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🤝 | "To recover quickly ..." Volunteer activities begin in Yamagata and Niigata prefectures Heavy rain last week caused major damage


Volunteer activities begin in Yamagata and Niigata prefectures for quick recovery.

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While a "heatstroke alert" has been announced in Niigata Prefecture, there is a risk of heavy rain again from the afternoon, so it seems that work will be done while watching the weather.

In Yamagata and Niigata Prefectures, where record-breaking heavy rains last week caused great damage, volunteers continued to carry out restoration work on the 7th in the heat... → Continue reading


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Heatstroke alert alert

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    Heatstroke alert alertWhat is a Netsuke Shokai Iki Alert?heatstrokeFor prevention,2020からJapanese Meteorological AgencyとMinistry of the EnvironmentInformation published by.2020Pioneering nationwideKanto Koshin regionWas carried out for20214/28Has started operation nationwide.


    JMA2011からHigh temperature caution informationWas announced, but the only standard for the announcement was the temperature.(I.e.Is not added[2], There may be no correlation between the announcement criteria and the number of emergency carriers due to heat stroke[3][4], Information is less important due to frequent announcements[4]That was mentioned as an issue. To solve this,20203/13, With the Japan Meteorological AgencyMinistry of the EnvironmentWork together withHeat indexNew information based on (WBGT) "heat stroke alert alert (tentative name)"[4][3]The announcement ofMinister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport OfKazuyoshi AkabaneAnnounced by[2].

    4/22, The 1st "Study Meeting on Effective Information Dissemination Contribution to Heat Stroke Prevention Measures" was held[5], How to operate specifically[6]Generally accepted[7].5/27The second meeting was held[8].. From July 2020Kanto KoshinWas announced in advance,2021It was announced nationwide from April 4th.[7].20208/7ToTokyo,Chiba,IbarakiFirst announced in[9].


    Alerts will be issued on a prefectural basis when WBGT is predicted to rise above 33°C.[6][7].. The announcement time is 17:5 on the previous day and XNUMX:XNUMX on the day,Disaster prevention administrative radioWill be communicated via e-mail, TV, etc.[6][7].. Be alert to heat stroke by showing specific examples of actions such as lowering the indoor temperature and going out as much as possible.[6].TokyoThe number of alerts announced in is expected to be 1 to 6 times per year[10].


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