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🥾 | Kabuto, 5000 stag beetle collection experience Event at Gunma Minakami Hodaigi Campsite


Experience collecting 5000 beetles and stag beetles at Gunma Minakami Hodaigi Campsite

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The green hut, which resembles an insect cage, has a handle on the roof.

The event "Dekai Bug Cage" where you can experience collecting beetles and stag beetles in a hut shaped like an insect cage will be held on the 14th. → Continue reading

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      Insect cage

      Insect cage(Insect cage, Mukago) isinsect, is a case to put a small animal.It also refers to things that are temporarily put in for breeding and when insects are caught.mainly,Locust,Beetle,Stag beetleSuch as昆虫Used to keep the .It used to be a common composition in children's paintings in the past to hang this from the shoulder with a string when playing in the field.


      at manual levelRicestrawIt is also known to knit such as.Okinawa,KagoshimaAmami archipelagoThen,CycadIt was known to be woven from the leaves ofIt seems that such things were improvised using materials available in the field.

      Commercially available products, or commonly known insect cages, were originallybambooMade of檻It has a structure like the country'sTraditional craftsIt is famous for being designated asVertically on each side of a square or circular frameBamboo stickThe axis of the insect cagebasketThe name of this is due to this.Grasshopper,RotiferI put it in and hung it under the eaves and enjoyed the singing.A pot-like structure is rather suitable for breeding such as Suzumushi,Edo Periodand such were used.Other traditionalfire FlyThere is a firefly basket to put in.

      The material changes according to the change of the times,TinplateThe four sides are surrounded by boards ofWire meshThere were also made ones.CurrentlyvinylSuch asSynthetic resin(Plastic), many of which imitate bamboo baskets.Insect cages made of transparent plastic and with a lid with a bamboo basket-like slit on top of a cuboid container are often seen.this isAquariumAlthough it can be said that the lid with a slit with an entrance and a string for hanging is the originalidentityclaims.From large size to small size.


      In ChinaSorghumInsect cages made of bamboo, bamboo, etc. are known.For breeding cricketsGourdThe one with the lid attached is used.detailed彫刻There is also an artistic cricket basket decorated with

      southGermany,Austriahas a "cricket house" for breeding that resembles a wooden house[1].


      1. ^ [Monogokoro human narrative] Insect cage / sound heart"Nikkei" evening edition May 2018, 9 (social and sports) Retrieved May 8, 2018.

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