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🚁 | Performance demonstration of drones, combines, and smart agricultural machinery Demonstration in Mitake-cho, Gifu

Photo: President Yutaka Aoki flying a sensing drone in Mitake Town

Demonstration of performance of drones, combines and smart agricultural machinery in Mitake-cho, Gifu

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The aim was to share the merits of the introduction, and 20 people, including employees of the constituent companies, attended the meeting. The person in charge of Tokai Kinki Kubota, which sells agricultural machinery, and Yu Aoki of Aoki (Mitake, same town) who is actually using the agricultural machinery. President Homare explained the performance and merits.

Demonstration of smart agricultural machinery that utilizes information and communication technology (ICT) was held at Kaminogo Community Center in Nakagiri, Mitake-cho, Gifu Prefecture, etc. → Continue reading

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