN48 and transfer members from AKB48 to the group outside Japan have the right to be elected.[123]..From the 1st to the 4th, all the members who were enrolled were candidates, but after the 5th, the candidacy system has been introduced, and only for the 5th, the graduated members who have been enrolled for 4 years or more Candidates were also accepted[124]..In the 10th meeting, all members of the group outside Japan were granted eligibility for election.[123].

Rock-paper-scissors competition

It is a member selection event that has been held every year since 2010 following the general election, but it has not been held since 2019.Win / loss is stochastically equal and depends on chanceRock-paper-scissorsThe members selected will be determined only by the result of.

Since the general election is a popularity vote in which the ranking and the number of votes are determined by the support of fans for the members, there is a drawback that popular members who are often exposed to the mass media have an advantage.The selection rock-paper-scissors tournament was devised to give equal chances to members who are not popular or well-known. AKB48 regular members and research students who have won the preliminary battle can participate in the main battle.From the second time, members of sister groups in Japan were also given the right to participate.The game is one gameTournament methodDone in.

From the 1st to the 4th, the top 16 people were decided, and the member who became the first place like the general election became the selected member of the single song of AKB1 which serves as the center position. The 48th time will be changed to the solo debut of the winner[125]The treatment of the top prize-winning members, including the championship, is changing each time.

Draft meeting

Members of each team of the AKB48 groupProfessional baseball draft conferenceAudition event to select new members to join the team by a method that imitates.

At the 3rd draft meeting, instead of the members selecting and nominating candidates, a method was adopted in which the fans who recommended each team selected and nominated by voting on the Internet.

Derived units, solo units, club activities

There is a derivative unit formed by several members of AKB48. Planning TV programs and working with companiescollaboration,Tie-upSome are organized for a limited time and some are active regardless of specific projects. The first unit was formed in November 2006 for the planning of a TV showHonegumi from AKB48So, singles are also on sale. Also, a unit that operates regardless of a specific project was formed in April 2007.Chocolove from AKB48Starting with (activity suspension),Sleeveless,Walkway 7(Dissolved on February 2014, 2),French kiss(Dissolved on February 2015, 11),Not yet(Suspended after Yuko Oshima graduates),Diva(Disbanded in 2014) has been formed and has released singles and albums, respectively.

In addition, some members are engaged in solo music activities. October 2008Megumi OhoriAnd laterMasuda Yuka,Manami Okuhas released a single based on the planning of a TV program.Then in January 2011Tomomi Itanoreleased a single, followed byMaeda Atsuko,Misaki Iwasa,Mayu Watanabe,Rino Sashihara,Matsui Saki,Tomomi Kasai,Kashiwagi Yuki,Takahashi Minami,Asuka KuramochiHas released a single or album.

In addition, Yasushi Akimoto in 2012Google+There is a "club activity" (activity dormant state) announced above.

Charity / enlightenment activities

Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake(Great East Japan Earthquake) Calling for contributions to fans for the purpose of supporting the victims ofCharity song-Charity eventActivities such as planning are being carried out.In addition, since May 2011, it is said that such a donation project is widely supported by society.Japanese Red Cross SocietyWas appointed as the "Red Cross Official Messenger" that widely publicizes the activities of the[126][127].

Since May 2011 after the Great East Japan Earthquake, we have been supporting the victims (once a month until 5).Tohoku regionWe hold free mini-lives and handshake events in the disaster areas.However, in order to prevent fans from gathering from outside the disaster area, we have not announced until just before, and only the victims around the venue can see it.About 6 members, including sister groups, take turns participating each time.

From 2012,Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare OfhepatitisServes as a special supporter of the "Know, Hepatitis Project", a national movement project to promote comprehensive measures.[128].. In 2016,Yuria KizakiIs the original theme song of the project "Smile tomorrow”As a singing member[129]..In addition to attending the annual meeting, which is an event, members also participate in educational activities of this project promoted by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. On November 2020, 11,National Police AgencyLife Safety BureauCommissioned by the chief as a "special crime prevention support officer", SOS47[Note 27]Joined the members of[131].. On July 2022, 7, hepatitis control business meritorious personMinister of Health, Labour and WelfareReceived the award[132]..The following are examples of activities.

OUC48 project

OUC48 Project (OUC Forty Eight Project)[140]is "home" (OUCA project launched on April 2020, 4 with the aim of revitalizing Japan from HI, home)[141][142].. Occurred in October 2019Epidemic of new coronavirus infectionIssued in Japan on April 2020, 4Emergency declarationIn response, the members took the lead in launching[141][142]..As the first project, the members took pictures at their homes and synthesized them.365 days paper airplane"(Home ver.)YouTubePublished on the official AKB48 channel[143]. On September 4,SHOWROOMStarted live distribution of "OUC48 House Performance"[144].. In addition, Team 8 is entitled "Gathering Eight-chan! G8 Leaders Kaigi", and selects 8 members from the team members according to the theme, and delivers it by talking in a video conference.[145]. On May 5, the members acted as instructors to teach the choreography of AKB7 songs, "Furi Kopi Sounds good! OUC48 Chorus Choreography Course", on the AKB48 official YouTube channel.[146].. In addition, he is engaged in various activities through online distribution.

From June 2020, 6, members belonging to AKB1 will work in the form of concurrently serving as OUC48.[147].

Expansion outside Japan

On September 2007, 9, Team B participated in the "Japan-China Cultural People Roundtable 22" held at the China Art Academe in Beijing as the first performance outside Japan.[148][149].. In 2009Paris-ニ ュ ー ヨ ー ク-CannesSo in 2010Los Angeles-Seoul-Singapore-Moscow-MacauAnd so on in 2012Washington DCWe performed live at.

From May 2011, 5, the first regular performance outside Japan started in Singapore.

On December 2011, 12, the exchange service "AKB8 Now on Google+" on Google+ was launched.Articles written by members areEnglish-Chinese-Korean-タイ 語-IndonesianTranslated into and delivered[150].

On November 2019st and 11nd, 1BarcelonaLived in[151][152].

Official shop

It exists in the following two places.Previously, it also opened stores in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan.

  • open for business
    • Shanghai, China (November 2011, 11 -)
    • People's Republic of ChinaFuzhou(July 2020, 12 -)
  • Closed
    • Hong Kong (October 2010, 10-September 24, 2014, October 9, 9-)
    • Singapore (May 2011, 5-December 14)
    • Taiwan (July 2011, 7 -)

Sister project

In 2008Nagoya city-ProsperityBased inSKE48However, in 2009, it gathered only members over the age of 48 as a second group based in the AKB20 theater.SDN48[Note 28]But in 2010Osaka-NambaBased inNMB48But in 2011Fukuoka City-HakataBased inHKT48But in 2015NiigataBased inNGT48But in 2017Setouchi region7 prefectures (Hyogo-Okayama-Hiroshima-Yamaguchi -Tokushima-Kagawa-Ehime) BasedSTU48But each was formed.

Also outside Japan, in 2011Indonesia-JakartaBased inJKT48But in 2012People's Republic of China-ShanghaiBased inSNH48 [153][Note 29], In 2017Thailand-BangkokBased inBNK48 [156]Was formed. Furthermore, in 2018,Taiwan-TaipeiBased inTPE48,The Philippines-ManilaBased inMNL48, Based in Shanghai, People's Republic of ChinaAKB48 Team SH[157][158],Vietnam-Ho Chi MinhBased inSGO48 [159][160]It was formed. For BNK48, TPE48 and MNL48, on March 2016, 3Yokohama StadiumAlthough it was announced that it would start in the same year at "Celebration Minami Takahashi Graduation" Dream Dreamed by 148.5 cm in Yokohama Stadium AKB48 Solo Concert" held at[161]The three groups were not established within 3.

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayIndia-MumbaiBased inMUM48Was announced to be born in 2018[162], The project was canceled[163].. The cancellation of the TPE2018 license agreement was announced on July 7, 30, and on August 48, 8.AKB48 Team TPRestarted as[164].

June 2019, 6 in IndiaDelhiBased in Northern India withDEL48Based in MumbaiMUB48Project to launch two groups at the same time was announced[163].. On October 2019, 10, it will be the second group in Thailand announced in June of the same yearChiang MaiBased inCGM48Was formed[165][166].. DEL12 was formed in December of the same year[167][168].

On December 2021, 12, Vietnam's SGO5Epidemic of new coronavirus infectionIt was announced that it will be dissolved on December 12 due to restrictions on activities due to[169].. On July 2022, 7, DEL13 was terminated and dissolved due to the unstable situation caused by the new coronavirus infection in India, and MUB48 was terminated.[170].

Transition of sister projects


Braided history

AKB48 has regular members and non-regular members called "research students".In addition, AKB48 has five teams, "Team A", "Team K", "Team B", "Team 4", and "Team 8", and in principle, regular members belong to one of them. At the AKB5 TheaterTheater performanceIs done in team units as a general rule.Research studentsBack dancerAnd under regular members[Note 30]And appear in the performance as an undercard.Performances by research students only (performances by research students)Is also implemented.

Team division
The affiliation to each team was decided from the time of formation to the establishment of team B by the time of joining as follows.
Team A: Formed December 2005, 12-Opening Member Audition Successful (Original Member) (1 period
Mariko Shinoda is said to be "1.5 term" due to additional subscription, but it may be described as "1 term" in some media.
チームK: Formed April 2006, 4-1nd additional member audition successful candidates (2 period
Team B: Formed April 2007, 4-7nd additional member audition successful candidates (3 period) And 3 people from Team A
In subsequent auditions, all successful applicants will belong to the research student, and from among them will be promoted to regular members as appropriate and will belong to each team of A, K and B.
Research Student Audition: XNUMXst Research Student =4 period・ Second research student =5 period・ Third research student =6 periodSo the XNUMXth research student =9 periodContinue until.Since then, the expressions "10th term research student" and "11th term research student" have continued until the 17th term research student.
Team structure enforced in 2010
2009年8月の日本武道館公演(『AKB104選抜メンバー組閣祭り』)で「新内閣の発足」が発表され、チームA・K・Bのメンバーの組み替えと一部メンバーのSDN48への完全移籍、研究生の大量昇格が行われることになった。当初2009年10月から実施の予定だったが、度々延期され、2010年になってチームKが3月12日から、チームBが5月21日から、チームAが7月27日からというように約半年かけて段階的に実施したため、移行期間中は新旧両チームの公演に出演する者や逆に長期間公演に出演できなかった者もいた[Source required].
New performance system and team 4 formation
From around 2009, with the increase in media exposure of AKB48, the number of performances by regular members decreased, and the ratio of performances performed only by research students increased.Also, even on performance days of regular members, which had become rare, popular members were often absent (absent).As a countermeasure, a plan emerged to increase the number of regular members from the previous 48, and to replace the members who are going to perform and the backup members each time.As part of the preparation, it was announced on December 2010, 12 that eight members would be promoted from research students to regular members on February 8, 8.However, due to the fact that the plan itself did not progress and the team to which he belonged was not announced at the same time, until the team to which he belongs is decided, he will temporarily appear as an under of each team while being a regular member, or will mainly appear in team research student performances. was in a state of
After that, the plan was changed, and although the performance itself did not change from the performance on April 2011, 4, the team name was removed from each program name, and the performers, including research students, were rearranged each time instead of the conventional team name. , 8 performances including SDN48 will be held in a well-balanced manner (the schedule announcement in the form of conventional team performances and research student performances has disappeared)[171].. Until then, we had announced the rest, but after that we will announce the performers including the names of the research students, and if the majority of the 16 research students are the discount, the viewing fee will be reduced by 1,000 yen uniformly It was a performance[171].However, although the crown of the team was removed, it was not completely at random, but was carried out in the form of a joint team of the conventional main team and research students in each performance.On June 6th of the same year, it was announced that Team 6 would be formed by the previously undecided members.
From October 2011, 10Team 4 1st Stage "My Sun" Performancewas started, but since all members of SDN2012 graduated on March 3, 31, it became a system of four performances by four teams.It was also announced that they plan to form Team 48 in the future.[172].
SKE2012 on March 3, 24Jurina MatsuiAnd NMB48Watanabe MiyukiAKB48 and AKBXNUMX started their first inter-group team assignment.[173].
Team structure effective November 2012, 11
On the first day of the Tokyo Dome performance "AKB2012 in TOKYO DOME ~8m no Yume~" held on August 24, 48, Team 1830 was eliminated and reorganized into three teams: Team A, Team K, and Team B. , It was announced that several people will hold concurrent positions with domestic sister groups, and that they will transfer to their first overseas sister group.[174].In this team system, each team's 16-person system was abolished, but the members who appeared in the performance were selected each time, and vacancies were no longer filled by research students.
XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayIwate Industrial Culture CenterHeld inMidsummer Sounds good!”National handshake event AKB48 Matsuri powered by Neshin TV” announced the performances of the final performances of the 4 teams and the performances of the new teams.On October 2012, 10, the schedule for the first day of the new team performance was announced on the official blog.[175][176].
On November 2012, 11, the performances under the new team system began, but the performance format returned from each program to performances by each team, and "Boku no Taiyo" was also performed as a research student performance before the new team system. The performance was completely positioned as a research student performance.In addition, as for the performances of the regular members of the research students, each team has 1 members (at the time of the start of the new system), so at the beginning of the new system, there were no under appearances, and some team performances were performed as backup dancers for songs. Although it became an appearance only, it was announced on May 22, 2013 that the under appearance will be revived.[177].
Announcement of official team designation
After the "Kakugaku Festival" in 2009, when it was necessary to distinguish teams by time, they were called old teams and new teams.[178].Due to the reorganization of the Cabinet, it was no longer possible to distinguish between the old and new, but on November 2012, 11, the team captain system was adopted and the official team names for Team A, Team K, and Team B were announced ( See table below)[179].. The name of the team up to 2010 is not mentioned in the announcement on November 2012, 11, but it is described as "first team A" "first team K" "first team B" in official publications and media[180][181][182], The members also called it "the first team B"[183], The team name is "first generation".
Team 4 reunion
On the 2013rd day of the previous year's "AKB8 in TOKYO DOME ~ 24m dream ~" on the 48rd day of the Tokyo Dome performance "AKB2013 3 Midsummer Dome Tour ~ There are things I still have to do ~" held on August 48, 1830 Team A promotion announced on Day 1Ryohana OshimaExcept for the 13th and 9th research students and all the 14th students and the 1st students who were demoted to research studentsMinami MinegishiThe promotion of 16 people was announced, and Team 4 was reorganized as their affiliate, and Minegishi was appointed as captain.[184].
Holding of draft meetings and implementation of pennant traces
On November 2013, 11, as a new form of audition, AKB10 group jointly "AKB48 Group Draft ConferenceWas held[185].The day before the draft meeting, it was announced that each team in the AKB2014 group would hold a pennant race from January 1.[186].It actually started on April 2014nd, 4 and was scheduled to run until October 22st, but was canceled on September 10rd.[187].
Team structure effective November 2014, 4
On February 2014, 2, at Zepp DiverCity TOKYO, "AKB24 Group Daisoukaku Matsuri ~The times will change.However, we can only face forward!~] announced a new system centered on the domestic AKB48 group.With the introduction of the vice-captain system, several people from each group have transferred and held concurrent posts, and as the first concurrent post beyond the AKB48 group.Nogizaka46 OfRina Ikomawas announced to hold a concurrent position with AKB48.[188].
Team 8 started
Team 2014, which was announced at AKB1 Request Hour in January 48, was formed on April 8 and started activities in May.[189].. The theme is "Idol going to meet", which is different from the past AKB48 and is closely related to the community.ToyotaTo receive full support from[190].. There is only one official website for the team within the AKB48 group.
2015 “Spring Personnel Changes”
XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DaySaitama Super ArenaAt the "AKB48 Spring Solo Concert ~Jikisou Mada Shugyouchuu!~", it was announced that a large number of concurrent positions, including sister groups, would be eliminated, team captains and vice-captains were changed, and many members were transferred between teams.[191].. Held on May 2015, 52nd Draft ConferenceWas nominated for the new team structure announced during this personnel change.[192].. In addition, a voting event was held on June 2015, 6AKB48 41st Single Selection General Election] Was also implemented by this new system[Note 31].
At the "AKB2015 Midsummer Solo Concert in Saitama Super Arena ~Kawaei-san no Koto Deshita~" held at Saitama Super Arena on August 8, 1, the final performance of the theater performance with the current team system. The schedule for the first day of the theater performance under the new team system announced in the spring personnel change has been announced.[193][194].
Team structure announced on December 2017, 12
At the ``2017th Anniversary Special Performance'' held at the AKB12 Theater on December 8, 48, a new team system (captain members) was announced, and 12 members from the 16th generation research students were promoted to regular members (the other members were Research students belonging to the team), all concurrent members from the sister group have been canceled, and the 9 members of the team have been concurrently held in other teams.[195][196][197].
``January 2018, 1''3rd AKB48 Group Draft Conference], each team except Team 8 participated in a new team structure[198].
A performance with a new team system was performed at "AKB2018 Solo Concert-What is Jabaja?" Held at Saitama Super Arena on April 4, 1.[Note 32].
The old team's Chiakigaku performance was held from May 5th to May 15th, and the first day performance of the new team started from June 5th.[199].
Team structure announced on December 2021, 12
2021年12月8日にAKB48劇場で行われた「16周年記念特別公演」において、新チーム体制(キャプテン・メンバー)が発表され、2022年2月5日に現チーム体制でのコンサートを行い、翌2月6日に新チーム体制でのコンサートを行うことも発表された[200][201]..Both concertsEpidemic of new coronavirus infectionWas canceled due to the expansion of[202].. By April 4th, all teams (excluding Team 6) will perform in Chiakigaku under the current team structure.[203], On April 4th, the earliest first day performance of Team 4 in a new team structure[204]The member page of the official website has been updated[Note 33]Then, the transition to the new team structure was carried out.
Changes in team structure[205](The applicable performance isAKB48 theater performances(See)
First Team A----
First Team K
First Team B
"Kagaku Festival" (announced in August 2009, held sequentially from February to July 8)
('10) Takahashi Team AAkimoto Team KKashiwagi Team B(Established after the Cabinet)-
First generation (Oba) team 4
"Kakugaku" at the Tokyo Dome performance (announced in August 2012, conducted on November 8, 2012)
Shinoda Team AOshima Team KUmeda Team B(Temporary disappearance)-
('13) Yokoyama Team A('13) Minegishi Team 4
"Great Organization Festival" (announced in February 2014, held April 2, 2014)
('14) Takahashi Team AYokoyama Team KKuramochi Team B[Note 34]('14) Minegishi Team 4Team 8
"Spring Personnel Change" at a solo concert in spring (announced in March 2015, conducted on September 3, 2015)
('15) Yokoyama Team AMinegishi Team KKizaki Team B[Note 35]Takahashi Akari Team 4Team 8
"Kakugaku" at the 12th anniversary special performance (announced in December 2017, held sequentially from April to May 12)[Note 36]
Okabe Team AKakeyama Team KTakahashi Akari Team BMurayama Team 4Team 8
Iwate Team B[Note 37]
"Kumikaku" at the 16th anniversary special performance (announced in December 2021, held on April 12, 2022)
Mukaichi Team ATaguchi Team KAsai Team BKuranoo Team 4Team 8

``AKB2018 Group Profile Directory 1'' published in January 48[Note 38](Treasure Island), if the same person, like Team A, is reappointed as captain (Takahashi Minami-Yui Yokoyama)、キャプテンが同じでも組閣によってメンバー構成が変わった場合(峯岸チーム4)には、活動を開始した西暦年の省略表記を付けて「'10高橋チームA 」「'14高橋チームA」、「'13横山チームA」「'15横山チームA」、「'13峯岸チーム4」「'14峯岸チーム4」とメンバー・プロフィールでのチーム異動履歴で編集上の区別をしているが、公式サイトの表記は、いずれも「高橋チームA」「横山チームA」「峯岸チーム4」である。

Successive captains

A list of tenures of captains and vice-captains for each team.

Team A captain

  1. Takahashi Minami(December 2010, 7-February 27, 2012)
  2. Mariko Shinoda(December 2012, 11-February 1, 2013)
  3. Yui Yokoyama(December 2013, 7-February 23, 2014)
  4. Minami Takahashi (April 2014, 4-August 24, 2015)
  5. Yui Yokoyama (September 2015, 9-May 1, 2018)
  6. Rin Okabe(April 2018-May 4, 2022)
  7. Mion Mukai(July 2022, 4 -)

Team k captain

  1. Akimoto Saika(December 2010, 3-February 12, 2012)
  2. Oshima Yuko(December 2012, 11-February 1, 2014)
  3. Yui Yokoyama (September 2014, 4-May 24, 2015)
  4. Minami Minegishi(December 2015, 9-February 1, 2018)
  5. Haruka Kagoyama(April 2018-May 4, 2022)
  6. Manaka Taguchi (April 2022, 4-)

Team B captain

  1. Kashiwagi Yuki(December 2010, 5-February 21, 2012)
  2. Ayaka Umeda(December 2012, 11-February 1, 2014)
  3. Asuka Kuramochi(December 2014, 4-February 24, 2015)
  4. Yuria Kizaki(December 2015, 9-February 1, 2017)
  5. Akari Takahashi(April 2018-May 4, 2019)
  6. Saho Iwatate(December 2019, 5-February 7, 2022)
  7. Nanami Asai (April 2022, 4-)

Team 4 captain

  1. Mina Oba(2011年7月23日 - 9月2日、2012年1月4日 - 10月31日)
  2. Minami Minegishi (August 2013, 8-August 24, 2015)
    • March 2013, 8-March 24, 2014
    • April 2014, 4-August 24, 2015 (spring personnel change system)
  3. Akari Takahashi (September 2015, 9-May 1, 2018)
  4. Yuiri Murayama(April 2018-May 4, 2022)
  5. Narumi Kurano(July 2022, 4 -)

Team A Deputy Captain

  1. Mariko Nakamura(December 2014, 4-February 24, 2017)
    • April 2014, 4-August 24, 2015 (Grand Cabinet system)
    • April 2015, 9-August 1, 2017 (spring personnel change system)

Team K Deputy Captain

  1. Rie Kitahara(December 2014, 4-February 24, 2015)
  2. Haruka Shimada (September 2015, 9-November 1, 2017)

Team B Deputy Captain

  1. Landlord Shizuka(December 2014, 4-February 24, 2015)
  2. Ryohana Oshima(December 2015, 9-February 1, 2017)

Team 4 Deputy Captain

  1. Yuria Kizaki (April 2014, 4-August 24, 2015)
  2. Nana Okada(December 2015, 9-February 1, 2018)



Regular member

Team A

The team color ispink.

NameReadingDate of BirthSubscription periodAffiliation officePromotion dateRemarkselection
Saho IwatateSaho Iwate (1994-10-04) 199410/4(27 years old)13 periodDH201308/24Former Team B Captain
Former team 4 ('13/'14 Minegishi/Akari Takahashi)
Former team B (Akari Takahashi/Iwatate)
022 bit
Hitomi OtakeOhtake Hitomi (1999-06-27) 19996/27(23 years old)3rd draftDH20190907 days3nd Draft Conference Team B No. 4
Former Team B (Iwatate)
Nana OkadaOk (1997-11-07) 199711/7(24 years old)14 periodAvex Asunaro Company201308/24Former Team 4 (Akari Takahashi) Deputy Captain
Former STU48 Captain
Former Team 4 ('13 / '14 Minegishi, Juri Takahashi, Murayama)
Former STU48 concurrent post
005 bit
Haruka KagoyamaKomiyama Haruka (1998-09-12) 19989/12(23 years old)15 periodDH201404/24Former Team K Captain
Former team 4 ('14 Minegishi, Takahashi Akari)
Former team K (Kamayama)
021 bit
Saito HarunaHaru Saito (2004-05-24) 20045/24(18 years old)3rd draftDH20190907 days3nd Draft Conference Team B No. 1
Former Team B (Iwatate)
Chiba EriEri Chiba (2003-10-27) 200310/27(18 years old)162rd draftMitsu s[117]201709/272nd Draft Meeting Team 4 1st Nomination
Former team 4 ('14 Minegishi/Akari Takahashi) research student
Former team 4 (Akari Takahashi)
Tomoyo NakanishiThank you (1995-05-12) 19955/12(27 years old)-DH-Former HKT48 Team H (48st generation HKT1)
Former team A ('14 Takahashi, '15 Yokoyama)
Former team B (Akari Takahashi/Iwatate)
Transferred on April 2014, 4
091 bit
Fukuoka sacred vegetablesFukuoka (2000-08-01) 20008/1(22 years old)15 periodDH201404/24Former Team B (Kuramochi, Kizaki, Juri Takahashi, Iwatate)031 bit
MakareMacharinMa Charin (1996-12-21) 199612/21(25 years old)16_Taiwan research studentJPEG-Former Taiwan student
Former team B (Kisaki)
Former team 4 (Murayama)
Joined April 2016, 2[206]
097 bit
Michieda SakiMichieda Saki (2003-12-20) 200312/20(18 years old)16 periodDH201909/12Former research student belonging to Team A-
Mion MukaiMukaichi Mion (1998-01-29) 19981/29(24 years old)15 periodMama & Son201404/24AKB48 Group General Manager (3rd generation)
Team A captain
Former team 4 ('14 Minegishi)
Former team K (Mineshige)
013 bit
Korin MutoOrton Mutou (2000-07-22) 20007/22(22 years old)16 periodDH20180402 daysFormer team K (Kamayama)
My sister is Yume Muto (12th gen)[207][208]
055 bit
Yuzuhana YoshihashiYoshihashi Yuzuka (1999-12-29) 199912/29(22 years old)3rd draftDHApril 202008 days3nd Draft Meeting Team 4 2st Nomination
Former team 4 (Murayama)

Concurrent member from Team 8

  • Rin Okabe, Maria Shimizu, Sayaka Takahashi, Serika Nagano, Hitomi Honda, Mashiro Mitomo


The team color is绿.

NameReadingDate of BirthSubscription periodAffiliation officePromotion dateRemarkselection
Aimi IchikawaIchikawa Manami (1999-08-26) 19998/26(23 years old)15 periodDH201404/24Former team A ('14 Takahashi)115 bit
Ran KobayashiKobayashiran (2003-10-07) 200310/7(18 years old)3rd draftDH201907/273rd Draft Conference Team K Nominated 4th
A former member of Amorecarina Osaka[209]
Formerly a member of Good Choice Entertainment
Lower mouth HinaSimoguchi Hina (2001-07-19) 20017/19(21 years old)161rd draftDH-1rd Draft Conference Team K Nominated 2th-
Taguchi ManakaTaguchi Manaka (2003-12-12) 200312/12(18 years old)16 periodDH20180402 daysTeam k captain
Former team A (Okabe)
Muto JumuSuddenly (1994-11-25) 199411/25(27 years old)12 periodIkushima Planning Office201208/24Former team A ('14 Takahashi)
My sister is Murin Koto (16th generation)[207][208]
007 bit
Shinobu MogiShinobu Mogi (1997-02-16) 19972/16(25 years old)13 periodDH201308/24Former team 4 ('13/'14 Minegishi)047 bit
ReneMizuki Yamauchi (2001-09-20) 20019/20(20 years old)16 periodDH20180402 daysFormer team 4 (Murayama)092 bit
Ryane YamaneYamane Tin is (2000-08-11) 20008/11(22 years old)16 periodDHApril 201808 daysFormer research student belonging to Team A
Former team A (Okabe)
Ayumu YamabeAyu Yamabe (2002-02-03) 20022/3(20 years old)162rd draftDH201709/272nd Draft Conference Team B No. 3
Former team B (Kuramochi and Kizaki) research student
Former Team B (Kizaki, Juri Takahashi, Iwatate)
A former member of Amore Carina[210]
Formerly a member of Good Choice Entertainment
My sisterYume Yamabe(Tokyo Girls' Style[211]
Ami YumotoYumoto Ami (1997-10-03) 199710/3(24 years old)15 periodDH201404/24-

Concurrent member from Team 8

  • Amano Uemi, Momoka Onishi, Hinako Okuhara, Erina Oda, Ayane Takahashi, Yuna Hattori, Sayuna Hama

Team B

The team color istag.

NameReadingDate of BirthSubscription periodAffiliation officePromotion dateRemarkselection
Nanami AsaiNanami Asai (2000-05-20) 20005/20(22 years old)16 periodDH20180402 daysTeam B captain
Former team 4 (Murayama)
Asbestos SeinanSena Ishiwata (2002-02-22) 20022/22(20 years old)3rd draftDHApril 202008 days3nd Draft Meeting Team 4 1st Nomination
Former team 4 (Murayama)
Kaori InagakiKaori Inagaki (1997-10-31) 199710/31(24 years old)16 periodDH20180402 daysFormer team 4 (Murayama)-
Maho OmoriMaho Omori (1999-12-05) 199912/5(22 years old)3rd draftDHApril 201808 days3nd Draft Conference Team B No. 5-
Kashiwagi YukiYuki Kashiwagi (1991-07-15) 19917/15(31 years old)03 periodWatanabe Entertainment-AKB48 Group Senior
Former Team B Captain
Former NMB48 Team N concurrently
Former NGT48 team NIII
002 bit
Saki KitazawaSaki Kitazawa (1997-06-05) 19976/5(25 years old)13 periodDe-PRO201308/24Former team 4 ('13/'14 Minegishi/Akari Takahashi)-
Minami SatoMinami Sato (2003-08-03) 20038/3(19 years old)16 periodDH201909/12Former research student belonging to Team A
Former team A (Okabe)
Former DIVE'[212]
E Dance Academy E DANCE KIDS 2nd gen[212]
Ayana ShinozakiShinozaki Ayana (1996-01-08) 19961/8(26 years old)13 periodOMG201308/24Former team 4 ('13/'14 Minegishi)
Former team K (Mineshige)
Former team A (Okabe)
078 bit
Suzuki KurumiSuzuki walnut (2004-09-02) 20049/2(18 years old)16 periodDH20180402 daysFormer team A (Okabe)
Formerly Krage Kids[213]
E Dance Academy E DANCE KIDS 2nd gen[214]
Megumi NaganoMegumi Nagano (2004-03-22) 20043/22(18 years old)3rd draftDHApril 202008 days3rd Draft Conference Team K Nominated 6th
Former team K (Kamayama)

Concurrent member from Team 8

  • Yui Oguri, Nagisa Sakaguchi, Kankai Tokunaga, Hina Hashimoto, Ayaka Left Ban, Hikaru Hirano, Rei Fujizono, and Kyoka Yamada

Team 4

The team color is黄色.

NameReadingDate of BirthSubscription periodAffiliation officePromotion dateRemarkselection
Miyu OmoriOomori Miyu (1998-09-03) 19989/3(24 years old)12 periodDH201304/28Former team B (Umeda)067 bit
Rina OkadaOkada (1999-07-27) 19997/27(23 years old)3rd draftDH201907/273rd Draft Conference Team K Nominated 5th
Former team K (Kamayama)
Haruka KurosuKurosu Haruka (2001-02-28) 20012/28(21 years old)16 periodDH201905/13Former Team 4 affiliation research student-
Yukari SasakiSasaki Yukari (1995-08-28) 19958/28(27 years old)12 periodDe-PRO[215][216]201304/28Former team A ('13/'15 Yokoyama)
Former team 4 ('14 Minegishi)
Former team B (Akari Takahashi/Iwatate)
038 bit
Princess SatoKiara Sato (2000-08-11) 20008/11(22 years old)15 periodDH201404/24My sister is Kisei Sato (17th generation)[208][217]-
Kyoka TadaJust today (1999-08-19) 19998/19(23 years old)3rd draftDHApril 201808 days3nd Draft Meeting Team 4 3st Nomination-
Megu TaniguchiTaniguchi (1998-11-12) 199811/12(23 years old)15 periodAM EntertainmentApril 201403 daysFormer team A ('14 Takahashi, '15 Yokoyama)
Former team B (Akari Takahashi/Iwatate)
April 2014, 4 Promoted from tentative research student to research student[218]
033 bit
Aya NagatomoNagatomo Ayami (2000-11-02) 200011/2(21 years old)16 periodDHApril 201808 daysFormer research student belonging to Team K
Former team K (Kamayama)
Yuiri MurayamaMurayama Yuiri (1997-06-15) 19976/15(25 years old)13 periodDH201308/24Former Team 4 Captain-

Concurrent member from Team 8

  • Hatsuka Utada, Misaki Kawahara, Yurina Gyoten,Narumi Kurano(Team 4 Captain), Yoko Sakakawa, Miu Shitao, Kaoru Takaoka, Nanase Yoshikawa, Karen Yoshida

Team 8

The team color isDark blue.

Team 8 is selected one by one from 47 prefectures, and the members call themselves “□ prefecture (city/prefecture) representatives”.[219]..Members not listed on the date of joining are members since the formation of Team 2014 on April 4, 3.The area is from the official homepage of Team 8[220].. Area classification is the basis for selecting people for activities in each region.

Busan AreaPrefecturesDual-role teamNameReadingDate of BirthJoin dateAffiliation officeRemarkselection
01Hokkaido04Team BNagisa SakaguchiSakaguchi Nagisa (2000-12-23) 200012/23(21 years old)-DHFormer team B (Kisaki)
Former team 4 (Murayama)
047 bit
02AomoriCurrently, there are no representative members.
03AkitaCurrently, there are no representative members.
04IwateCurrently, there are no representative members.
05YamagataTeam AShrine whiteMito Mashiro (2005-11-25) 200511/25(16 years old)20180808 daysDH-
06MiyagiCurrently, there are no representative members.
07FukushimaCurrently, there are no representative members.
02Kanto08Ibaraki01Team ARin OkabeRin okabe (1996-11-07) 199611/7(25 years old)-HoriproFormer Team A Captain058 bit
09Tochigi03Team AHitomi HondaHitomi Hitomi (2001-10-06) 200110/6(20 years old)-Mama & SonFormer team B (Akari Takahashi/Iwatate)
IZ * ONEFormer member of
082 bit
10Gunma03Team AShimizu mariaMaria Shimizu (1997-09-29) 19979/29(24 years old)-Wykey AgentFormer team B (Akari Takahashi/Iwatate)-
11Saitama04チームKAyane TakahashiTakahashi Ayane (1997-12-30) 199712/30(24 years old)-DHFormer team 4 (Murayama)-
12Chiba03Team 4Yoshikawa NanaseYoshika Nanase (1998-07-21) 19987/21(24 years old)-DHFormer team B (Akari Takahashi/Iwatate)-
13Tokyo01Team BOguri YuiYuguri (2001-12-26) 200112/26(20 years old)-ZestFormer team A (Okabe)025 bit
14Kanagawa02チームKErina OdaOdaeri (1997-04-25) 19974/25(25 years old)-Wykey Agent060 bit
15NiigataCurrently, there are no representative members.
16Yamanashi02Team BAyaka left companionAyaka with Hidari (1998-07-29) 19987/29(24 years old)-DHFormer team K (Kagayama)-
03Central part17Aichi04Team 4Utada Early SummerUzada Hatsuka (2002-07-08) 20027/8(20 years old)201606/25DH-
18ShizuokaCurrently, there are no representative members.
19Gifu03チームKYuna HattoriYuta Hattori (2001-03-30) 20013/30(21 years old)201407/27DHFormer team B (Akari Takahashi/Iwatate)-
20MieCurrently, there are no representative members.
21Toyama02Team BHashimoto HarunaHaruhi Hashimoto (2000-05-25) 20005/25(22 years old)-DHFormer team K (Kagayama)109 bit
22Ishikawa04Team BHikaru HiranoHirano Hikaru (2003-01-29) 20031/29(19 years old)April 201609 daysDHFormer team 4 (Murayama)-
23FukuiTeam 4Sakakawa HarukaSakakawa Hiyuka (2006-10-07) 200610/7(15 years old)April 2019, 12DH-
24Nagano04Team AAyaka TakahashiTakahashi Sayaka (2001-11-22) 200111/22(20 years old)April 201609 daysDHFormer team 4 (Murayama)-
04Kansai25Osaka04Team ANagano SerikaNagano Serika (2001-03-27) 20013/27(21 years old)-DHFormer team 4 (Murayama)
[Note 39]
067 bit
26KyotoCurrently, there are no representative members.
27HyogoCurrently, there are no representative members.
28WakayamaCurrently, there are no representative members.
29Nara04チームKOnishi MomokaOh Momoka (1997-09-20) 19979/20(24 years old)-alligatorFormer team 4 (Murayama)038 bit
30Shiga04チームKYuma HamasakiYuna Hama (2001-08-20) 20018/20(21 years old)-DHFormer team 4 (Murayama)-
31TottoriTeam BTokunaga RokukaiTokunaga Remi (2006-10-01) 200610/1(15 years old)April 201906 daysDH-
32Shimane 03チームKOkuhara HinakoOkuhara Hinako (2003-11-18) 200311/18(18 years old)April 2017, 11DHFormer team B (Akari Takahashi/Iwatate)
[Note 40]
33OkayamaCurrently, there are no representative members.
34HiroshimaCurrently, there are no representative members.
35Yamaguchi 01Team 4Miu ShitaoShitomi Miu (2001-04-03) 20014/3(21 years old)-DHFormer team A (Okabe)-
36TokushimaCurrently, there are no representative members.
37Kagawa04Team 4Yuria GyotenGyouten Yurina (1999-03-14) 19993/14(23 years old)-DH-
38Ehime04Team 4Kaoru TakaokaKaoru Takaoka (2000-11-29) 200011/29(21 years old)-DH-
39KochiCurrently, there are no representative members.
06Kyusyu40Fukuoka01Team 4Yoshida KarenYoshida Karen (2002-08-27) 20028/27(20 years old)20150403 daysDHFormer team A (Okabe)-
41Saga03Team 4Misaki KawaharaKawahara Misaki (2002-04-03) 20024/3(20 years old)20170808 daysDHFormer team B (Akari Takahashi/Iwatate)-
42NagasakiCurrently, there are no representative members.
43Kumamoto02Team 4Narumi KuranoNara no Narumi (2000-11-08) 200011/8(21 years old)-DHTeam 4 captain
Former team K (Kagayama)
030 bit
44Oita02Team BAnka YamadaToday (2002-11-03) 200211/3(19 years old)201703/20DHFormer team K (Kagayama)-
45MiyazakiチームKAmami KamimiUemi Sora (2001-07-15) 20017/15(21 years old)April 2019, 10DH-
46KagoshimaTeam BRei FujizonoFujizono Rei (2005-01-18) 20051/18(17 years old)April 2018, 10ING[120]-
47OkinawaCurrently, there are no representative members.


NameReadingDate of BirthSubscription periodAffiliation officeRemarkselection
Highest rank
Yuki OtaYuki Ota (2004-03-27) 20043/27(18 years old)17 periodDH-
Obama ShinonKohama here (2007-02-12) 20072/12(15 years old)17 periodDH-
Kisei SatoAiri Sato (2004-06-24) 20046/24(18 years old)17 periodDHMy sister is Kiara Sato (15th generation)[208][217]-
Eriko HashimotoEriko Hashimoto (2006-04-16) 20064/16(16 years old)17 periodDH-
Nozomi HatakeyamaHatakeyama Nozomi (2008-01-25) 20081/25(14 years old)17 periodDHAKB48 youngest-
Yuki HirataYuki Hirata (2002-09-03) 20029/3(20 years old)17 periodDH-
Nunobukuro HyakubakuHote Moka (2004-12-01) 200412/1(17 years old)17 periodDH-
Masaru regular castingMasai Mayu (2005-03-01) 20053/1(17 years old)17 periodDH-
Miyuki MizushimaMiyu Mizushima (2006-11-12) 200611/12(15 years old)17 periodDH-
Yamazaki skyYamazaki Sora (2004-05-13) 20045/13(18 years old)17 periodDH-

Former member

Former regular member

NameReadingDate of BirthSubscription periodLast enrollment dateLast
Current officeRemarkselection
Yuki UsamiYuki Usami (1984-12-06) 198412/6(37 years old)1 periodApril 2006, 3ABusp
Ayako UemuraAyako Uemura (1986-02-07) 19862/7(36 years old)[221]2 periodApril 2006, 6KCattle stellaWithdrawal
Ayumi OriiOrii Ayumi (1985-07-20) 19857/20(37 years old)1 periodApril 2007, 1A-
Ayana TakadaAyaka Takada (1988-07-21) 19887/21(34 years old)2 periodApril 2007, 6K-My sister is Shiori Takada (former SKE48)
Yu ImaiYui Imai (1985-04-17) 19854/17(37 years old)2 periodK-Old stage name: Yu (after graduation)
yuanVersatile EntertainmentAffiliation
Michiru HoshinoMichiru Hoshino (1985-11-19) 198511/19(36 years old)1 periodApril 2007, 6A-Old stage name: Michiru (after graduation)
Shiho WatanabeShiho Watanabe (1987-10-25) 198710/25(34 years old)1 periodApril 2007, 10B-Former team A (on the way to the first generation)
Current stage name: Shiho Watanabe
Kayano MasuyamaMasuyama Kayano (1994-02-10) 19942/10(28 years old)1 periodApril 2007, 11AStardust promotionOld stage name: Kayano (after graduation), current stage name: Kayano Nakamura
Naru InoueInoue Naru (1991-12-18) 199112/18(30 years old)3 periodApril 2008, 9B-
Asami OeOh Tomomi (1989-06-15) 19896/15(33 years old)1 periodApril 2008, 11A-Old stage name: Chiyo Yumecho → Tomomi (after graduation), current stage name: Sho Moemi Oe
Hitomi KomataniHitomi Komatani (1988-12-16) 198812/16(33 years old)1 periodASun Music BrainLater joined SDN48
Toshima flowerTojima Hana (1988-07-11) 19887/11(34 years old)1 periodADress codeLater joined SDN48
Rina NakanishiInside (1988-06-26) 19886/26(34 years old)1 periodA-
Narita RisaRisa Nari (1991-03-01) 19913/1(31 years old)1 periodA-
Noguchi ReinaNoguchi Reina (1993-04-15) 19934/15(29 years old)3 periodApril 2009, 2B-
Yuki MatsuokaMatsuoka Yuki (1987-10-07) 198710/7(34 years old)3 periodB-yuanOffice slashAffiliation
Nozomi KawasakiKawasaki Nozomi (1987-08-23) 19878/23(35 years old)1 periodApril 2009, 2AAntimins
Miki SaotomeSaotome Miki (1991-06-22) 19916/22(31 years old)3 periodApril 2009, 4research-Former team B (first generation)
January 2009, 1 Demoted[222]
Mai OshimaOshimamai (1987-09-11) 19879/11(34 years old)1 periodApril 2009, 4AHoripro
Kaoru HayanoKaoru Hayano (1992-12-12) 199212/12(29 years old)2 periodK-Former stage name: Kaori Hayano (after graduation)
Naruse RisaNaruseri (1993-08-13) 19938/13(29 years old)4 periodApril 2009, 5K-
Miki SaekiMika Saeki (1989-10-29) 198910/29(32 years old)4 periodApril 2009, 8B-yuanByte AKB48[223]
Become an AKS employee after the AKB contract expires[224]
Megumi OhoriMegumi Ohori (1983-08-25) 19838/25(39 years old)2 periodApril 2010, 2KHoriproTransferred to SDN48 (1st gen)
Old stage name: Megumi Matsushima, Messhi Ohori
24 bit
Kayo NoroCursed (1983-10-28) 198310/28(38 years old)2 periodKOta ProductionsTransferred to SDN48
Former stage name: Kayo Asakura
Kazumi UranoUrami Kazumi (1985-10-23) 198510/23(36 years old)1 periodApril 2010, 4BHIRFormer team A (on the way to the first generation)
Transferred to SDN48
Also known as: CinDy
17 bit
Haruka OharaKohara Haruka (1988-04-12) 19884/12(34 years old)5 periodBOffice KururunTransferred to SDN48-
Yukari SatoYukari Sato (1988-11-22) 198811/22(33 years old)1 periodApril 2010, 5A-Transferred to SDN4815 bit
Erena OnoErena (1993-11-26) 199311/26(28 years old)2 periodApril 2010, 9K-Former team K (first generation, Akimoto)11 bit
Manami OkuOkumanami (1995-11-22) 199511/22(26 years old)2 periodApril 2011, 6Bwalk zeroFormer team K (first generation)
Former team B (Kashiwagi)
Anna MoriMori Anna (1994-03-21) 19943/21(28 years old)9 periodApril 2011, 94-Old stage name: Anna Mori (after declining)-
Hirashima NatsumiHirajima Natsumi (1992-05-28) 19925/28(30 years old)1 periodApril 2012, 2BOne Eight PromotionFormer team A (on the way to the first generation)
Former team B (Kashiwagi)
26 bit
Rumi YonezawaYonezawa Rumi (1991-06-06) 19916/6(31 years old)3 periodK-Former team B (first generation)
Former team K (Akimoto)
22 bit
Rino SashiharaSashihara (1992-11-21) 199211/21(29 years old)5 periodApril 2012, 6AOta ProductionsFormer team B (first generation)
Former team A ('10 Takahashi)
Transferred to HKT48
4 bit
Maeda AtsukoAtsuko (1991-07-10) 19917/10(31 years old)1 periodApril 2012, 8AOffice MAEDA ATSUKOFormer team A (first generation, '10 Takahashi)1 bit
Kaoru MitsumuneKaoru Mitsumune (1993-04-26) 19934/26(29 years old)13 periodApril 2012, 10[Note 41]Flave EntertainmentPromotion announcement on August 2012, 8[174]-
Tada ManakaAika Ota (1994-12-08) 199412/8(27 years old)3 periodApril 2012, 10AProduction OgiFormer team B (first generation)
Former team A ('10 Takahashi)
Transferred to HKT48
20 bit
Nakagawa HarukaNakagawa Haruka (1992-02-10) 19922/10(30 years old)3 periodAdentsu X entertainmentFormer team B (first generation)
Former team A ('10 Takahashi)
Transferred to JKT48
20 bit
Natsuki SatoNatsuki Sato (1990-07-01) 19907/1(32 years old)2 periodApril 2012, 11A-Former team K (first generation)
Former team B (Kashiwagi)
Former team A (Shinoda)
Masuda YukaMasuda Yuka (1991-08-03) 19918/3(31 years old)2 periodApril 2012, 12KFlave EntertainmentFormer team B (Kashiwagi)
Former team K (Oshima, the first generation)
20 bit
Akika NakataniSayaka Naka (1991-10-15) 199110/15(30 years old)3 periodApril 2013, 3KAnimo ProduceFormer team B (first generation)
Former team A ('10 Takahashi)
Former team K (Oshima)
36 bit
Moto NitoJapanese Momoe (1992-07-22) 19927/22(30 years old)5 periodApril 2013, 4A-Former team B (first generation)
Former team K (Akimoto)
Former team A (Shinoda)
29 bit
Anna IshidaIshida Anna (1996-05-27) 19965/27(26 years old)-B-From November 2012, 11 to the cancellation of the concurrent post SKE1 team KII concurrent post
Former team B (Umeda)
Tomomi KasaiTomomi Kasai (1991-11-16) 199111/16(30 years old)2 periodApril 2013, 5AHoriproFormer team K (first generation)
Former team B (Kashiwagi)
Former team A (Shinoda)
10 bit
Sae MiyazawaEven Miyazawa (1990-08-13) 19908/13(32 years old)2 periodApril 2013, 6KHoriproFormer team K (first generation, Akimoto, Oshima)
Transferred to SNH2012 on November 11, 1
From April 2013, 4 to SNH28 concurrently[225]
Concurrent post of SKE2014 Team S on April 4, 24
9 bit
Natsumi MatsubaraRose Natsumi (1990-06-19) 19906/19(32 years old)2 periodApril 2013, 7K-Former team A ('10 Takahashi)
Former team K (Oshima, the first generation)
30 bit
Tomomi NakatsukaTomomi Nakatsuka (1993-06-18) 19936/18(29 years old)5 periodADe-PROFormer team B (first generation)
Former team K (Akimoto)
Former team A (Shinoda)
Mika KomoriMika Komori (1994-07-19) 19947/19(28 years old)7 periodB-Former team B (Kashiwagi/Umeda)30 bit
Mariko ShinodaMariko Shinoda (1986-03-11) 19863/11(36 years old)1.5 periodApril 2013, 7ASOMEDAYFormer Team A Captain
Former team A (first generation, '10 Takahashi, Shinoda)
3 bit
Tomomi ItanoItomi Tomomi (1991-07-03) 19917/3(31 years old)1 periodApril 2013, 8KHoriproFormer team A (first generation)
Former team K (Akimoto and Oshima)
4 bit
Akimoto SaikaAkimoto Sayaka (1988-07-26) 19887/26(34 years old)2 periodApril 2013, 8KFlave EntertainmentFormer Team K Captain
Former team K (first generation, Akimoto, Oshima)
12 bit
Nakamata ShioriNakama Bookmark (1992-07-25) 19927/25(30 years old)10 periodApril 2013, 9A-Former team 4 (first generation)
Former team A (Shinoda/'13 Yokoyama)
Amina SatoAmi Sato (1990-10-16) 199010/16(31 years old)4 periodApril 2014, 1KOsawa OfficeFormer team A (first generation)
Former team B (Kashiwagi)
Former team K (Oshima)
8 bit
Ayaka KikuchiKikuchi Ayaka (1993-06-30) 19936/30(29 years old)7 periodApril 2014, 4A-Former 3rd gen
Former team B (first generation)
Former team K (Akimoto)
Former team A (Shinoda/'13 Yokoyama)
Former stage name: Ayaka Kikuchi
51 bit
Misato NonakaNakasato (1991-04-20) 19914/20(31 years old)6 periodApril 2014, 4B-Former team K (Akimoto)
Former team B (Umeda)
Members of SAISON[226]
Sumire SatoSumire Sato (1993-11-20) 199311/20(28 years old)7 periodApril 2014, 4A-Former team B (Kashiwagi)
Former team A (Shinoda/'13 Yokoyama)
Transferred to SKE48 Team E
31 bit
Rina ChinoChika Rina (1993-04-23) 19934/23(29 years old)5 periodK-Former team B (Kashiwagi)
Former team K (Oshima, the first generation)
Transferred to JKT48
Miori IchikawaIchikawa Miori (1994-02-12) 19942/12(28 years old)10 periodBProduction OgiFormer team 4 (first generation)
Former team B (Umeda)
Transfer to NMB48
Former NMB48 Team N concurrently
39 bit
Ayaka UmedaUmeda Ayaka (1989-01-03) 19891/3(33 years old)2 periodBTRUSTARFormer team K (first generation, Akimoto)
Former Team B Captain
Former team B (Umeda)
Transfer to NMB48
16 bit
Mina ObaAuntie (1992-04-03) 19924/3(30 years old)9 periodB-Former team 4 (first generation) captain
Former team 4 (first generation)
Former team B (Umeda)
Former SKE48 Team KII
Transferred to SKE48
35 bit
Reina FujieFuji Reina (1994-02-01) 19942/1(28 years old)4 periodBIto CompanyFormer team A (first generation)
Former team K (Akimoto)
Former team B (Umeda)
Transfer to NMB48
32 bit
Yamauchi SuzuranYamauchi Suzuran (1994-12-08) 199412/8(27 years old)9 periodBHoriproFormer team 4 (first generation)
Former team B (Umeda)
Transferred to SKE48
36 bit
Oshima YukoYuko Oshima (1988-10-17) 198810/17(33 years old)2 periodApril 2014, 6KOta ProductionsFormer Team K Captain
Former team K (first generation, Akimoto, Oshima)
1 bit
Okudong SenjuOkubora Chinatsu (1998-09-10) 19989/10(23 years old)-April 2014, 68-Former team 8 Gifu prefecture representative-
Mariko TsukamotoTsukamoto Mariko (1976-07-16) 19767/16(46 years old)-April 2014, 9[Note 42]-Adult AKB48For a limited time as an activity (term expired)-
Katayama YokoKatayama Haruka (1990-05-10) 19905/10(32 years old)3 periodApril 2014, 9AIrvingFormer team B (first generation, Umeda)
Former team A ('10 Takahashi, '14 Takahashi)
28 bit
Yurina TakashimaYurina Takashima (1997-05-24) 19975/24(25 years old)13 periodApril 2014, 124-Former team 4 ('13/'14 Minegishi)-
Yui MoriwakiYui Moriwaki (1998-02-28) 19982/28(24 years old)-April 2015, 18-Former team 8 Fukuoka prefecture representative
Starry sky ☆ 彡 DayS members[227]
Rina IkomaIkomana (1995-12-29) 199512/29(26 years old)-April 2015, 5BAM EntertainmentFrom April 2014, 4 until the concurrent post is released Nogizaka24 concurrent post
Former team B (Kuramochi)
14 bit
Satoho KotaniRiho Kotani (1994-08-24) 19948/24(28 years old)-April 2015, 54-From November 2012, 11 to May 1, 2013 NMB5 Team N concurrent post
Former team A (Shinoda)
From April 2014, 4 to the simultaneous release of NMB24 team N
Former team 4 ('14 Minegishi)
Old stage name: Sato Miaki (after graduating from NMB48)
61 bit
Furuhata NawaFuruhata (1996-09-15) 19969/15(25 years old)-April 2015, 5AZestFrom April 2013, 4 to April 28, 2014 SKE4 Team E concurrent post
Former team K (Oshima)
From November 2014, 4 to the cancellation of the concurrent post SKE24 team KII concurrent post
Former team A ('14 Takahashi)
55 bit
Kaede YakuraYagura Fuuko (1997-02-24) 19972/24(25 years old)-A-From April 2013, 4 to the concurrent post cancellation of NMB28 team M concurrent post
Former team A (Shinoda, '13 Yokoyama, '14 Takahashi)
41 bit
Ayaka MorikawaAyaka Morikawa (1996-03-24) 19963/24(26 years old)11 periodApril 2015, 5
ABarry HeaRTS EntertainmentFormer team A (Shinoda, '13 Yokoyama, '14 Takahashi)-
Suzuki ShiuriSuzuki Shihori (1994-02-17) 19942/17(28 years old)11 periodK-Former 7rd gen
Former team B (Kashiwagi)
Former team K (Oshima and Yokoyama)
Kawaei RinaCute Reina (1995-02-12) 19952/12(27 years old)11 periodApril 2015, 8AAvex ManagementFormer team 4 (first generation)
Former team A ('13 Yokoyama, '14 Takahashi)
16 bit
Matsui SakiMasaki Sakiko (1990-12-10) 199012/10(31 years old)7 periodApril 2015, 8
ASOMEDAYFormer team K (Akimoto)
Former team A (Shinoda, '13 Yokoyama, '14 Takahashi)
38 bit
You HashimotoHashimoto Hikari (1997-06-17) 19976/17(25 years old)14 periodB-Former team 4 ('13 Minegishi)
Former team B (Kuramochi)
Marina KobayashiMarina Kobayashi (1996-02-24) 19962/24(26 years old)10 period4-Former team A (Shinoda/'13 Yokoyama)
Former team 4 ('14 Minegishi)
Mizuki TsuchihoTsuchiyasu Mizuki (1996-10-05) 199610/5(25 years old)15 period4-Former team 4 ('14 Minegishi)-
Maeda MizukiMaeda Mitsuki (1998-10-05) 199810/5(23 years old)14 period4-Former team 4 ('13/'14 Minegishi)
Former Oscar Promotion Affiliation[229]
Mother isHayashi (Maeda) Hiromi[230]
Asuka KuramochiKuramochi Asuka (1989-09-11) 19899/11(32 years old)4 periodApril 2015, 8BWatanabe EntertainmentFormer team K (Oshima, the first generation)
Former team A ('10 Takahashi)
Former Team B Captain
Former team B (Kuramochi)
21 bit
Rie KitaharaRie Kitahara (1991-06-24) 19916/24(31 years old)5 periodApril 2015, 8KOta ProductionsFormer team A (first generation)
Former team B (Kashiwagi)
Former SKE48 Team S[Note 43]
Former Team K (Yokoyama) Deputy Captain
Former team K (Oshima and Yokoyama)
Transferred to NGT48[Note 44]
11 bit
Mayumi UchidaMayumi Uchida (1993-12-27) 199312/27(28 years old)5 periodApril 2015, 10B-Former team K (Akimoto, Oshima, Yokoyama)
Former team B (Kisaki)
Nishiyama ReinaNisayama Rena (2001-01-14) 20011/14(21 years old)1rd draftApril 2015, 12
A-1st Draft Conference Team A 1nd Nomination
Former team A ('14 Takahashi, '15 Yokoyama)
Jurina MatsuiJust Jurina (1997-03-08) 19973/8(25 years old)-April 2015, 12KIrvingFrom March 2012, 3 to the concurrent release of SKE24 Team S
Former team K (Akimoto, Oshima, Yokoyama, Minegishi)
4 bit
Natori chiyanaNatori (1995-06-07) 19956/7(27 years old)11 periodApril 2016, 2
4-Former team B (Umeda and Kuramochi)
Former team 4 (Akari Takahashi)
Natsuki UchiyamaNatsuki Uchiyama (1995-09-25) 19959/25(26 years old)14 periodApril 2016, 2B-Former team 4 ('13 Minegishi)
Former team B (Kuramochi)
39 bit
Kobayashi KanaIs it kobayashi (1991-05-17) 19915/17(31 years old)2 periodApril 2016, 3BPlatinum productionFormer team K (first generation, Oshima, Yokoyama)
Former team B (Kisaki)
41 bit
Iwasaki MoekaIwasaki Moeka (2000-04-24) 20004/24(22 years old)-April 2016, 4
8-Former team 8 Nagasaki representative-
Natsuki FujimuraNatsuki Fujimura (1997-05-25) 19975/25(25 years old)-8-Former team 8 Aichi prefecture representative-
Takahashi MinamiMinami Takahashi (1991-04-08) 19914/8(31 years old)1 periodApril 2016, 4AMama & SonFirst AKB48 Group General Manager
Former Team A Captain
Former team A (first generation, '10 Takahashi, Shinoda, '13 Yokoyama, '14 Takahashi)
4 bit
Takagi AkiAki Takajo (1991-10-03) 199110/3(30 years old)6 periodApril 2016, 5KIs fieldFormer team A (first generation, '10 Takahashi)
Former JKT48 Team J
Former team B (Umeda and Kuramochi)
Former team K (Mineshige)
Rejoined April 2013, 4
12 bit
Mario NagaoNaga Omariya (1994-03-10) 19943/10(28 years old)9 periodKIrvingFormer team 4 (first generation)
Former team K (Oshima, Yokoyama, Minegishi)
35 bit
Yamamoto AiAi Yamamoto (1995-08-31) 19958/31(27 years old)-April 2016, 58Blue bear houseFormer team 8 Mie representative-
Karen IwataKaren Iwata (1998-05-13) 19985/13(24 years old)12 periodApril 2016, 5AHoriproFormer team 4 (first generation)
Team A (Shinoda, '13 Yokoyama, '14 Takahashi, '15 Yokoyama)
Misaki IwasaMisaki Iwasa (1995-01-30) 19951/30(27 years old)7 periodBNagara ProductionFormer team A ('10 Takahashi)
Former team K (Yokoyama)
Former team B (Umeda, Kizaki)
33 bit
Sayaka YamamotoSayaka Yamamoto (1993-07-14) 19937/14(29 years old)-April 2016, 5KShow titleFrom April 2014, 4 to the simultaneous release of NMB24 team N
Former team K (Yokoyama, Minegishi)
6 bit
Haruka IshidaIshida Haruka (1993-12-02) 199312/2(28 years old)5 periodApril 2016, 6KHoriproFormer team B (Kashiwagi/Umeda)
Former team K (Yokoyama, Minegishi)
Members of SAISON[226]
27 bit
Watanabe MiyukiMiyuki Watanabe (1993-09-19) 19939/19(28 years old)-April 2016, 8B-Concurrent post with NMB48 graduation
From November 2012, 3 to May 24, 2014 NMB4 Team N concurrent post
Former team B (Kashiwagi/Umeda)
From September 2015, 9 to the end of concurrent post
Former team B (Kisaki)
12 bit
Rina HirataRina Hirata (1998-07-16) 19987/16(24 years old)12 periodApril 2016, 8
ADundleFormer team K (Oshima)
Former team B (Kuramochi)
Former team A ('15 Yokoyama)
Ami MaedaMaeda Ami (1995-06-01) 19956/1(27 years old)7 periodApril 2016, 8AOscar promotionFormer team K (Oshima)
Former team A ('10 Takahashi, '14 Takahashi, '15 Yokoyama)
37 bit
Kita ReinaKitareina (1996-04-07) 19964/7(26 years old)-April 2016, 10
8-Former team 8 Ishikawa representative
Former stage name: Reina Kasamoto (after graduation)[235]
yuaniDOL Street w-Street NAGOYA
yuanToyota officeAffiliation[236]
Kondo MoeriKodo Eri (1997-04-25) 19974/25(25 years old)-8-Former team 8 Nagano representative-
Mayu OgasawaraOgasawara Mayu (1994-04-11) 19944/11(28 years old)-April 2016, 12A-Former NMB48 Team N
Former team B (Kuramochi)
Former team A ('15 Yokoyama)
Transferred on April 2014, 4
54 bit
Haruka ShimazakiHaruka Shimazaki (1994-03-30) 19943/30(28 years old)9 periodApril 2016, 12ABig appleFormer team 4 (first generation)
Former team B (Umeda)
Former team A ('14 Takahashi, '15 Yokoyama)
7 bit
Yoshino MiyuYoshino Miyu (2001-02-16) 20012/16(21 years old)-April 2017, 1
8-Former team 8 Oita representative-
Nanada OwadaAwkward (1999-09-15) 19999/15(22 years old)15 periodApril 2017, 3AAsia promotionFormer team B (Kuramochi)
Former team A ('15 Yokoyama)
62 bit
Moe AikasaAigasamoe (1998-04-06) 19984/6(24 years old)13 periodApril 2017, 3
KLexington[240]Former team 4 ('13 Minegishi)
Former team K (Yokoyama, Minegishi)
DANCE STYLE KIDS model former 3rd generation
J☆Dee'ZFormer member of
yuanOffice walkerAffiliation[241]
"Metamol !!!" Producer and member[242]
Ayano UmedaAyano (1999-03-20) 19993/20(23 years old)13 periodApril 2017, 3B-Former team 4 ('13 Minegishi)
Former team B (Kuramochi and Kizaki)
Old stage name: Ayano Shimizu (after graduation)
Nishino MikiMiki Nishino (1999-04-04) 19994/4(23 years old)14 periodApril 2017, 34TWIN PLANET ENTERTAINMENTFormer team 4 ('13/'14 Minegishi/Akari Takahashi)61 bit
Mariko NakamuraNakamura Mariko (1993-12-16) 199312/16(28 years old)9 periodApril 2017, 3A-Former Team A ('14 Takahashi, '15 Yokoyama) Deputy Captain
Former team 4 (first generation)
Former team B (Umeda)
Former team A ('14 Takahashi, '15 Yokoyama)
Haruna KojimaHaruna Kojima (1988-04-19) 19884/19(34 years old)1 periodApril 2017, 4AMama & SonFormer team B (Umeda)
Former team A (first generation, '10/'14 Takahashi, '15 Yokoyama)
6 bit
Chisato NakataChisato Nakata (1990-10-08) 199010/8(31 years old)4 periodApril 2017, 4K-Former team A (first generation, '10/'14 Takahashi)
Former team K (Oshima and Minegishi)
Real name/former stage name: Chichi Nakata
37 bit
Rena FukuchiFukurena (1996-05-02) 19965/2(26 years old)-April 2017, 58-Former team 8 Saga representative-
Yokoshima A collarYoko Eri (1999-12-17) 199912/17(22 years old)1rd draftApril 2017, 6BPlatinum production1nd Draft Conference Team B No. 1
Former team B (Kuramochi and Kizaki)
Former AM Entertainment
Ryohana OshimaOshima (1998-10-21) 199810/21(23 years old)13 periodApril 2017, 6BTRUSTARFormer Team B (Kisaki) Deputy Captain
Former team A (Shinoda/'13 Yokoyama)
Former team B (Kuramochi and Kizaki)
32 bit
Suzuki MariyaMariya Suzuki (1991-04-29) 19914/29(31 years old)7 periodApril 2017, 6KFlave EntertainmentFormer SNH48 Team SII
Former team B (Kashiwagi)
Former team A (Shinoda/'13 Yokoyama)
Former team K (Yokoyama, Minegishi)
Members of SAISON[243]
Ayaka OkadaAyaka Ayaka (1998-11-06) 199811/6(23 years old)13 periodApril 2017, 6
4Shochiku entertainment[246][247]Former team 4 ('13/'14 Minegishi/Akari Takahashi)
Members of SAISON[243]
57 bit
Yuri TaniYuri Tani (1999-07-19) 19997/19(23 years old)-April 2017, 6
8-Former team 8 Hiroshima representative
Actors School Hiroshima24st gen
Rina IzudaIzuna (1995-11-26) 199511/26(26 years old)10 periodApril 2017, 7
[Note 45][250]
4Independent Artists ManagementTransferred to BNK48
Former team A (Shinoda/'13 Yokoyama)
Former team B (Kuramochi)
Former team 4 (Akari Takahashi)
Saori HamamatsuHama matsuri onna (1995-07-28) 19957/28(27 years old)-April 2017, 7
8JKA[253]Former team 8 Tokushima representative
Members of PoshGirls-J[254]
Native of TanabeMiku Tanabe (1992-12-02) 199212/2(29 years old)3 periodApril 2017, 7BOmnia (business alliance)Former team K (Akimoto)
Former team B (first generation, Umeda, Kuramochi, Kizaki)
71 bit
Mei AbeAbe Mei (2001-02-09) 20012/9(21 years old)-April 2017, 8
8-Former team 8 Shimane representative-
Yuria KizakiYuria Kizaki (1996-02-11) 19962/11(26 years old)-April 2017, 9B-Former Team B Captain
Former SKE48 Team S
Former Team 4 ('14 Minegishi) Deputy Captain
Former team 4 ('14 Minegishi)
Former team B (Kisaki)
Transferred on April 2014, 4
22 bit
Haruka ShimadaShida Haruka (1992-12-16) 199212/16(29 years old)9 periodApril 2017, 11K-Former Team K (Mineshige) Deputy Captain
Former team 4 (first generation)
Former Team 4 Captain Acting[257]
Former team K (Oshima, Yokoyama, Minegishi)
Maria AbeMaria Abe (1995-11-29) 199511/29(26 years old)10 periodApril 2017, 11KEscape from the main bodyTransferred to TPE48 (current AKB48 Team TP)
Former team 4 (first generation)
Former team K (Oshima, Yokoyama, Minegishi)
Current stage name: Ari Abe
Mayu WatanabeMayu Watanabe (1994-03-26) 19943/26(28 years old)3 periodApril 2017, 12B-Former team A (Shinoda/'13 Yokoyama)
Former team B (first generation, Kashiwagi, Kuramochi, Kizaki)
1 bit
Masaru IinoIinomiyabi (1997-09-29) 19979/29(24 years old)15 periodApril 2018, 1
4YMN[259]Former team A ('14 Takahashi)
Former team 4 (Akari Takahashi)
April 2014, 4 Promoted from tentative research student to research student[218]
Kazuki MaikiAnother Kasumi (1997-04-28) 19974/28(25 years old)-April 2018, 2
8C-Channel[261]Former team 8 Fukushima representative-
Natsuki HiroseHirose Natsuki (1997-06-09) 19976/9(25 years old)-April 2018, 3
8-Former team 8 Kochi prefecture representative-
Hayasaka TsumugiHayabusa Tsumugi (2001-05-12) 20015/12(21 years old)-April 2018, 4
8 / A-Former team 8 Yamagata representative
Former team A (Okabe)
The Coin LockersFormer member of[264]
Kodama HarukaKodama Haruka (1996-09-19) 19969/19(25 years old)-April 2018, 5
KAvex Asunaro CompanyFrom April 2013, 4 to the concurrent post cancellation of HKT28 team H concurrent post
Former team A (Shinoda/'13 Yokoyama)
Former team K (Yokoyama, Minegishi)
9 bit
Shirahama RuruSee white (1997-10-14) 199710/14(24 years old)-April 2018, 5
AShow titleFrom April 2015, 9 to the concurrent post cancellation of NMB1 team M concurrent post
Former team A ('15 Yokoyama)
12 bit
Sakura MiyawakiMiyawaki Sakura (1998-03-19) 19983/19(24 years old)-ASOURCE MUSIC /
AM Entertainment
From April 2014, 4 until the concurrent appointment is released.
Former team A ('14 Takahashi, '15 Yokoyama)
4 bit
Kitagawa AyameKitagawa (1998-10-09) 199810/9(23 years old)-April 2018, 5
4-From March 2015, 9 to the concurrent release of SKE1 Team S
Former team 4 (Akari Takahashi)
64 bit
Shibuya NagisakiShibuya Nagisa (1996-08-25) 19968/25(26 years old)-4Show titleFrom April 2014, 4 to December 24, 2016 NMB12 Team BII
From April 2017, 1 to the concurrent post cancellation of NMB1 team M concurrent post
Former team 4 ('14 Minegishi/Takahashi Akari)
56 bit
Tomonaga MisakuraTomonaga Mio (1998-05-17) 19985/17(24 years old)-4-From April 2014, 4 until the concurrent appointment is released.
Former team B (Kuramochi)
Former team 4 (Akari Takahashi)
21 bit
Nako YabukiYabuki Nako (2001-06-18) 20016/18(21 years old)-April 2018, 5
BVernalossomFrom April 2015, 9 to the concurrent post cancellation of HKT1 team H concurrent post
Former team B (Kisaki)
28 bit
Kaoru ShimoaokiKarin Shimooki (2000-10-28) 200010/28(21 years old)-April 2018, 8
8 / A-Former team 8 Kagoshima prefecture representative
Former team A (Okabe)
Natsuki KojimaNatsuki Kojima (1995-03-08) 19953/8(27 years old)11 periodApril 2018, 8B-Former team A ('14 Takahashi, '15 Yokoyama)
Former team B (Umeda/Akari Takahashi)
Yuka TanoYuka Tano (1997-03-07) 19973/7(25 years old)12 periodKWykey AgentFormer team 4 (first generation)
Former team A (Shinoda/'13 Yokoyama)
Former team K (Yokoyama, Minegishi, Kamayama)
38 bit
Mika TaniguchiMochi Yaguchi (2001-05-28) 20015/28(21 years old)-April 2018, 11
8 / K-Former team 8 Miyazaki representative
Former team K (Kagayama)
Rio OkawaOorio (2001-03-01) 20013/1(21 years old)15 periodApril 2018, 12
4Suntec PEE[269]Former team 4 ('14 Minegishi, Takahashi Akari, Murayama)
April 2013, 10 Promoted from tentative research student to research student[270]
Members of Afficanadu[271]
Nana FujitaNana Fujita (1996-12-28) 199612/28(25 years old)10 periodApril 2019, 1KACT JP EntertainmentFormer team A ('14 Takahashi)
Former team K (Oshima, Minegishi, Kagayama)
Nagana RenaThank you (2000-05-11) 20005/11(22 years old)-April 2019, 2
8 / ATWIN PLANET ENTERTAINMENT[274]Former team 8 Fukui representative
Former team A (Okabe)
Misaki TayaTaya Misaki (2004-07-14) 20047/14(18 years old)16 periodApril 2019, 4
4-Former team 4 (Murayama)-
Noda HarunaNoda Hinano (2004-02-15) 20042/15(18 years old)-April 2019, 5
8/4-Former team 8 Mie Prefecture representative (2nd generation)
Former team 4 (Murayama)
Joined April 2016, 6
Rena NozawaNoisy (1998-05-06) 19985/6(24 years old)-April 2019, 5
K-Former JKT48 Team J Concurrent (JKT48 1st generation)
Former team K (Oshima and Kamayama)
Former team B (Kuramochi)
Former team 4 (Akari Takahashi)
Joined concurrent position on June 2013, 6
Transferred April 2014, 4
Akari TakahashiJuri Takahashi (1997-10-03) 199710/3(24 years old)12 periodBWoollim EntertainmentFormer Team 4 Captain
Former Team B Captain
Former team 4 (first generation, Akari Takahashi)
Former team A (Shinoda/'13 Yokoyama)
Former team B (Kuramochi and Takahashi Akari)
Present stage name: Juli
11 bit
Takeuchi good eveningTakeuchi Miyu (1996-01-12) 19961/12(26 years old)9 periodB-Former team 4 (first generation)
Former team B (Umeda, Kuramochi, Kizaki, Takahashi Akari)
Mako KojimaKojima Mako (1997-05-30) 19975/30(25 years old)14 periodApril 2019, 5KSun music productionFormer team 4 ('13 Minegishi, Takahashi Akari)
Former team K (Yokoyama, Kakeyama)
19 bit
Yokomichi YuriYokomichi Yuri (2000-10-23) 200010/23(21 years old)-April 2019, 5
8 / K-Former team 8 Shizuoka representative
Former team K (Kagayama)
Hitomi Koto soundHitomi (2001-01-19) 20011/19(21 years old)-April 2019, 5
8 / ALUGZ ENTERTAINMENT[280]Former team 8 Okayama representative
Former team A (Okabe)
Nakano IkuumiIkumi Naka (2000-08-20) 20008/20(22 years old)-April 2019, 5
8 / KFlave Entertainment[282]Former team 8 Tottori prefecture representative
Former team K (Mineshige/Kakeyama)
85 bit
TanigawaTanikawa Hijiri (2000-12-26) 200012/26(21 years old)-April 2019, 5
8 / A-Former team 8 Akita representative
Former team A (Okabe)
96 bit
Shiori SatoShiori Sato (1998-02-03) 19982/3(24 years old)-April 2019, 6
8 / B-Former team 8 Niigata representative
Former team B (Akari Takahashi/Iwatate)
Producer and member of "Setsuna Anastasia"[285][Note 46]
"Kasumi grass and Stella"producer[285]
Nanada YamadaNanami (1999-02-09) 19992/9(23 years old)-April 2019, 68 / K-Former team 8 Hyogo representative
Former team A ('15 Yokoyama)
Former team K (Kagayama)
95 bit
Kirara ItoKira Ito (2004-05-19) 20045/19(18 years old)-April 2019, 8
8-Former team 8 Fukushima Prefecture representative (2nd generation)-
Goto MoezakiGotou Moe (2001-05-20) 20015/20(21 years old)1rd draftApril 2019, 8ATWIN PLANET ENTERTAINMENT1rd Draft Conference Team K Nominated 1th
Former team K (Oshima and Yokoyama)
Former team B (Kisaki)
Former team A (Okabe)
65 bit
Nanami SatoNanami Sato (2000-01-19) 20001/19(22 years old)-April 2019, 9
8/4fit[289]Former team 8 Iwate representative
Former team 4 (Murayama)
Misaki TeradaMisaki Terada (1999-12-28) 199912/28(22 years old)-April 2019, 10
8 / K-Former team 8 Nagasaki prefecture representative (2nd generation)
Former team K (Kagayama)
Yui HiwatariHii Yui (2000-04-30) 20004/30(22 years old)2rd draftApril 2019, 11
BSpace craft2st Draft Conference Team A 1nd Nomination
Former team A ('14 Takahashi, '15 Yokoyama) research student
Former team A ('15 Yokoyama)
Former team B (Akari Takahashi/Iwatate)
73 bit
Nao OhtaOota (1994-12-05) 199412/5(27 years old)-April 2019, 12
8 / BAvex Asunaro CompanyFormer team 8 Kyoto representative
Former team B (Akari Takahashi/Iwatate)
62 bit
Yahagi Moe SummerYahagi Moeka (2002-07-05) 20027/5(20 years old)3rd draftApril 2020, 2K3rd Draft Conference Team K Nominated 1th
Former Team K (Mineshige/Kagayama) Research Student
Former team K (Kamayama)
My sister is Yuki Yahagi (former SKE48)
Ruka YamamotoYamamoto Ruka (2000-10-10) 200010/10(21 years old)-April 2020, 6
8 / BSaint Force[292]Former team 8 Wakayama representative
Former team B (Akari Takahashi/Iwatate)
Received the "Miss Kwansei 2020" Grand Prix (after graduation)[293]
Saya KawamotoKawamoto Saya (1998-08-31) 19988/31(24 years old)1rd draftApril 2020, 84Incubation1nd Draft Conference Team B No. 2
Former team B (Umeda and Kuramochi)
Former Team 4 (Juri Takahashi / Murayama)
Former JKT48 Team T Short-term International Student
27 bit
Futani RyuDo it (2003-02-14) 20032/14(19 years old)-April 2020, 9
8-Former Team 8 Akita Prefecture Representative (2nd generation)-
Inoue MiyuuMiyu Inoue (2001-09-19) 20019/19(20 years old)-8-Former Team 8 Iwate Prefecture Representative (2nd generation)-
Kaoru ShiobaraKarin Shioba (2005-03-27) 20053/27(17 years old)-8-Former Team 8 Niigata Prefecture Representative (2nd generation)-
Tatsuya MakihimeTatsuya Makiho (2001-10-19) 200110/19(20 years old)15 periodApril 2020, 12
4Toy plastic[296]Former team A ('14 Takahashi)
Former team B (Kisaki)
Former Team 4 (Juri Takahashi / Murayama)
April 2013, 10 Promoted from tentative research student to research student[270]
Glitter ☆ UnforentMembers of
Tachisen AiriRissen Airi (1999-03-18) 19993/18(23 years old)-April 2021, 2
8A-LightFormer Team 8 Kochi Prefecture Representative (2nd generation)
Hachikin GirlsFormer member of
My sister is Momoka Ritsusen (STU48)[298]
yuanABP inc.Affiliation[299][300]
Members of Pimm's[301]
Hasegawa MomokaHasegawa Momoka (2006-12-14) 200612/14(15 years old)-April 2021, 3
8Mama & Son[303][304]Former team 8 Fukushima Prefecture representative (3nd generation)-
Akira SatoAkari Sato (1996-11-09) 199611/9(25 years old)-April 2021, 3
8 / B-Former Team 8 Miyagi Prefecture Representative
Former team B (Akari Takahashi/Iwatate)
118 bit
Ayaka MaedaAyaka (2000-12-18) 200012/18(21 years old)16 periodApril 2021, 3
A-Former team A (Okabe)
Bibitto! Former member of Baby Div[308]
ParadiqueMembers of[309]
Miku MatsumuraMiku Matsumura (2004-02-07) 20042/7(18 years old)-April 2021, 4
8-Former team 8 Mie Prefecture representative (3nd generation)-
Honda SoraHonda Sora (1999-02-26) 19992/26(23 years old)3rd draftApril 2021, 5
A-3st Draft Conference Team A 2nd Nomination
Former team A (Okabe)
Minami MinegishiMinion Minami (1992-11-15) 199211/15(29 years old)1 periodApril 2021, 5
KMama & SonFormer Team 4 Captain
Former Team K Captain
Former team A (first generation)
Former team B (on the way to Umeda)
Former team 4 ('13/'14 Minegishi)
Former Team K (Akimoto, Minegishi, Komiyama)
Demoted to research student in February 2013
14 bit
Shinji KamachiYukina (2000-01-22) 20001/22(22 years old)-April 2021, 6
8-Former Team 8 Okayama Prefecture Representative (2nd generation)-
Miyari RiraMiyazawa Torera (2002-03-30) 20023/30(20 years old)-April 2021, 7
8/4-Former Team 8 Okinawa Prefecture Representative
Former Team 4 (Juri Takahashi / Murayama)
Mizuki OnoueMizuki Onoue (2000-05-22) 20005/22(22 years old)-April 2021, 7
8UUUM[315]Former team 8 Nagasaki prefecture representative (3nd generation)-
Suzuki YukaYuka Suzuki (2000-08-15) 20008/15(22 years old)-April 2021, 9
8Flave EntertainmentFormer Team 8 Shizuoka Prefecture Representative (2nd generation)-
Mai HonmaReally (2002-09-06) 20029/6(20 years old)16 periodApril 2021, 10
4-Former team 4 (Murayama)-
Yuki HarumotoYuki Harumoto (1999-12-24) 199912/24(22 years old)-April 2021, 10
8 / K-Former Team 8 Tokushima Prefecture Representative (2nd generation)
Former team K (Kagayama)
[Note 47]
Yokoyama YuiYokoyama Yui (2001-02-22) 20012/22(21 years old)-April 2021, 11
8 / KMitsu s[116]Former Team 8 Aomori Prefecture Representative
Former team K (Kagayama)
Yui YokoyamaYokoyama Yui (1992-12-08) 199212/8(29 years old)9 periodApril 2021, 12
AOta ProductionsFormer General Manager of AKB48 Group (2nd generation)
Former Team A Captain
Former Team K Captain
Former team K (Akimoto and Yokoyama)
Former Team A (Shinoda / '13 / '15 Yokoyama / Okabe)
Former NMB48 Team N concurrently
06 bit
Landlord ShizukaOzu Shizuka (1991-12-28) 199112/28(30 years old)4 periodApril 2021, 12BWatanabe EntertainmentFormer Team B (Kuramochi) Deputy Captain
Former team A ('10 Takahashi, '15 Yokoyama)
Former Team B (Umeda, Kuramochi, Juri Takahashi, Iwatate)
29 bit
Rena KatoKaturenai (1997-07-10) 19977/10(25 years old)10 periodApril 2022, 2AMama & SonFormer team 4 (first generation, '14 Minegishi)
Former team B (Umeda, Kizaki)
Former team A (Okabe)
21 bit
Kayoko TabataKayoko Takita (1997-02-13) 19972/13(25 years old)1rd draftApril 2022, 2
BPlew1st Draft Conference Team A 2nd Nomination
Former team A ('13 Yokoyama, '14 Takahashi, '15 Yokoyama)
Former team B (Akari Takahashi/Iwatate)
Members of BLACK PRINCESS[322]
Anna IriyamaIriyama Anna (1995-12-03) 199512/3(26 years old)10 periodApril 2022, 3AOta ProductionsFormer team 4 (first generation)
Former Team A (Shinoda, '13 Yokoyama, '14 Takahashi, '15 Yokoyama, Okabe)
18 bit
Furukawa NatsunagiFuruwa Nazuna (2003-08-21) 20038/21(19 years old)3rd draftApril 2022, 3
A-3st Draft Conference Team A 3nd Nomination
Former team A (Okabe)
Mura KuramotoKuramoto Miyuu (2001-05-21) 20015/21(21 years old)3rd draftApril 2022, 3
4-3nd Draft Meeting Team 4 4st Nomination
Former team 4 (Murayama)
Okumoto HinaOkumoto Hinano (2003-10-09) 200310/9(18 years old)-April 2022, 3
8 / A-Former Team 8 Hiroshima Prefecture Representative (2nd generation)
Also serves as Team A (Okabe)
[Note 48]
Yasuda KanoIs it easy? (2002-03-11) 20023/11(20 years old)16 periodApril 2022, 3
K-Former team K (Kamayama)-
Rei KuboSatone dent (2003-11-20) 200311/20(18 years old)2rd draftApril 2022, 3
B-2rd Draft Conference Team K Nominated 2th
Former team K (Yokoyama, Minegishi) research student
Former team K (Mineshige)
Former team B (Akari Takahashi/Iwatate)
47 bit
Nishikawa ReiNikarei (2003-10-25) 200310/25(18 years old)2rd draftApril 2022, 3
A-2nd Draft Conference Team B No. 2
Former team B (Kuramochi and Kizaki) research student
Former team B (Kisaki)
Former team A (Okabe)
Miyazaki MihoMiyazaki Miho (1993-07-30) 19937/30(29 years old)5 periodApril 2022, 4AHoriproFormer team B (Kashiwagi)
Former team K (Oshima and Yokoyama)
Former Team A (15st generation, 'XNUMX Yokoyama, Okabe)
18 bit
Mitsuho FukudomeFukutome Mitsuho (2003-10-22) 200310/22(18 years old)-April 2022, 7
8 / B-Former Team 8 Hyogo Prefecture Representative (2nd generation)
Former Team B (Asai) concurrently

Former research student/candidate members

NameReadingDate of BirthSubscription periodLast enrollment dateCurrent officeRemarkselection
Rena IsoIsoreina (1992-08-10) 19928/10(30 years old)3 periodApril 2006, 12-No research student experience
Aki OtsukaOtsuka Aki (1989-02-07) 19892/7(33 years old)3 period-
Ryo SakataRyo Sakata (1990-03-18) 19903/18(32 years old)3 period-
Mariachika FujishimaFujishima Mariachika (1990-04-28) 19904/28(32 years old)3 period-Present stage name: Mariachika
Pleiades MaryMembers of[Note 49]
No research student experience
yuanTroupe TokaiAffiliation
yuanPoseidon EntertainmentAffiliation
Horie SeikaHorie Mina (1993-07-14) 19937/14(29 years old)3 periodSaint Force
No research student experience
yuanSt force sproutAffiliation
Yurina IinumaIrina Yurina (1990-04-30) 19904/30(32 years old)4 periodApril 2007, 11-
Tomomi KanekoKaneko Satomi (1989-12-22) 198912/22(32 years old)4 periodPIG ROOMOld stage name: Satomi Kaneko (after graduation)
Rina KozukaUnfriendly (1993-05-22) 19935/22(29 years old)4 period-
Yoshioka SayaYoshioka Saki (1984-09-01) 19849/1(38 years old)4 period-
Marie WatanabeMarie Watanabe (1991-01-18) 19911/18(31 years old)4 period-
ExitDeguchi Aki (1988-03-14) 19883/14(34 years old)4 periodApril 2007, 11Flow entertainment (business alliance)Later joined SKE48
Also known as: aki
Mizuki YamadaMizuki Yamada (1988-07-28) 19887/28(34 years old)5 periodBefore April 2007, 12Blue Oh Shan
Naive young ladyMembers of
Former Kando member
AKBN 0Former member of (after graduation)
Nippon Telegenic 2013 candidate
Formerly Wild Vision[336][337]
Nishizawa SaraNizawa (1992-05-14) 19925/14(30 years old)6 periodApril 2008, 7-
Yuka NakanishiNakashi Yuuka (1989-01-24) 19891/24(33 years old)4 periodApril 2008, 8Solid cubeTransferred to SKE48
Yurie KatanoYurie of the person (1990-04-29) 19904/29(32 years old)6 periodApril 2008, 8-
Rimi IshiguroIshiguro Remi (1991-05-23) 19915/23(31 years old)7 periodApril 2009, 1-
Arima Yu eggplantArima Yuka (1991-02-18) 19912/18(31 years old)5 periodApril 2009, 1-
Suzuki NaeNatsuki Suzuki (1992-12-18) 199212/18(29 years old)4 period-Current stage name: Nae[338]
Tears -NAMIDA-[339]Former member of
Mayu TomitaMayu Tomita (1993-01-25) 19931/25(29 years old)5 periodErnesto JapanyuanJolly RogerAffiliation
Hatayama ArisaArisa Hatayama (1991-02-11) 19912/11(31 years old)5 period-
Akane AyaUriya Akane (1992-08-24) 19928/24(30 years old)4 periodApril 2009, 4-yuanBemusAffiliation
Mizuho UenoKato Ono Mizuho (1991-11-30) 199111/30(30 years old)7 periodApril 2009, 6Arc JewelCurrent stage name: Miyu Aisako
Mizuki KomatsuKomatsu MizukiUnknown[Note 50]8 periodApril 2009, 7-
Hayashi AyanoHayashi Ayano (1993-05-31) 19935/31(29 years old)7 periodApril 2009, 7Platinum production[340]Current stage name: Ayano Hayashi[340]-
Nanami NishikawaNanami Kawanami (1993-07-03) 19937/3(29 years old)8 periodApril 2009, 7
-yuanPopteenReader model (after leaving)
yuanNogizaka46 Second generation (after leaving)
Azai YenMasai Madoka (1991-07-28) 19917/28(31 years old)8 periodApril 2009, 12--
Ishii AyakaAyaka Ai (1991-06-24) 19916/24(31 years old)8 period--
Ishibe IkuAya Ishibe (1991-02-06) 19912/6(31 years old)8 period-Former DIMENSION affiliation-
Guo GraceThus grace (1994-04-29) 19944/29(28 years old)8 period-Former Anillo affiliation-
Nanami KomizuNanami Nanami (1995-07-13) 19957/13(27 years old)8 period--
Rio SakamotoRio Sakamoto (1995-06-06) 19956/6(27 years old)8 period-Former Sweet Direction
yuanArtist boxAffiliation[342]
(Business alliance: Yell)
Former member of Barbee[343][344]
Nippon Telegenic 2014 candidate
Sugiyama MiraiMiku Sugiyama (1995-12-12) 199512/12(26 years old)8 period--
Asami TomiteSee Ami (1994-03-17) 19943/17(28 years old)8 periodTanpopo
Legend Talent Agency(business partnership)
Rubbing in MikiMiki Nikoru (1995-06-28) 19956/28(27 years old)8 period-yuanOffice cottonAffiliation[345]-
Satomi MuranakaSatomi Muranaka (1988-06-05) 19886/5(34 years old)8 period-Former 4rd gen-
Ayaka ItoAyaka Ito (1993-06-21) 19936/21(29 years old)9 periodApril 2010, 1-Former Marble Member
Old stage name: Aya Minami
Yuri ImaiMai Yurie (1994-04-30) 19944/30(28 years old)8 periodApril 2010, 2--
Takami IshiguroIshiguro Atsuki (1993-09-24) 19939/24(28 years old)9 periodApril 2010, 6-yuanFancy freeAffiliation
Old stage name: Atsushi Ishiguro
40 bit
Momoko KinumotoKinumoto Momoko (1995-03-28) 19953/28(27 years old)9 period--
Sara FujimotoFujimoto Sara (1997-03-23) 19973/23(25 years old)9 period-Former 4rd gen-
Eri TakamatsuEri Takamatsu (1992-12-25) 199212/25(29 years old)9 period--
Asuka UekiUeki Asaka (1995-05-17) 19955/17(27 years old)8 periodApril 2010, 7--
Hitomi IwasakiIwasaki Hitomi (1996-03-19) 19963/19(26 years old)10 periodApril 2010, 10--
Yuriko SanoYuriko Sano (1992-01-22) 19921/22(30 years old)8 periodArc Jewel
Deer stage
Saya ToyotaSaki toyoda (1993-09-08) 19939/8(28 years old)11 periodApril 2010, 10-Formerly Spiral Music
Former member of Orange Power Spot
Chinami OkazakiOkazaki by the way (1992-05-28) 19925/28(30 years old)11 periodApril 2010, 10TP-SATELLITEOld stage name: Chinami (after declining)-
Marina KawakamiMarina Kawakami (1996-05-21) 19965/21(26 years old)11 periodApril 2010, 12-Former member of Power Spot
Formerly Spiral Entertainment
Yuki KanazawaKanazawa Yuuki (1993-05-01) 19935/1(29 years old)10 periodApril 2011, 2Avex ManagementCurrent stage name: Yuki Kanazawa-
Ushikubo SaraLightly (1995-02-15) 19952/15(27 years old)11 periodApril 2011, 6Watanabe Entertainment-
Yamaguchi NayuYamaguchi Nau (1994-01-19) 19941/19(28 years old)11 period--
Suzuki RikaSuzuki Rika (1997-01-10) 19971/10(25 years old)12 periodApril 2012, 3--
Mai AmamiyaAmemi and Maika (1997-06-29) 19976/29(25 years old)13 periodApril 2012, 8--
Kita ShioriKita Shiori (1998-12-01) 199812/1(23 years old)13 period-Former DIVE'-
Hasegawa HarunaHasegawa Haruna (1997-07-01) 19977/1(25 years old)13 periodAvex AY FactoryTroupe 4 dollars 50 centsMember of the troupe[346][347]-
Moriyama SakuraMoriyama Sakura (1998-04-14) 19984/14(24 years old)13 period--
Nene WatanabeWatanabe (1998-01-30) 19981/30(24 years old)13 period--
Said Erina YokotaSaeed yokore answer (1997-04-15) 19974/15(25 years old)12 periodApril 2012, 10
-Present stage name: Erina Yokota
My sisterSaid Nina Yokota[349]
Formerly CUTE
Former business alliance: H.IDL .inc[350]
yuanTCP artistAffiliation[351]
Eguchi AimiEguchi Aimi (1995-02-11) 19952/11(27 years old)
[Note 51]
12.5 periodApril 2013, 5
[Note 52]
-Virtual idol by CG composition-
Nana NoguchiNoguchi Nanami (2003-09-17) 20039/17(18 years old)16 periodApril 2017, 3
Nozomi TakahashiTakahashi Kira (2001-01-14) 20011/14(21 years old)2rd draftApril 2017, 4
-2nd Draft Conference Team B No. 1
Former team B (Kuramochi and Kizaki) research student
Former byte AKB
Old stage name: Nozomi Takahashi[355]
Current stage name: Kira Takahashi[356]
Formerly belonging to City Rhythm[357]
Former Gee Crew affiliation[358][359]
Star FiorenerdMembers of[356]
Nao NomuraNomura (1999-08-10) 19998/10(23 years old)2rd draftApril 2017, 8
-2rd Draft Conference Team K Nominated 1th
Former team K (Yokoyama, Minegishi) research student
My sister is Mitsuyo Nomura (SKE48)[361]
Otoki HarasawaHarazawa Otohi (2001-10-12) 200110/12(20 years old)3rd draftApril 2018, 8
-3nd Draft Meeting Team 4 5st Nomination
Former Team 4 (Akari Takahashi/Murayama) Research Student
Kamiyama RihoKamiyama Riho (2003-08-20) 20038/20(19 years old)3rd draftApril 2018, 10
-3nd Draft Conference Team B No. 3
Former Team B (Kisaki and Takahashi Akari) Research Student
Shoji NagisaShoji Nagisa (2000-10-29) 200010/29(21 years old)16 periodApril 2018, 11
-Former Team A (Okabe) Research Student
HarpsterFormer member of[367]
Former CLUSTER. Affiliation[368]
Members of Wanchan Arena[369]
Izumi UmemotoIzumi Umemoto (1998-10-16) 199810/16(23 years old)16 periodApril 2018, 11
-Former team B (Takahashi Akari) research student-
Harima NanamiNanami Harima (2004-08-02) 20048/2(18 years old)16 periodApril 2019, 5
-Former Team B (Akari Takahashi/Iwatate) Research Student-
Ayato KatsumataKatsuma Saori (2000-10-31) 200010/31(21 years old)3rd draftApril 2019, 6
Sprout[374]3rd Draft Conference Team K Nominated 3th
Former Team K (Mineshige/Kagayama) Research Student
Former byte AKB
Poetry SatoShiori Sato (2001-07-22) 20017/22(21 years old)3rd draftApril 2019, 11
-3st Draft Conference Team A 1nd Nomination
Former Team A ('15 Yokoyama/Okabe) Research Student
Yuzuki SuenagaSuenaga Yuzuki (2005-11-03) 200511/3(16 years old)3rd draftApril 2020, 11
-3rd Draft Conference Team K Nominated 2th
Former Team K (Mineshige/Kagayama) Research Student
Future Surprise Members[377]
Shinna HasegawaHasegawa Niina (2001-08-08) 20018/8(21 years old)17 periodApril 2022, 8--

Former international student

NameReadingDate of BirthAffiliation officeEnrollment periodRemarks
(Stephanie Pricilla Indarto Putri)
(Stephanie Prisila Indart Puturi)
(2000-11-19) 200011/19(21 years old)-April 2018, 9
-December 10[378]
Short-term study abroad from JKT48 Team J
(Pimrapat Phadungwatanachok)
(Pimonpat Padun Wattana Chalk)
(2002-06-09) 20026/9(20 years old)Independent Artists ManagementApril 2018, 9
-December 10[378]
Short-term study abroad from BNK48 Team BIII

Former byte AKB

NameReadingDate of BirthContract expiration dateCurrent officeRemarks
Misaki AkasakaAkasaka Misaki (1993-10-21) 199310/21(28 years old)April 2015, 2-
Abe Kano YumeKanae Abe (1993-02-13) 19932/13(29 years old)-
Araki MinamiAraki Minami (1997-11-11) 199711/11(24 years old)-
Rin ArakiAraki Rinka (1995-08-22) 19958/22(27 years old)-
Iikura SaoriIori Saori (1990-07-14) 19907/14(32 years old)-Former Asia Promotion Member
Bachelor Japan(Season 1) Participation
Yuka IkutaYutaka Ikuta (1996-12-31) 199612/31(25 years old)-
Yuki IdaYuki Ida (1995-09-10) 19959/10(26 years old)-Former production HIT member[379]
A former member of SoulMate[380]
Reina IsshikiIt's the same (2002-02-15) 20022/15(20 years old)-Former SKE48 (2nd AKB48 Group Draft Conference Team S 2nd place nomination)
Aika UmezawaUmezawa Mayuka (1996-10-20) 199610/20(25 years old)-Formerly affiliated with Cinderella Promotion
Emi EbisawaMegumi Ebisawa (1996-09-26) 19969/26(25 years old)-
Ayano OhnoAyano Ohno (2000-12-22) 200012/22(21 years old)-
Ogata HonamiHogata Ogata (1991-01-27) 19911/27(31 years old)Avex ManagementPresent stage name: Honan Ogata
MIMORI (MIRcall me) Is my sister[381]
Former members of Jammy[382]
Yuka OginoOgi no Yuka (1999-02-16) 19992/16(23 years old)-Former NGT48 (2nd AKB48 Group Draft Conference NGT48 2nd place nomination)
Hoi MadokaKaigi Madoka (1997-09-24) 19979/24(24 years old)-
Ayato KatsumataKatsuma Saori (2000-10-31) 200010/31(21 years old)SproutFormer Team K draft research student (3nd AKB48 Group Draft Conference Team K 3rd place nomination)
Saya UitaniKamitani Saya (1996-11-28) 199611/28(25 years old)Ota Productions
Kawaguchi MamiKawaguchi Mami (1995-08-27) 19958/27(27 years old)-
Kawamura MahoKawamura Maho (1993-01-21) 19931/21(29 years old)-
Satomi KikuchiKikuchi Tomomi (1994-09-14) 19949/14(27 years old)-
Kinoshita RyofuMushroomed bell (1994-08-02) 19948/2(28 years old)-
Mayu KinoshitaMushroom Mayu (1996-02-12) 19962/12(26 years old)-Former member of OSAKA BB WAVE[383]
Kusakabe ManaAi Kusukabe (2002-02-06) 20022/6(20 years old)-Former NGT48
Kurosawa AyakaKurosawa Ayaka (1992-05-14) 19925/14(30 years old)-VIVAJO8Former member of[384]
Yuka KoikeYuka Koike (1997-06-09) 19976/9(25 years old)-
Rina KoizumiRina Koizumi (1993-03-30) 19933/30(29 years old)-
Rina SaitoSaito Rina (1999-05-21) 19995/21(23 years old)-
Miki SaekiMika Saeki (1989-10-29) 198910/29(32 years old)-Former 4rd gen[Note 53]
Become an AKS employee after the contract expires[224]
Sawaki SawakiSawaki Saya (1999-05-17) 19995/17(23 years old)-
Yui ShibataYui Shibata (1998-01-04) 19981/4(24 years old)-Former NMB48 (2nd AKB48 Group Draft Conference Team M No. 1)
Suzuki YuminSuzuki Yumin (1992-10-22) 199210/22(29 years old)-
Kiyoshi ReinaReligion (2001-04-19) 20014/19(21 years old)FloraCurrent NGT48
Takahiro MasakiTakagi Mashiro (2000-04-01) 20004/1(22 years old)-
Nozomi TakahashiTakahashi Kira (2001-01-14) 20011/14(21 years old)G crewPresent stage name: Kiki Takahashi
Former Team B Draft Research Student (2nd AKB48 Group Draft Conference Team B 1st Place Nomination)
Misato TakeuchiTakeuchi Misaki (1997-04-11) 19974/11(25 years old)-
Senda YumenoChida Yumeno (1994-12-26) 199412/26(27 years old)-
Chiyoda YuiChiyoda Yui (1989-09-20) 19899/20(32 years old)Office cotton
Nakagawa RinaNaka Naka (1995-07-31) 19957/31(27 years old)-
Yuka NakamuraYuka Nakamura (1994-07-10) 19947/10(28 years old)-"Miss Chuo Contest 2013" Second Grand Prix
Nagasaka ArisaThere is something (1990-07-03) 19907/3(32 years old)-
Misa NarumatsuNarimatsu Misa (1995-11-12) 199511/12(26 years old)-
Marina NishigataNaigai (1995-10-16) 199510/16(26 years old)FloraCurrent NGT48 (2nd AKB48 Group Draft Conference NGT48 1nd place nomination)
Fukui YusaiFukui Arisa (1995-08-19) 19958/19(27 years old)-Re: Girls former members[385]
Formerly belonging to Avex Group Holdings[386]
Momoko FujieFujiko Momoko (1997-12-18) 199712/18(24 years old)-
Matsuura NatsuhoMatsuura Kaho (1992-08-11) 19928/11(30 years old)-
Matsuoka HanaMatsuoka Hana (2000-01-19) 20001/19(22 years old)MercuryCurrent HKT48 Team TII (2nd AKB48 Group Draft Conference Team H 1st place nomination)
Matsumoto KazukaMatsumoto Nodoka (1995-05-15) 19955/15(27 years old)-
Miki MiyazakiMiyazaki Miki (1998-04-27) 19984/27(24 years old)-
Onga palmMegako (2001-11-05) 200111/5(20 years old)TWIN PLANET ENTERTAINMENTFormer 16th tentative research student[387]
"Youth High School 3rd Grade C"student[387]
Kana YatsushiroI wonder if (1994-10-02) 199410/2(27 years old)-
Aki YamauchiAki Yamauchi (1994-11-13) 199411/13(27 years old)-
Fuika ShigeruShigefuji Fuyuka (1993-10-23) 199310/23(28 years old)April 2016, 8-Paruru selection
Yuka HijiHinode Yuka (1995-08-21) 19958/21(27 years old)-Paruru selection


NameReadingDate of BirthRemarks
Meow Meow MaskNyan Nyan KamenFebruary 2222, 2 (?)[Note 51]8st General ElectionMysterious person who ran for[388][389].
16th in the general election ranking.
At the voting event, he himself revealed himself to be Haruna Kojima.[390].

Appearances and works

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Awards / Records





  • 26th Japan Gold Disc Award[409][410]
  • Billboard JAPAN MUSIC AWARDS 2011[411][412]
    • Billboard JAPAN Artist of the Year 2011
    • Billboard JAPAN Top Pop Artists 2011
    • Billboard JAPAN Hot 100 of the Year 2011-"Everyday, Katyusha"
    • Billboard JAPAN Hot 100 Singles Sales of the Year 2011-"Everyday, Katyusha"
  • Guinness World Records Certification
    • The largest number of TV commercial versions of the same product broadcast on terrestrial broadcasting within 24 hours- Asahi Beverage"Wanda Morning Shot" "Message"[413]
    • Video games featuring the most pop singers-PSP/PS VITA game software "AKB1/149 Love General Election"[414]
  • CCTV-MTVMusic Festival Asia Most Popular Group Award[415]
  • The 45th Japan Cable Awards Wired Music Excellence Award-``Gingham check'[416]
  • Billboard JAPAN MUSIC AWARDS 2012[417]
    • Billboard JAPAN Artist of the Year 2012
    • Billboard JAPAN Top Pop Artists 2012
    • Billboard JAPAN Hot 100 of the Year 2012-"Midsummer Sounds good!"
    • Billboard JAPAN Hot 100 Singles Sales of the Year 2012-"Midsummer Sounds good!"
  • Mnet Asian Music Awards Best Asian Artist, Japan
  • 54th Japan Record Award Grand Prize / Excellent Work Award-"Midsummer Sounds good!"[418]


  • 27th Japan Gold Disc Award[419]
  • Guinness World Records Certified ``Largest pop group''-48 AKB88 members[7]
  • The 46th Japan Cable Awards Wired Music Excellence Award-``Fortune cookie in love'
  • 2 timesIdol Music Award Major Idol Music Division- "Koi Suru Fortune Cookie"
  • Billboard JAPAN MUSIC AWARDS 2013
    • Billboard JAPAN Artist of the Year 2013
    • Billboard JAPAN Top Pop Artists 2013
    • Billboard JAPAN Hot 100 of the Year 2013-"Koi Suru Fortune Cookie"
    • Billboard JAPAN Hot Singles Sales of the Year 2013-"Goodbye crawl"
  • 55th Japan Record Award Outstanding Work Award-"Fortune Cookie in Love"










  • Hepatitis Countermeasure Project Meritorious Persons Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Commendation[132]

Review of AKB48

AKB48 in the history of Japanese female idols

Before AKB48 appeared, Yasushi Akimoto also participated in the production as a staff member and made his debut as a Japanese female group idol.the 1980sThere is an Onyanko club that was active in. A characteristic of the Onyanko club,AmateurSelect a girl from the audition and make it into a large group after 50 people. "" ((Ushiro Yubisasagumi-Back Hair HikaretaiAKB48 has inherited points such as "selecting several members to sell as derivative units" and "targeting young fans of the same generation as the members".[443]..Onyanko Club says "SunsetAKB48 is a project that has a dedicated theater and was launched with theater performances as the main activity, while the Onyanko Club joins new members. AKB48 is different in that it has a metabolism of "conventional member graduation, new student joining", while Onyanko Club is disbanded about two years after its debut due to the decline in the audience rating of the program. But[444], AKB48 is still active in 2005, 16 years after its formation in 2022.In addition, the Onyanko Club will show the "behind the scenes" to the viewers by broadcasting on TV the members passing through the audition and making their debut, while taking the method of appealing the reality. While it was possible for the management side to control the screening and broadcast content to some extent, AKB48 did not appear on TV programs so aggressively until around the latter half of 2009, and "Idol who can go to see" It can be said that the distance between fans and idols has been shortened to the utmost by eliminating the intermediate term of TV programs according to the concept.[445][446].

After the dissolution of the Onyanko Club, the idol winter era and 1997, when female idols who gained decisive popularity did not appear easily[Note 55]Has been active sinceMorning Musume.After hits such as, AKB2005 was formed in 48 in the form of introducing the method against the background of underground idol culture.[447].. Morning Musume is an early fan of AKB48. (Or including itHello! Project) It seems that fans have flowed in, so Morning Musume is the reason why AKB48 became popular.There is also a view that may have continued its activities for more than 10 years without being disbanded.[448].

AKB2009 was an explosive hit around 48, but a little later, in JapanKARA,GirlhoodIncluding South Korea OfK-POPGirl units are gaining popularity. While AKB48 has one of the concepts of "showing the process of growth to fans"[449], Many of K-POP's female idol units set a practice period of several years before their debut, and the difference is that they can show off a highly complete performance from the stage of the first stage.[450]..Yasushi Akimoto said that K-POP's girls unit can always be evaluated as a professional that can maintain a certain quality, but in contrast, the appeal of AKB48 is that the same AKB48 does not exist at any time. Are[451].

ColumnistAkio NakamoriStates that "the idol is not a reflection of the era, but an anticipation of the era," and that the theory is applicable to AKB48. That is,Hibari Misora"After the warHigh economic growth"Momoe YamaguchiIs the "era of low economic growth",Seiko MatsudaBut"Bubble economyAKB48 has expressed the view that it has taken the theme of how to enjoy in Japan, where economic recovery is difficult with the conventional model.[452].

Content typology

EconomistHideomi TanakaAnd criticsTsunehiro UnoAnd so onthe 2000sAfter JapanPop cultureThe categorization of content used in criticism is applied to AKB48.

Tanaka says that when a fan reads a member's blog and makes a comment, the fan is trying to connect himself to the member's "little private story."Sekai systemPointed out that it was[453]..Furthermore, the principle of competition represented by the general election is the era consciousness peculiar to the 2000s, which Uno named "The Vive / Battle Royale".[Note 22][454]It pointed out that AKB48 has both Sekai and Survival elements.[453].

Uno says that in the sense that AKB48 members are mobilized as players of a big game called AKB48, AKB48 is a representative example of "Battle Royale", that is, "big story" (value shared by the whole society) collapsed.Post modernArgues that it applies to the mechanism of using "big games" as an alternative to "big stories" in our society[455].

On the other hand, Uno is a community consisting only of women, and AKB48 says "Air systemInsist that it also has the characteristics of ". Inside the community called AKB48, intimate friendships between members (pseudo)HomosexualityIt was done as a service to de facto male fans through blogs etc., and homosexual relations were read in TV dramas in which members appeared.DoujinshiBut (by female fans)Comic marketThey are bought and sold at, but these are air-based worksSecondary creationIt is said that there is a similarity to acceptance.At the same time, however, he points out that the introduction of the aforementioned competition principle effectively destroys the pre-established harmony that tends to occur in air systems.[456][457][458].

Character consumption

UnoSaito TamakiIs a member of AKB48CharacterHe states that (character) is consumed by fans and that it is closely related to the management strategy.Although the characters of each member are not necessarily fixed, the roles are generally divided, and whether or not the members can maintain their popularity depends on the success or failure of the character's establishment rather than factors such as appearance, style, and singing ability. There is a face[459].

Saito has a system in which the characters of the members are easily fixed and easily recognized by organizing subgroups by team and ranking by selection general election, and fans are members due to the concept that emphasizes contact such as handshake events. He states that he has become inspired by the illusion that he can be directly involved in the formation of characters.

In this way, the structure in which the ordering (representing the degree of popularity) and the differentiation of characters proceed simultaneously within the small group is the order naturally formed among students in modern Japanese schools.School castePointed out that it is isomorphic to the structure of[Note 56][459][460]..Based on Saito's theory, Uno circulates the characters of the members through the interaction between the fan community and the management side by the above-mentioned method of "short-circuiting the TV medium as an intermediate term to shorten the sense of distance from the fans". Insisted that it was generated and strengthened.

Fans share various information such as friendships and personalities between members obtained from theater performances and trivial remarks on blogs with communities on the Internet, for example.WikipediaBy posting to etc.Collective intelligenceAccumulate.With the support of such a fan community, the character settings of each member are efficiently generated.In addition to that, this time the management side based on that character setting (or as if)Secondary creation(A little arrangement was added based on that) Characters will appear in the membersTV dramaIt is said that the recognition of the original character will be strengthened by giving it as a role of the character and consuming it by the fans.feedbackIs said to work.Uno calls this "character consumptionEternal institutionWas named[461][462][463][464].

Development by glocalization and penetration of popularity

Regarding the development of AKB48's sister groups in Japan and overseas, Hidetomi Tanaka said that localization and globalization are proceeding at the same time (Glocalization) Is pointed out that there is an aspect of doing[465].

As the popularity of AKB48 has increased, from around 2010, we will create a unit name of alphabet abbreviation + number by playing with the group name of AKB48 and use it for works and advertisements.Tributething[Note 57][466][467]Has come to appear more than once.Similarly, a similar popularity voting project that resembles the AKB48 selection general election system or adds "general election" to the project name.[Note 58][468][469][470][471]Came to appear[Note 59].

AKB48 business model

Relationship with the Japanese economy

Hideomi Tanaka wrote in his book “AKB48's Economics” (2010) that AKB48's increasing influence in the Japanese music market at that timebusiness modelAnalysis, AKB48 is strong in the recession "deflation culture"[Note 60]Advocated the theory that it is one of[473].

the 2000sLaterCD recessionAmong them, J-POP artists tended to earn a lot of money at concerts, and the entrance fees tended to be high. On the other hand, the tickets for the AKB48 theater performances are set at a much lower price than the live performances of general artists, and the prices of related products such as photo books are also set lower than the market price. .. This is an idol of a young person with low incomeGeekTargeted toMarketing strategyThat is.

Also, many AKB48 membersBlog,TwitterHas been opened and fans are spending it virtually without spending money in the form of checking it, which can also be interpreted as a typical deflationary culture. at the same time,Cultural economicsEconomist with a book onTyler CohenIt can be considered as one of the non-economic activities that does not transfer the money, which is called "mind consumption".[474].

Masaru KanekoAKB48's business model is to maintain low-priced routes,Exploiting employees with low wage laborToUNIQLOIt is similar to the management method of the company, and criticizes it as establishing a deflationary economy.[475]. On the other hand, Tanaka does not scale the idol market so much that it affects the Japanese economy, and confuses the result with the cause. In other words, the management method of AKB48DeflationArguing that the strategy of AKB48 was born to adapt to the economic situation of deflation rather than to generate[476].

In connection with this, Tanaka stated in "The End of AKB48 Caused by the Revival of the Japanese Economy" (2013):AbenomicsThe recovery of the Japanese economy throughinflationIf that happens, the popularity of AKB48 will decline, or it will reach the end[477].

Global expansion / acceptance in Asia

Has studied the global strategy of multinational companies for 30 yearsHarvard Business SchoolProfessor Juan Alkersell wrote "AKB48: Going Global?", which uses the global development of AKB48 as a teaching material.MBAUsed in the program's "International Competitive Strategy" class[478].

Operating company AKSDentsuTeam up withFranchiseAKB48's business model of exporting a format that expands outside Japan by the method and forming an idol group locally was accepted in Asia[478]. AKB48's business model of "experience-based entertainment" is fresh and attractive to people from other countries.[478].

Product variation development

The business related to AKB48 and its sister groups has traditionally focused on providing sound sources.Music cdRather than promoting the sale of individual products, it is characterized by offering "handshake tickets" and opportunities with rare value, selling as a set as a combined product with benefits that can be traded at a high price, and developing variations of them.AKB Commercial CodeCame to be called[479].

Case study

One voting ticket is enclosed for each specified CD "AKB48 selection general electionIn ”, there have been multiple reports of cases where enthusiastic fans purchase in large quantities by themselves in order to raise the ranking of the members they support.[480],Everyday, headbandAt the time of release, it is reported on TV that some fans are buying hundreds to thousands of copies by themselves.Similarly, since the time and number of people per handshake ticket is limited, there are examples of purchasing multiple cards for long-term handshakes and handshakes with multiple members, as well as CDs with different types.・ With "raw photo" of DVD privilege and standby imageRinging songThere are similar examples in distribution.

2008年1月に『AKB48 2nd Anniversary スペシャルフォトアルバム』が、定価5万400円(税込)で2,000冊限定販売された。特典として発売から7年10か月後の2015年12月8日開催予定の『AKB48劇場オープン10周年祭』招待券が付属されていた[481]. The event was actually held on December 2015, 12.The Prince Park Tower TokyoHeld as "AKB48 Theater Opening 10th Anniversary Festival"[482].

More and more people are trying to make money by reselling products[483],Ponytail and Hair TieFrom the theater board handshake eventIdentificationbyIdentificationHas been strengthened to make it difficult for resale.


The variation development is not limited to the value as a music CD, but is characterized by being sold as a set with handshake tickets, etc., and their expansion and development are evaluated as "epoch-making" as the development of a new business model. May[479]. Moreover, those variations areOricon chartIn the system, you can also enjoy the merit of being counted as "songs with the same title"[484].

On the other hand, it is said that there are also harmful effects, and music criticsTomizawa KazumasaSaid, "In the midst of the CD recession, it can be evaluated as a business idea." However, if the idea of ​​"take from a place where you can get it" such as a specific fan is too much in front, ranking and sales will increase (besides music). On the other hand, it will be difficult to create works that are popular with the public."[479].

AKB48 has been used by domestic and foreign artists for a long time to develop products that are considered to be the same title as a music CD by adding benefits and variations to the music CD so that multiple products with different variations can be purchased. There is a view that it cannot be said to be a commercial law peculiar to.It can also be considered that multiple purchases of products are based on the free will of the customer and are not forced by the seller.[479][485]. However, there are some extreme cases (differences in privilege services) of purchasing multiple copies, and there are criticisms of these methods.[479][485].


Buy a large number of CDs only for handshake tickets and voting tickets, pull out the tickets, sell the CDs to used bookstores immediately,Internet auctionThere are cases where it is sold at a price far below the cost, and in extreme cases it is also reported that it is discarded near the CD shop.[479][483].

  • In 2013, a group of 6 private university students in the Kansai regionCredit cardThere was a case of misusing information and purchasing 48 AKB486 CDs. The criminal group picked up the attached handshake tickets, voting tickets, and raw photos, and then a leader-class student monopolized the handshake ticket and shook hands for a total of about 80 minutes, while voting tickets and raw photos were sold at the Internet auction. Resold and illegally dumped a total of 681 CDs, including those purchased before that time. The group next January 2014Kyoto Prefectural Police HeadquartersToElectronic computer fraud,Waste treatment methodFor alleged violations,Arrest-Document inspectionWas done[486][487].
  • In 2017, a man living in the Kanto region saidPerishing every wish』Purchased multiple CDs,General electionHe asked for the cooperation of his friends living in Kyushu, saying, "I can't enter the number in time" for voting.After completing the input work for about 1,000 CDs (equivalent to about 100 million yen) mailed by the man, one of the collaborators, a man living in Kyushu, took about 600 CDs home, but the CDs were cardboard. There were 11 boxes, and it seems that they dumped them in the mountains because it was troublesome to dispose of general garbage.[488].

single"Cherry blossom petals 2008AKB44's official blog posted on February 1, 44 that a CD sold at the theater will be randomly attached with one 48 types of solo posters for a limited time, and if all 2008 types of posters are available, you can participate in a special event. It was announced on the day, but at a later dateAntitrust lawStipulated byUnfair trading method"Sony Music EntertainmentAndDefstar Records(Current:Sony Music Labels) Has been pointed out by the legal affairs officer, the plan was canceled and refunds were made by bringing in unopened products and posters.[489]. In addition, the probability that all 1 kinds of posters will be collected without the same poster even once is 44Kyoto1468[Note 61]Therefore, criticisms have been made one after another, including on the Internet.[490]. In addition, a CD with posterAKB48 TheaterIt was also criticized that it was sold only at the cafe and that the limited sales period was 2008 days from February 2 to March 26, 3.[490][491].


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